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  • Seven steps to effective communication
  • A few more tips

People communicate anytime and anywhere. But in order to become an effective communication and talk to people, you can easily and confidently required to have some knowledge. For example, if you want to achieve success in business or you are attracted to the idea of ​​making a brilliant career, the ability to communicate only at the household level will be insufficient for you. It is necessary to develop the appropriate skills, and you need to understand how to learn to communicate with people on the level of business.

Of course, there are people who absolutely not difficult to find a topic of conversation with anyone who can communicate without any difficulty, it was in any situation. Some of them have a natural talent for communication and unique charisma, and it just impresses others. For such people, it did not require any effort to start a dialogue and immediately elicit sympathy from the interlocutor. But what about the others, those who also want to succeed in life, but it does not have the innate talent to communicate effectively? Is it difficult to understand the common man how to communicate with people, to arrange them yourself? From our perspective, it's nothing serious, and we are ready to reveal to you some secrets of how to learn effectively and confidently interact with others.

 how to communicate with people

Seven steps to effective communication

Kohl you is usually quite difficult to communicate with people, do not despair and try whenever possible to avoid such painful for you to contact. If at the whim of nature in you from birth inherent ability to hold easily and confidently communicating with strangers or unfamiliar people, you may want to develop in yourself is the ability to own. Not assert that follow our advice you can very very easily; but if you persevere and do the step-by-step towards the acquisition of new personal qualities, eventually you learn to keep confident and eventually feel, how to talk to people. After all, scientists have proven that, if desired, anyone can develop the necessary qualities.

So, where should you start? What to consider in conversation with someone, to cause his interest to your person and that the conversation went in the direction you want?

  • Confidence

Good people skills begins with the ability to show that you are a reliable partner. To do this, first of all, you need to be confident - the ability to keep confidence attracts others like a magnet, because the kind of determined person convinces others that the interlocutor is well worth the time and effort. Confident caller will not waste your time "going around the bush", and immediately goes to the essence of the conversation.

  • Credibility

In order to establish confidence during a call you must comply with one of the most important rules of effective communication - you need to look into the eyes of his companion. People who usually while talking avert their eyes to the side, as a rule, no one trusts. Attempts to avoid eye contact at least speak about human disinterest and a maximum - about his dishonesty. But when one looks into the eyes of his interlocutor, it is credible, and to him, and everything that he says. Such seemingly insignificant nuance actually remarkably helps to establish good contact with your counterparts! Therefore, in the conversation do not forget to stay confident and in any case do not look away.

  • Name interlocutor

This is very important! Starting a conversation with a stranger, first of all find out his name. Repeat the name out loud - it helps to fix it in memory. Always use the name of the person while talking, and do not forget to smile.

  • The interest to the other party

Many people make the mistake of talking too much about yourself. But nothing is so tiresome person with whom you talk, as a forced "tour" through the maze of your life! One of the best ways to learn how to communicate with people - let them talk about themselves and not force them to listen to your stories. This will help the other person feel more at ease, and now it increases self-confidence. No wonder the Eastern sages taught, once and tell me twice, listen!

  • The right questions

When the contact is only getting better, it is important to avoid awkward pauses in conversation. One of the fastest ways to awkward silence - these are questions that can be answered simply "yes" or "no." It is an important skill for successful communication - the ability to ask questions that require a detailed answer. This will start a conversation. Just do not lose a sense of proportion - it is impossible to arrange "bombarded" with questions, this is a sure way to make a person feel uncomfortable. The conversation should not turn into an interrogation!

  • The power of knowledge

Effective communication starts where people are broad-minded. Round development of people with diverse interests to be attractive to different people. Dealing with such a person is easy and fun. His head is full of a variety of topics for discussion, and he can quickly and confidently adapt to any conversation. Find common ground with someone for him there is no difficulty.

  • Risk

A very interesting point, which is closely linked to self-confidence and self-esteem. Too often people are afraid to ask and ask, because they are afraid of failure. Failure causes a person to feel flawed and defective. In fact, the refusal should have no effect on self-esteem. You're all the same, you are as precious and important as a person, as in a time when only entered into conversation. It is not necessary during an important conversation to be afraid to ask about something. Always use the chance and try to achieve the desired. It's only a matter of time, whether you get what you want. The question your self-confidence.

The only way to learn how to learn how to talk to people properly and confidently - a practice during which you sharpen your skills. Here, too, it would seem, there is an element of risk - never do not know in advance how the conversation goes. But if you are afraid to come out of the shadows and will hold on to their "security", you will never gain the ability to easily and confidently make contact and remain standing on the path that leads to nowhere.

 the ability to communicate with people

A few more tips

Of course, it's not all the secrets of successful communication, rather, the most basic. There are other aspects to take into account are also necessary:

  • We must be honest. When people are honest and reliable, communication becomes much easier. We did not have to think about what we're going to say, do not have to worry about what is not true once revealed. Features such as "open and honest" and "trustworthy" really valuable; but they are especially important when it comes to business communication.
  • You must be able to adapt their ideas under the perception of others. When we have some interesting idea, in our minds made up quite a clear idea of ​​the image; but this image is not always as clear and others. If you really want to be heard, you need to find a way to reveal his thoughts so that it became clear to all. This means that you need to know your audience well, if you really want to deal with it effectively.
  • Hold pause before answering. Usually we try to answer immediately, but sometimes just a tiny break can work wonders. It gives you time to think; and it is important to understand exactly what they talk, or to articulate your idea you want to convey.
  • Try to look into what the other person says. You must listen carefully to really understand what was going on, and not to simply wait for their turn to say something in response. Too often, we really listen only "vaguely" pondering at this time your answer. To communicate effectively, we have to work on understanding what others say.
  • Be patient and open. Sometimes even the shortest communication can be something that is not too comfortable for you. Admit to yourself that this contact does not have to be the same as you would have liked, and continue to behave properly with patience. Always be patient and keep your mind open to new ways of understanding communication and understanding.
  • Try to maintain feedback. When all is said and done, the best way to find out how it was effective - ask the interlocutors. Take time to talk with those with whom you communicate often, to see how it would be possible to improve your communication with them. Sometimes support such feedback is fairly easy, and you get a clear view while over what you still need to work; and sometimes it is done is not entirely easy, but your efforts will still be worth that!

Start small

To learn how to effectively communicate with people, it takes time; every man has set a goal to improve their communication skills, will move at its own pace. Do not try to learn everything at once, start small, getting used to each of the steps we have one at every time.

At the heart of effective communication begins with self-confidence - this is the thread that ties together all the rest of your qualities and skills. Each new meeting helps to boost your confidence and adds new facets of your experience. If you want to work out, we can suggest you some places: try to expand the circle of contacts at the office, for example, and still try to start the salespeople in a store or on the market - a bit more than is necessary just to make the purchase.

Once you become easier to communicate to you in the usual circle start contact with the higher rank. Gradually you learn to talk to very different people, and your skills will be secured all the stronger. On occasion, you can even with the CEO of some big company to talk (who knows what the situation in life may be being subjected to?) And make a favorable impression on him.

No one would argue that learning to communicate with people can be very easy. But - the road by walking! A walk worth it, because effective communication will be your key to the future success and advancement in virtually every aspect of life.

 How to learn to communicate with people: the seven secrets of communication

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