I fell in love with a married man


  • Young girls at risk
  • Mistress as entertainment for women
  • Fear of loneliness
  • Why do we need men?
  • The imaginary loyalty
  • The image of a caring husband
  • And what do you do?

Romance, secret meetings, passionate sex. And then the agonizing wait, jealousy, tears in the pillow. And practically no hope that the beloved man will move to you forever. So, a woman fell in love with a married man. What to do in such a situation?

Leave everything as it is, enjoying a fleeting encounters? Trying to dilute it with his wife and find personal happiness? Breaking painful relationships and find a new love? Being the mistress of a married man - not the best and not the easiest of participation for women. And many gave myself a vow that never again repeat such a mistake. But not all turns out. There is a type of women who fall in love over and over again just to married men.

What is karma? Crown of celibacy? How easy to explain their own actions such things. And convenient, is not it? But in fact, women are plunge themselves in these painful experiences. Why painful? Yes, because the favorite, though close, but does not belong to the woman. In order to understand this situation and understand what to do, you must know all the details of this sensitive issue - affair with a married man.

Young girls at risk

Most often, the network of married men get young immature girl. Perhaps in his chosen they see his father, which they lacked in life. Maybe they turned the head of an adult male, bestow gifts and compliments.

Men attracts youth and inexperience of the young girls. With them they feel younger, full of energy and youthful recklessness. But at the same time feel more confident - a kind of brutal man. They set out to dazzle the young girlfriend of the image that will meet all their requirements.

The first few months everything can be perfect. But only at first glance. Judge for yourself - a woman falls in love, with all its consequences. But instead of wholly and undivided attention turns rare calls hasty goodbye. It lacks even the most basic, but such pleasant things - to write a text message or a loved one to call when she wants. Instead of frantically wondering whether his wife would not close. Holidays alone at night alone. Sooner or later, a woman loses mental balance and falls into despair, not knowing what to do next.

Often such "psychological break-up" is very, very dangerous for women. They are from a young age are getting used to the idea that their fate - the second place, that the joy of fleeting encounters are sufficient for their happiness. Well, if the young girl, bitter experience, no longer comes to such bait. Otherwise it can be a lifetime to spend on those who see it only as an alternate airfield.

Mistress as entertainment for women

Some psychologists believe that a woman has an affair with a married man in the case of family relationships are afraid of responsibility. They like the adrenaline that give secret meetings, raises itself "illegal." "I need it like air," they say. In order to understand whether this is really honest answer to the question: what will you do if he decides to stay with you, to divorce his wife and marry you? Do not lost the charm of novelty, the joy of a relationship?

Perhaps your love with a married man - just a game, a remedy for boredom. In this case, you should seriously think about: Are you ready to exchange their youth for unnecessary relationship, or it's time to raise a family? No liability addictive. And in the case of rupture of one "zhenatikom", you can get into the same network again and again in the fall is a married man.

 I fell in love with a married man

Fear of loneliness

Many women over the age of 30 years is not so easy to find a suitable man. By the time most suitable candidates have already created their own families, and others often do not suit you. Chance to become attached to someone else's soul, her husband is large enough.

Lonely mature women find solace in a relationship that somehow fill the spiritual emptiness. Intellectually, they understand the pain delivered to the family of the elect, but self-preservation takes over. Though a bit, at least a couple of years - but to feel desired and desirable.

Imagine that you are very hungry. But, for whatever reason, are deemed adequate food for themselves impossible. So you drink the water, trying to prevent hunger. For some time, hunger recedes, but after a while you want to have again. So with the man that is associated with another family obligations. How often would you have not hosted, a sense of spiritual hunger is not lost, it flared up, it is worth it to go over the threshold. After all, the water will never replace the normal food.

In order to prolong the relationship and keep this man near him, you will find many ways to tie him to her. This is great sex, and attention to its problems, affection and tenderness. Perhaps if he were your husband, you're not used to it and gave half, but - in war as in war. Your spiritual hunger so strong that it overcomes the need to saturate all moral principles and pity for his family.

What awaits these poor women? Eternal mistress - a sad spectacle. All my life alone, without children. Single holidays, weekends sad - these days, married men prefer to spend with his family. Remember the movie "Winter Cherry"? His character has suffered from years of loneliness and pain. So whether or not to repeat the mistakes of others? Ask yourself - what awaits me in the future?

Why do we need men?

Men who are looking for a meeting on the side, rarely feel remorse. They justify their behavior that simply tired of the everyday problems they bored home sex, they deserve a break from the usual way of life. And, most importantly solace in the fact that they are not going to throw his wife and children.

Sexual relations with a single woman among men are rare. The conquest of new members of the fairer sex - a kind of self-affirmation, proof of their leadership and the apparent virility.

Coming to you, they again feel sexy macho, romantic heroes. And your desire to keep him, and to avoid quarrels make a relationship with you is very comfortable. Subconsciously, a man understands that it is necessary to create a real family with you, will have the same problems as his wife.

House had a familiar cozy apartment, established way of life. It knows where to move and start all over again - a prospect few people to taste. So what's the point to destroy the old relationship for you? Men always find a thousand and one reason why can not leave his family and ultimately never marry you.

Often men mistress explain the reluctance to leave her family that they have children. At first they are concerned that the child is still small, and they can not leave it without a father. Then the child goes to school and he needs care and control of both parents. Later will adolescence that can break the fragile psyche of the child. Then his son or daughter learn to build their own relationships and a bad example for them to anything.

That may be when they grow up grandchildren ... But by the time you will not have not only their own grandchildren, but a normal family. Guard of someone else's happiness for years, you can stay lonely and unhappy woman for life. While your friends are nursing their own babies, you'll be running around the baby shopping, buying toys for his children. Needless to any, even the most intense love of such victims?

By the way, if a man and left the family with a child, he would have to pay alimony. You'd be surprised how many men do not divorce just for this reason.

The imaginary loyalty

Sometimes a woman really believes lover said that he sleeps with his wife, but only with her. It spurs her desire to continue a relationship with him. If the spouse does not patients with severe disease that does not allow her to be sexually active (which is unlikely), your man is lying.

Any woman must be sure that it is unique to their partner. The man knows the rules of the game: house wife swears allegiance to, and you said that only sleeps with you. Surely it combines sex with two women and get great pleasure from this.

Well, if you fell in love with a married, the fate pick crumbs from someone else's table is inevitable. How would you not assured himself that he just loves you, perhaps, his body still warm from fondling another woman. And there is nothing you will not be able to change.

 what to do if you fell in love with a married man

The image of a caring husband

If your lover to meet you already managed to build a successful career, it is one more argument in favor of not to leave her family. We know that people in the public eye, leaving his wife and child for his mistress, does not inspire confidence. That's how people are.

We are not talking about people from show business, there is something just such a relationship - the norm. But if a man is a politician or a successful businessman, he was struggling to maintain the position of a loving and caring husband. And this is no hasty steps should be done.

Your existence, he will try to hide in any way, let alone how to create a new family home, there can be no question. The woman who fell in love with a married careerist, must be prepared to be alone. As much as touching her lover nor treated, he never substitute a blow his career, hard-earned.

And what do you do?

What if you fell in love with a married man? First of all, think about yourself. If you are willing to be a rescue buoy, temporary shelter, alternate airport - which means you do not value yourself. Do not you want a normal family, her husband every day to come to you from work, taking care of you during your pregnancy, you brought up the children?

Every woman, a very young age, dreaming of a white wedding dress, beautiful wedding, a long and happy married life. If you do not dare to break the perverse relationship, then your dream can not be fulfilled. It is hardly possible to achieve something, if we do nothing.

Even if you manage to have his own man and will throw you for a family, you make just three miserable person. A wife who will suffer greatly. A man tormented by remorse. You - all the experiences of the lover will be written on his face. Moreover, eighty cases out of a hundred husbands in a few years anyway back to ex-wives - too many of them in common.

Are you ready for such experiences? Is not it easier to let go of the man and to live your, full life? Of course, it is difficult to transcend their feelings, but is sure to come after illness healing.

There is a ancient legend of King Solomon. He lived a wise king Solomon, and he wore a ring on the hand with the engraving "everything goes." Whatever trouble no matter what happens, he looked at the wise inscription, and anxiety leave him, making harder and harder. One was killed and his son King Solomon in a rage threw a ring on the ground. Then he noticed another inscription on the inner side of the ring, "and it takes place."

Be strong and wise. The fact that a woman fell in love with "busy" man does not make it worse. But the fact that she has not found the strength not to destroy other people's and their own happiness, give a lot of tears and bitter experiences in the future. Let him go, look around: maybe your present happiness somewhere nearby!

 I fell in love with a married man

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