friendship between a man and a woman can not be


  • "Pros and cons"
  • When it flows friendship into love
  • How to make friends?

There are plenty of jokes about male and female logic. And talk about women mostly by men, and men over women laugh more often. It is understandable. Different us. We think differently, we feel differently. Women are more sensitive, men are better calculate moves (although nowadays women can give a head start in any thrift guy). And when the two opposites flash tender feelings, people have questions arise. Love - an unpredictable thing.

You can not say about a situation where the male and female friendship ties. Here start all sorts of gossip. Guys are trying to behold in these relations hints at a warm feeling, and the female half of humanity is looking for an answer to the question whether it is possible to be friends with a man. Not all believe that two of the opposite sex can find a common language with each other. Someone thinks that the friendship between a man and a woman can not be someone more loyal in this matter and we can assume probability of such communication. As a result, everyone is of the same opinion, but a question - unanswered. Let's still try to understand it.

"Pros and cons"

So whether male and female friends? Here are all individually. What does this mean? And the fact that there is no one size fits all answer to this question. Of course, if you approach the problem literally, then the answer is yes, it really is a friendship known cases: someone saw them, and some even experience it all for yourself. Accordingly, the man and woman in theory can be friends. But you certainly are interested in something else - namely, a friendship between a man and a woman specifically in your case, or "friend" really nurtures other intentions about you? Here, as has been described above, each finds its answer. As a rule, this response is based on a number of arguments supporting and rejecting the existence of intersexual friendship. What, then, can these arguments?

Arguments "for":

  • The ability to keep yourself in good shape

    After all communication with the opposite sex - a great opportunity to get a boost of energy and positive emotions. Even if it is only of friendship, he - a man, and you - a woman, and in any case in your communication will present some "spark". It's like legalized flirt (which we girls love so much) without the threat of losing a relationship. On the contrary, they can be a great source of strength and inspiration in life.

  • Communicating with a person other than having your views, opinions and thinking

    Agree, your head and your head is a male friend arranged differently. The idea that you think interesting and entertaining, will be for him dull and stupid, and vice versa. Thus, you can give each other very valuable advice and help to look at things from a completely opposite point of view.

  • Outputs "in the light"

    Friendship with a man gives you in this regard, a distinct advantage if you are invited to an event where you need or want to go with someone else, but the guys on the horizon appropriate not, you can always ask a friend for support (and it is you, too ). This partnership on mutually beneficial terms - you have a good time, and, oddly enough, is more likely to meet someone else.

  • Common interests in the absence of romantic and sexual liking

    Friendship between man and woman is possible, if you're having fun together, there is something to talk about and do, but you did not see this man as his companion (and it is you, too)? Easy, because you can be friends with him just as with any other person! Moreover, such friendships can be even more interesting and rich than any other.

  • Lack of competition

    Agree friendship with a girl - it's always a bit of competition. And suddenly it's cute? And why the guy smiled at her and not me? These and other questions are constantly plagued our women's heads when communicating with friends. Of course, between the two women, too, can correct and honest relationship without jealousy and recriminations, but in friendship with the man they are guaranteed!

  • Help other

    A man-friend is always able to help you in a very "male" issues, for example, to fix the pipe in the bathroom, hang a shelf and clean up the registry on your computer. And you, in turn, will always help him "feminine" - go shopping with him, choose the clothes and comment on the behavior of his new passion.

The arguments "against":

  • Mystery of suffering

    This is the version of intersexual friendship when one wants to be friends, and the other loves, but sees no other option as to continue communication. It turns out that he secretly suffers. Agree, in this case, the question can not talk about true friendship. Therefore, if you have a slightest doubt that the man is a friend to you "uneven breathing," try to clarify it.

  • Selfish reasons

    Maybe you like what he said to you, "uneven breathing"? It so happens that we are holding near her on purpose such "admirers" - how to leave it to "reserve", completely letting go. The same thing can do, and a man. It is quite in any gate does not climb, because one suffers, and the other is likely to have some problems with self-esteem. In any case, the friendship that option not dare to call.

  • The negative reaction of your "halves"

    In fact, not everyone agrees that his partner was a friend of the opposite sex. Yes, it may look like lack of confidence, but we have heard of cases where such a friendship developed into something more. So do not be surprised if your partner throw a huge scandal, and will require you to cut away from sin in this communication with one another. Of course, this situation can also be solved (for example, to explain that the two men may not only love and sex, and the usual friendship), but that's another story.

  • The risk of failure of your relationship to romance

    In fact, it is this risk and causes distrust of the probability of the existence of friendship between man and woman. It is almost always present and, unfortunately, this failure is able to nullify all your friendship.

 Can the friendship between a man and a woman

When it flows friendship into love

Now let's talk about another chance of developing relations between men and women - when the warm friendship develops into love and even marriage. In what cases is it possible?

  • If you have teenagers as a youth - it is not hard time making and rational mind, but on the contrary, time feeling and spontaneity. And what could be a spontaneous romantic relationship with one another? Unfortunately, and end such relationships as spontaneously as it began. So think twice before moving the other in the status of a loved one.
  • If you want to marry. Then it is very likely that after some time will overcome the desire to get married and you will begin to perceive the other as a potential suitor. On the one hand, it's not the worst idea, because you are a man in a time of friendship learned quite well. On the other hand - you need to think about, and if need marriage to your friend? After all, the man is quite straightforward, and if your friend wanted some closer relationship, a time to say to you about this.
  • If you are in an unhappy marriage or a serious relationship accidents. In this case, it is possible that one will be the most compelling reason to stop all this tyagomotinu (but in this case, you can lose it if the relationship did not prove). The probability of such an outcome is increased if the woman is subjected to violence in marriage and tells about it to his friend. Not only what man would not want to protect her from inadequate spouse. Once rescued a woman, two, you see, and imbued with a more tender feelings.

Variations on the theme of "what man is friends with a woman" can be mass. About such as common interests and a desire to leave, "reserve", we have already mentioned above. Another reason for the friendship may be the fact that one of you or both already have a "soul mate" and wants to chat - then the friendship can be a real way out. And sometimes it also happens that you originally formed friendships that last for many years. And here you are looking at each other as sister looking at his brother, and vice versa. Your role in this friendship can be quite different: co-great pastime, and mutual support, advice and the opportunity to be each other a kind of "vest".

 friendship between a man and a woman can

How to make friends?

Of course, it is impossible to come up with a universal instructions on how to be friends with a man. However, there are some tips that can minimize the risk of negative consequences for your friendship:

  • Remember that you both have the right to privacy

    Therefore, it is not recommended to call your best friend at three in the morning with some crazy suggestions (except may be cases where your whole friendship built on it, and you with him no permanent partner). If a man is not free, do not try to stand between him and his girlfriend. The more that women often disapprove of the friendship of her husband with another woman. Therefore, it is not necessary to call on his friend a beer while his wife waits for him at home with a hot meal. It is better to try to make friends with his second half. So you can spend time together and not make excuses to anyone.

  • Watch out for themselves and their behavior

    If there is some kind of desire for romance, any slightest hint on your part may be interpreted as a call to action, especially if the man is "always ready" for sexual adventures. Try not to bring a friend or your romantic feelings, words, and avoid situations that might cause such actions.

  • By the way, the intimate relationship "as a friend" is also prohibited

    Believe me, no one would sleep with his friend. Therefore, if a man offers you a good time, it is worth considering, and whether it applies to you as states or friendship - this is just a cover for a low desires.

  • Track your thoughts

    If you want to be friends with a man, do not let your head in romantic plans and dreams about him. After all, as you know, our thoughts affect our behavior and tend to come true.

  • Do not forget to keep yourself in those aspects which may be of interest to your man-friend

    After all, something makes you different from the other girls so much that he preferred the friendship sex with you? That is, try to preserve and enhance.

  • Do not ask too much friendship

    It happens that women are trying to make the most out of friendship with the man. They ask a man to hammer a nail, carry things, pull the rope in the bathroom and clean the clogged pipe. Of course mutual - it is a good idea, but only if does not go beyond the limits. Ask the man a couple of times about the help you can, but do not enter it into the system. Your friend'm not asking you to wash his socks or cook dinner? Take his example. Try to solve their own problems, and then friendship with a man can last many years.

  • Be honest with your friend

    You both go on fairly thin ice, and if it is unnecessary to burden tricks and inventions, it will fail. The more that the psychology of men is significantly different from the notorious female logic, and what in your understanding of a simple deceit, in men's eyes may look like a well-thought-out lie. So try to be with his friend, the most sincere.

  • Do not take a bad head

    If you are friends with the man and the relationship you are pleased, then what does it matter what your friend sex? Enjoy communication and do not try to look for problems where there are none.

So, what can be said about the existence of intersexual friendship? Only one thing: it all depends on the individual. Each case is different, and that it is impossible for one another may be perceived as something natural. So with the friendship between a man and a woman, if you perceive men only as an object of romantic attachment, then it is out of the question, and if you are a man - is primarily a man, then you have every chance to find his the face of a good friend. In the end, the main thing - to each other remained, and on its floor can always close your eyes.

 Is it true that the friendship between a man and a woman can not?

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