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Everyone, regardless of gender and age, wants to look attractive. And there is nothing unusual in this, because the first impression of the surrounding make, based on our appearance: clothing, mannerisms, makeup, features of speech, and so on. Men to his wardrobe are much quieter than the girls. They simply buy those high quality and modern things, which they are. Women also pick up clothes for much longer and are suitable for this process scruples: for them it is a ritual that is often delayed for several hours. However, sometimes not all purchases are successful. And there in the women's closets pile of jackets, T-shirts, trousers, dresses, sundresses and skirts that have nothing to wear. All this is the result of a lack of a certain style.

His clothes should be selected on the basis of what kind of image you want to create - sports, business, glamor, vintage, glam rock or another. Remember that others get their information about you, based on what they see in front of you. Therefore, looking at your clothes, people form opinions about what position you occupy and even earn much you love and what habits have. Dress as you need to please everyone - both friends and strangers, men and women. That's what we'll talk.

 how to choose your style of dress?

Psychology clothes

It's no secret that the things that we wear, is formed in the eyes of the people around us a certain way. So, wearing a formal suit, make the hair, the woman instantly transformed into a serious leader. And if it will change the wardrobe in the denim jacket, sneakers and a T-shirt, you will appear before us had a girl who loves sports and certainly appreciate the convenience and comfort. Today in science to separate the individual direction - the psychology of clothing. One American scientist even wrote a book - "You - what you wear" - which describes not only the reasons for the choice of those or other things, but also tells you what are the psychological problems of creating a wardrobe and how to overcome them.

Unfortunately, many people judge the inner world of a stranger, not on the basis of his personal qualities that are unknown to them, and guided by an external view. Therefore, clothes, as we would have liked, is an indicator of social and economic status, and takes us to a particular caste, regardless of education, occupation, wealth, and so on. For example, a man in a jacket and black leather jackets, leather pants perceived by society as a rocker, and if he wears a white shirt with a tie and trousers severe, it can be safely counted among the "white collars".

Your style should be formed very carefully, but not necessarily stick to it all the time - clothes may vary depending on the situation. Naturally, the work should be sent to the business image, as a party in honor of Halloween, you can easily dress up or try on the image of a rocker disco diva. Firstly, the main thing - like myself, and secondly, wardrobe should correspond to the place and event where you're going.

Another important factor, not so long ago proved by scientists - clothes able to influence human. American psychologists conducted a study: men were divided into two groups, the first given white robes and told that they were doctors, and the second went to things that belonged to the artists. Then all were given simple tasks to which people from the first group approached more cautiously, acting gently and carefully thinking through every step. Thus, scientists have found that things can affect a person. Surely you've noticed that, putting on a luxurious evening dress, wearing high-heeled shoes, unwittingly begin promptly hold back and you feel like a goddess. And coming from work, home, and become calm - it is necessary to get dressed in your favorite and comfortable things. Therefore, selecting a particular style, ask yourself the question: "Who do I want to be? "It is because of this and form their wardrobe.

 how to pick up a dress code

Problems wardrobe and how to fight them

We have already mentioned that one of the psychologists outlined in his book, the main problems wardrobe and style with which many women face. Consider some of them:

  • If you store all the clothes in the closet - the necessary and unnecessary, worn and tattered long out of fashion, and so on - this indicates that you unconsciously cling to the past, to keep all these "values." Tell yourself: "Enough! "And throw away two-thirds of the things that bad sitting, full or, on the contrary, you've been in them does not fit.
  • If a woman's wardrobe is dominated by neutral tones, there is a paucity of accessories - therefore, it is stuck in the daily routine, she wants to comfort or fear to attract too much attention. In this case, should be gradually diluted their habitual way of bright and fashionable things or ornaments.
  • Some women do not wear clothes size too big or small. As the American psychologist, it suggests that she perceives her body not as what it really is. Pick a new wardrobe, resorting to the help of a friend or a professional stylist. They will help you to more accurately judge its forms.
  • If a colleague or close people say that you dress inappropriately or defiantly, do not rush to take offense - it is worth thinking about. There are two options: either you are wrong to pick up clothes for a specific event, or else seek to attract attention. To figure out what is the cause of your failure, correct the problem, continue to buy suitable things.
  • Often on the street you can find a mature woman in a short skirt or too bright dress, in general, dressed in youth. This is wrong, because her dress should be tied to a particular situation, and not to the age. The more that forty years of Spades will be much more effective to look stylish and elegant things that are suitable to her age.
  • Some business women in everyday life prefer business style in clothes. It speaks to their obsession with work and the reluctance to relax. Appreciate not only for his achievements in his career, but also for personal qualities and talents of others. Learn to relax and pick up the appropriate clothing for this: warm cozy sweaters and sweaters, free cut pants or jeans, comfortable shoes.

Wardrobe does not have to consist solely of expensive branded things - most importantly, that they are made of high quality material, sewn by skilled craftsmen, and fit you for the type of shape as well as color. Then you'll be guaranteed to look luxurious, that will not fail to notice the men.

We select the style of your own

So if you are looking for the style, want to change, or possibly improve the existing, you can go two ways - to appeal to image-makers or to pick their own clothes. In the first case you for a fee (note, it will be quite expensive), please consult a professional. But every man is his own stylist and can do without outside help, the main thing - is to know the rules, which we will tell you the following:

  • His clothes must be chosen so that it corresponds to the inner world, that is, the style should reflect your inner "I" and not to go with him to cut. If you prefer the image of a business woman in trendy things that are teenagers, you obviously would not be very comfortable. Therefore, stopping the choice on a particular product, refer to their feelings, and does not advise sellers.
  • By selecting the image, consider factors such as your profession, position, age and the like. Buy two or three things that make up the base of a new wardrobe. They should be combined both among themselves and with other clothes hanging in your closet. Also, light colored clothing stylists recommend neutrals to complement bright accessories to help complete the image, and arrange the necessary accents.
  • Before you go to the store, look in the mirror and determine the type of the figure (apple, pear, rectangle, hourglass, etc.). Every woman has something to hide and stress, and it can be done with the help of clothes. Therefore learn expert advice regarding a particular type that is recommended to wear, but from what should be abandoned. This information will help you make the right choice.
  • Not only the features of shape, but your tsvetotip - an important component of the ideal image. Thus, blondes are suitable warm and bright colors (pink, grass, yellow, blue, etc.), brunettes - bright colors (red, dark blue, purple). Brown-haired light-skinned should pay attention to the clothes of brown, beige, gray, coral colors, and more to the swarthy face ocher, red and celestial shades.

Now you know how to choose the style of clothing, and you can safely apply this knowledge in practice. Buy high-quality and expensive things are not necessarily suitable to you tsvetotipu emphasizing the dignity and hide figure flaws, and you'll always look stylish.

 How to choose clothing style: universal tips