how to behave with a male twin


  • To ensure complete freedom
  • Being a good conversationalist
  • To support its commitment to the external perfection

According to numerous statistical studies, male twins are among the most attractive representatives of a strong half of mankind for most women, regardless of their zodiac sign. The fact that these men tend to have a very impressive external data and the amazing quality that is called charisma.

However, in order to get on with this man, you must learn how to behave with him, observing some simple rules, to master that will not be difficult for any woman. So let's take a closer look, what exactly do you need to build a strong relationship Gemini or even successfully lead them down the aisle.

 how to behave with a male twin

To ensure complete freedom

One of the basic needs of a comfortable existence of any man-Gemini is a sense of complete freedom in their thoughts and actions. In order to ensure such freedom of a woman who wants to be close to the twins, have to learn to not pay too much attention to various emotional antics of his partner, which are inherent to any man born under the sign of the zodiac is so controversial.

It should behave respectfully in cases where the twin begins to pay too much attention to their hobbies or any personal business, virtually ceasing to pay attention to the woman he loves. These men do so not because of lack of feelings for his partner, but simply because of their nature requires periodic switching to other values ​​of life, and the contrasting it will be better. So it is easy to endure this period and try not to pay attention, if the male twin is too aloof or unusual.

It is also important to take into account the fact that any manifestations of jealousy perceived this man too disapprovingly, because he simply does not understand the root causes of this feeling. However, sometimes it is Didymus himself may be quite jealous of his woman, even if she did not give any reason for this. For those women who are not accustomed to looking through your fingers in the permanent disappearance of the men for a few days without explanation and complete refusal to tell where he had been all this time, there is only to constantly repeat to myself that twins very rarely change their regular girlfriends, as it seems it completely impractical.

Being a good conversationalist

Without exception, the Twins - great masters keep the conversation going and never give up the pleasure to talk with an interesting person. A woman who wants to be a constant companion of man's life twins have to be a good conversationalist, able to keep the conversation as light daily, and the intellectual and philosophical themes. This is not important to thoroughly understand the topic of conversation, as Gemini appreciates not only the knowledge itself as the ability to quickly delve into the essence of the conversation, make your own opinion, and not afraid to express it.

Of particular interest to the Twins are talking about all the new and hitherto unexplored, as well as all kinds of travel. Also, for any male twin is very important bright emotional intensity of the conversation, as long boring conversations evoke for them insurmountable boredom. If a woman during a conversation will be at ease and at the same time will always be set to a positive wave, the Twins probably will see in it the ideal companion with which you can not only meet, but also to start a family.

 how to behave with a male twin correctly

To support its commitment to the external perfection

If you ever had to meet with a man dressed like a "brand-new", then surely he had a twin, as representatives of this zodiac sign are paying great attention to their appearance. Such a man always looks at the highest level, although it can often not behave very politely and intelligently. However, such a contradiction, as a rule, is just another way of elaborate detail. In addition, such a man is most often not only adorns himself in every way, but also tends to make the most perfect all that surrounds it.

Such aspirations male twin must be supported in every way, constantly praising him for correctly chosen outfit or increase after a visit to the gym muscles. You will also have the most perfect always look and behave in accordance with the principles that seem to be your partner to twin the most correct. However, in no case should not break itself as Gemini certainly feel it and eventually lose all interest to you. It is best to just find your perfect style and try to tweak it a little bit under the understanding of the beauty of your beloved twin.

According to traditional astrological canons, best male Gemini get along with representatives of the zodiac signs, like Libra, Aquarius and Leo. Relations between the two twins are rarely going well, because they are often not transferred to its partner the negative traits that have them. However, with great diligence woman such an alliance could survive for quite a long time, but successful couples in which both spouses are twins, still a rarity. Absolutely incompatible Gemini with Taurus, Pisces and Cancers that tend to behave for them too slowly and unemotionally.

While under what name the zodiac sign you were born and what the individual characteristics of the character have, you can always build with the twins quite harmonious relationship if you learn on the one hand, to adapt to a certain duality of nature of his beloved, and, on the other hand, the very act is not entirely logical and predictable. If at the same time you have and will constantly monitor their external and internal improvement, it will certainly be just perfect for the Gemini woman he pleased to make his life a constant companion.

 How to behave with a male twin, if you want to build a strong relationship with him

 Aquarius man help to understand


  • Common features of the male members of the "family of Aquarius"
  • Love male Aquarius
  • Man Aquarius - what is it about sex?
  • Aquarius as the head of the family
  • The plan to capture a prisoner of Aquarius
  • I do not want to be the mistress of the Marine, and I want to be the wife of Aquarius
  • Summing up the results of "research"

Life is pleased to meet you men were apparently a very real your dream, just embodied ideal. You are so concerned that the continuation of dating that are full of enthusiasm and excitement, ready to show maximum initiative, so as much as possible so interest you liked the male representative.

You have already switched to "you", exchanged contacts and nice to chat about all sorts of things that people usually discuss the first days of dating. At some point, it would inevitably regard to astrology, and you will learn what you like, man Aquarius. "Help me to understand and learn it as best you can, dear astrology! "- Mentally ask you, and it certainly is reasonable and logical. To win the man-of Aquarius the strength is not for every woman!

Common features of the male members of the "family of Aquarius"

Typical representatives of the stronger sex in the constellation of Aquarius is very considerate, but endowed with contradictory character. It's definitely gentlemen, literally to the bone - in relation to absolutely any person that, first of all, can appreciate his family and friends rodstvenniki.Im equally characteristic manifestations of humanity and justice, friendliness and affability, gentleness and kindness. They tend to particularly discreet charm that attracts people and attract them to their existing simpatiyu.Nesmotrya sufficiently communicative, another Aquarian few people will want to name - it is not scattered by words such as "friendship" and "love."

The contradictory nature of their personality is most evident in a certain percentage of secrecy, which is so characteristic of a strong half of mankind, born under the sign of Aquarius. They disapproved of attempts to penetrate their soul, give unsolicited advice, and this despite the fact that others are used to seeing only the features of their friendly nature. Many believe such behavior strange and assign Aquarius status weirdos that is partly justified because some non-standard of thinking exhibited by the most friendly and loving relationship.

Communicating with a man with a certain proportion of observation you can determine that before you is one of a family of Aquarius, in his dreamy look slightly absent mind. You may have the impression that the other person is in front of you only physically in while mentally he hovers somewhere far away. Do not despair - the very nature of man endowed with this sign draft to all new, unexplored, unusual; and every woman present puzzles that can captivate you liked Aquarius.

Male Aquarians are extremely reliable, sensible, determined and endowed with a certain degree of persistence in achieving their goals, but reaffirming the inconsistency of his personality, can easily cancel the earlier decision and is not embodied idea. But it's not because they are characterized by impermanence - just one point Aquarius understands that such an act would be more appropriate or justified in one way or another the situation.

Status, social status, wealth will not be the highest priority goal in life men of Aquarius, evaluate ourselves and others in terms of availability of material goods, he will not. Perhaps that is why they are not typical gestures of generosity, and certainly no one would call a man of this sign of the zodiac spender. However, it is equally share the kindness to communicate and oligarch, and the cashier at the supermarket and the famous personality, and her house janitor. For him, there is no division of people into rich and poor, its criterion to communicate with them is simply human interest.

Truthfulness, honesty, naturalness and fidelity to complement portrait born under the sign Vodoleya.On not accept deception and feels the manifestation of insincerity in others, that immediately causes its backlash, which, however, is quite justified. His faithfulness is shown including the fact that he prefers to build their lives according to their own rules and regulations, not changing itself even in small things. At the same time it lacks the desire to oblige others to observe them, as the only correct.

 How to understand a man of Aquarius

Love male Aquarius

As we have already mentioned, Aquarius is characteristic of some non-standard in matters of love. What exactly does that manifest itself? The boundaries of his love devoid of clarity and focus - he just loves each and every one individually. Love, according to the men of Aquarius is not so much taking care of a particular woman, as concern for humanity as a whole. Such is the scale of these loving knights of the air element. At the same time, choosing a life partner, Aquarius is more focused on the search for like-minded women, rather than women's mistress. This is all the more surprising that in his love Aquarius is very unpredictable, always happy to change, constantly looking for ways to get a breath of new feelings and experiences, and it all happens in a most harmonious and natural way.

He knows how to charm, can be attractive in the eyes of women, that he understands and enjoys it when strives to win the love of his lady, in which he praised not only the woman's beauty. For the men of Aquarius, it is evident not only in the purely physical attraction, he is also a connoisseur of the mental, the inner charm of the fairer sex. When he realizes that you can not only become his mistress, but his soul mate, his friend, you will have every chance to forever capture his heart.

Men of this sign are romantic by nature, and even sentimental. Aquarians will never forget the name of their first love, they are able to carry through life her memory and his sense of light. It would be very nice and touching, if not for one detail: they are also compared with the pushed into oblivion of his beloved all the women who appear in his life in the future. Not all ladies are ready to take it easy and remember that his first love rival them to be already can not. Jealous of that girl from the past-now you do not need in his life is you, but it is much more important.

Since we are talking about jealousy, remember once and for all, the one thing that could destroy overnight relationship with a man-Aquarius. Under no circumstances, never would not call it jealousy! These men react in only one way - they leave your life, break your love relationship with him. Rivalry for them - it is a thing from a parallel universe. They prefer to talk not only to remain friends rather than join the tangled love affair with three unknowns. Always remember this and do not allow the emergence of jealousy in your relationship.

Man Aquarius - what is it about sex?

Casanova's men from the constellation Aquarius fail. They gallantly gave the initiative to the bed of love in women's hands, there you will not find the desire to occupy dominant positions in the carnal pleasures. But this has its advantages: a man-loyal Aquarius will bring a forced sexual abstinence caused by, for instance, the time of your separation from him. It can certainly guarantee his loyalty, as well as the fact that these representatives of the male sex is attractive not just as an act of physical love. Aquarians enjoy the very fact of owning a beautiful and beloved woman.

Of course, for women with a large sexual appetite it will all be a little boring, but then you realize how valuable is that you see not only the object of sexual desire, but also personality. I cherish you, not only because it is interesting to you in bed, but also because you are interesting as a person. Women with approximately the same intensity of temperament in sexual terms, of course, to properly appreciate this attitude.

 Aquarius man help to understand tips

Aquarius as the head of the family

The contradictory nature of Aquarius is shown here. The desire to preserve the independence and freedom go hand in hand with the desire to take care of him. It turns out that it is often caused by the need to communicate with a soul mate is sometimes at odds with the desire to feel free from any obligation. This game is one of the gates is not every woman will meet with understanding and support. But tantrums, tears, and even more scandals and attempts to trigger an outbreak of jealousy you will not achieve any positive result. Such actions cause irritation and even more unpredictable reactions in male Aquarius.

Take it for what it is, at its core, and then a miracle happens - your dear and beloved Aquarius manifest itself fully the most gentle, affectionate, charming and attractive man who once has turned your head. To her children it manifests itself so consistently, it is very sincere interest in their children and participate in their development and education. Your children will always feel admiration and support of his father-Aquarius.

The plan to capture a prisoner of Aquarius

If a man Aquarius understands that you start to build on his matrimonial plans by then at the same time he tries to escape. In no case do not give him to understand that, on the contrary, do everything to help him to feel close to you completely free. Sami also do not forget to periodically demonstrate their independence. You can, for example, be made aware that planning a trip for a few days, but without mentioning the destination and purpose of travel.

Men of this sign such conduct only increases the attractiveness of a woman: you remember how it all entails unexplored and mysterious? But, coming, be sure to tell him how the trip went, new events and emotions. This will heat it of interest to you, including as a source of new information. Do not forget to mention that you went in the company of friends or alone: ​​to cause jealousy of any man, especially since this sign does not make sense.

Deciding to have finally caught in its network of amateur freedom and tireless researcher mysteries of the world, take for granted that now and forever you have to be a woman, a mystery woman-minded friend who is able to be independent and to respect the needs of the elect -Vodoleya preserve their freedom from encroachments. That this should be the ideal woman of Aquarius, and avoid their future happiness of your family life chances he will not. Even though he still can not guess it.

 How to understand a man Aquarius tips

I do not want to be the mistress of the Marine, and I want to be the wife of Aquarius

The institution of marriage male Aquarians are skeptical and negative. They exhibit a truly unrivaled imagination, finding new ways to save him from the snares of family life. You should not lose hope, sooner or later they will come to the conclusion that you need to settle down. But the siege and a long wait, you must have patience, calmness and confidence that you will succeed. Tune yourself to the positive in the end, because you are his sincere love, and thus be able to wait in the wings.

Get ready for the fact that he received an offer from his surprising Aquarius in a completely unexpected moment for you, it is possible that not even the best, in your opinion, appropriate. But Aquarius is all logical and explicable - all his friends for a long time married, someone even managed to accomplish this feat twice, many children were born. Your Aquarius too emotionally ripe for such a difficult step in his understanding, and more than a serious decision. Help him not to change so hard through suffering his decision in your power - just keep it to maintain a sense of freedom and integrity of his person. Tell him that the stamp in the passport can not change anything in your relationship. This is a formality which is necessary only in order that his children were his name.

In this sense, the conclusion of marriage, from their point of view, quite rightly: responsible Aquarians understand the importance of such an event as the birth of children, they have a willingness to deal with their financial security and education. Unlike other representatives of the zodiac signs, the role of the father scares men Aquarius is significantly less than that of a spouse - is not this the most striking feature of the contradictory nature of these amazing men?

Summing up the results of "research"

Now you know exactly what is your charming man, born under the sign of Aquarius, the representative element of air. If you still say that you need it as the very air, now at your disposal have all the tools using which you have all the chances as much as possible and quickly realized his man-of Aquarius. This will help you more and better prepare themselves to become for him the most beautiful, amazing and unprecedented in the life of a woman. Is not that the dream of every woman in love?

You have studied all the strengths and weaknesses of your charming Aquarius, which gave him a star, and can use this knowledge for the benefit of your future family happiness. Of course, we have described fairly average features that characterize members of this zodiac sign. Many personality traits are formed in us by our parents, puts his fingerprints environment, education, profession. But to choose the tactics and strategy to win the hand and heart of your sweet heart "air" men we still recommend on the basis of the personal characteristics that gave it birth star.

You will not be easy, but such an exciting task: you should now always be independent and mysterious, sociable and interesting, exciting and active. But do we not strive to become such for their own sake? But even here there is a great chance to lure this manner in their nets man who drew your attention and become sweet as your heart. To improve and grow the most, and in between times fall in love with a man and liked to be his real muse - to this worthwhile endeavor, is not it?

We have to admit that the relationship with a male Aquarius indirectly contribute to the development of age-old feminine qualities such as glamor, the ability and the desire to love, to interest and captivate a man, in short, cast a spell on him. Is not this one is a wonderful and beautiful? You get the opportunity to fully enjoy the process of seduction and "taming" the chosen representative of Aquarius. Of course, we are confident that this will help not only our recommendations but also your own female attractiveness, coupled with the female intuition.

We wish you to achieve their goals in record time, not only to better understand her man, but a lifetime to save the desire to understand, accept and love it for what it is, to appreciate all inherent in it the good character traits and not to focus attention to some shortcomings.

 SOS! Man Aquarius: help to understand