How to choose a coat of the beaver

  • Fur coat of beaver: the advantages of fur
  • Choose a coat: the rules of good purchase
  • Prolongs the life of fur: the rules of care

Today the choice of the top winter clothing is great: you can buy phony long down jacket or short jacket or coat with warm drab podstezhkoy. But deep down every woman, of course, the dream of a fur coat, which, firstly, will warm even in the most severe frosts, is easy and convenient, and secondly, to complement the lady, giving it an elegant and stylish look.

Today's manufacturers offer a wide assortment of original styles, made of various fur: mink, rabbit, fox, chinchilla, Mouton, sable, sheepskin and other. However, the most popular today are sheared fur or natural beaver. Such clothing is very practical, light, soft, warm, practical and at the same time not too expensive compared to other fur. Therefore, if you are soon planning to buy a fur coat for the winter, be sure to pay attention to the fur of the beaver. To make the right choices and avoid the common mistakes that many women when buying, try the steps below.

Fur coat of beaver: the advantages of fur

Today, one of the most popular materials for the production of fur coats is the beaver. He is very soft and fluffy, moisture resistant and incredibly warm. The fact that this animal has the original undercoat, so such products are best suited to our climatic conditions. The quality of the fur is not something that is not inferior, but even superior mink.

In case of rain coat or wet snow, it does not fall down, but on the contrary, becomes magnificent form, it becomes more fluffy, what distinguishes the beaver fur from other fur. The best are the product of the Canadian animal sewn as beavers living in the north and the middle band of the country, have a very thick, dense undercoat, and the skins are of high quality manufacture.

So, let's look at the points, what is so attractive fur coats from beaver to buyers:

  • One of the main criteria for a good fur product is its wearability. It therefore should give preference to the beaver, who for a long time retains its beautiful appearance - this fur is second only to the standard otter is considered more socks than mink.
  • Due to the dense undercoat, coat of beaver warm you even in the coldest winter. However, this fur is so warm that the product does not need any additional lining material, thereby providing almost weightless.
  • Worth beaver incredibly soft to the touch, fluffy and long, so this coat will look just perfect.
  • Fur has a moisture resistant properties, and this will agree, is important in conditions of the Russian winter, when wet snow and rain - her constant companions.
  • Natural shade very nice beaver - on the back of a dark chocolate with a smooth transition to light brown or pale gold tone on the edges. Sometimes the whole skin can be silver, but the color - it's not a problem, because modern manufacturers, using special technology, no problem dyed fur in different shades.
  • Compared with other products of beaver fur coats are the most affordable - they are really inexpensive.

Today, designers are trying to meet the needs of today's fashionistas, use a variety of methods of manufacture of fur coats. For example, shave long pile slightly shorter undercoat, creating graceful original drawings on the surface of fur, including colorful. One of the latest trends become pinched beaver, but coats of such material are the most expensive.

 how to choose a fur coat sheared beaver

Choose a coat: the rules of good purchase

We have already mentioned that the major benefits of beaver fur are their moisture resistance, heat resistance, and excellent durability of the material and, importantly, the relatively inexpensive price of fur coats. Therefore, if you decide to opt for such outerwear, you need to know some of the nuances that the money spent on the purchase, not have been thrown to the wind.

So, in any case does not refer to questionable sellers. Tempting offers marketeers from the category "big discount" - it's just a trick to lure unsuspecting buyers. Go for a fur coat in a special room, where you have to submit all the necessary quality certificates and other documents proving that the product has passed all the relevant checks and is safe for health. Also do not forget to ask the seller a guarantee, then, if necessary, you can easily return or exchange your purchase.

Keep in mind that the most valuable is considered a Canadian beaver fur, living on the territory of central and northern strip of the country. He is the most harmonious combination of practicality, comfort and beauty. Therefore, if possible, pick a fur coat made of this material.

Today, shops offer a huge selection of fur from sheared, natural or plucked beaver. Through toning technology, which captured the modern manufacturers, you can choose the product of any shade. As for the style, there will be no problems - every woman is sure to find what they are looking. However, to coat sitting on you perfectly, making a purchase, consider the type of the figure. So, tall and slim girls are almost all models, while pyshnotelye should pay attention to the clothes with a short nap, as longhaired visually only give extra weight. If you type "Apple", it is recommended to give preference to the wide A-line coat sheared fur or knee-length, women-and "pear" should focus on his waist, so in this case fit the model with a belt.

There are a few rules and characteristics, which should be paid attention to when choosing a fur coat. To do the right thing, follow our recommendations:

  • The first step is to check the quality of the material. Good fur has a rich color, glitter, no rolls and has a smooth, fluffy and thick podpushka. Look at the reverse side of pelts - it should be light, soft, without any extraneous color.
  • Now you need to verify the strength of beaver cloth. To do this, squeeze it into the palm, and a few seconds later release if the breakage of hair and took its original shape and volume, so the product quality. Good skin does not stick, does not fall out and not pulled (you can do an experiment: Grab a small piece of fluff with your fingers and pull).
  • Choosing a fur coat sheared, natural or plucked beaver will correctly if you shake it a little bit. Quality is not a thing should make no sound if you hear popping or crackling, better give up the purchase.
  • Even if made of fur haircut, then the final coat should not have any bald patches, even in the most inconspicuous places - under the collar, armpit. Also note that the pile was located in the same direction. This is another criterion for a good product.
  • Quality clothing looks great, not only outside but also inside. Therefore, make sure that the lining was sewn carefully and properly stitched bottom completely. Be sure to check the joints - have a good model, they are not convex, entire, without sticking out in different directions of thread. If you do not feel the touch, then coat plywood. Also note, this thing sewn from whole skins or pieces. In the latter case, the product should cost considerably cheaper, but keep in mind that heat and it will be much worse.
  • Another feature that is taken into account, making a purchase, - marking on clothes. So, expensive fur thing brand or famous designers provides uniform labels that are placed on the lining of the product and brand label with information on the care of a fur coat.

Naturally, buy a fur coat is never too late. But it is most advantageous to do so in the summer or early autumn. The period from July to September is considered the best for the purchase of new clothes. The fact is that at this time in stores begin to deliver new collections and, despite the fact that prices are still in effect last season, the remaining models are sold with good skid. This allows the product does not lie around in warehouses. Of course, the choice of fur coats will be not as diverse as in the season, however, you may be able to buy a quality product in just half of its original value.

 How to choose a coat of sheared beaver

Prolongs the life of fur: the rules of care

We have already told how to choose a fur coat of beaver, so by following the above recommendations, you probably will get a good quality product, sheared or natural, perhaps plucks fur. However, even the most expensive and perfectly sewn thing can quickly deteriorate. Therefore, if you want your new thing lasts as long as possible, be sure to check these simple rules concerning the storage and care of the fur products:

  • If you get caught in the rain or wet snow, in any case, do not dry fur hairdryer. Just shake it first, and then gently lay on a flat surface (table, bed, floor). Fur should be dry at room temperature; when this happens, his comb in the direction of the nap. Do not place the product near a radiator or other heating devices.
  • When winter comes to an end, be sure to turn in a fur coat to the dry cleaners. However, that did not spoil it there, do not go into the first room. It is better to consult specializing exclusively on the cleaning of fur garments.
  • Ideal for storage of coats - a special refrigerator, which is supported by the required temperature and humidity. Naturally, not everyone can afford it, so I just hang the product in a cabinet, impermeable to direct sunlight (because the beaver fur can burn out and fade).
  • To pile not hesitated and was not damaged, buy a cover and cover their thing. Normal polyethylene for this will not work - it will not coat to "breathe" and very quickly lose its attractive appearance.
  • Coat beaver hang on a hanger appropriate size with a wide brim, made of wood or plastic. Keep away from products dyed and undyed fur strictly prohibited. Please note that the pile is wiped in places of contact with the handles of bags, with belts, so try to exclude this contact.
  • Periodically ventilate the cabinet, which houses a coat, update tool from moths, and make sure that the distance from it to the nearest heater was not less than one meter.

Beaver fur is very hardwearing and durable, but despite this, it is very easy to damage a sharp object, such as a strap from a bag or some accessory. So try not to bring close to the surface coat similar items. In addition, the attractive appearance of the product may be affected by other external stimuli: hairspray, alcohol, perfume or eau de toilette. The thing is that they contain chemicals that can dry the pile, which is fraught with the loss of gloss - beaver may fade and lose its original beauty. Similarly, the impact on the fur special sprays and sprays that housewives are often used to combat insects and moths.

New thing to serve you more than one season, try not to wear it, if you know that soon will travel in a crowded public transport. Those who travels by car, you should periodically change their position to not wear fur with one hand - hands, flatten fur hem shake. However, best of all, sitting behind the wheel, remove and hang the product on the back seat or on a special hanger. At least once in the twelve months hand over the coat to the dry cleaners, take care of it properly and store in a suitable environment - then a fur coat of beaver will warm and decorate you for years!

 How to choose a coat of beaver: recommendations for successful purchase

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