how to behave with a male lion


  • The character of the man-lion
  • What women like men-Lev
  • What is a man-lion in bed

If you happen to meet a man-lion, then rest assured that he will not let you get bored. This strong, self-confident person is in constant motion, leads an active life, achieve your goals, and bathed in the limelight. The man born under this sign of the zodiac, will never waste your charm is wasted, he needed an audience that can appreciate his talents. That attention, appreciation and sincere admiration for his ability to help women regain a male lion.

The character of the man-lion

If you think that your boyfriend Leo is not his character recalls the regal beast, but quiet, affectionate kitten, you certainly do not have time to properly study it. He will behave "quieter water below the grass," just as long as you do not affect his self-esteem. But once you decide to undermine his self-esteem, the "king of beasts" will show you "the sky with diamonds." From the sweet, gentle guy, he suddenly turn into a sharp, arrogant man who will do anything to "put you on the spot."

And by the way, all the decisions, even minor, should be taken only with the consent of, or at least to consider his opinion. You can be a thousand times right in their intentions, but if you do not notify the Lion of his thoughts and did not advise him, that argument can not be avoided. This man believes that his bailiff, without any control of the enterprise is doomed to failure, that only he is able to illuminate in detail the problem and find the right solution. What to do, then he and "the king of beasts."

The most common male lions are very attractive and have many fans. They are calm and balanced by nature, however, know very well how to relax and "rip" to the fullest. Therefore, a date with a guy, Leo - a kind of a surprise, you never know what he want at this time. And in order that this man is serious about his girlfriend, it is necessary that it is not inferior to his strength of character, however, was able to love and adore him. While Leo feels that he appreciated and understood, it will be a loyal and reliable companion of life.

 how to behave with a male lion

What women like men-Lev

Be sociable and feminine - that these girls often attracted to men Lvov. If you belong to the category of women that are the focus of others if you do not have a release from the fans, Leo will want to get close to you. And here try not to blunder: you have to learn to deal with this guy so that you do not have the desire to win was gone after five minutes' acquaintance. Talking to this man, will always have to "maneuver" - to try to be strong and weak at the same time.

Male lions very selfish, they, like the air is necessary to know that she appreciates its quality - both external and internal. On the other hand, they do not like when a woman is too intrusive in their attention, it is able to repel them. Although the inner strength and self-confidence, the Lions are very vulnerable and difficult experiencing resentment from the people close to them. How arrogant he may have behaved during an argument, in my heart, this person will suffer from a bad attitude. With this man it is better not to play feelings, or he will turn away from you. If Leo will not feel with you in the "security", immediately went looking for another partner, able to cherish and respect his feelings.

So to deal with a guy born under this zodiac sign, be careful - it should be 100% sure that you are in its full power. This does not mean that you have to literally obey him - on the contrary, weak-willed women only irritate him. But the appearance of obedience at the right time you need to create mandatory.

There is an old anecdote, perfectly explains the attitude of the man-lion to his woman:

Arranged as a lion and a bull male gatherings. Time is nearing evening, lion zasobiralsya home. Bull says to him:

  • Where a hurry, let's sit still!
  • Yes, my wife will be worried, it is necessary to take time off.
  • What are you, in front of his wife to report? Even so, I never do!
  • Do not forget that your wife - a cow, and my - lioness.

Indeed, a man in love, Leo recognizes his woman an equal partner, he really appreciates it. And it does not mean that the wife of a male lion to be born under the same constellation (in contrast, the Lions do not tolerate competition). Just a girl worthy of the respect of the men should be strong kind.

 Male lion how to behave

What is a man-lion in bed

In an intimate relationship man-lion quite justifies the name of the constellation under which he was born. This is a real male, macho dream of any woman. Lions love foreplay, they really care about making partner had great pleasure in bed. This partner will relentlessly argue that the best lover you will not find never in my life. And, really, this is an intimate relationship is only in favor.

Despite its sexy, Lions bit unsure of themselves and never know exactly whether there is enough make a good impression on your partner. So do not hesitate to give him compliments and certify that it is - the super-man. You will not be difficult to tell a couple of good things about him, the more that they will be honored. But in return you get a partner who will redouble its efforts in order to make an even bigger impression.

Try not to be too much activity in the bed and not to dominate - Lions love women, which can be controlled. All you have to do sex with this man - relax and enjoy. A "start" it may be your moans and screams at him, he will understand that he was acting in the right direction. But innovation in bed is not particularly fond of the Lions, they prefer proven methods and do not seek to surprise your partner with unusual poses and caresses.

Man-lion - a real godsend. But only if you prove to him that you are worthy of love and adoration. He is a wonderful father, a gentle man and a hot lover who tries to do everything to his family reigned peace. This means that in spite of some shortcomings of the men of the zodiac sign for them is how to compete.

 How to behave with a man - Leo: valuable advice

 how to deal with Aries man


  • How you should behave with a male Aries
  • What to avoid in relationships with Aries

If you decide to make love male Aries, then tune in to what you have to constantly be in a state of combat readiness. Quiet relationship with him is simply impossible - he will fill their flurry of emotions, both positive and negative, because his character is not easy.

This guy obviously does not let you get bored. When Aries fall in love, they become very romantic and reverent toward his beloved, surrounded by her care and attention. Therefore, to seek the location of this man is definitely worth it, and how to conduct myself with him - we will tell you.

 how to behave with a man ram

How you should behave with a male Aries

Enthusiastic, confident, straightforward, enterprising and ambitious, enterprising, and hot, but the reckless, self-centered, uncooperative, stubborn and irritable - a man requires a special approach and deal with them to be very careful.

  • Let him know that he is the chief

Man-Ram used to be a leader in everything, even in love relationships. If you want to keep it, then in any case do not try to be more proactive than he. Let him know in no uncertain terms that in your family, in your relationship is primarily it was he, that he decides for him the last word in any dispute. Be wise, because in order to favorite did you think, not necessarily to take a leading role - their femininity and tenderness you will achieve much more, and at the same time save the relationship.

  • Be patient and calm

Sudden outbursts of anger that pass though rapidly, but fortunately short-lived - quite unusual for Aries. Try with patience and understanding to this feature of his character. Your task - its tranquility and warmth to tame the raging lover, ready to rash acts to destroy everything that is possible. It is not necessary in these moments to try to respond to his angry speech, quarrels with him, because thus you will only aggravate the situation.

  • Be it for an interesting conversationalist and good listener

If you want to build a strong relationship with a man of this sign of the zodiac, you will learn how to listen carefully and try to understand it. Advise him, but not limited to its will. Stay close, keep it around, and in any case do not try to beat something - remember, that he should be the leader in your relationship.

  • Showcase your femininity

For men the most valuable advantage Aries girl is her femininity, is not only externally but also internally. Be calm, patient, balanced, understand business, but at the same time not forget about their appearance. If you want to keep the relationship with Aries, you should always look attractive. For him it is important that his chosen admired, he must be completely sure that she is the best.

  • Stay with him a frank and sincere

Of all the human qualities of the representatives of this zodiac sign very isolated sincerity and frankness. As a life partner are sure to choose the girl himself, in which there are these two qualities. Therefore, in no case do not try to deceive her lover and to hide from him something. Speak directly about their feelings and experiences, even when it comes to such delicate topics as sex life. Otherwise, a strong and lasting relationship can not be considered.

  • Most amaze your lover

To gain a representative of the zodiac sign, sometimes to behave unpredictably. Monotony should not be any of your life together, not in your behavior and appearance. Aries need emotions, the constant change of events and experiences. Get creative - often amaze his chosen not by words but by deeds. And let the surprises will not always work out - do not worry. For male Aries your efforts and attention is much more interested in the final result.

Try every time to be a little different for him, for example, today, confident and resolute, and tomorrow gullible and weak. These changes will bring down his confused and awaken interest in you - he wants to know what you really are. Remember - the monotony with Aries is not allowed.

 how to behave with a guy ram

What to avoid in relationships with Aries

To win Aries, it is important to know not only how to deal with them, but the error in behavior that he categorically rejects towards themselves. Basically, something unusual in these taboo there, and they should be avoided not only in relations with rams, but also with representatives of other signs of the zodiac.

  • Do not criticize him

With such a testy guy is better to avoid any kind of criticism, because even simple observation can lead him into a rage. He used to be around the leader and would not tolerate if someone, even a girlfriend, doubt the correctness of his decisions and actions. You will need a lot of patience to withstand such an onslaught from the lover and not hurt while its overly heightened self-esteem.

Aries Put into place to try to rein in his masterful nature - is not a good idea. It will be long and hard to defend their independence and right, so you will only have two choices: either to accept it and submit to his will, or leave. Therefore, any criticism of you should not be!

  • Do not show great interest in your union

Showed no interest in union with a man more than he does himself. Excessive obsession and attention to his person at the best of Aries will leave indifferent and at worst - push you away from him. In addition, you do not have to be the initiator of the first close - can tease, seduce and tempt him, but do not push. With Aries such behavior is unacceptable - he does not like compulsion, and especially sex. Let him take the lead.

  • Do not show lover in an unattractive form

If you want to keep the romantic relationship with a guy, do not let him see you uncombed, tired and unattractive dressed. Bridging the beauty in front of him, too, it is not necessary - it does not need to know that this is the result of certain efforts. Let him think you are always so well groomed, beautiful and fragrant.

  • Do not represent touchy

Under no circumstances do not need to behave like impatiens. Do not say "no" if you really think differently, do not give up explicit caresses, if not actually against it. Aries these games do not play. And the girls standing of himself touchy, they do not attract.

Be careful with Aries - his feelings are changeable. Passionate love can grow into indifference, and you have to make every effort to restore the old feelings. How to behave with the representatives of this sign you now know why you keep love it will be easy.

 Hint stars how to deal with Aries - man