that man can not speak

We all love our men, cherish them. We seek out unusual recipes, knit socks, share his joys and sorrows. But there are moments when we demolish our own happiness, after throwing a careless word. Men, though the stronger sex, sometimes very sensitive to some things that we tell them.

So, what we can not say the man never, under any circumstances?

1. Stop whining, be a man!

Even the strongest and most confident man after these words feel disgusting. His pride, manhood will be trampled into the mud. To say it is - it's like to call a rag and henpecked rolled into one.

Ever since ancient times, the leader of the men was the one who was the first to kill the largest mammoth will drag to the cave and put it at the feet of their women. He called him a whiner, you inflict great damage on his "ego", arguing that it can not afford the real purpose for men.

Think how you would feel if he called you not a woman, and the "old stupid galosh". Certainly the effect would be the same.

2. Oh, you! But my ex ...

This is exactly what we can not speak to the man. Never compare him with his former men, especially in their favor. Not nice to know that you are not only the first love, but still worse than the one who came before you. With these words, you will only wake the spirit of male rivalry, though, has more to lose than gain.

Any man wants to be sure that he's the one for you, the best and most unique. Former fans delighted and humbled by their dignity, their own hands, you tear the thread that connects your relationship.

And if your also and jealous - is not exactly avoid trouble. Such husbands do not tolerate competition, even imaginary. You put yourself at risk of being subject to continuous monitoring and suspicion.

3. Yes, your hands do not grow out of the place!

Perhaps your husband and would not accept the club "Skilful hands", but that is no reason to insult him. All people are different, one great at repairing the crane and the other writes wonderful stories. And not always these two facets intersect.

The good news is that your husband has taken to do something with their hands. Even if it did not work very much, it is necessary to praise it, and be glad for success. Men are like children - are waiting for our praise for every action, and the silence is taken as criticism.

If you are at the root of all his attempts to suppress manage for a while in the house, get ready: soon you all will have to do the most!

 What we can not speak to the man

4. Who are you calling?

These words cause strong irritation in man. It seems that he is obliged to report every detail - who called whom spoke etc. Whatever he was jealous man, the totalitarian control over himself he would not tolerate.

This behavior with female hand holding husband in a serious tension, as if they were constantly waiting for raunchy. Moreover, undeserved. Before require a response about a call, imagine the reverse situation. Her husband every day asking: Who called, where she was, walking with someone, why, what, how much, etc. etc. Now do you understand?

5. Your mother got me!

My mother - this is the most sacred and the most precious thing a man can have. If you're unlucky-in-law, it does not mean that she is a bad mother for her son. Nature is so arranged that a man is psychologically connected with their mothers for life. If even in the heat of anger my husband will say something bad about her, an hour will regret it, and remorse.

Even if you manage to configure in-law against her husband, and later he will accuse you of that. Do you need extra tragedy and not easier to make friends with his mother.

Incidentally, with respect to your mother, that is, to his mother, her husband will copy your behavior. Perhaps one day you will hear: "Your mother got me! "

6. Yes, I am always with you in bed pretending!

Touchet. Curtain. A bullet in the head.

No matter who your man - whether he is the owner of the oil refineries, the ruler of the universe, or a mere mortal, you just completely trampled his pride. They spit in the soul.

The stronger sex is very kind to his masculinity. Especially the portion where it is manifested physically. Tell him that he is no good for nothing in the bed - it's like that asexual blame. What man does not dream to be the most passionate, the most indefatigable and inventive lover? Thank Don Juan does not give them rest, mentally they wish to outdo him in his ability to shake the woman his love of art.

In your own words, you are not only originated in its facilities, but also discourage the desire to share the bed with you. Think of how good it will affect your family life?

 phrases that can not say never

7. Tell me you love me?

There is nothing surprising in the fact that women are constantly required to confirm the love partner. After all, we love the ears and want to hear constantly about the feelings of the elect. And if he keeps silent about them, we often ask this question themselves. So nezhnenko, touching voice.

Believe me, these words are terribly annoyed by men. Especially when it comes to them five times a day. In their view, the fact that they live with us - is proof of love, and there is nothing to talk about it. You know, as a joke:

- Honey, do you love me?

- What am I, in your opinion, do ?!

8. Why do I need this gift?

What ever you dreamed on the 8th of March or birthday present, hold the tongue when receiving a gift. No negativity, anger and indifferent views - try to genuinely enjoy show.

Even if you have not got what we wanted to respect the choice of his men. He certainly suffered for a long time wondering what you give, and swept a lot of shops. Remember your last gift on February 23 and think about what reaction to expect from her husband for a present? Try to meet the requirements of its own, and thank you for your attention.

You know, some women do not give gifts. You do not want to be among them?

9. I'm fat?

Oh, it looks like the stimulus number seven, but multiplied by several hundred times! Men just kill these daily stupid questions on which there is no answer. If he says "yes," you are mortally offended and izvedet his criticisms. If you say "no", then you still do not believe it and ask this question a hundred times.

Of course, her figure is necessary to watch, but gloomy words "my dear, you're not fat," you do not slow down a single kilogram.

This question serves as an occasion for jokes about women's logic. So why do you fall into the category glupyshek and irritate your favorite?

All nine points - a phrase that can not ever speak to any man. As much as you do not have confidence in his love - do not make him suffer and nervous. The word is great power, it is able to destroy all the most tremulous relationship.

 What we can not speak to the man under any circumstances?

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 verbal and nonverbal communication


  • What is the non-verbal communication and the "body language"?
  • Body Language "sounds" loud and clear
  • Elements of non-verbal communication
  • Non-verbal signals can not be faked
  • Why is this so important?

Communication - is a complex socio-psychological process of mutual understanding between people. Its main instruments are verbal and non-verbal means of communication. Verbal (from the Latin "verbal, verbal") means - is it. With this all more or less clear, but we are not only communicate by voice. Most of our "messages" we pass by means of non-verbal (non-verbal) communication mode. Non-verbal communication - body language, or - includes our facial expressions, gestures, eye contact, body posture, and even the particular intonation of our voice.

You may not even realize it, but when we talk to someone, our non-verbal signals have a strong impact on the interlocutor, leaving more than half of his impressions of our speech. If the features of your profession is that you often speak in front of groups of students or just constantly communicate with people at work, the knowledge of body language can help you greatly.

The ability to understand and use non-verbal communication is a powerful tool that will help you in dealing with people and will help to create the right business understanding. You will realize that your interlocutors really have in mind will be able to better express and emphasize their ideas, will better navigate the complex situations and be able to build better relationships at work, in business and at home. Non-verbal and verbal communication tools to help you create a better impression of yourself, create forms and types of impact on the interlocutor to help more effectively achieve their goals.

What is the non-verbal communication and the "body language"?

Nonverbal communication, or body language is the most important form of communication. It is a natural, unconscious language broadcasts about our true feelings and intentions and the true feelings and intentions of those around us. When we interact with others, we are continuously supplied and get wordless signals.

Features of our nonverbal behavior such that everything - gestures, how we stand or sit, how fast and how loud we talk, how close we come to the other party, which at the same time directed our view - it becomes we send "messages" interlocutor. The flow of these messages does not stop, even when we stop talking. Even umolknuv, we continue to communicate in non-verbal level.

Often what we say and what informs our body - these are two completely different things. Verbal and non-verbal means of communication can give a completely contradictory information. When the listener receives such mixed types of signals, he must choose what to give preference to - receive verbal or non-verbal signals. In most cases, each of us consciously or unconsciously, in this situation, it believes nonverbal information.

Body Language "sounds" loud and clear

Words often play a minor role when there is verbal and nonverbal communication between people. It may seem incredible, but what we say, carries only 7% of information. Much more important is the expression of our face (55%), tone of voice (38%) and other forms of expression related to body language. Nonverbal messages are an integral part of human communication. Accompanying the words, they point to our current mental and physical state. Nonverbal communication can perform five functions:

  1. Repetition: they can repeat, confirming a verbal message person.
  2. Contradiction: they may not coincide with what the man says, and even completely contrary to what has been said. For example, the human eye can give him grief, even if he tries to joke.
  3. Substitution: they can replace the oral message. For example, a shrug, replace the words "I do not know."
  4. Update: They can add or supplement the oral message. The head, which is subordinate pats on the shoulder, in addition to praise, thereby increasing the impact of a positive message.
  5. Accent, they can emphasize words. For example, you can slap a hand on the table, emphasizing their opposition, saying sharply, "No! ".

It is particularly important, "align", combine all forms of communication, if you want to build a successful business or make a good career. If you do not remember the five functions of non-verbal communication and follow up will not become the language of your body, you will not be able to make a good impression on others, will not be able to create business relationships based on trust.

In turn, you, too, are constantly getting signals from other people. To better focus on these signals, you have to learn how to "read", that is, to perceive behaviors interlocutor how nonverbal expression in the context of the situation.

 communication verbal and nonverbal

Elements of non-verbal communication

  • Sight

Most people are visuals, and features of their perception is that the contacts with the help of an eye for them - the most important methods of non-verbal communication. When you look at someone, you can see a lot - attachment, hostility, interest and much more. See the interlocutor in the eye is also very important to maintain a conversation; although, in general, the speaker maintains eye contact longer than the one who listens. The eyes of the interlocutor can tell us many things: for example, dilated pupils indicate that the person is lying or he is unsure, or neurotic.

  • Facial expressions and gestures

The human face is extremely expressive, it is capable of without words to express countless emotions. Unlike some forms of non-verbal communication, facial expression is universal. Features facial expressions to express happiness, sadness, anger, surprise, fear, disgust quite the same for people of different cultures (which is not true, for example, gestures). Your facial expression instantly tell others about what you are thinking at the moment.

The most sophisticated weapons has always been and remains a smile. It does not cost anything, but a lot can! Smile opens up all the doors. If you smile at the beginning of business negotiations, then your words will cause a favorable reaction. People tend to mimic the facial expressions interlocutor, so try to use a smile as often as possible. It can help you and - if you smile, then your mood always improves. But - beware of inappropriate facial expressions. Even a small wry smile can negate all your efforts at the talks, which lasted several hours, and your reputation is the business person will be hopelessly ruined in the eyes of your partner.

  • Gestures and posture

In many ways our perception of other people dictate the specifics of how they sit, walk, stand, holding his head. The way we move and hold, gives comprehensive information about the world we have. And the gestures and all literally woven into the fabric of our daily lives. Often we use our hands when the disputes or animatedly about something say, and do not even think about it. However, the meaning of gestures can vary, sometimes even have the opposite of our usual meaning in different cultures, so it's important to be careful to avoid misinterpretation.

Non-verbal ways to communicate using gestures - is the visible part of what you really think in the present moment. Many gestures (such as rubbing of hands raised up finger) may be unpleasant to your friend. Excessive gestures can be quite alarming and will also have a negative effect on your colleague. To create an enabling environment learn to use open hand gestures. This will mean that you are open to the interlocutor, and your intentions are not a threat to him. Especially important are gestures for business communication, because they will cause your companion your credibility.

  • The distance between the interlocutors

Have you ever felt uncomfortable during a conversation because the other person was standing too close to you? It seems likely familiar to many of us! All of us have a need for personal physical space, but it can have its own characteristics, depending on the cultural situation and the close relations. The magnitude of distance can be used for non-verbal messages of the proximity, aggression, dominance, or affection. In communicating with friends using personal zone (up to 120 cm), but the commercial and other negotiations are underway in the social area (120 cm). And you should never violate the personal, intimate space of the person (50 cm).

  • Touching

We often communicate through touch. Think about how much information you give us a firm handshake, a timid tap on the shoulder, a warm bear hug, encouraging poshlepyvanie back, patronizing potrepyvanie crown and other touch!

  • Tone of voice

Verbal and nonverbal communication are intertwined during the conversation, because we not only listen to the words, but also respond to the tone of voice. It is not always crucial, what you say; more importantly, how you say it. Even her short "yes" may have completely different meanings if you pronounce it with a different intonation. We can say yes it is, but you can - questioningly, uncertainly, sarcastically, and so on.

The tone of your voice better than words can show your sarcasm, anger, affection, uncertainty or, on the contrary, self-confidence. Intonation include speech rate, volume, speed, fluency. All these elements serve to ensure that callers can clearly understand each other.

 means of communication verbal and nonverbal

Non-verbal signals can not be faked

You can remember tips on how to sit, talk or go to the room to look confident. But the truth is that these tricks are unlikely to work if the person does not feel really confident. No one can fully control all of your signals that tell an understanding person about all of these thoughts and feelings of the interlocutor. Therefore it is very important to learn to understand these non-verbal signals to control their own and be able to read other people. We want to give you some advice to non-verbal communication has become easier for you:

  • Pay attention to the discrepancy. Non-verbal signals must reinforce what is being said. Does not you people one thing while thinking something quite different? For example, you said "yes", while almost imperceptibly shook his head "no"?
  • Connects all the non-verbal signals. Do not attach too much importance to one gesture. Notice all the nonverbal signals, including voice tone, expression, eyes, posture and other body language signals. Taken together, they will give you a more complete picture. You will be easier to understand if they fit what your partner says.
  • Trust your intuition. Do not dismiss from his unconscious attitude to this or that person. It is possible that your sense of someone's dishonesty or dishonesty based on instinctive reading of the discrepancy between the verbal and non-verbal cues that person.

Why is this so important?

You have to realize how important the verbal and nonverbal means of communication. That, as you listen, see, speak, move, and react to the words of the interlocutor, it shows how sincere you are and how you are interested in the conversation. When your non-verbal signals coincide with what you say, it increases the credibility, clarity and understanding. If there is no match, it creates tension, mistrust and confusion.

If you want to build a career and achieve success in business, and in general to better communicate with people in all areas of your life, you must learn to be more sensitive to the body language and other nonverbal cues of others. You also need to understand what signals you are sending. Once you master non-verbal communication, your ability to find contact with people will go to a higher level.

 Verbal and nonverbal communication: the keys to your success

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