how to reconcile with girlfriend

If there is in your life is not very joyful event - a quarrel with his beloved friend - then you should not run up in different corners, pouting at each other, like a mouse on the rump. Unpleasant, of course, it can happen to any of us, because each person has their own views on life, and not always the people in these views converge. But to break the friendship because of a quarrel would be unwise.

Restoration of friendly relations not only can heal emotional pain, but also can improve our quality of life. Psychologists know that the friendship of women helps to reduce stress and allows you to feel happier. Talk with a friend allows us to share the joy and experience with adversity. Therefore, true friendship requires that you demonstrate your willingness to ask for forgiveness, and once again become the support of his girlfriend in all the joys and sorrows of life. And if you do not know how to make up with his girlfriend, breaking her hurt and humiliated at the same time - we'll teach you how to do it best.

Successive steps towards reconciliation

For example, you can not even understand what so offended by your girlfriend. You can see that she is angry with you, but do not know why. Try to first understand yourself. Consider everything that you said or did just before began to notice that she began to get angry. Maybe you think that this you could say that would make her anger and disappointment in you.

You understood the reasons for her offense or not, then you will in any case need to talk. Call a friend and tell her that he would like to meet to discuss the incident with her and find a way to restore the friendship. If you are embarrassed to call it, you can write a letter and send it by e-mail. Make an appointment somewhere in a public place - for example, in the park or in a cafe. This will create a more relaxed atmosphere, which relieve tension.

At the beginning of the meeting tell her friend that she is very important to you. If your girlfriend is convinced that you value your friendship with her, then you will be much easier to start a difficult conversation and set the friendly tone of the conversation. Generally, it is considered to be very successful to achieve a successful outcome of a difficult conversation is to start it with a reference to his feelings.

Recognize your role in the deterioration of relations between you, if your wine is really in it. Sorry for the mistake. Take responsibility for what happened in the rift even if you do not believe that only you are to blame for the situation. Any psychologist will tell you that now the most important is the desired reconciliation and the restoration of the old relationship, not figuring out who is guilty more and who - less. Of course, sometimes it is very difficult to take all the blame, sometimes it's tempting to prove his innocence; but if the issue at stake is the preservation of friendship, then here it is necessary to leave your pride ummm! How to get a girlfriend to reconcile different, if it is sincerely believes you guilty in disagreement?

Use "I-statements" throughout the debate. Say "I feel" or "I see", "I believe" or "I want", instead of saying "you ..." - otherwise you will make your companion on the defensive. When you talk about yourself and your feelings, your girlfriend is not discreet in conversation attempt to accuse her of anything.

Listen carefully to his girlfriend, not try to assess what she says. During this complex and sometimes not very pleasant conversation the listener is often in the mind of a denial of all that he heard from the speaker. Often these thoughts are torn out, and we begin to interrupt the speaker, we begin to argue with him. So, if you really want to make peace - in any case, do not do it! Listen carefully, without interruption, and only from time to time to ask clarifying questions to make sure you understood correctly.

Once you Speak and find a compromise, give her time trying to move away from the offense. Do not rush it, do not figure out how to make to make up with a friend as soon as possible. You've done everything that depended on you, and now you just have to wait until the relationship will be restored completely.

 how to get a girlfriend to reconcile

Tips & Warnings

  • Keep doing her gifts - to the birthday, for example - or to recognize its achievements. Even if your friend still mad at you, so you can show her that you love her still.
  • Do not spread rumors about her, while you are in anger after a quarrel. And never try to attract your mutual friends at his side, describing your conflict. This may seem very tempting to show off girlfriend, she was wrong, but you risk losing even more friends, behaving in a similar way.
  • Fight for your friendship. Do not let the petty grievances prevent something more important in your communication. Sometimes it is necessary to go to any sacrifice for the sake of restoring friendly relations. If you can not sacrifice something for the sake of a friend, then maybe it's not such a true friendship.
  • Be patient, do not expect that relationship immediately return to what they were before the quarrel. Only time will tell how to make peace with her friend completely.

Restoration of friendship requires courage, honesty and understanding. Take the first step towards reconciliation, you show a friend that value their relations with it, and it will go all the way to the complete rebirth of your friendship ties.

 How to make peace with her friend if she offended you

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 how to become a soul of the company

Sometimes, we'd like to somehow stand in the company of our friends and girlfriends, I want to be even a little brighter and more interesting to us to pay more attention than others. It's nice to feel that your appearance all rejoice, and chat with you friends gives pleasure. Can I learn it, or it is not available to everyone? And if you can still learn, how to become the soul of the company, what are the features you need to cultivate for this?

We noted at the outset that it is necessary to be at the center of attention - need to be brighter and more interesting. We all appreciate the meetings with interesting people, and most of us hope that others find fun chat with us. In any case, it makes sense to work on yourself to become a truly interesting person. And we will try to help you with this.

Who can be called an interesting person?

What makes someone more interesting than other people? The answer to this question is not always easy. There are many subjective points of view that are difficult to apply to everyone, especially when it comes to personality traits. But there are common traits that mark in the people of the warehouse:

  • The ability to take risks. All we have to solve some problems. But no one pays much attention to a man who always prefers a safe, easy way. The man who is capable of extraordinary decisions and actions, always something to risks; but he gets some new memorable experience, which adds a new facet of his personality.

Our life is full of examples of people who are playing with the fate of the only safe games .  They live measured life, without claiming to something better .  Of course, it is not the people that we normally hear or speak .  Those who are said to usually do something that they did not make up even one or achieve something, in spite of all the difficulties .  Doing something unusual, we always come up with an element of risk .  We start a business, write the first book or doing other things like that - we risk .  Devotes himself to some hobbies - hiking, alpine skiing, parkour or collecting Teddy bears - here, too, has its share of risk .  Yes, just try to buy and wear trendy clothes - unless you do not risk running into a mockery knows nothing about fashion trends of others? One thing is clear: interesting people - this is not the type of people that all my free time sitting quietly at home, spending each night in front of television or computer monitor .  Newest clearly never understand how to become the soul of the company .  They and the company is likely to have no!

  • Curiosity. Incidentally, this is one of the catalysts for risk-taking. If you want to know how to pass the Spanish bullfights, then you have a much better chance to go there. Curiosity leads us to explore the world and find their place in it. It forces us to leave the position of a passive observer, to become more active. In addition, the curiosity - this is key to the development of the imagination, because some of the best ideas come when we simply give free rein to their imagination.
  • Own opinion on various issues. Actually, everyone is able to express an opinion on this or that occasion. But the bright, not ordinary person is different in that its point of view on many things is often a unique characteristic to him. If you're just repeating what others have to say, you will not say anything new and interesting. The same applies to those people who are afraid to express their opinions. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and it is quite natural that the world of different people may differ significantly. But if you keep your opinions to yourself, for fear that they will not be popular or lead to conflict, it will make you boring and predictable.
  • The ability to mark its presence. This requires your confidence, expressive body language, the ability to interact in society. It is not a prerequisite to be an interesting person, but it helps to become such. Just imagine, for example, you see a live performance of rock band. If the musicians come on stage and just play and sing, showing no emotion and hardly moving, you will be bored at this show, even if the songs they sing good. And when you're wondering? When the actors laugh and cry on stage, move and dance around them and rapidly flash, glitter and colored lights circling.

The ability to stay in the company and to communicate with its members may advantageously distinguish you among others. There are people who know how to tell even about everyday, everyday things so clearly that everyone will listen to them with great interest. And others even the funniest anecdote to tell, so that he will seem boring. That's just the difference in the ability to apply themselves, and does not understand the last, what it is not enough to arouse the interest of friends.

 as a girl to become the soul of the company

Our recommendations girls

Well, in general, we understand that distinguishes interesting people from ordinary people, unremarkable. And what can be done to work out at the same quality? And then, the soul of man-and woman-soul of the company - this is certainly not the same thing? As a girl to become the soul of the company? To the beautiful ladies we have prepared the following tips:

  1. Try not to lose the charm of femininity in every situation. Be welcoming and friendly, to smile. Sincere, warm smile toward you and friends and girlfriends.
  2. Try to follow the fashion. It is not necessary to spend big money to buy more and more things, but be aware of the major trends still stands. Strive to develop in his taste and sense of style. Beautiful, skillfully matched clothes emphasize your individuality and will cause interest in you. And, of course, do not forget about hair care, skin, body. Fashionably dressed and expensive, but unkempt woman is able to alienate anyone!
  3. Do not be monotonous. If you today, tomorrow and the next day ready to talk only about the same, then after a few days everything will shy away from you. Expand the range of his interests, and with it, and their horizons. Remember: the more interesting events you will not miss the more interesting people you meet there.
  4. Be cheerful and childlike playfulness. Do not try to appear more mature than you really are! Fun and childish highly contagious, and you will give others the opportunity and be liberated. It is remembered, and you will always be received with joy.
  5. Watch the people. Make for yourself a list titled "Ten most interesting people I know." And write down at least three character traits of each of them, which, in your opinion, do these people interesting for others. Remove from this list of the key ideas that would make an ideal characteristic charming man. This feature, and will be your guide to action!

Similarly, make a list of "Ten most annoying people with whom I am familiar." In the same way, make a list of the character traits that you would like to avoid a. This is a very useful list, do not forget to look at him sometimes.

One last tip - as much as possible to communicate with interesting people, and then you can become the soul of any company!


 As a girl to become the soul of the company

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