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Not every person that has to communicate, makes you want to keep with them is communication. And it also happens that any contact with someone from the familiar brings us only pain, frustration and resentment. Well, that's like some sort of "girlfriend" wag our nerves, and that's it! And when the nerves will not stand, asked her to think about conscience - she is offended, it starts to be rude at every opportunity, and even dissolve the gossip about what was and what was not!

The hardest thing to get rid of pesky male courtship when it unpleasant to you, but his tenacity and again trying to break the ice of your hostility. How to ignore the guy in this case? As their behavior to convince a man of the futility of his efforts? How to learn to ignore the guy that you like, but he himself is with you too dismissive?

Different situations arise when a person becomes extremely unpleasant to us. We get offended, experience - and get a new batch of negativity at every meeting. Often, trying to somehow influence such here my friend, to find a relationship with her. But nothing is more effective in such a situation, but to ignore the human communication which brings us so many unpleasant emotions.

We are now no America did not open, right? But think about it: how many of us know how to respond to insults, gossip and insults right? After all, as most of us? Each has its own way; but not every one of them to avoid suffering, and some only further irritate the soul. Someone is paying attention to the offender and currently lives on, as if nothing had happened, but there are very few.

And someone crying in the corner, experiencing every unjust word in the address. Someone goes to, becomes a very closed and non-contact, someone constantly feels irritated and transfers it to the annoyance of others, which in no way to blame. It is the most common reaction, and the list could go on. But all this - the wrong behavior. And how, you ask? This we would like to teach you!

How to behave?

The best thing - to show the unpleasant person that you no longer wish to communicate with him. That is, just stop noticing all of his antics, and himself. And that's how it should be done:

  • Ignoring the man - is a big decision, so think about your move and try to figure out whether you really want to break off relations with the offender forever. It is not necessary to resort to ignore for a day or a week just to attract attention and cause a feeling of guilt for the person offended you.
  • Before you end the relationship, try to understand the motives of this man, to see not only what he has done, but also why he might do so. Do not you have done something that could provoke such behavior? Suddenly you do something to hurt your friend, and she's just trying to protect?
  • Try to ask the reason for this relationship to you (if you find it possible, of course). Maybe things are not as bad as you think, and you will be able to resolve the situation peacefully. In any case, you should first talk, try to discuss your concerns, and not just throw a person out of your life without any warning.
  • Be direct. If it was not possible to establish relations, firmly tell friends that you do not want her to know. Angry is not worth it, just tell me about his decision, maintaining civility. Some people do not immediately realize that such a decision may be deliberate and definitive, and continue to attempt to communicate. Be consistent - stop taking calls from them and do not read their messages. Do not give in to attempts to provoke you to answer. Do not fight at the meetings, if they can not be avoided (if that is your employee, it does not change, because of the intriguer work!). If the stick is very much strongly, firmly and clearly tell what you want to be left alone - now and forever!
  • You need to understand what the consequences will come. This bore will be angry because rebuffed for their machinations is not so nice. Get ready to withstand a siege. Notify common friends and acquaintances that you are going to ignore the offender. If they ask you questions - answer them. Do not try to convince them with the stand on your side, let them make their own opinions about the situation. Just let them know about the nature of the problem and your position.
  • Refrain from any form of contact with the person you neglected .  If this is a man, then ignore it will be much easier .  But if it is a woman, then there will be more difficult! At first she will be angry at you, and then will be hard to look for an opportunity to show what you're bad, you just decided to make it into the empty space .  If you do not pay attention to all her attempts, then it will look for sympathy from others .  And what it will talk about you now, maybe even a lot of hurt and offended, because of what all the fuss and broke .  What can you do? If you have the courage - continue to ignore .  With people whose opinion is important to you, you have already discussed their position and their sympathy will bow down to you if you behave decently - unlike that controversial person who pours your dirt .  And if it will pass all borders - threaten to bring her to justice for slander and insult .  Sometimes it works!
  • At a meeting not to torment the embarrassment, not knowing whether it is necessary for the sake of etiquette to greet an unpleasant person. Defiantly turning away, of course, it is not necessary, but you do not have to shake hands. And if he will appeal to you, or you need something to say to him (for example, if it is necessary to work), then pinch chat to a minimum, as far as possible. And if you come across anywhere in the street or in a shop, and then we can all pretend that you simply do not notice. Change of pace walk or go to the other side of the street is not necessary - it's stupid, agree. Yes, and it will look as if you are his (or her) fear. Just look as if through a person as you look at people you do not know. You did not see, and that's it! And if he wants you to say something, pretending that nothing happened - tell them you are in a hurry and can not be delayed.
  • Be sure to restrict access to themselves and to their personal data and social networks. Adjust your privacy settings and lock your pages so that only close friends and family members can see your information and your photograph.

Once you have done all this, you will be able to protect themselves from communicating with a person who does not want to see more in the circle of his acquaintances. Celebrate freedom and enjoy the tranquility!

 ignore the man

How to ignore a guy who treats you contemptuously

There are also situations where a person is not causing your rejection, and still communicate with him pretty hard. For example, such a situation: you even quite like the guy, but his behavior is sometimes quite offensive to you. He's kind and said that experience warm feelings for you, but still pays too little attention to you, and sometimes even kept quite dismissive. How to ignore a man in such a situation to make sure of the sincerity of his feelings towards you?

  1. Do not stay with him when he starts to behave this way. You do not deserve such treatment from you! However, it is not necessary to step back from him pointedly: So you're just the man to provoke conflict. It should just calmly tell him that you do not want to spend all his free time waiting when he will be able to choose a few hours to communicate with you, or you do not like the way he talks and behaves with you, so now you want to stay without him. (just do not lose sight of the fact that sometimes behave rudely with a girl or a man makes disparaging simply the desire to attract her attention).
  2. In turn, do not mind him for two or more days. Do not call him first, do not send text messages do not fall into his eyes. If he really loves you, make sure you begin to worry and try to find out where it is you were gone and all you have is fine.
  3. When he wants to find out what happened, talk to him quietly, without tears and recriminations. Nothing is able to push the man, as female hysteria. Also, do not begin to sort things out right away as soon as he comes to you. If this happens in a pretty crowded place or if you are quite busy (for example, at work or on the break between the pairs at the institute), then do not be tempted and do not start a conversation. The best time and place for such a conversation - when you are alone and do not rush.
  4. Ask your friends for help. Tell them what you want at any time to stop communicating with her boyfriend. They will help the Council and try to keep you out of those situations where you may accidentally meet a man you are trying to ignore. Only you have to trust your friends exactly where you are sure, because you want to get support from them, and not spread gossip about you, right?

Be patient, do not rush a man, causing him to scandals and disassembly. It is much more effective to give him really feel that you are very unhappy with his behavior. But first, try to convey to him that you feel when he behaves inappropriately with you. Imagine guys never have the idea that women feel when they are neglected!

 how to ignore Man

How to ignore the guy, if you're in love with him

You fell in love with a man, but the fear that your feelings are unlikely to find an echo in his heart? Well, throw it out of my head! Believe me, there are guys who are much better than the one that you like today. And among them there is certainly one that is now furtive sighs, looking at you. So you can begin to ignore this particular man to make his heart to true love. Moreover, the situation may occur so that you have to cool their feelings for the guy who has to or at the same time a friend of yours, or do you just visually familiar.

If he enters the circle of your friends

  • Do not blame yourself for having fallen in love with his friend or buddy. This can happen to anyone. Just start taking the first steps to ensure that some move away from him.
  • Do not respond to his appeal at the same moment as he called you or write SMS. For example, the reply message you can send only two to three hours.
  • Never refer to it first, and if it is about something asks you, answer him in monosyllables.
  • If he asks you about something, you tell him that you are busy. Do not allow yourself a long time to communicate with him. It will only worsen the situation.
  • And best of all - set up an new friends, and it is desirable to the opposite sex.

If you just know

  • Try not to go there, where you can meet the guy you chose to ignore.
  • Do not smile at him. A smile can give your senses.
  • Do not ask him about his friends and acquaintances.
  • Try not to think about the guy, once you have decided to ignore it.

And if you ignore?

Every life happens. It may be that something you are delinquent. To tell the truth - each one of us was in a hard way, when someone is on us pouted and pretended not to have the world does not exist. Ugh, I do not want to remember! And if this happened again - how to choose the attitude to ignore you man to somehow affect his desire not to have to do with you?

It all depends on whether you want to do to rectify the situation. If you do not value your relationship with someone who you pouted, you can do the same and cease to notice it. And if you feel guilty about and want to make peace, it is necessary to resolve your dispute, so as not to exacerbate the confrontation. Remember, it is not always wise to keep the brand and continue to insist on its position!

One of the best behaviors, if you want to avoid hostility, will direct and open dialogue. If a person is too offended, and yet retains the distance, start small - say at the meeting, "Hi! "Smile. But until you try to force them to overstep the border. Show everyone your behavior that you are sorry for your break. You'll see, it will thaw.

On whichever side emerged between you crack you are, remember - ignoring someone, very often you thereby harm and currently. It is always better to try and find a common language!

 How to ignore the man, or any person who is unpleasant to you

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