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  • The image of a business person. What it is?

Many of the fairer sex tend to make a good career. And just such a goal requires that the woman was the image of a business person and reputation of a strong woman. Without these factors, all ambitions can be empty hopes. It looks frivolous lady just will not trust the solution of serious problems, no matter how the business skills she possessed.

The appearance - a great thing! After all, he was initially influenced by the attitude of those around us and it depends on him further the reputation of women in a particular field. If the image does not correspond to the requirements of the environment, it will have a long time to prove that you are well suited to this environment. It is worth the time and effort. How to create a business image, so that, where required, we received with favor and trust?

Psychological factors of formation of image

Image of business man - is not just a manner of a certain kind, adequate clothing style and vocabulary appropriate to this style. A very important role in building the reputation of playing psychological factors forming the image. After all, the bulk of the information about the other person, we receive through nonverbal channels.

First impressions can have a significant impact on the fate. For example, if you suddenly did not like on a first date or a job, you may lose the opportunity and future relations with the person you are impressed, and career prospects.

But the fact to make a first good impression we have only one chance! According to the researchers, during the first meeting with the man pretty strong opinion about it is created in just six seconds of communication. And the impression is deposited on an unconscious level. Those with whom we intend to communicate, unconsciously assimilate our emotional state. Consciousness assesses verbal aspects: the person's appearance, especially his behavior, tone of voice, the specificity of expression and so on.

These aspects, though quite weighty, yet play in the perception of the surrounding secondary importance - if desired, are relatively easy to change. But with non-verbal perception is much more complicated. Usually, we do not know until the end, which send non-verbal signals to others. But these signals and create a dominant view, and are very important for those who ponder over the question of how to create your image of a business man? How to make so that reputation was at the highest level?

It often happens that, in considering the image, we do not pay enough attention to his inner state. In the end, the efforts made to create a self-image may be in vain. Yes, trying to create a business person, we correctly pick up its accessories and clothing style, yes, we have changed our vocabulary and manners. ... But if we ignore this work on the internal state, we would not accept in a proper manner. Or perceive, but superficial. And reputation will be ruined, and has not opened completely.

For example, would not be enough to dress in a suit and develop the necessary manners. First you need to develop an internal disposition to serious training in some kind of business. If you are more than a sense of responsibility, it is prone to windy and carefree attitude to their duties, no costumes and mannerisms will not help you gain credibility in the business environment.

Because the internal carelessness certainly manifest itself in some mechanically gestures, involuntary posture, unaccountable movements. All this is perceived by others in the non-verbal level, live in them doubt your reliability, the ability to solve tasks and assess the situation.

In short, before you think about external methods of image formation, there should be a careful analysis of their own "I" and allocate it the most relevant features of this image. Goodwill consists of the person of confidence, firmness and ability to make independent decisions. If these traits are expressed rather weakly, then we have to work on yourself and develop the necessary qualities of character. And if they do not exist at all. ... Well, then do not break themselves - because not all women are the same, you must be a business woman!

The uniqueness of the individual is invaluable, and the biggest problem of the formation of the image appear just when we are trying to accommodate this uniqueness by some stereotypes. Therefore, if we really do not have inclinations to the business, so why break yourself? Why not think about the methods of image formation, for example, a creative person, or even a glamorous society lady?

But if you are still obsessed with the idea of ​​becoming is a business woman, but inside feeling helpless, weak and overly feminine need to develop the necessary traits. It is a long and painstaking work, but without him the reputation of a business person will remain a pipe dream.

 business image

Rules of image formation

The image of a businessman begins, first of all, with adequate analysis itself and its features. At the same time, you need to try to see without self-deception self in all its colorful diversity and true form. This will help to gain a foothold.

Then, according to the rules of image formation, we must find the best way to give ourselves to others, as a business woman. This process should include both tangible and intangible factors. It needs to be carefully considered - it is necessary for success in his future career. In particular, it is necessary to accurately determine the color and texture of the fabric of business clothes which will provide an authoritative view in which you will feel as comfortable as possible. And variations inherent in the image of accessories. In addition, it is necessary to work out the appropriate way of style of behavior and manner of speaking. Yes, it is from these seemingly unimportant factors develops the required reputation.

Rules forming the image of a business woman imply that following them, it will be sociable, self-confident and active. This will help build positive relationships in society and will underline the personal-business qualities, thus obscuring some drawbacks. Following the rules, the future of business lady finds psychological confidence in dealing with people from different social statuses.

Methods for forming the image may be different. If you are fairly suggestible, to develop qualities of character, appropriate to the situation, it will not be too difficult. It is only necessary to select some of the simple techniques of psychological correction. It created a lot of them now, and to find the right kind of does not take much. However, you can not choose - if you are inclined to think about their actions, then be able to invent your own and reception of this kind. This is reasonable, because along with the development of other qualities of character and will stimulate much needed in the business world the quality - ingenuity.

One of the common methods of image formation offers grow into the image of a business woman. Every day, putting on a formal suit, making the appropriate way of using makeup and necessary for professional activity and accessories items. At the same time we must try to be as little as possible in the behavior of their true feminine essence. Accustom its harbor and not to remind her of the place and out of place. Open and regular demonstration of femininity in the work process is not practical - it makes a woman weak and vulnerable. And the reputation of a business lady does not accept these qualities.

Thus, even if your present character of softness and tenderness, over time, they recede into the background, giving way to his place merit. And it will fully comply with all laws creating an image of a business lady. A true image is formed by a guarantee that in the business environment in others it will cause a positive attitude and unconscious approval. After all, your face will fully meet people's ideas about the ideal image of the profession.

In general, the image of a business person consists of several stages.

Stages of formation of image

Based on what stages of formation of the image? They are based on principles such as:

  • Presentation of the society about the personal traits a person engaged in some kind of activity;
  • Presentation about the world of man, life style, their social status and some of the psychological aspects of society;
  • Submission of a person about himself, based on his life experiences and the current internal state. On his moral values, internal culture and psychological installations;
  • Understanding that information about a person goes to another not only through visual channels. And our appearance, demeanor, knowledge can not yet serve as a guarantee that the reputation among the others will be required;
  • A major role in shaping this experience plays a nonverbal message, unconsciously recorded as almost the most important information about a person.

In short, we can say that the creation of the image of a business person is to develop a collective, generalized image that will best reveal the qualities of character necessary for success in a particular activity. This image is sure to have the following personality traits, such as:

  • Professional training and competence;
  • Communication skills;
  • Friendliness;
  • The ability to influence people of different personality types;
  • The ability to keep a distance in relations with people (in particular, to prevent displays of familiarity in business communication);
  • Unobtrusive vigor;
  • The ability to generate interest and sympathy to themselves.

In addition, the reputation of the business depends on the woman's sense of style and sense of proportion. So, if you are intending to look like a successful business woman, allow yourself to bright makeup, some creative hairstyle abundance of expensive jewelry and cheeky manner, all your efforts to create a business image will be in vain. Therefore, be careful that nothing in your appearance does not go beyond the limits permitted: model the gestures, gait and avoid excesses in appearance.

In general, to the stage of registration of the image may include items such as:

  • The study of their own psychological capabilities;
  • Adequate assessment of the physical data;
  • Highlight your personal qualities necessary for success in a particular field of business;
  • The development of these qualities using befitting this development funds;
  • Selection of appropriate image of a business person attributes: clothes, accessories and other things;
  • Checking the efficiency of its image in practice.

This is perhaps the main factors necessary for the reputation of a business woman was on the ball. And now summarize.

 image of a modern business person

The image of a business person. What it is?

In today's world for the success of the formation of the image of a business person it was necessary and imperative. The society has certain rules of conformity appearance and behavior, coordinated with a particular activity.

By changing its image, we can direct our life in one direction or another. For example, in the career of a business person's image he plays almost the most important role. With it, we can easily "Enter" in the business community, which contributes to the hope of rapid progress up the career ladder. And it may well compensate for the inconvenience of the internal blue or gray tones of classical style business clothes, if it suddenly occurs.

The image created by all the rules of image formation, must always correspond to the status, time and place. This, of course, does not mean that we always have the image of the soul, but all efforts to build and maintain the usually repaid with interest. The results of a poll of managers and senior executives of different companies indicate that there is a direct relationship between the image and career. In most cases, preference in hiring is to the applicant, who was the owner of a faithful image, the importance of which surpasses even diploma or a degree of the second candidate.

This man is not always possible to produce exactly the impression he wanted. And this distinction is sometimes quite large. What you need to do to be completely satisfied with his own image? It is necessary to establish whether your image brings you a favor. And if not, find a way to improve it. And in order not to have problems forming the image, starting to create it, should take into account such factors as the integrity of the perception of self-image, self-esteem and knowledge of the features of his character.

It is necessary to think carefully about their image. A positive image is composed of a set of specific characteristics and, therefore, its formation should be carried out as a clear and gradual process. The reputation and positive image of business woman irresistible determined by several characteristics. This competent speech, good manners, attractive and neat appearance, confidence and inner freedom, adequate and calm reaction to emotional swings interlocutors.

An important factor hindering the manifestation of your current skills and the opportunities that may be ill-conceived image. Even if it is laid out, and today you rose to the occasion and meet all the high requirements of modern business people should not be complacent. Tomorrow it may not be enough, so (there is no limit to perfection) - Work on the image to be a regular.

In creating the image of a business person it takes into account the importance of every detail. In its appearance and such details are the right combination and selection of the most suitable woman of colors in the clothes, and the right choice of fabric texture and silhouette of the garment, and a selection of accessories, and makeup, and hairstyle and perfume. All this together should be perfect harmony.

As you know, the creation of the image - is a delicate art, which has great importance. Getting to the formation of independent business appearance, have the courage to listen to the criticisms in his address. If the proper amount of courage does not reach, will help better to turn to professionals who develop it your individual style. From shoes and hairstyles to the peculiarities of behavior. In order for the result to be optimal, it is advisable to choose the image maker of specialist whom you trust completely. And be sure to follow all his advice.

 How to create an image of a woman business person? We reveal all secrets

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