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  • Who are the energetic and emotional vampires
  • Classification of energy vampires
  • Who is suitable for the role of the victim and blame any vampires?
  • When you - emotional vampire

Energy Vampires - the descendants of this improved standard of ghouls who drank krovushku our ancestors to live and prosper. In contrast to the mythical monsters with big teeth and red eyes, the look is usually unremarkable and even nothing. And they are not afraid of garlic, quietly go to church, sleeping at night in regular beds and eat not the blood, and human energy. And most importantly - they can not be recognized in a crowd, at work and at home.

These people are no different from us. However, after a meeting with energy vampire you feel exhausted, annoyed, or uploaded other people's problems. And this - the main symptom, you have to recharge a man. But who are energy vampires? How do you know, a neighbor Masha eats your feelings and emotions? All this we will talk in this article.

Who are the energetic and emotional vampires

Emotional Vampire - a man who needs recharging other's energy. If such a person does not bring some of yourself, do not make angry, worry, cry, she can not live a normal life. The first thing these people establish contacts, enter into confidence. It was only after seeing that the aim is captured, and the victim has lost vigilance, they attack.

The most interesting thing is that emotional vampires are very jealous. By enticing a victim into their networks, they will hold an energy source as long as possible. They care, carer, so he did not have time to recover and escape while you can.

Emotional vampires surround you constantly. However, they may not even suspect that feed your senses. Actually it is very difficult to figure out who is who. You can chat, make friends, visit each other's homes, not knowing that your beloved mother in law, girlfriend, husband, colleague suck out your energy. So that in the future not to become a victim of these people, you should become familiar with what the different types of energy vampires. Only then will you learn how to fight, to defend themselves and to communicate with such a person? It all depends on which category includes the culprit of your bad mood and well-being.

Classification of energy vampires

  • Brief description of the solar Vampire

Permanent aggression, anger, apathy, nervousness - these are the main features of the energy and emotional vampirism. In order to charge a foreign power, this person picks a scandal, especially in humans causing irritation and resentment. That he lives. He does not care that the energy that it consumes - a negative (and what can still produce people with the scandal). Energy vampires, and this lack.

However, this kind of vampire do not make trouble with everyone, he chooses someone weaker, who can not fight back. Where there are such gifted individuals? Sunny type most often seen in those hot-tempered superiors, picky mother-tesch grumpy, quarrelsome neighbors.

In short, solar energy vampires sure to dominate the victim. A lot can be said in response to a subordinate, fearful of losing a good job? A sister-doting husband? It is this blind impotence and generates burst of energy, which is then happy to consume vampires. And subside until the next time.

There is nothing surprising in the fact that a man likes to go to the funeral, watching the accident, watch criminal chronicles, videos with natural disasters. Other people's problems lead solar energy vampire in a secret rapture.

How to deal with people like that, and can you get rid of their aggression? If you stop all contact with such a person is not possible (important work, family and her husband's opinion), you need to learn under him adjust. To understand all this chicanery, which is used for energy vampires scandals. At work, the reasons may be the following: a slave again done mistakes in the reports, always late, argues. House-in-law says that the daughter does not know how to cook, long sleep in the morning is not washed thoroughly corners.

So, what to do in such a case, if you were able to identify emotional bloodsucker? When you see that the vampire (and emotional energy) begins to "plant", innocently list all the disadvantages that he attributes to you. It must be done before the other party to the conflict.

Innocently patting his eyes, tell the boss the following phrase: "I do not know, Stepan S., as you work with me. I'm constantly make mistakes in reports late. Yes, and I can make one. Suffice it to touch ... ". And so on in the same vein. In-law may say, "Oh, Mama, and as Peter still lives with me? Preparing bad, dirty corners. I, instead, to correct the situation, sleeping till noon ... ". Well, in general, you understand.

First energy vampire would wonder, then assent. As a result, he himself begins to protect you. A pair of such techniques, and bloodsucker will look for a new victim. To fight the aggressive attacks, pointing out the shortcomings of others, is not necessary. This is only provoke a vampire.

Can not beat the solar energy vampire in this way? There is another way. And he called disengagement. Once you see that you start to provoke a conflict, invent a thousand reasons to leave the room and get rid of the energy vampire. In no case do not start brawling. You will not notice, how will lead (these people - the master output of surrounding himself).

  • Brief description of the lunar Vampire

It is the eternal whiner who constantly complains about life. A sort of a loser, not succeeded either in love or family relationships. Externally absolutely friendly, you may even call the best friend. But when the meeting starts to download a bunch of problems that leave you on the lunar energy vampire completely devastated. At the same time you can not deny him communion, as in this case, you feel selfish.

There are similar personality everywhere. Such energy vampire very well arranged in life. Due to their habit they always complain and indulge at work and at home. Very often people in order to stop the endless stream of nagging, offer a way out. For example, if the energy vampire laments the lack of money and hungry, the donor brings him food, lends a certain amount. Complains of the person on the lack of work? He found a suitable job.

Lunar vampire help with raising children, repairing the car (almost free, because the poor man is always no money), and furnishing an apartment. How to protect yourself from a vampire, whose eyes are the tears? People do not associate with him the concept.

This equates to a face familiar to sufferers and try to help in every way, not knowing that not only physically support (financially), but also energy. However, this person would be enough just a strange energy. The rest of the benefits he receives as a bonus. Please note, to live better, this person does not even trying!

Often energy vampires hiding under rudimentary irresponsibility. This could be a neighbor, without which you can not cook any of the pot of borscht. That she had no beets, then potatoes. She may even try to borrow a meat grinder, arguing that it had bought a piece of the liver and now wants to make patties. I wonder what she was thinking at the store when selecting foods for dinner?

Lunar energy vampire can borrow you money for a month, and then the next day to call and tell me that is mindful of the debt, and that he (she) is very uncomfortable with the situation. So energy vampire takes more of your time and can be more thoroughly nourished your emotions.

Many of the ladies are interested in how to deal with annoying people? How to protect yourself from the energy vampire who does not want you to hurt you, and apparently absolutely positive? Ironically, many do not even try to get rid of or protect itself from them, because they see no problem in the sufferer. And these signs and symptoms, such as headache and fatigue, the victim blamed on magnetic storms.

However, if you manage to find lunar energy vampire, you can overcome it, oddly enough, the same weapon. That is the usual tedious and annoying whining. Starts woman complaining about a child who is rude to her? Perebeyte miserably and tell us that it is not a problem, and even flowers. While your child (husband, mother in law, mother-in-law) is gets up. A few minutes later the man would try to get rid of you, to find another, more tractable victim.

But never entered on the complaint and did not go on about it. Otzerkalivayte behavior energy vampire. He constantly asks for help? Start calling with similar requests. Loads sincere conversation? Make vampire best friend for a while and talk in detail about everything that happens to you. It does not let the other party to insert at least one word.

Disengagement is also producing results. Cutting off communication with lunar energy vampire to a minimum. And he will have no choice but to seek a new victim. Do not worry about that person no one to talk. You feel great, and without someone to pour into the soul of a tub of their problems?

And here at the energy vampire can always find a worthy replacement for the recharge. Otherwise, you will never get rid of the problem person. Worry about yourself, and let them understand the other with constant difficulties and troubles. And find out what happened the new vampire, you can from third parties. Believe me, they certainly tell you about it.

 energy vampires

Who is suitable for the role of the victim and blame any vampires?

Many people wonder: how to choose their energy vampire victim? It is unlikely that they will come to the first comer, to cause him to an emotional match. Why do they communicate with one willingly, while others deliberately avoided? Do the ladies are tested for compatibility with the victim?

Let's start with the fact that not all people know what they are - the vampires that feed on other's energy. Your friends, colleagues, relatives are unlikely to wish to bring you harm. Everything happens on a subconscious level. Just one person is good when the other bad (solar energy vampire). Unfortunately, his mood rises in direct proportion to the suffering of others. And it automatically starts to search for recurrence. As we again and again come to the cafe, which serves a divine coffee. Everyone is trying to meet their needs. Someone cup of flavored drink, and someone - someone else's tears.

Lunar energy vampire is in even greater ignorance. After all, his behavior is even less different from the way of life of other people. And the fact that he was getting better when he uttered, is not something supernatural. And who is this worse? Everybody is trying to calm himself socializing. Think of what's going on in your mind before you chat with her best friend. And just five minutes you can get rid of painful memories, telling about what happened.

Just him, the lunar energy vampire, more problems, that's to say very often. By the way, these people sincerely believe in all your troubles. They are also compounded by explicit or hidden feelings of envy. Such people always drop in for someone else's fence. There and the grass is greener, and the house is better and richer than her husband.

 energetic vampire

When you - emotional vampire

In fairness it should be noted that energy vampires live in each of us. The only question is, we know how to control it or not. Everyone today can remember a time when the soul scraped cats. We took the cake and went to visit a friend. After two hours (depending on the scale of the problem nastignuvshey) communication, we became clearly lighter. And how else can you get rid of the accumulated emotions? Then, with a calm mind, we went home, believing that a change of scenery, took the soul or consulted with a clever man.

In fact, we were fed a foreign power, throwing off the burden of problems on someone else's shoulders. As a real energy vampire. And it's not bad. As a friend, too, he managed to tell all their troubles. Do you happen to know that the villain framed her colleague at work, loser-boyfriend bought flowers, and a neighbor on the landing opened a tenth of a cat. There was an interchange of emotions.

Obvious as energy vampires called the people who have this kind of communication the consumer becomes a habit and become addicted. They do not give anything in return other person, so the person (the victim), and feels exhausted.

And if you've seen a vampire power, consider: Can you control it? Have you become too dependent on others? Or it is within the normal range? Try to get rid of this bad habit. Do not complain, do not Retrieve your lost, do not shout, do not argue with the others. And then life will become much easier.

 Energy vampires who feed or our emotions

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