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Problems in sex - something quite common, occurring with equal frequency in men and women. They arise not only from those who have some kind of disease. Dissatisfied healthy sex lives like a lot of people, and their number is increasing almost every day. Reason psychophysical and psychological problems in sex - a disagreement between the erotic part of the psyche and physiology. Treat it as you like, but the fact remains - sexual dissatisfaction negatively affects the general condition of the person.

Time passes, and suffer from it and the nervous system and the whole body. After all, intimacy is not only a means for procreation, but also the way to relieve psychological stress, have become today the constant companion of most of us. So what are the problems with sex have a strong and weaker sex, and can they somehow fight?

Problems in sex in men

Perhaps there is in the world it is full of a man who at least once, but not be confronted with a particular problem in sex. Such cases are very unpleasant, and if repeated, cause fear, provoke even greater difficulties. In fact, many failures in the intima at the stronger sex - quite amenable to correction phenomenon. What is usually sexual problems in men?

  • Difficulties with erection

One of the most common sex problems in men can be regarded as certain disorders of potency. Actually, this disorder - a relative term. Someone says abnormal insufficient for sexual intercourse erection, someone reasonable, but there is once a week, and someone - normal, but short-lived.

There are men, an erection which lasts for two three-minute intercourse day. There are those that are capable of high-grade, but infrequent copulation. In principle, sound the alarm, and to seek out ways to cure it is necessary only after the complete lack of potency. As for the other situations, then there is not panicking yet. You never know what the reason was the reason for this state of affairs?

Sexologists argue that the problems with erection may occur after trauma, the transferred operations after the application of some drugs, in violation of the hormonal metabolism in vascular diseases. In addition, the state of male potency affect fear and various stresses. Finally, much depends on the partner. Perhaps this is not the kind of woman you want. Or, on the contrary, that, but she inspires shyness.

But you never know which creates a similar problem in sex! Its essence lies in the fact that the program is run like an erection, but the quality of her work is unsatisfactory. Well, there is no increase in the penis as it should, and not on the time that is necessary, and that's it! Of course, in some cases without a specialist who can provide expert assistance is necessary. But there are situations where this problem can be dealt with sex, if you always create the most suitable conditions for erection. Often a good potency corresponding conditions or appropriate the Lady do their work much better than the competent expert.

  • Failures in the speed of ejaculation

Ejaculation disorders are one of the most popular men's problems with sex. They are usually premature, almost immediate after the start of stimulation of the penis ejaculation. But it can be difficult. With these problems in sex can often be managed without intervention sexologist.

Generally during ejaculation it depends on the age of a man, his sexual experience, the term dating from the Lady, from when was the last sex. Outpouring in a very short time after the beginning of stimulation often comes from a strong emotion, if you have some disorders of the nervous system, from excessive restraint or overstimulation. Labored ejaculation occurs under stress due to the use of alcohol or drugs or inappropriate atmosphere.

Restore the normal time of occurrence of ejaculation help special techniques that allow men to control their sexual behavior. Provided they are training at this problem of sex the most effective therapy. They teach the ability to focus on the body in moments of complete relaxation and to determine the moment of orgasm. This is a fairly simple technique adjustment ejaculation, the use of which there is no difficulty.

  • The size and shape of the penis

Male members are different in length, thickness and even curvature. These features of the structure of the penis sometimes delivered to its owner a lot of troubles. So, a small penis creates some inconvenience during sexual intercourse, forcing its owner to complex. As a result, sex becomes a negative effect on the psyche of the test.

Big Penis, too, does not eliminate the problems with sex. In addition, it can cause painful sexual intercourse for the partner's and even hurt her; an impressive body can not always achieve the desired erection. Because of this condition it is just not enough power flow. As for the geometry of the member, sometimes it can be so curved that it enter into a woman's vagina is impossible.

Doctors usually advise in such cases to have cosmetic surgery. I must say that its success is doubtful. No, the dimensions and shape of the body, of course, can be adjusted to the standard. But what to do with the subconscious memory of past problems with sex, can not be destroyed? Chances are that after a single misfire, this memory will cause failure of the entire sexual system. And what are the implications are unknown. How can that be when men who have specific size and shape of a penis? In the end, in the intima there are many ways to reach the peak of pleasure. So why not use them, bringing pleasure to themselves and the Lady?

Well, the most basic problems have sex with men, we talked a little bit. Now let's see what difficulties experienced in bed usually women.

 problems with sex

Sexual problems in women

I must say that the weaker sex encounters problems in sex more often than half strong. And it happens because most of the ladies do not consider certain disadvantages intimacy problems. Well, there is sex with her husband without any special feelings, so what? He satisfied? Satisfied. So, all right. After starting a nervous breakdown, depression, psychosis, out of nowhere, appeared the disease. And life becomes joyless and dull. And intimacy with her husband begins to cause disgust. That's because his majesty Sex, neglect to itself does not forgive. So what are sexual problems in women?

  • Anorgasmia

Anorgasmia - the inability during intercourse to achieve orgasm, which occurs in approximately one third of females. It can exist as from the beginning of sexual activity, and occur after a long period of normal sex with my husband. And often is sex - masturbation, petting, during erotic dreams - orgasm likely. It also happens that it does not happen only in the intima with her husband. And someone else is quite acceptable.

The causes of the problems of sex in women are usually stress, neurosis, lack of sensual connection with your partner, hormonal disorders and some diseases. Provokes anorgasmia and perception of sex as something shameful or intended only for procreation. Solving this problem is in the intima, especially in changing attitudes towards sex in general and intimacy with her husband in particular.

A woman should understand that the quality of sex depends not only on the state of her physical and mental health, and well-being in private life. After all, it is not a good sex is the main cause of conflicts with her husband. Awareness of this is enough to start looking for ways to get rid of the problems of sex. They certainly exist.

  • Frigidity

Frigidity - is frigidity, which is a very low libido or its absence. Frigid women are not capable of great excitement before sexual intercourse. While enjoy it and orgasm may be. But while they have or no need for sex, or there, but very weak. Frigidity manifests itself in different ways.

It happens that the lady does not feel attracted to the intima with her own husband while some other man it is quite able to make. And sometimes that passion in the young lady, with a probability of pleasure from the process of copulation, can not awaken anyone at all.

In general, frigidity is usually explained by the conflict between body and mind. The woman simply ignored psychologically or sexually specific representative of a strong sex, the whole floor, or at all. It is possible that after meeting a suitable partner all her sexual coldness as the arm lift. Especially if you create the right atmosphere for intimacy, allowing the most liberated. And pay prelude right time.

In general, the higher the intellectual level of the person, the greater the propensity for it in different intimate complexes. These complexes are most often the cause of problems in sex, usually based on some fears. If you determine that it is out of fear and try to minimize it using any available methods, sexual problem will disappear. Well, if you handle it yourself does not work - well, it is necessary to seek professional help.

 Problems in sex in men and women

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