Feminine swimwear

That was summer! The city has become stuffy and hot, and the soul yearns and stretches to the sea ... To prepare for the upcoming holiday is always in advance to avoid the hustle and bustle in the choice of his new assistant - leotard. And now it is clear that the best dressed ladies on the Mediterranean beach fun along the Caribbean or the Seychelles.

The key theme of the summer season - prints. They are different, they are everywhere. Floral and wood, ethnic and animal, stripes and geometric shapes - This summer everything is possible! So, go ahead - to the sea!

Our journey will start with the beautiful Maldives, where, among the gentle azure ocean, coral, sun and palm trees before us a beautiful nymph, the Tunisian model Saidi Rome. Spectacular ocean views, peace and tranquility - the perfect place for floral and animalistic prints swimwear Florange, which are reminiscent of the vacation in the tropics. Femininity and the attractiveness of our Tunisian beauty emphasizes good fit and impeccable style swimsuits. The final touch - pareos, bag and hat pin - the perfect addition to a bathing suit.

Cuba !!! The vibrant, energetic and free. Yes! Our next stop - Cuba. Piercing blue sky, turquoise Caribbean Sea, endless white beaches and music. Music Circle and everywhere - on the beach, in restaurants and in the heart. Here, on the beautiful shores of the Caribbean Sea, our model is delightfully good. Bright bikini, ethnic prints, stripes and geometry - this is a reflection of the free spirit and cheerful nature. And details are important - they allow to diversify the usual stress and style. Straps, tapes and fasteners - this season a special attention to accessories and fittings.

 Swimwear striped

Suddenly we continue vacation in Montenegro. The mild Mediterranean climate on the Adriatic coast in handy after the high jinks in Cuba. Here I want to be calm and relaxed, to contemplate and enjoy the endless beauty of nature. Lofty mountains, clean air, fantastic nature, spectacular climate - the perfect backdrop for the original combination of swimsuits - plain fabric and printed fabric, eclectic mixes of two or more types of patterns in a single model: for example, a cell Vichy cute and floral designs. Fashionable and stylish looks to combine the idea of ​​such a rather non-traditional bathing suit materials like jersey, lace or leather.

Another great solution for any figure - tankini swimsuit - original, comfortable and beautiful. Now, this model is at the peak of popularity. This is not surprising. In addition to the beauty and comfort, this model can be seen as a corrective - elastic and dense fabric is specially designed to maintain a nice figure. Therefore, this swimsuit suit and the owner of a slim figure, and the ladies with curvy shape.

In the coming summer season of 2014, we urge you to be light and airy, passionate and seductive at the same time! Play, explore and invent a variety of fashion combinations. Bright colors, unique accessories, floral and ethnic prints you will create a special playful mood, which will reflect your whole inner world of seductive and self-confident woman. Summer - it's time to show imagination! Since most of the sea!

 Ready to fly 100%

Shopping with the stylist can save not only money but also time. To look stylish and fashionable, you should go shopping on the recommendation of his personal assistant. Well, if it is a professional who can give good advice even in the choice of delicate items like lingerie and accessories for every occasion. Despite the fact that the service is expensive, to date, this kind of shopping can afford a sufficiently large number of people, not just the "stars" and well-known personalities.


How to choose a stylist

Stylist for shopping will help create a complete finished kit, according to the type of shape, color coloring appearance preferences. It saves you from senseless purchases, which often occur during periods of sales. Although, if you think that acquiring such a satellite, will have a 100% guarantee of success in updating your wardrobe, you're wrong. It is also necessary to find the right professional stylist who specializes in shopping. It is possible, invite experts to try with him to pick up the goods, for example, the site Gisele.ru. In the joint selection process you can already make some conclusions about the stylist to take care of his or refuse services.

The first is to know the opinion of his friends, who used such services. It is important that they speak of his companion as was the process of shopping. It should be available, if possible, with things friends that were purchased on the advice of a stylist, and whether they are suitable to them, from your point of view. If you enjoyed it, you should use the services of a specialist recommended. At the first stage it is important to announce the stylist the amount you intend to spend on shopping and discuss the overall financial cost of the service. You will be more profitable to pay for the whole day than hourly or interest for each item purchased.

The stylist can help

A good specialist is sure to make a preliminary assessment of your wardrobe and analyze what suits you and what does not. This is a very useful evaluation situation, the result of which could be correct orientation that you need, and it is enough. This will prevent unnecessary spending. You will not have too much, but it will be all that you need. If selected by a stylist you will hear criticism on this or that issue, before you a person with a low level of professionalism. You can immediately abandon its services. You also have the right to refuse any thing during shopping, without explaining the reasons for the refusal. In this case, it has to be your friend, but not a dictator.

 Choosing a stylist for shopping

 Discounted products

Internet shops - an alternative to ordinary boutiques in which every girl is quite often. Perhaps someone still afraid to order, fearing that the cards will act with more money than expected or will not the same size. For these ladies declare that have created numerous resources with reviews where people actually bought items from online stores, shared details about the size, quality, and how the quality justify the price. That price will be discussed in the article, as buying in online stores can be even cheaper, simply by using coupons!

Consider one of the most popular trading platforms - brand clothes, shoes and accessories Quelle. The brand has been around for a long time together with the site on which people can place orders. For many, this seems to mark an inexpensive and accessible, but for those who have to pay and the cost (remote regions), so can not be considered. For them and other citizens of the country-specific sites were invented kuponatorami discounts. So, quelle promotional code can be obtained, for example, on gdekod.ru, because this site has collected a large number of coupons and promotional codes to offer many online stores.

So, websites, kuponatory started its existence since the founding of "online" marketplaces and immediately liked the set of buyers. The fact is that almost everyone wants to purchase goods at a discount not to overpay for such extra charges like VAT or paid delivery. Gdekod.ru provides its customers with so many different promotional codes that they can use as a discount on goods. The whole system is necessary to, first of all, to agitate more people to make purchases from online stores, as some experts even see the near future in this. Agree with them or not - it's up to everyone, but the fact that customers themselves would be much easier to make purchases - a proven fact!

In general, if you do decide to order products from the catalog in the online store or not, reread the article and read the site-kuponatorom. Perhaps it will push you to a discount of close friendship with trading platforms, operating mode "online" and you will be one of those who can, and can be ordered on the Internet. Successful purchases and larger discounts!

 Information about the sites - aggregators promotional codes

 tie knots


  • Node Eldridge: whom he will approach
  • Step by step instruction execution

If you like to wear ties, and at the same time refined and elegant look, try to tie a tie is not the traditional way, and the node Eldridge.

This method is one of the most chic, elegant and original, so always attracts the attention of others. That is why it is suitable for people bold, stylish and seeking to stand out from the crowd, but in any situation and the situation look well-groomed and elegant. It is also noteworthy that the way to tie a tie will suit both men and women. For detailed instructions on how to tie a tie knot Eldridge, you will find below.

 node Eldridge
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Node Eldridge: whom he will approach

This type of assembly is one of the most elegant and beautiful. Outwardly, it resembles a Christmas tree. Apply it is possible and in business style, but provided that you have at work is not too strict dress code. It is also ideal for those people who work hard to dress code, but it does not apply to accessories. Blindfolded so that the accessory will bring zest and variety of image business person, as business suits are usually sewn from fabric restrained colors.

If the office style does not allow such delights, the node Eldridge - great for a corporate party or any celebration, including your own wedding! If you are going to a celebration, do not forget that it is the main "highlight" of your outfits and try not to overload the image of other items, the ability to "kill" it. Thus tying a tie is better monotonous and preferably made of natural silk. The bright colors will distract attention from the node itself, and after all it was chic in it.

As mentioned, this option is perfect for both men and women. Moreover, it will give a chic woman, emphasize the graceful long neck and soften the image of the strict business woman, emphasizing femininity. Women can also experiment using for this purpose not tie a silk scarf: too can get quite exquisitely.

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Step by step instruction execution

At first glance it may seem that to tie a tie knot Eldridge difficult, but if you follow the steps below, be sure you will succeed! The main thing - do not rush and precisely follow the recommendations. If suddenly you have something does not work, do not worry, it's an art.

Detailed instructions:

  1. Choose the right tie: monochromatic colors and made of natural silk. This color can be calm and bright: most importantly, that there is no pattern.
  2. Hang it on the neck as usual.
  3. Place the wide end of the tie at the height you need.
  4. Cross your wide and narrow ends.
  5. Pass the narrow part downwards behind the general. You should get a loop.
  6. Pass through a narrow part of the loop and tighten the knot so that the end of the tie "looked" in the direction.
  7. Now the narrow end of the scratch with the primary node in a horizontal position and pass through the loop in the direction away from you.
  8. Again tighten the knot, and the narrow part should be downward and to the side.
  9. Around the wide end of the tie another knot, tightened towards the side and up.
  10. Spend a narrow part around the "neck".
  11. Circle tie around the "neck". This again is to form a loop.
  12. Thread the tie in the loop in the direction of the opposite side and down.
  13. Now hold the narrow end of the front and thread into a loop.
  14. Tighten the knot and hide the narrow end.

Step by step instructions will allow you to quickly master this method. Even better, you will be if you will follow two rules. First, tie, you want to engage in this way, to be quite long. And secondly, the most important thing - immediately align the length of the wide end, so how you wear it. Since all the manipulations you spend with a narrow part of the length of the wide portion will remain unchanged. So you do not have to redo it all over again, if you suddenly notice that the main length of the tie you end up not satisfied.

 Eldredge Knot - a way to tie a tie really elegant