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Female friendship ... The concept, which are composed if not legends and stories, then certainly songs and poems. You can break a lance in a polemical fervor, arguing that female friendship does not exist, resulting in numerous arguments and examples from history. And it is possible to study this kind of relationship almost academic level. And in both the case of the psychology of female friendship will always be a subject of controversy, debate and even a prerequisite for the development of conflict situations.

From time immemorial ...

So what is female friendship, and does it exist? The fact that the friendly relations between the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity existed since ancient times, is not disputed even by the most orthodox skeptics. And it is not because women are more inclined to communicate and support each other in difficult situations, although these factors can not be discounted. Female friendship arose for quite objective reasons.

Take this typical picture not too distant past. The male part of the population for the most part was occupied livelihood for the family. That is the lion's share of time women's "hope and support" held outside the home, work and tiring. If the cases of severe military Godin (which happened quite often), the men, of course, came to the defense of the family hearth. Women, they always had the benefit of a lot of nothing to do but talk to their friends. Relatives in the female line, neighbors, casual acquaintances - in such conditions, and formed a real female friendship.

 Female friendship

Boys boys, girls girls

If you look closely, the psychology of female friendship becomes more understandable in childhood. Without going into the wilds of scientific, illustrate an example of the elementary postulate. Since childhood, sending children to walk in the yard, the parents almost reflexively complement sending instructions such as "come take a walk with the girls" for girls, and vice versa - for the boys.

The girls huddled together in flocks, swaddled puppet play "Mothers and Daughters" and the gang chased a boy in football or, for example, the climb in attics. All perceive this fact as a matter of course - because this order of things has always existed, and I do not have any reason to. Naturally, the children learn to communicate the company's same-sex peers.

It is equally natural that these companies and the emerging psychology of friendship and rules laid best friends. Hence, it is logical to conclude that the parents themselves without knowing it, a child lay the foundation for the future of female friendship. Consequently, friendships girl friend is nothing else but a socially significant factor.

There are other reasons, such soil strengthening of friendly relations. Quite naturally, communicate with girls of her sex is much easier than with the boys. It plays a role not only the psychology of relationships and the difference in perception. Girls with girls always easier to find common ground, they may be much more likely to have similar interests and passions. None of the barrier, which prevents the establishment of a laid-back way of contact between the sexes. As a consequence, there is no breeding ground for conflict and misunderstanding that greatly contributes to the deepening and development of friendly relations between girls.

Language barrier

Another factor contributing to the emergence and strengthening of women's friendship - a way to communicate. Overall, it was he who defines the rules and best friends. It has long been proven that men and women sometimes differ communicative properties, like the inhabitants of different galaxies. For women in communicating the crucial role played by the emotional, sensual component. While representatives of the strong half of humanity is more suitable language information.

For examples, you can not go far. Take the company of men. Talk to her, if you listen carefully, is substantially free of brightly colored emotions and similar manifestations. The circumstances set out almost telegraphic style, without the imaginative and expressive expressions. Of course, much depends on the level of education and culture of speech. There among the male population of individuals - and their number is large enough - that fill the void vocabulary samples taboo vocabulary and word-parasites.

In any case, in order to transmit the information perceived by the interlocutors better, she can decorate it dubious jokes or primitive way, causing, at best, obscene grin present. That is communication in the men's team, as a rule, usually has a strong tendency to primitivism, which is not true of the women's team. Ladies and girls build their communication on emotional grounds, which gives the female conversation unique charm and flavor. The question arises: why is the emotional sphere so arranged differently in men and women?

The answer, oddly enough, lies in the biology of the sexes. Men are by nature destined role as protectors and extractors, and these qualities are less commonly associated with unwanted emotions and sensuality. Women, whose biological role is largely determined by birth and upbringing of children, without sensuality and emotions can not do nothing. After all, to raise children, they should be speaking a language they understand, and is a poor basis for children's vocabulary - emotions and feelings.

 female friendship is

Psychology of female friendship

"It is not so different among themselves ..." It is this string of "Eugene Onegin" can be most accurately characterized as little to do emotionally in women and men. If the men - with few exceptions - this quality is not well developed, the women, everything is exactly the opposite. It is no accident tantrums and other "above-standard" displays of affection so clearly expressed at the fairer sex. And to understand the strong emotion and feelings of a woman capable of just another woman who knows how to be a better friend. The subconscious understanding of this - another cornerstone upon which the psychology of friendship between women.

Emotion - this is a palette of colors that make the communication between women particularly warm and sincere. But this coin has another side. For example, on the basis of dialogue, based only on emotions, often possible to draw conclusions, it does not have anything to do with reality.

For example, a woman wants to share with a friend or fresh news story about how suddenly married their mutual friend. The subscriber at the other end terribly busy, and promises to call back later. About his promise in turmoil Affairs girlfriend forgets. One that does not call back, of course, offended, and based on this small episode concludes that the former is no more friendship.

If we consider the relationship is in the light of these aspects, the psychology of male relationships, devoid of unnecessary emotional coloring and small conventions, it is much more convenient to communicate.

Best friend - friend or foe?

Many argue that the friendship between the women can not be. This is not true. Of course, in terms of female friendship best friend sometimes it acts contrary guises. It can almost be a sister, you can trust the most intimate secrets, support in any situation, "vest" for tears and understanding companion, you can open the soul. However, there is a danger of "overload" girlfriend their problems and thus achieve the opposite effect.

The other extreme is also, alas, is the place to be. Cases when the best friend becomes the mistress of her husband. Knowing the ins and outs of his behavior, it is easy to seduce men. My wife, as usual in such cases, all want the latest. To avoid such extremes, women married, sometimes you have very carefully to build communication with a friend yesterday from which there could be no secrets.

There are also options when the best friend playing the role assigned to. For example, one friend, having not very attractive appearance for men, as it sets off a another that is against this background looks model attracts male attention. What is the psychology of female friendship in this case? This tandem has a deeper meaning. The first beauty feels subjugator men's hearts, and it is quite satisfied with her assertiveness. And ugly is quite satisfied with the fact that it is almost always presented sympathy man, rejected by his girlfriend.

In any relationship it is important to observe the principle of balance and preservation of mental energy. "Think about the other a little more," - a line from an old song has not lost relevance today. Give as much and you receive, no less. As often as possible to speak kind words best friend. Being a donor, not a vampire. And only such a friendship, do not eat poisonous juices hatred, envy and hostility, can bring a lot of joy and become one of the meaning of life.

So, is there a female friendship, friendship, sung in songs and Charge d'harsh life practice? How to be a good friend? Do not we deal with modern myth-making, continuing to believe in a unique phenomenon? Where is the truth?

Of course, as in any other case, the truth is somewhere in the middle. Friendship between men, like any other - this balance of interests, and, of course, mutual. If the relationship between friends will not be fermented in the sentimental pathos, and will be based on these principles, then it will be possible to talk about the harmony that is so rare in nature.

Female friendship and her psychology - phenomenal phenomenon in nature. And this phenomenon, which is in the process of evolution has changed considerably, and today does not get tired to amaze researchers in its depth. From the passive role of a housewife, bereguschie hearth, a woman entered the completely different way - the creator of this center, to choose their partners for life. The shift in emphasis of gender leads to the fact that women just need to bring in his model of communication, some traditionally masculine elements.

In addition, psychology and male and female friendship has common features, allowing it to maintain a truly wonderful feeling. Mutual honesty and openness, the ability to forgive the occasional guilt and does not remember her at every opportunity - these are "whales" that are the basis of this close relationship, which are put on a par with love.

 Is there a female friendship? Myths and Reality

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