what to give the man

Each of us usually sure if knows exactly what to give the man a birthday or a holiday, whether it is her close friend, employee or just a friend. or familiar to her men. And how! After all, the weak, not the strong mankind has a much better understanding of what color and style of clothing suits men what accessories you need to buy a suit and what perfume is to use one or the other males. Oh, yes, we are skilled in these matters their friends, husbands and friends. So we go to choose a gift to the man confidently and safely buy something that, in our opinion, it is necessary. And he's, like, a huge appreciation this thing, and already shines on the whole thanks ... and then puts it in the closet and completely forget about such a "necessity" the subject.

After all, there are situations, right? There are, look into the eyes of truth. Why is that? Well, apparently, we do not take into account when choosing a gift, looking at this choice with her, feminine position. It we want a new handbag, ring, perfumes for men ... And all this - purses, wallets, neckties, etc., - the little things, which they simply do not pay attention. No, of course, there are many males who sincerely rejoice new tie or cologne! And then they will enjoy with great pleasure. However, almost all men (except die-hard fans, aesthetes and collectors) would prefer gifts, more useful for business or entertainment. What men prefer gifts? And let's, ladies, take a walk to the shops and try to look beautiful in their showcases objects seen by men.

Variants of gifts for men

As we have already said, men love things that they bring practical benefits .  For example, crystal or porcelain vase, so heart warming woman will seem to them unnecessary trinkets and can not be an option gifts for men .  But a good set of tools, fishing rod, backpack, etc. will definitely catch the attention of a loved one .  "Well, is suitable for things like gift options for men ?! "- Puzzled, we exclaim -" It's everyday objects, and they can be purchased at any time! Anniversaries and holidays - a special case .  They require that as a gift to the beloved or colleague was presented something original and beautiful! "And we'll be right somewhere .  But first, look for the favorite is not on the second place, and what we seem too original and elegant, his soul can not touch .  And secondly, backpack or spinning, of course, you can always buy, but prepodnesёnnye as a gift from the woman he loved, they acquire a different meaning .  Namely, it will become a real symbol of sincere affection and respect, which he will remember with great warmth by using these things .

The gift is better to choose the beloved thing, consistent with its current business preferences and hobbies and future plans. To do this well, it is desirable to know the tastes and priorities. If this knowledge is not enough, you can dream a little, focusing on professional activities or hobbies of boys. It is advisable in this case to choose a gift to the man most true, to consult with those who know him better - with close friends or relatives.

Of course, if a woman chooses gifts for your husband, brother or son this advice it is unlikely to be needed. She knows that it is necessary at the moment of her relatives, and what gifts to make the men of his family, to be practical and useful. But even here there can be wrong: wanting a good, a gift to the son it will have to drive with a new game, and he dreams of a new chamber for the bike, her husband - razor, and he dreams of a good spinning. Therefore, even assuming that we accurately represent what gift to make a man a good idea to carefully ferret out his true desires at the moment and act according to these desires and budget.

Our men only seem to be adults. In fact, deep down, they always remain children - childish, funny, prone to mischief. Therefore, the gift can be quite beloved select some funny little thing. For example, what to give the man motorist whose car - a living and beloved creature? Perhaps he would be glad of some funny trinket for a car - or a souvenir fob.

In general, the question what to give the man a motorist, the biggest problem is not. Here gift options can serve as a car player, or the player to view the DVD- ROM drive, mosquito nets, car seat covers, car seat and so on. At the same time it is not necessary that this gift was chosen for the car. You can choose a lighter t-shirt or cap with the logo of the brand of the car. In a word everything, anyway, it would be either practical or interesting enthusiastically motorist.

Gift male counterparts

 gift beloved

Send flowers to make a very nice and it is usually selected heart. Women are able to notice the many little things and intuitively feel, that wants a loved one. But you can make a gift to a fellow man - the question is somewhat different. Usually on such gifts money collects the whole team, and the team decides what gift to choose. From the standpoint of business ethics male employees correctly to give items of office equipment, good wine, purses, briefcases, books, sets of glasses or porcelain cups, travel tours, tours to festivals and even tickets to football, if he is interested in them.

Actually, if we're going to make gifts male colleagues, this should be taken seriously, necessarily taking into account the tastes and preferences of the occupation of each. The rule of thumb when choosing such a gift - it should not be too expensive, even if a person works in a successful company. Otherwise it can be put in an awkward position. Exceptions are special occasions: retirement, anniversary, wedding, promotion. In other cases, all colleagues of the same rank should get roughly the same price for gifts.

Do not do male colleagues such gifts as apparel, religious items, perfumes and humorous gifts. But ceramics and metal, good pen or a lighter and a box of good chocolates be fine.

What to give the man a friend?

Often we have to choose gifts for their good friends - men. The approach to such a gift more free than to send flowers or gifts for fellow men. For one - this is the man who is always ready to help and is not waiting for us to do something exceptional. Therefore, the big problem is what to give the man a friend, there is no . He gratefully accept and socks, and fun trinkets and zazhigalochku, the same set of tools. However, if other important festival, and we really want to surprise him, you can make an original and more expensive gift.

What to give the man a friend in this case? You can order a good frame with the inscription "best friend" for a joint photograph, you can purchase any silver or bronze objects and engrave on them the same label, and you can even make a custom banner or billboard with a photo and other greetings to him.

But if we're going to the other on the day of its age, it is better to choose some particularly original gift. If a young man pays a lot of attention to their appearance, you can buy him Spas - certificate or in the studio suite. If he is interested in sports, - branded shoes, a good bike, expensive commercials. Football fans will be extremely pleased with the signatures of famous ball players, flags, T-shirts, belts with the symbols of his favorite club and so on. Well, if the other at the age of eighteen like to present something original, it can be set for preparation of cocktails, a set of glasses with light, Globe - bar lazerpod, chest - bar, crystal picture and so on. The main thing that the gift was the most memorable and expressed gratitude to the friendly and sincere.

In general, the question: "What gifts would prefer a man? "It is possible to say," Universal, only that they are practical and useful. " Men are willing to accept a gift set of car or household tools, computer accessories, fishing machine, hunting accessories, barbecues and stuff. But the expensive toilet water or a set of dishes valuable when choosing a gift to the man, even if you want, it is better not to acquire. It is very unlikely that they would be delighted so much. And if we find it difficult to solve the problem, what gift to choose the man, take him to a good bottle of expensive brandy. And nice and tasteful, and fun!

 Gift beloved, friend, colleague

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 Friendship between man and woman


  • About love, friendship and fate
  • Status of friendship and love
  • How to understand, friendship or love?
  • Men's and women's friendship - it is also the love

There is a friendship between a man and a woman in a pure form? When the subject comes up on this subject, there are always supporters of the existence of this type of relationship, and those who argue that the difference between friendship and love is not. Let's try to understand how things really are. Today we talk about the mysterious phenomenon and surrounded by speculation - about the friendship between a man and a woman.

As the dictionary, called friendship intimate relationship in which there is mutual trust, affection and common interests. But how many people, so many opinions, as well as the meaning given to the concept of "friendship". For some it is a way of borrowing money, for others - the ability to get more competent advice, and for the third - division of loads of life, its difficulties and joint problem solving.

We can say that almost all statuses about friendship and love are without the fact that we often feel the need to constantly feel the support of someone, especially when it seems to us that it is needed. At the same time we want to see a number of fun, understanding, good and reliable people to be as much as possible, because as the proverb says: "I do not have a hundred rubles, a hundred friends"! And the thickness of our notebook gives us all the more confident that at any moment there is an appropriate one, and there is always someone to call and pour out his heart. Like, if a lot of friends - that person will not be lonely. Only if all of them can be called a real friends? The answer to each his own, and it is not so easy to understand. And if the question is about the friendship between strong and weak representative of humanity, that is, men and women, there is how to understand the friendship or love?

 Friendship between man and woman

About love, friendship and fate

A man and a woman - two different worlds, two different universes, is the "yin" and "yang". So do not look so attractive and so alien to each other. God created was so that we have a completely different perception of the world, a way of expressing thoughts and expressions of emotion. But one place of residence in the form of the planet would have to unite and reconcile us to make clear to each other after many centuries. However, to this day we are still trying to understand each other, learn to tame, to overcome, to conquer and constantly learning about the statuses of friendship and love. The opposite sex seems to us at times absolutely incomprehensible because the complete dissimilarity with ourselves. And we are still attracted to each other, it is karma and fate, and we can not escape the need to be together. And sometimes the line between friendship and love so thin, so invisible! And if you delete it - the consequences could be unpredictable.

In fact, the relationship - it is, above all, socializing, which begins with the first word, "Hi! ". And in the course of communication, we always play a role. Psychologists say that in the relations between men and women, there are four basic models of communication, "Man and Woman", "Mother and Son", "Father and Daughter", "brothers and sisters". If variations occur, it is very minor.

These roles can change over time and gradually flow into one another. For example, very often, a woman in the family plays the role of the Mother not only for children but also for her husband. Hence, the conventional wisdom saying that, well, she had one child more. To some extent it is, in fact often the wife her husband cleans, feeds him, clothes, watches, that he rested and take care of your health, regret, hears and inspiring.

Especially when men problems at work or financial difficulties - if there's a wise woman - even just a friend - she quickly cause a man to calm down. And in general - a man caring and support are needed almost always - psychology confirms this fact. There is an opinion that men have a much lower threshold. For example, the ill, it behaves just like a little kid, pestering the wife of his whims, and when he had a headache - he suffers more than a woman in childbirth. Of course, to make all of this is possible only through the manifestation of friendship and love.

In fact, to some extent, this is all perfectly normal, because the affection and care they want everything, and men are no exception .  Only it would still not go far, and the man is not carried away by the long haul role mama's son .  In this case, the relationship has disappeared equality and women tired to keep everything on himself and under his control, because she also wants to manifestations of friendship and love .  It is simply impossible to be driven all the time - even a very strong women want to have a number greater than your own, shoulder .  If not - there is a risk of a nervous breakdown - psychology seen many such examples .  Therefore, a woman subconsciously become sisters and require equal treatment between themselves and their partner .  If a man is involved in the process, they can achieve some harmony: they share responsibility for the family in half, roughly evenly inspire and support each other .  Gradually, they become full-fledged Man and Woman .  Neither feels repressed something .  Where is the line between friendship and love? No it .

It happens that a man then adds pressure, courage and determination, and a woman tired of being strong. Then she finally completely given his desire to be a small, defenseless and fragile, and he, on the contrary, feels an unprecedented surge of strength and even his omnipotence. He can speak comforting words to her, to call for relaxation and calm, because he will think about everything and take care of her. Such men say, like a stone wall. Yes, fortunately, such men still exist!

Then the woman and becomes the daughter she was so nice and cozy under the wing of a reliable Father. She happily gives him the reins and has full confidence in everything and itself - especially if a man encouraged a similar pattern of behavior. What is different from the love of friendship, in this case? After all, they are again the same circle, creating a friendly couple. This achieves infinite for interaction and update relationships. In each pair only their individual cycle, which does not fit into any timeframe. Someone will Daughter - month, and someone needs a whole year of the relationship. But in any case, it is difficult to say which is more important - love or friendship. By the way, in such pairs this face is very shaky - if only hint man, woman immediately forget about friendship and give love.

Well, when all this is mutual. But imagine for a moment that a man obsessed with the role of the Son, and can not get out of it at the time, as a woman should stay daughter and she stubbornly refuses to be subconsciously Mom to her husband. In this case, she may feel aggrieved and depressed, which undoubtedly reflected in the family relationships. The problem in such an alliance would be that there is no true friendship. Thus, we can say that one of the pillars of a normal marriage is just a necessary presence of friendship between man and woman. What is the kind of friendship is family relationships?

 the friendship between man and woman

Status of friendship and love

Did you know that psychology - quite an exact science? And everything has an explanation of the name, including the phenomenon of friendship between a man and a woman. This friendship floors, unless they are spouses and lovers, too, can be conditionally divided into several statuses.

  • Mother - Son

Friendship of the plan implies that man stands here as small. He is comfortable and nice to refer to a woman - a friend for help or advice. It may be his co-worker, or even a boss, he learns from it and next to it, it is heated by the heat and can always complain to her vest. However, she, being smarter, and maybe older and constant care it can not do the same and count on his support. Because it is a priori lower than it used to, and only to receive but to give, or can not or has not yet learned. How to recognize a friendship or love are present in this case? After all, this situation looks like more on patronage than friendship! However, in this kind of friendship is an element, sons - maternal love, without which a man and a woman is hardly pulled together.

  • Daughter - Father

In this case, it means the option of friendship between a girl and a mature man. Of course, good and very convenient to have friends of a strong and intelligent man who helps and supports, but does not insist on having sex. However, this happens very rarely. After all, if a man is interested in a girl and helps her, she protects against adversity and sticks his strong arm - he's still thinking about how to turn friendship into love. Well, or at least sex - well, such is the man's psychology. No, selfless man, a father can really come across in the way of women, but in this case he probably acts as a Teacher, but not another.

  • Man Woman

There are two friendly free and equal personalities, each of which values ​​freedom and the opinions of others, but does not suppress and does not infringe the rights of each other. This is largely accomplished people, or people who are developing in parallel, and their friendship may initially be based on some sort of mutual benefit, such as a common effort, when a man and a woman - work colleagues. And then between friendship and love a small difference.

After all, more and more approaching, sooner or later they will certainly feel a sexual attraction to each other - so being arranged opposite sex. In such situations, where friendship develops into love, there are often misunderstandings. For example, a woman begins to think seriously about how to make the love of friendship, and this opens up not only the soul, but also gives her heart to the man. He, in turn, suddenly recalls, remembering that he had a wife and they just friends or colleagues, although he had long ago crossed that line.

Often a woman in such a relationship is much easier to just be friends, when it was originally designated at the inside that sex between them can not be. It relaxes her, and she is not thinking about their behavior, is at ease, reveals its secrets, shares intimate thoughts. That is, to him, his friend, she can be herself, without demanding anything from him, even in his thoughts. It is captivating, it captivates any man who deep down is still a conqueror and a hunter.

He sees the beautiful soul of the girl involved in solving its problems and involuntarily approaches more, despite the obstacles and the status of free men. And when there is an understanding of attachment and love, both lost and do not know how to understand the friendship or love between them now. Especially if one of them is not alone and it has a permanent partner. Or if someone one's conscience is not asleep - he might get scared and break friendships that really hurts the other. And the only solution here becomes a kind of ultimatum: either we decide together how to transform friendship into love, or we interrupt this friendship, in fact go on living unbearable. Can we call this relationship a friendship? No of course! Is that the short-term.

  • Sister brother

This type of friendship between men and women is very similar to previous relationships, but there is at the outset by both put strict taboo on the possibility of sex. This friendship is very similar to the relationships of brother and sister, who even raise the question of proximity can not. In this case, the friendship may occur more often. That is true friendship, if it, for example, colleagues who have no great sympathy for each other, and even thought not admit the possibility of friendship after love.

But here, the absolute difference between friendship and love can not be proved. How much do we know the story, when she eventually marries another, beginning to trust him more and more. That is, gradually and unconsciously both may shift the emphasis between the manifestations of friendship and love, and, in the end, all come to the same as that of the pair of "man and woman". After all, they can openly complain about each other's fate and find, at the same time comfort, to spend together to conduct business or joint projects at work. All this is possible if one or both of the discord in his own personal life, then they are naturally drawn to the search for understanding and just focus somewhere on the side. As a result, such a friendship between a man and a woman, too, is doomed to destruction.

 What is friendship between a man and a woman

How to understand, friendship or love?

Sometimes it can be like cognitive friendship between a man and a woman. When both - men and women, there is a pair, and they are, as it seems, just talking, finding out a particular psychology of the opposite sex. Also suggest to each other as to meet and go on dates together then examining their failures and showering each other soul. If this continues long enough, one of them will come to mind the idea: "And what differs friendship and love, and maybe we try to be together? ".

So ends a friendship, even no matter what answer would the opposite side.
That is how women often marry his friend, when one day suddenly look at it with different eyes. At the same time, it should be noted that this family will be built mainly on friendship, not love. A short flash of love is likely to be held, and the couple will again be friends with each other, but in a different capacity. It may well suit both, then the option for love, friendship and fate very good to create a strong and united family.

It happens so when one of the friends have a personal life, and the other - do not have it. Gradually in this kind of friendship jealousy creeps in - here it is, and love of friendship. Sometimes, when one of those friends getting married or getting married, and the other only understands what he has lost, and that friendship is also love. And once it becomes clear that more important than love or friendship ... But - too late, too late! And psychologists say that this is also an option friendship - love.

Men's and women's friendship - it is also the love

So we seem to be able to conclude that the friendship between a man and a woman can only be temporary. Someone befriends a long time, someone - no, but the result will still be a gap, or sex, or relationship, and, in some cases, dry, built on the benefit protection.

There are of course variations and true love after friendship. But if that does not happen, do not despair of that friendship ended. In any case, it has enriched us, make an interesting, wiser, and in some ways even better. That's life, and she is always right: it means that it was better for both, or in the future, we suddenly will understand that the importance of love or friendship. And the relationship will become even more useful for us. Or maybe this one made it impossible to get close to us is our man? After all, this can happen even at the energy level.

Therefore, in any case, you should open your happiness, and, if required, to consider how to create a long friendship of love. At the same time, appreciate the people we can call friends, enjoy fellowship with them, extracting the best out of it! It is well aware that everything - still has a number of man, who can be contacted if you do not help, it just kind of a friendly word. Human communication gives us the notion about love, friendship and fate. And it is a prerequisite of harmonious living of the individual.

Friendship is also love. It is awareness of this gives us a sense of recognition and understanding, without which a person can not exist for a long time, can not live a full and rich life, but only acquires inferiority complex to roll downhill. Therefore, if someone appreciates you - appreciate this in response. And always keep the fire of friendship, because sometimes it is enough of a good word! Well, and if it occurs after a friendship love, then so be it! Your life can survive only you - and no psychology can not stop you!

 Friendship between a man and a woman. Can she?

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