I like to apologize to the guy


  • We find the cause of the problem
  • Apologize - not to make excuses
  • Pick the right time
  • Learn to speak properly
  • Learn to take responsibility for their actions
  • Patience - the key to success
  • What not to do guilty ladies

Every man once had to ask someone for forgiveness. The apology is an expression of feelings of guilt and remorse for what was done or said wrong. It is requested that you have ceased to be angry. Yet, sometimes it is very difficult to swallow your pride and say, "Honey, I'm sorry! ". If you can be difficult to find the right words to apologize gracefully and with dignity in front of the favorite, check out this article. In it we are talking about how to do it best. So let's learn how to apologize properly.

We find the cause of the problem

You do not get to apologize to the man sincerely, if you do not really understand what to ask for forgiveness. If you do not think you did something wrong, but it will become to apologize, you will hear your words are very convincing. Try to think things through, to weigh, to become in its place. Perhaps the reason lies not in you. And is it worth while to make concessions? After all, if you once take the blame, it will continue at.

Apologize - not to make excuses

Apology to the nomination of excuses - this is not an excuse. Take full responsibility for his mistake. Admit that you were wrong, and to do it with determination and without reservations. Justifying you are trying to absolve themselves of the blame. A partial apology is often worse than if you all were silent.

Imagine that you are, for example, a jealous guy. So you had a fight, but the reasons for the existence of such violent feelings were not, as he loves only you. We must ask forgiveness. Agree, if you start at the same time to reproach the young man in that part of the blame on him, break out another scandal. And it you want?

 how nice a guy to apologize

Pick the right time

Many of the ladies are interested in when and how to apologize to the guy that was not too late. Sometimes it's better to do immediately after his error, and sometimes it's better to wait. On the one hand, your focus may be mitigated by the rapid "sorry" and a passionate kiss. But it so happens that the offended person needs some time to cool off before he can listen to your apology.

However, the sooner you will be able to apologize to the man for his transgressions, the more likely that they will be treated just like an error in judgment, and not as your character flaws. The longer you wait, the more difficult then to establish relations with the words "Well, I am all, but still I'm sorry so bad."

Let's just say if you are guilty, it is better not to wait more than two days. Otherwise, the guy is simply may not want to even talk to you. If the problem of dual nature, it is possible to try to talk the next day. But even if you - white and fluffy, and he - the wicked and nasty, try to go to the world.

Learn to speak properly

How to apologize to the man that he immediately pardoned? We need to do it beautifully and correctly. Do not use the end of his long and clever speech, the word "but" or "if" ("I'm sorry, but ..."). It's the "but" has a clear subtext - "In fact, I have no regrets."

Here are some wording apology that will help you in such a sensitive issue, as well as a second embodiment - is wrong. Between them there is a huge difference. Some say that you admit you did something wrong, and take full responsibility for it. Others say that the guilt that you are trying to remove myself, because I think that they have done nothing wrong. They suggest that you do not even realize what is actually done something wrong. And the guy can even seem that you want to shift the blame to someone else (he himself, relatives, friends and passers-by, a dog, a bus, etc.).

Correct to say: "I'm sorry that I offended you", "I apologize for being late; I hate to keep you waiting the extra ten minutes "," Dear, I'm ashamed that I forgot about your birthday! I just have no excuse! ". Wrong to say "I'm sorry if I offended," "I'm sorry you're hurt."

Learn to take responsibility for their actions

Try to understand the reason for his action. It happened, because you are too busy with chores to remember significant dates? You tend to react too quickly to the comments without waiting to consider alternative points of view? You are not completely satisfied with their lives, and their dissatisfaction involuntarily transferred onto others?

Find your underlying problem and to describe it, apologize to anyone - not as an excuse, but an explanation. Immediately tell me what you intend to do to correct the mistake and avoid this error in the future. Otherwise, the guy will think that things are there.

  • I forgot about the invitation because I was very busy working lately. I am really very guilty before you. From today, I will take notes in the diary, it will help me plan the time and find more opportunities for our meetings.
  • I was very nervous and irritable lately, because I was going through because of the fact that we did not have enough money. I thought, my dear, you're mad at me because I spend too much. Look, I made a list of necessary purchases, and the more I will not spend money lightly.

 I apologize to the guy

Patience - the key to success

If your apology is not accepted, thank the young man, because he at least listened to you, leave the "door" open, so he could come to terms with you later. For example, like this: "I know you're still upset and angry with me, but I am grateful for this opportunity to apologize. If you still change your mind, please, call me! ".

Sometimes people and are ready to forgive you, but they need a little more time to cool down. Remember, if someone accepted your apology, it does not necessarily mean that he completely forgot the insult. If the person dear to you, then should give him time to his grudge against you has subsided. After all, just as you need to understand how to properly and beautifully apologize, some people need to learn how to forgive.

If the person to whom you're sorry, categorically I do not even want to talk to you, then he does not deserve your attention. If you waited patiently for it to cool down, tried to apologize sincerely and gently, but he continued to be angry with you, then this is probably his problems. You somehow have made every effort to correct his mistake! In that case, simply provide a person to go their separate ways, and themselves also go further.

What not to do guilty ladies

Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to apologize to the man so as not to lose face. Pleas, tears, humiliation - it's not something that you and he needs if, of course, he is a normal person. Surrender to emotions can be then, when you will be alone, that you will not see.

Also, do not give gifts - buy forgiveness you do not get. So you only alienate loved myself. And even if he was willing to go to the world, in this case, take your pride. You can bake a cake, make a romantic evening, cook a delicious dinner - it will be completely different. So he will understand that you are trying to do for him something nice.

 How to apologize to the man and not found guilty

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 romance in a relationship

Romance in relationships between men and women is an essential tool with which you can make this relationship more colorful. And it does not depend on the stability and the duration of your relationship - whether you are together for a year or twenty-five years. But unfortunately, not everyone understands this; and there are a couple who even avoid these, in their view, nonsense. And they will sooner or later the problems begin.

And what about you? You might in the future find a way out of these problems, but it will be much better if you do not allow these issues to come into your life in general. There is much more exciting ways to keep romantic feelings than just lit candles and gatherings with red wine. We must not forget that one romantic dinner hard to revitalize the relationship, especially if your relationship long enough. It is important to keep the affection and warmth. Each of you should make some effort to keep the fire in my heart and be able to continue to enjoy mutual feelings. What can you do?

As the pair work on their relationships

  • Discuss all the issues together

Find time for intimate conversations. Share everything that you care about what happens in your life, when you're not around. It is important that you know that the soul of each other - well if you alone, if all you are both happy in your relationship, everything was in order in your relationships with others. In order for your conversations no one bothered, get a good place and time convenient for you. For example, you can sit in a cozy cafe or go out together for a walk. Remember that such talks should contribute to your unity, fusion of your souls. In no case did not turn them into a showdown. If you want to keep the magic of your romantic relationship, you should respect your partner. Even if your opinion on some issue expenses, you have to show him that you are interested in what he says.

  • Be sincere

It is important to frequently talk to each other about their feelings. Sincerity can be an excellent way to create unity between you and your partner. For example, you might say: "I feel secure when you're near me! ". Or this: "Sometimes I'm afraid that because of the always busy with other things, we lose a special closeness, but I really do not want to lose her! ". Just honestly share your thoughts, fears and feelings. If you are secretive, you will no longer feel bound by invisible threads. Therefore, openness and honesty should be a priority in your relationship. They will warm light of your affection for each other. So, and the romance in the relationship between you.

  • Appreciate your partner

The depth of the relationship between men and women depends on many factors. Considerable importance is playing and the ability to recognize and appreciate the positive qualities of each other. On this depends not only the degree of affection, but in general the degree of success of the relationship. It has long been known for the fact that the right balance of criticism and praise is one to five. So start more than praise, if you really want to heat up your relationship!

  • Take part in each other's lives

It is also very important. You must constantly demonstrate that you are interested in everything that is so important to your partner. You need to know what to do with myself and some of the actions he is waiting for you; you also have to talk about their expectations. This is a good way to remember what you like to be together. And it will encourage you to plan the most time when you can focus on each other.

And yet - the constant care of each other. Try to show your partner that you care about every little thing that concern it brings you joy. You will receive at least a pleasant care.

  • Create a romantic primarily a

Often we try to "get" requests to become a romantic partner, but do not change themselves internally. And in fact, we ourselves must be the source of a romantic mood! Therefore, if you want romance, start with yourself, put on a beautiful, feminine dresses, including music, by which the soul becomes warmer, prepare extraordinarily delicious and beautiful lunch or dinner. Your partner will need quite a bit of time to join you, changing his usual mood mood consonant with yours.

  • Ask for what you want

Tell your partner what you like to spend time with him in a romantic setting. You can not even imagine it, but our men are not aware of these our desires! If we're just going to complain or demand from them is not clear that (in the hope that they will guess that this is our longing for romance devoured!), Then it does not contribute to the onset of the Romantic movement of the soul. But our specific, but gentle, loving requests instantly open their eyes to the fact that the favorite girlfriend a little deprived of his attention. And he was happy to try to rectify the situation!

  • Bring in your relationship game and fun

If you feel that your relationship is completely lost romance, ask yourself - when was the last time you had fun together? It's so great - just play around, laugh, make a foolish fight. You can fight dominoes, play a computer game, to make fun of heroes favorite comedy ... whatever you do when you have just met or just started to live together. It is very common, and in addition, a good laugh from the heart, you raise yourself up for a long time. Frivolity - something very sexy. If your thoughts are centered around household chores or problems at work, it is very unlikely that you are at this moment thinking about the romance in a relationship. And laughter is able to carve a spark of romance, and very soon it will be back in your relationship.

  • Talk to your partner on his language of love

Very often we do not know how to keep the romance in a relationship, because I just do not understand each other. We express our love for the spouse in the form in which they themselves want to get it. But that does not necessarily coincide with the way he really wants to receive it. Ask your spouse, you could make him to feel your love. If you express love to his wife in such a way as to meet its particular needs, he will be more open to express love in a way that meets your needs. If you do not share each other's needs, you may feel frustrated with your relationships.

 how to keep the romance in a relationship

Important nuances

We want to give you some tips on how to bring back the romance in a relationship. Make it easy, you just have to remember it always:

  1. Try to have breakfast, lunch and dinner you are always together. This will strengthen your relationship.
  2. Turn off the TV when you are alone. Turn your attention to each other, just chat about anything. It helps to get closer!
  3. Light the candles, turn on romantic music. Create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. And not necessarily to make love in such a situation; You can just talk about something pleasant.
  4. The constant lack of time does not allow you to have sex as often as I would like? Then, at least, to hug and kiss each other more often, keep contact "skin to skin".
  5. Plan to spend at least one with a romantic evening in the week. Turn off at this time, all the phones, do not open the door suddenly who came to visit friends, do not let any other "natural disasters" interfere with your romantic communication.

All in your hands. Do not avoid the romanticism, it does not make you weak. On the contrary, you will build a strong and wonderful relationship that will last for decades.

I love you and romance!

 How to keep romance in a relationship?

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