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Everyone loves to hear his address in pleasant words, including your friends. In our culture, they are not as common as compliments for a loved one. But this does not mean that it should be always, because sometimes I want to say a very close friend something nice. However, the question arises, where to find the sources of compliments friend, and what should they be? All this you will learn from this article.

Why compliments female friendship

Compliment - it is an expression of admiration, sympathy and approval of anything in man. As a rule, its purpose is the desire to give pleasure to another, or raise his self-esteem, to bring warmth and intimacy in relationships. With compliment we can improve a person's mood, cheer him up; In general, a compliment - a weapon at all times!

Unfortunately, to achieve pleasant words from a man is very hard - for them it is often not clear why they need to constantly speak about our beauty and charm. So compliments from friends can be quite compensate for the shortage of compliments from men, because they are almost as enjoyable.

For female friendship sweet words have a special meaning. Sometimes it is something you need from a friend for example, you want to ask her to go with you on a boring dinner to your relatives, spending a whole day. And there will be very useful opportunity to compliment her friend: "Can you infect the joy and optimism all around, and only you can get to save the trek for a family dinner from the abyss of gloom! ". In addition, some of the things no one but her friends did not notice, such as small changes in hairstyle or a new handbag. Compliment on the subject is able to deliver a lot of pleasure to you both.

Types of compliments

Compliments in the world there are so many. They differ from each other by structure, purpose, effect - in short, a variety of parameters. So when you want to make a nice friend, you have to choose from. The main thing - it's good to know it, not to be mistaken with the type of compliment (for example, some people do not take compliments-antithesis due to the nature of their thinking and perception). So what are the options for "amenities" are?

  •   Direct Gift

These are the words that directly point to the positive qualities of your friends. Sometimes the message about the dignity of the person is added to its interpretation, for example: "Mary, you have an incredibly beautiful hair! Every time I see them, it seems to me that someone spilled a bottle of deliciousness on your head. " In such compliments are often used superlatives, positive comparison, the amplifiers (the word "this", "this") or words indicating the time ("as always", "today"). Often the object of direct compliments becomes girlfriend appearance (figure, hairstyle, facial features), the positive qualities (traits, abilities) or a positive assessment of its behavior or actions.

  • Hidden or indirect compliment

His goal - in a veiled form to emphasize the dignity of the interlocutor. Unfortunately, direct compliments are not always appropriate (well, or so we think), and something nice to say I want to. Lifesaver for us may be a hidden compliment. In them, as in lines, often used exaggeration, comparisons, and other artistic means. He has the following varieties:

  1. praise of the address is not a friend, and the fact that it is expensive, for example, the results of work, achievements or children ("Your children are very nice and are somewhat similar to angels").
  2. Gift girlfriend addressed indirectly and indirectly ("A friend of my mother - amazingly strong woman. You're very like her.")
  3. praise highlights your feelings or something, what positive effects your girlfriend has on you ("Next to you I feel ten years younger").
  4. references to compliment any generally accepted laws, proverbs, and will (for example, when a friend complains about you on the mess in the apartment, say, "talented people is always a creative mess").
  • The compliment made with humor

About some people may say that the joke permeates their lives. If your girlfriend is such, it is likely she will appreciate the compliment, made with a bit of humor or even a slight irony. For example: "You are very clever. Just like I am! ". Sometimes it is a bit funny to scare her before the nice words to say: "Well, how can you do ?! Total spent half an hour, and a delicious cake turned out! ".

  • Sender-opposition

In such compliments you can give full play to their creativity and ability to unconventional thinking. This type of praise is based on a paradoxical combination of negative and positive: first you say something that can be perceived in a negative way, and then abruptly turn it in a positive way. An example would be the following compliment: "I can not say that you're a good artist ... You're talented and beautiful artist! ". The main thing - that the positive outweighed the negative, otherwise the effect will be counterproductive. Thanks to contrast these compliments are very bright and memorable.

  • Compliment response

As a rule, they are very similar to each other - it's nice words that we want to say in response to said girlfriend. They are of two types: disagreement with the negative things that are said about a girlfriend, for example: "You are not dissipated, but on the contrary - very carefully! ". Another option - something like a verbal nod to her address:

  1. Do you cook well
  2. I was someone to learn
  • Bezemotsionalny Gift

It is not as common - after all the praise usually are quite expressive and emotional. This kind of compliment, as a rule, rarely causes embarrassment or resentment at the interlocutor, so it can make even modest or closed friend. An example of such praise can be the words: "You have a good car. Where did you buy it? ". The girl can only agree with this, and tell the story of buying a car.

 girlfriend compliments

Sources of inspiration for compliments

You know the feeling when you want to do a friend a compliment, but do not know what to talk about? Should I praise her character or better confine praise new dress? And how good it would be to have a universal instructions on how to compliment a friend! Unfortunately, this does not exist, because everyone is different. But the girls have some common features, through which you can stumble on the content of future praise.

Each of us strives to be unique and unrepeatable, including each of your girlfriend. So if you want to lift her up, you can always make a compliment about those qualities that distinguish it from the other (or which it considers distinctive). For example, if your friend is proud of its unique manner of laughing, you can always emphasize this once again in conversation: "He just did not have a chance not to peck at your crown of laughter." If there is anything that is on the surface, try to take a closer look at his girlfriend: what it is, such that no other? About it and talk.

If you know that your girlfriend is something proud, make no mistake - this is what could be the content of your compliment. And do not worry about repetition: even if you are a hundred times praised this very thing, action or quality, one hundred and first is not more than (a feature of human psychology). Praise about something important and significant for us, we are able to listen endlessly, is not it?

An interesting step will be to make an unexpected compliment. It has several useful and pleasant effects. The first is to increase self-esteem of your friends. She did not think to think that she has also a positive feature, as you have noticed it - now it will be something to be proud on top of everything else. Accordingly, it will be grateful to you. Second, you expect a lot of pleasant feelings from friends. Do you think a birthday gift was pleasant surprise, or the one you have chosen for themselves? Probably surprise. The same with compliments - if your friend has got used that all praise her mind, and you'll notice the exterior, it will be twice as nice for her.

You can also try to praise the fact that your girlfriend is generally considered a disadvantage. This type requires special compliments of art, so it is necessary to treat it with caution. For example, if a friend thinks himself too thin, you can pay it in the dignity, saying: "I would love to be as slim and attractive like you."

How to make a compliment to a friend

It so happens that sort and find the right words and the moment chosen well and compliment brings joy and satisfaction to you or your friend. This could mean two things: either your girlfriend does not like compliments, or you do not say so. In the first case, you do not depend on (but this option is quite rare in life), and the second well, there is always a chance to improve his manner of speaking compliments.

What is the secret of a good compliment? First, he must speak frankly. It should not be even a hint of ambiguity or mockery girlfriend - it must be simple and straightforward. Second, you can not greatly exaggerate the reality. A slight increase in the merits of a friend will not hurt, but if you say his plump girlfriend: "You are incredibly slim," she not only would not be happy, but are likely to be offended. Third, do not forget about the correct way of pronouncing a compliment:

  • Do not forget that compliments must conform to a person, place, time and situation in which they are uttered;
  • Compliment should speak kindly and confidently. In an interview indicator of openness and sympathy is a smile, so you can safely use it;
  • Avoid cliches in his speech for the most part it is, or boredom, or irritation;
  • Pay attention to whom to pay compliments. You should not overdo it with solemnity, but sometimes a compliment, made in passing, might offend;
  • In a manner of speaking compliments not welcome excessive emotionality, theatricality and enthusiasm. This makes insincere praise and irritating;
  • Keep notes of irony and sarcasm in their compliments. If you want to hurt her friend, it would certainly be the best way, but if you want to give her something nice, then the irony and sarcasm will be superfluous;
  • The best indicator of truthfulness - a matching facial expressions and gestures to what you say. Agree, is a strange and unpleasant, if you recognize a friend in love, and your eyebrows are furrowed.

Compliment should be short enough, otherwise it is not a compliment, but a monologue on "what my wonderful girlfriend." It is certainly nice, but hard to grasp: your girlfriend may be tired and did not understand what was so important you wanted to tell her. Try to pick a word corresponding to the level horizon of your friend: for example, women with a higher education, you can praise the level of verbal and logical thinking, and the girl, barely graduated from college, it is better to say nice things about her beauty.

In conclusion I would like to note once again the undeniable benefits and advantages of compliments. Thanks to them and restore relations are improving, there is love and their destinies. "Kind words and nice cat" - says the well-known proverb. We, of course, not a cat, but sometimes one beautiful notes in order to raise us up for the day. And it's so easy! So why not use compliments to communicate with friends on a regular basis? After all, who, however, we should be happy to support and protect each other!

 Compliments of a friend: what and how to say?

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