striptease for her husband


  • Step one: preparation
  • Step two: how to dance, then?
  • Step three: change image

Striptease coined in order to distract the men from the clever ideas and send them to the important thoughts. (Unknown author)

My husband's birthday in a week and you have swept all the shops, choosing a gift? Razor blades, shaving foam, fun card. ... It seems to have forgotten nothing? No, everything is all right: the annual gift set is fully assembled and packaged! Wait .... Is it time to teach her husband a gift that he will remember for the rest of your life? No fake divorce certificate will not work here - suddenly Blessed kondrashka enough right on the anniversary? But privately stunning dance striptease for her husband - the idea is not only fresh, but also very constructive: it is necessary to return once the romance in a relationship!

What if the idea of ​​striptease not just come to you in the head, but it has managed to grow roots, it's time to think about a plan of action. What do we want to achieve its performance? That's right, to have a spouse jaw dropped, and he longed to you just as it was on your first date (some - in second). So, all we need to do - to amaze, stun, amaze and excite .... As easy as pie!

Step one: preparation

Go to the mirror and look at yourself carefully. If you have a chiseled figure and you work as a teacher of ballroom dancing - you damn lucky, you can even read to the end of this article. Just do it once for her husband that regularly make the line of duty at work - station! Just add to their habitual movements slow undressing. Believe me, you will once again realize with amazement that no mistake with the choice of profession: your man will be in seventh heaven and will call you back the same.

If the parameters of the ninety-sixty-ninety - it's not about you, but the last thing you danced in his life - a polka-Iancu in the third grade, then read the text carefully and attentively. You may well come in handy knowing what mistakes should be avoided aspiring stripper size "plus".

So, in any case not shake the fat and folds in the face of his dumbfounded man, otherwise he suffered heart disease (SBI-from such tripe!). All your cute deficiencies can and should be easy to cover with a cloth and set in a gloomy room lighting. All of these candle-Mlechas invented not so much for romance, much for the opportunity to hide chic cellulite on the abdomen and thighs accidents dancers. Did you know that no one professional strip bar does not allow himself to install overhead lighting while dancing stripper? Otherwise, all customers will flee in terror, like cockroaches.

In Soviet times it was popular a wonderful anecdote, and he touched a failed one cute female striptease. All the ladies, do not listen to the advice of the preparatory phase, can be caught in a similar situation:

His wife, who returned from a trip abroad, tells her husband: - You know, and we still drove to a strip view. A terrible sight! I will show you now.
And he starts to dance, slowly removing the old calico bra .... My husband looked up and said:
- And it's true, just disgusting spectacle.

Yeah, I scared? Not worth it! To protect themselves from such favorite male boorishness, think carefully about which side to sit your beloved, and how the light will fall on your body. If a good try, then everything will notice your faithful - bends dancing body and not fold before and after the alleged waist. By the way, strip naked is not necessary, it is quite possible to finish the passionate dance, leaving a pair of modest patches: men it even starts!

 striptease husband

Step two: how to dance, then?

Oh, sorry, that teacher of ballroom dancing has flipped our page, and then it would be able to suggest a couple of movements ... Although it is not necessary to be a first-class dancer to dance for her husband's truly beautiful, passionate striptease. The main thing - it's your eyes, full of fire and desire! Believe me, any man would prefer to see next to a woman to undress a little clumsy movements, but with passion in his eyes than a professional dancer with a look tired crow.

So, remember how you danced on the retro-disco with friends or on the last corporate parties (memories of dancing on the table is especially welcome). Now try to portray something like simplifying movement to a minimum. Happened? That's the same now add dance gentle swaying shoulders and hips. Honestly, at this point there are two little tricks: First, do not twist the shoulders and hips at the same time, and the husband decides not to pour over you; and secondly, try to wiggle not turned into a frank wagging - you want to bring a loved one and not laugh!

It would be nice to see a couple of movies or videos with a nice striptease and adopt a few tricks. Although you know, we should be careful: sometimes excessive punishes initiative initiator! Once a young, pretty girl decided to please a loved striptease and decided to repeat the scene from the video Jennifer Lopez, where she effusions himself with water. Actually, it would have been nice if at the crucial moment of happiness spacey guy has not changed in its warm water to a glass of freshly brewed tea (well, that's caring he is, what can you do?). In the end, the surprise turned out, but it was not for him and for her ...

Step three: change image

If you are a kind of stervochka, there will be absolutely no harm to play a submissive concubine, rotating her hips to his beloved master. If modesty - your second "I", then please be arrogance and seduce her husband, feigning a woman of easy virtue. Your spouse probably long since got used to you for what you are - so try to surprise him and create the illusion of a meeting with a stranger. Be sure that, by playing this scene, you light a fire in the loins narrowed to such an extent that the end of the dance, he can not wait!

That's just too far with the change of image is not worth it - otherwise your behavior will cause confusion and resentment, even a spouse. For example, if your husband is a real puritan, you should not insult him his defiance and sharp little lover - on the contrary, full of humility and humiliation. In both cases, a man can doubt: but whether he did, taking you to the wife, maybe in front of him just revealed your true self?

Relax and improvise, and all you get. If the hamstring shaking suspiciously much, try to calm them down a glass of dry wine. Alcohol in fact one of the most famous, and most importantly, available to us aphrodisiacs. Again, be careful with the amount of alcohol consumed! Once you go too far, and the script of a striptease goes in a completely different direction: either spouse does not impress women tipsy uneven movement, or you will be so good that you do decide to do without the striptease. We understand that both options do not suit us, so be careful with the insidious drink.

And do not forget to pick up a pre-stripper music. If you think that, for these purposes fit absolutely any "ballad", the deeply mistaken: sometimes our musical tastes do not coincide with the preferences of men. In short, if you love the group "Golden Ring" and the incomparable Stas Mikhailov, it is not necessary to rummage in their repertoire, if your husband - a fan of Rammstein. While on the other hand, the heavy "industrial metal" for your erotic dance, too, will not work - jerks dance to the murderous cries of brave German boys make you doubt your husband's well-being. Choose a "middle ground" - neither ours nor yours, and everything goes like clockwork!

So try to provide all the little things, not to be trapped, and gave her husband a really terrific gift. Do not forget that your birthday is around the corner - it's better to dance striptease and hit him in the heart (and more!) Than with sadness looking at what he's going to give you soon. I do not want you to get another pan instead of a present, which already hinted as much time?

 Striptease for my husband: a snap!

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 business relationship


  • Looking for work: how to create an image of a business woman
  • Rules of conduct in the office
  • Image clothing and position at work
  • How to wear affects networking

Good post and respect for employees - is what the dream of every modern woman. The work is necessary for us, and as a way to self-realization, and as a means of communication, and finally, as a source of financial income. Without it, the girls begin to get bored, feeling out of place. But, unfortunately, full or part time, even in the best-known companies do not always produce the desired satisfaction. Sometimes the most sociable women can not make contact with either the boss or colleagues or clients. And about their careers and not talking. As in this case they do not? And how to behave during a job?

To begin to understand that business relationships are very different from companionship. It has its own statutes and principles, norms and standards. Familiarity with the boss, flirting and flirting with men at work - it is not only welcome, but also condemned. Remember once and for all, all these rules to be followed, regardless of whether you like them or not.

Otherwise, how would it sounds sad, not only for a successful career, but even a good position will have to forget. That's how the real world. He is tough and requires adherence to the society of laws. Otherwise, you can be on the side of life, and there - just hold on!

Looking for work: how to create an image of a business woman

The fair sex with their irresistible emotional and psychological helplessness in this world worse than our fellow - men. However, nature is wise! She took care of the subject of balance in the world. Along with the excessive vulnerability and sensuality, she gave the girls one perfect weapon - unlimited ability to change his appearance. And we do everything without much effort. This is what helps women survive in office battles maintaining internal integrity.

The appearance of a few specific business women. After all, to survive in a tank with sharks, experienced quite difficult. And in order to defeat their rivals, build business relationships with clients and colleagues in the break, you even remotely imagine where and how the mask should be put on this time. In some cases, grandstanding completely inappropriate. And then have to hide their temper and character.

Therefore, intending to devote themselves to the business life and going to a job interview with an employer, representatives of each of the weaknesses of the human race should take note of a few rules. Remember, a striking contrast to those who demand today's labor markets will not benefit. Because such a deviation from the norm indicates the ordinary person, and the employer does not need a genius, and, for example, executive administrative assistant or intelligent manager.

Of course, a woman applying for this post is simply obliged to put on the mask of a business woman. Do not forget that we always meet on clothes. So you need to choose the appropriate clothing, make-up mood. The image of a business woman should emphasize its restraint, calmness and the ability to dedicate themselves to the cause. Then you will be much easier to establish business interpersonal relationships with the employer.

  • Mimicry

The position of the mask, in the first place is to simply control the expression of his face. Any spontaneous smile, the movement of the eyebrows and even glance sideways - all of which can be seen the future chief wrong. In this case, it is either a polite goodbye, or in the process of further cooperation will be a long time to take a new employee, as a special unserious and unreliable. And establish business relations will be much harder.

  • Makeup

In no event should not be at the reception to the employer with a catchy makeup or else none at all. War Paint immediately cause aggression and rejection, and a complete lack of basic hygiene - neglect. Make-up of a business woman - this restraint, combined with expressiveness. He is able to hide any facial imperfections, stressing all the advantages of the fair sex. The ideal way is not to divert attention of the interlocutor to defects (pimples, acne, inflammation), and will help set up interpersonal relationships.

  • Attire

As for clothing and accessories, there are two basic rules: the image of a business woman to be harmonious and accurate. The green shoes, red skirt and a blue bag - hardly all this talk about your taste. What here the business relationship? HR manager will think that the person sitting in front of it looks awful.

  • Accessories

From the decorations to be very careful. Cheap or plastic can affect the level of the proposed salary, and too expensive rings, earrings and other accessories - a level of trust. Why would a rich young lady to look for work? Therefore, the business style of a woman who appeared at the interview - it was a fair modesty.

Remember an important rule - you must have one ring. Engagement is worn on the ring finger, ordinary - on average. Hands-studded rings, look vulgar and tasteless. As for the chain, choose a thin, elegant pendant. Earrings little wear to the interview (droplets).

 This business relationship

Rules of conduct in the office

So, you have managed to make a good impression on the employer, so you get the desired position. How to behave on to establish interpersonal relationships in a group? What to do to you on the first day of loved subordinates and superiors entrusted responsible and serious work?

Remember once and for all, even if you are ideally suited to the position of the applicant, and the team looks forward to the completion, relaxing still not worth it. This is just the beginning. You may be cute smile in the face, and behind you to start immediately to discuss. Do not get me wrong, just that they have established interpersonal relationships. You are all alone to be.

Think a rather interesting phrase: "Good man - not a profession! ". Whether you three expert in this area, twice awarded the title of "Volunteer of the Year", you will be in difficulty. People do not like when someone better, smarter, prettier. Therefore, before you come to the office, you need to think about their unusual traits to mask them. The first time to establish interpersonal relationships, you need to look ordinary. Individually in the workforce is not easy. They tend to be long in the groups are not retained.

On the first day men will look closely at your habits, preferences, demeanor. Girls also evaluate only the appearance, not character. Therefore, the best option in this case, clothing is strict dress blouse with a discreet and modest skirt. Pants or jeans that day should not be worn. They give the woman some aggressiveness. Unfortunately, this outfit might alienate prospective colleagues. And if you can not establish interpersonal relationships on the first day, then it will make much more complicated.

The important role played by makeup. As the interview, he should be discreet. Hair - a neat braid, bun or hair in a bun. Do not be creative! The plain, slightly silly way to promote rapid fusion with the team, and it's always going to benefit.

Grooming business woman - is, above all, simplicity and naturalness. Creative hedgehogs and multicolored hair for such work are not suitable. Basic requirements for hairstyles for the office - accuracy. It is desirable that byle hair of medium length. If it is long, it is necessary to put in built on strict and straight lines plait. Selection of hairstyles in this case is individual.

Clothing for work in the office, shoes and hairstyle - these are the factors that determine the size of salaries and career development. The more you look tidier, the easier it will be to establish interpersonal relationships with his superiors. So before you get out of the closet clothes should think about what we want from work. If we need a vision and a significant increase to the salary, then you must choose the strict business suits. And if it is missing the status of an ordinary office worker, you can not be afraid to show some personality traits, dressing more freely.

The ethics of a business woman - this is what should be observed strictly. In the early days, and even weeks, you need to carefully monitor their vocabulary. It in no case should not be present jargon, unintelligible expression and familiarity. Bursaries, if it is not related to work, is good in clubs. You also need to build interpersonal business relationship with the team.

Even ordinary office staff such quality as familiarity, it is not to face.
Expressing his then outstanding creative potential, if any, it will fail. In addition, you will be treated like a shirt-guy, with whom you can talk at any time on vital topics. But if you become a boss, this treatment will not change. It's hard to take someone seriously who yesterday did all coffee and ran to the shop for cigarettes.

Therefore, choosing the way, think about the person you plan to be on. If you want to become a business woman with the prospect of further career development, it is best to perform their duties diligently. Do not remove with the traditional office mask. Sometimes it is so difficult. And in order not to experience undue discomfort, keep all at a distance. By establishing such a way interpersonal relationships in the future you do not have to re-break them and build. It must be said to be both in the team and for its chapels, it is possible not to everyone.

 business interpersonal relationships

Image clothing and position at work

The office usually occur three basic types of women. Each of the girls at the time to build a certain interpersonal relationship with the team. Now, as if she did not try, it is perceived only in this manner. Sometimes to start to move higher, the fair sex have to change the place of deployment.

  • Workaholic

The first option - the image of a man too enthusiastic with their work. In this case, position held really must deliver at least some pleasure. Because you have to go into it with his head, to work on weekends and holidays, to stay on the extra hours. This mask is beneficial. The efforts tend to notice the boss, and it is - a pretty good chance to move up the career ladder.

However, about colleagues should not be forgotten. Friendly chat with them creates a comfortable working atmosphere. This is especially true for women who are going to make a good career. In this case, the most appropriate attire is business style clothes, as befits the chief. Strict suit and blouse that fastens at the neck - only in this way you have to appear at work.

One caveat - Learn how to balance on the verge. So if the boss - a woman, the collar blouses should not be flirtatious and neckline - too deep. And vice versa. After all, such a detail is condescending attitude of the superior men. This is necessary if the work was made some small mistake.

  • Gossip

The second option office mask - image activist. For popping your nose into other people's business and mobile nature, which does not like responsibility, such a role would be most suitable. Curiosity in this case quenched gossip, information about the personal lives of employees. Sometimes these ladies are regulars kurilok.

Wardrobe of business woman may be liberated and defiant. It is quite acceptable sports things, short skirts with a cut to the thigh, stud. By the way, interpersonal relationships so the fair sex is very easy to build.

  • Hunky

A third way for those girls who are forced to work circumstances. In this case, in the office need to choose somewhere in the far corner to retire, making the tortured, pensive and sad face. This appearance indicates deep inner drama. Therefore, colleagues, beware of inadvertently touch a sore spot for, once again will not bother. In the wardrobe of the woman there is only an old blouse and stretch knitted sweaters. Unfortunately, the interpersonal relations of such employees are not always add up successfully.

How to wear affects networking

Office work can to some extent be described as a ball in the kingdom masks. A ballroom attire should be prepared in advance, starting to have his or her choice in the evening. Pick up the clothes should be very careful, because it is - an integral part of the image, so should be possible to harmonize with it. It should be borne in mind that a particular style is certain associations from the collective. And it happens at a subconscious level. So, if a girl is wearing expensive and fashionable, interpersonal relationships with the other collaborators it is unlikely to develop.

Please note, when position held quite happy, and moving up the career ladder - not an end in itself in the clothes you can afford some liberties. Jeans are allowed, translucent blouses. As for footwear, it should be clean and comfortable as possible. Therefore, to work better to buy shoes with a stable average heels or studs (height - just above average).

Soft and fluffy sweater, giving the figure of formlessness, they say that their owner will humbly endure insults and sympathize trouble colleagues. High professionalism with these blouses are not synonymous. But colleagues will call it the desire to pour out his heart. Therefore, you need to wear a dressing only if there is an opportunity and a willingness to listen to others' testimony.

An important role for the perception of the play and patterns of women's blouses. For example, the flowers all over the field blouse talking about dreaming and romantic nature. They handle such delicate creatures, as a rule, carefully and delicately. A blouse with polka dots characterize women as beautiful wives and caring mothers. In general, it is positive in respect of quality. They show a well-developed sense of responsibility and ability to find a way out of any situation.

Circles and waves, scattered in large numbers all over the field blouse, no small talk about the selfishness of its owner. Interpersonal relationships in this case will be strained. She says if people that should not touch her pen, printer, glue, markers, etc. The same applies to the work. The owner blouse with circles and ruffles are very jealous of their duties. She would not allow to be carried out by someone else. Such an employee is doing everything painstakingly and corrosive.

If the clothing is painted geometric shapes - straight lines, triangles, squares, diamonds, it is broadcast on the rationalism of his mistress, her courage and inclination to gamble. Such employee very quickly rise through the ranks. They do this, as a rule, not without pleasure.

The woman appears to work in a colorful dress, surrounded by foam flounces, risks to cause some suspicion. Colleagues will think that she comes to the office to arrange a personal life. Convince others in reverse, as if she did not try to be very difficult. Remember once and for all dresses with ruffles - a violation of even the most loyal of the dress code. After all, for every modern woman it is very important to take proper place in society, to feel comfortable in the team. Therefore, the fairer sex have to maximally conform to generally accepted rules and standards of conduct.

Business mask - the most significant in our zhizni.Pri competent choice they can make the existence of a team quite enjoyable. To create the face of a successful business woman, you need to think through all the details. After all, without it at work I can not do. This game we devote at least one-third of our lives. By the way, it is very important to learn how to show your character and temper. Protective mechanisms that are triggered in certain circumstances, contribute to our development, strengthen self-confidence.

Image to a certain extent determine our fate, it depends on what kind of people are around us.

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