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  • How to manage the team
  • Knowledge of psychology - an instrument of a good leader
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So, you have successfully overcome a few steps of the career ladder, and now you face the very real prospect of becoming the leader of the team. This pleases, and a little scary, because now not only have to answer for their own actions but for the actions of others. How to become a good leader? What today there are general rules of managing people? Can we, adhering to the rules, to lead some companies are not constantly confronted with the same problems? Let's try to sort out this issue.

How to manage the team

The present level of development of production contributes to global changes not only in business, but the enormous upheaval in the socio-economic conditions of society. The old mechanisms to manage the production, where the staff was perceived as a kind of faceless and sexless mass fulfilling a purpose in our time safely forgotten. Today the management of any, even a very small organization, requires an entirely new tactics and strategies. There are new psychological aspects of collective management, which are the basic tools of work of the current leader.

Classic time-tested theory of management is based on three pillars: people, financial policy, technical issues. In the first place, of course, is the human factor. The subtle, wise use of the creative potential of each employee, the adjustment of relations in the team increases productivity, not only subordinates, but also the company as a whole. Effective management team provides guidance primarily on the human factor.

 how to become a first-class leader

Knowledge of psychology - an instrument of a good leader

Becoming a good leader is now impossible without studying the psychological aspects of communication with subordinates. We can say that the labor collective as a control object is a kind of living entity with its own character and habits. Knowledge of people's perceptions of each other, in the nuances of the relationship orientation of staff and managerial staff - are fundamental components in the manual people. Only considering them, you can know exactly how to become a first-class leader.

This requires an understanding that any employee - especially a man. It serves as a wonderful stimulus for the coordinated work of the organization and provides an almost complete answer to the question how to become a first-class leader. Treat subordinates as a mechanical artist, is very dangerous. For example, everyone, even those with a huge creative potential inherent in the downturn of psychological activity, when excessive tension only reduces overall productivity. Require him at such times the maximum commitment inappropriate. Quality work involuntarily replaced some substitute that instead of the expected benefits can cause significant damage to both the production process and to the executor.

Feelings of people may not be just their subjective experiences, but also an excellent indicator of general mental attitude of the collective. A good leader should be open to the emotional exchange, to adjust their own actions in case of negative situations. And such a situation, as a rule, from time to time mature in any organization.

Be alert to staff

Another rule of considerable successful management team - focus on the interests of employees. Each person is unique, and unique motivation and goals, so the attempt to impose the public interest against the interests of personality can be fatal: the firm will lose a valuable employee, which will be difficult to replace. But the union of any form of personal interests for the sake of public beneficial impact on the atmosphere in the team, and the overall productivity of employees. When the coincidence of personal goals rather easily created human groups, which is much easier to manipulate than each employee individually. Within such groups, as a rule, there is some competition from which the competent director can extract significant value to the organization.

However, we should not forget at the same time that the competition often turns into a conflict when one seeks by all means to destroy the first competitor. This situation is, of course, destructive, and it must be able to stop at the very beginning. There will need emotional openness and psychological flexibility, based on close attention to the internal state employees.

This management tool is quite effective, but the danger here is that the work of the head is reduced to control and maintain the balance of power. The team could not help a certain form of dual power: control of the head of staff - on the one hand, and its dependence on the behavior of these employees - on the other.

To avoid this impasse, it is necessary to learn how to maneuver between loyalty to subordinates and authoritarianism. One of the techniques such maneuvering could be unobtrusive orientation interests of groups subordinate to the goals of the organization. And then the questions and provide solutions to achieve these goals by subordinates. A similar situation in the team is quite favorable. The task manager in this case will be the delivery of necessary information and adjustment of administrative matters. Therefore, in order to know exactly how to manage a team of some sort, you need to look at each member and determine exactly what role he can take. But first you must learn to choose the best employees, while adhering to certain conditions.

 how to become a good leader is correct

Tips novice leader

New head inevitably confronted with problems such as the selection of personnel and create the most favorable environment in the team. Universal tool for solving these problems, unfortunately, does not exist. However, there opredёlёnnye rules, following which, it is possible to achieve substantial success in the manual.

How to become a successful leader? Some managers try to apply proven "good" techniques: the selection of like-minded team or the introduction to the organization leader - a professional, igniting his example others. However, "good" methods may in fact turn out to be not such and kind. No leader of a professional will not be able to replace an entire organization, and the most dedicated supporters always remain separate, independently-minded people. And the purpose of eventually, may be different. In addition, for the successful development of any business requires an established mechanism where each item performs a specific function. And in the case of associates distribute these functions is quite easy. After all, each of them tends to perform exactly the work that considers the most appropriate for themselves. Necessarily thoughtful, how to manage a team of this kind.

In other words, the main thing for a novice leader - the ability to determine the location of each slave in the labor movement. Someone will be most useful as a generator of ideas, someone - as a performer of routine work, while others - like inspiration, creating a team necessary for productive work atmosphere. In general, it is this is the psychology of management team. This task is not easy, but it is solvable if people choose not subjectively, from the perspective of "like - not like", and in accordance with the task. The coexistence of different people in the organization, with all sorts of tastes and habits - one of the most important incentives for its development. The unity of opposites always mean progress.

Tips on how to become a leader, quite a lot, but they are based on one principle: the modern manager must be remembered that the organization - an association of people, and its goal are attainable only if their successful cooperation. Plus, you need to learn to value the employee, even if you do not like as a person. Can you leave behind the office door a personal preference? You will be an excellent leader. And learn to restrain themselves. Sometimes we really want to vent their anger on those who depend on us. Shouted one employee, another slave scold. But before you do, think about what you headed? Dissatisfaction with the work performed, or simply the desire to let off steam?

 A few tips on how to become a good leader

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 how to get yourself to work

Every person at least once faced with the fact that it is incredibly difficult to get yourself to work. For example, a report must pass tomorrow, and you have not written a single page. Laziness rolls with such force that it does not help even a possible spirit of the ruler. You spend days browsing the forums, talk to classmates and can not find the strength to sit up, finally, for the report. What to do? How do I get myself to work? There are a few simple rules that will help you become more industrious.

 force yourself to work

Rules of the organization of working time

The implementation of these simple rules will help you tune in to the efficient operation:

  • Rule one: motivate

    Promise yourself for the work of any prize. New perfume bottle or a box of favorite chocolates, for example. The main thing - to the promised reward was desirable. It helps to focus the purpose to buy something of value. For example, a watch or ring. Find a color image of what the dream, and hang the photo on his workstation. Whenever you want to open a link in a browser window with another forum, the picture will be reminded of the purpose and makes you work.

  • Rule two: divide a large task into several parts

    Sometimes the fear of work occurs when you have to carry a large order. We think that we can not cope with a task that will look stupid in the eyes of others. As a result, we are frightened of responsibility and start to be lazy. All in all, then you need to - break the task into a few points. For example, you have to cook dinner for her husband's colleagues. This is a very important event, and it is understandable that you are scared. But leave hungry fellow lover - is unwise. So, try to carefully plan the entire process. First of all, make a menu. Then write a list of products. Take a trip to the store. See, half the work is already done! It remains to make dinner, set the table and take the word of thanks from the guests. But initially all seemed so complicated ...

  • Rule three: lower the bar

    We continue to disclose the reasons for the fear of work. Often a person is frightened, that does not justify someone's expectations (for example, can not be "open" for the first time at a new job). Here you need to understand what your judge - the same people. They also worried in demanding applications and also make mistakes. Lower the bar a little bit. Do not try to make the best impression. Understand that if you take this position, it took into account your level of knowledge and your abilities. Work as able. Since the bosses certainly knows how to make it work slave, but these methods are unlikely to like you. Moreover, for a mistake you will criticize much less than doing nothing.

  • Rule Four: draw up a plan

    Begin each morning with a plan of the current day. When the sight of a long list of cases, unwittingly begin to wonder: Is not it time to work? In addition, the plan will allow you to perform the day a lot more work than if you did it all from memory. For the most unruly advised to put a time frame for themselves. For example, to perform the first task you allocate two hours of working time. On the second - forty minutes. Leave for half an hour on the breaks and an hour for emergencies. If you do not stand a schedule - do not blame yourself, just stating a fact. The next day, try to be more responsible. This technique will not only make you work hard, but also make more responsible and collected.

  • Rule Five: rest

    Before asking how to get yourself to work, think about it: Is not it time you really relax? Maybe your body and that's because he was tired to work? Remember when the last time you took a day off and how many hours of sleep the day before? No one doubts that you - a strong person and pass severe stress, but sometimes because you need to rest. And then, God forbid, to the disease itself would bring. Especially that one day a good rest to be able to provide proactive performance for the rest of the week.

  • Rule Six: at the beginning of the day to perform the most difficult tasks

    Say, when you find it easier to work with? At the beginning of the day or at the end? Many people in the first two hours of performing the same amount of work as the remaining time. And there is a simple explanation. In the morning we slept, rested, full of vitality and energy. Then in the evening, our body is tired from stress and constant voltage. We are less than ever want to work, dreaming of home and a cup of hot tea with lemon. Of course, to leave before the appointed time will not work, but the right to plan their day and a bit to relieve the second half everyone can. Do not put anything important at a time of day when you are feeling tired. Leave for the evening only a simple routine work, which will be able to cope even with your eyes closed.

    However, there are exceptions to this rule. Their name - the owl. People who used to sleep off in the morning and work at night, will be able to perform hardly the biggest amount of work at the beginning of the working day. Their bodies are still "fills up" the required hours and not ready for active mental and physical activity. What to do? Determine for yourself the most optimal time to work. If you think the best three in the afternoon, then the most important tasks is to perform at this time.

  • Rule Seven: try not to go over in his

    No one better than we ourselves do not know how to get yourself to work or to be able to give up the job. After all, once we know all its subtleties and weakness. In order not to write a report, she told herself to eat a piece of chocolate. A man is adjusted to hot coffee. In fact, it's just an excuse to delay a little more critical moment. And rather than sit down at work, employees are popping up in store or coffee machines. No need to listen to yourself. Eat chocolate after having made a report. This will be your little reward for good work.

  • Rule eight: to change the situation

    If you still can not tune in a working mood, try a little distracted. Go to the post office, the bank, refill cartridge. Sometimes a change of scenery helps to improve performance. Just do not abuse this rule. Which superiors like constantly missing employee?

  • Rule Ninth: do not say unnecessary words

    Remember the law of attraction? Like attracts like. So, it works not only on the lessons of physics, but also in real life. If you say that nothing do not have time and that your report will certainly penalize, then so be it. Speak only about what you want to see in your life. On a successful career, strong family and health. Down negative phrases and endless complaints! You should not feel sorry for yourself. You - a beautiful and successful woman is loved and appreciated at home at work! So get behind the report and not to waste time on complaints and excuses.

  • Rule of Ten: get rid of the spirit of competition

    We sometimes think that others work best. We do our best to look like a boss or colleague, and even in some of its beat. As a result, the working process is delayed. Because to be like someone else - an excessive burden. Hands are lowered, the work stands. And only then it was necessary - to be myself. And the way from the employee better handwriting, but your report is more detailed and precise. Stay individual, then a screeching halt in the work does not threaten you.

  • Rule eleventh: Includes music

    Sometimes it helps to work a good song. We listened to a couple of verses, the mood has risen, and with it increased and performance. Not without reason, many offices are allowed to listen to the radio. Managers are well aware of the positive properties of music and use it to improve the quality of staff. Just make sure that your music does not interfere with other colleagues working.

  • Rule twelve enforced idleness

    This approach to the problem rather unusual. But, as psychologists claim, it allows a person to collect his thoughts for fifteen minutes. So to pinpoint the time. Take a comfortable position for himself and Freeze. You can not speak or scratching your nose, no shifting from foot to foot for a quarter of an hour. You must be absolutely immovable. Fifteen minutes later, you are so tired of enforced idleness that you gladly accept for the report, but would have to start moving. This procedure can be repeated if necessary.

 how to get to work

If you do not help any of these rules, we advise to think: whether you chose an occupation? Maybe what you're doing, you just do not like? You can not go to work because it is necessary or just for the paycheck. From the whole process should be having fun. And if you're sick of abstruse reports, and an incredible number of digits depressing, so maybe just change the type of activity? Then you will not think about how to make myself get started. To do what you like, and work will be a joy.

 Magic kick in the ass, or how to get yourself to work

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