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What is your favorite today upset about something? Perhaps he was just a little tired, that's why not in the spirit, maybe he just felt sad a little bit, and maybe we are talking about some kind of trouble, which happened to him? Whatever the reason, you dare to suggest, it is not very nice to see him like this. Want to know how to cheer up your favorite guy or a husband?

The most important thing is to feel your sad guy - that care and love, you want to surround it. Ups and downs happen in the life of each. What we all need - a man with whom we can share our joy and that will be our encouragement and support in difficult times. When we were young, it was our parents, brothers, sisters, and friends; it depended on their support we did. But as soon as we have a beloved man, that he becomes the core of our lives.

Being in close emotional relationship with your beloved, you might run into a situation where he will need your support. Men are harder to tolerate stress and its consequences. And the stress they are subjected to much more of us, because of his tendency always to engage in a competitive relationship and to show aggression. But in modern society, and so easy to get the stress on many different occasions. Men tend to be very experienced their failure (or the possibility of failure) in matters related to work, study or finances; there are other reasons that can lead them to stress. But we do not want our dear heart of man came "to such a life!" So you should think about how to cheer up loved until it plunged into the abyss of stress.

 how to cheer up loved

How to cheer up loved

First of all - do not panic! Many women are frightened or scared upset when they see her lover in a bad mood. But to do so not worth it. You must maintain its morale themselves while remaining calm and even cold-blooded. You will NOT be able to help him, if you lose your head and start to panic. No matter how upset he is your favorite, the last thing he wanted to do - is to make you worry.

It is, of course, appreciate your deep empathy with his negative emotions, but your kind of worried only further upset him. If you take it so emotional setbacks and disappointments, next time he will try not to say anything to you. And get double the emotional load! How to behave? If you see that something is wrong with your loved ones, just ask him what happened to him. Ask him: "Let's talk. Tell me what you have there! "

When you understand what his problem is, try to offer him a solution that you think might work. Perhaps he himself had tried to think of something, but looking at the situation "zamylennym" eye. Looking from the outside often helps to find a new approach to the same problem. Of course, you do not have to necessarily put forward unique and definitely the right decision; it will be enough, even if you just give him an idea of ​​how different can take a particular difficulty in life.

You must be prepared for the fact that the guy could not reckon with your point of view. But even if he finds your proposal impractical, it would be very grateful for your support. He once again make sure that in a difficult situation may rely on your sincere help. And even if you do not know what could be done, then ask your loved one than you could to help him. Can you support it, if you go with him to the funeral of his grandmother? Or help him in school? Or napechete his favorite cookies, when he felt sad? Try any means, just a little to dispel his bad mood.

Just be honest with him. If you do not know what to advise her husband (or boyfriend), it may be better to just give him some space and allow him to quietly ponder the incident. And even if the decision you have when you are sure that they are right - do not insist on his own opinion. Give loved the opportunity to make their own choices.

If you see that he can not think of anything else, try to talk to him about anything, if only to distract him from his gloomy thoughts. Or here's another: make him a head massage. Very much like the men, this procedure! What is your favorite hardly refuse such a pleasure; on the contrary, he was happy to give herself to the power of your gentle handles, and will be very grateful to you for a soothing massage, which is so handy when it feels strained. And this is no accident: from the scientific point of view, head massage helps to improve blood circulation and has a very relaxing. And in general, physical contact can be very soothing, especially when a person is very uncomfortable in the shower, because it shows him that there is someone who really cares about him.

Lure her boyfriend for a ride. If he really quite a bad mood, this would be painful, but worth a try. Keep it in a place where he can really relax. Very well suited for this nature walks. View from the top of the hill, garden or river embankment (a kind of running water is very good distraction from the gloomy thoughts!) Or a nearby park - all this relaxing effect when a person feels stress. The main thing - to persuade the guy to go out there and you can just sit there for a while, huddled shoulder to shoulder or arm in arm. He will appreciate your concern and efforts to help him!

Whatever you come up with, in any case, let him know that you will be there, what with him no matter what. There is no greater consolation for the human heart than unconditional love. If you close only when he is happy and successful, and keep your distance when he was in trouble, the man will not be able to fully trust his love. And a lot of sadness to it does not matter if you are determined to be with him at all times. Even if the stones will fall from the sky, he must feel that you will always be in his life. So just tell him something hearty, like this: "Do not worry, dear, together we will overcome anything! "That's enough to make any man cheered up.

 cheer up loved

Our advice and warnings

Here's what else you can do to uplift your mood favorite:

  • Joked! If you know a few jokes, which are able to make him laugh, you may want to tell at least one of them. Of course, if the situation is appropriate for this.
  • Make the guy any gift. Maybe I should give him something that he really loves - in fact it almost certainly will please him. Get a drive with him a new game or a good movie, a CD of his favorite band or even a beautiful card with words of love or lovely soft toy.
  • Think about which of his friends he always glad? Invite that person to visit, after explaining the situation to him and asked him to help cheer your favorite. Maybe in a couple of hours, your guy will be very happy, forgetting about your bad mood!

But in any case, do not insist if your favorite refuses your help. Just tell him that you will always be happy if he wants to talk to you, and you'll always be ready to help him. Smile, telling him that, to reassure. Give him time, and if he later does not want to talk about their problems, just come up with a reason to use anything from our councils and even a little cheer him up.

Your man may get mad at you if you try to invade too careless with their advice in his personal space. Be careful: if he unconsciously sending you signs that say about it, then stepped back from it. Do not be angry at a loved his possible indiscretions; Be gentle with him and get the opportunity to quietly say, do not be offended at him.

We will offer you just a few of the ways in which you can cheer up your beloved. You can come up and do something, because no one except you do not know so well, that would calm him down and cheer. The important thing - that your motivation has always been based on a genuine love and care. That is true love has the power to allow it to really support a loved one.

 How to raise your favorite spirits in difficult times

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 how to lift your spirits


  • Pay particular attention to their appearance
  • Thoughts - only positive
  • Pay attention to the environment
  • Ignore people
  • Shopping
  • Magic medicine
  • Arrange home spa resort
  • Never to be depressed

We women are emotional people. On the one hand, this is good. Peace for us is full of colors, we can find joy in these moments, for which men even paid any attention to. But on the other hand - quite often we suddenly begin to turn sour for no apparent reason. That's so simple - no reason, no reason at the sun hides behind the clouds, the paint fade, and nothing else is not happy. However, the familiar? No?! Excuse me, young man, and you got us? No, we are glad to see you, of course, but not so sarcastic smile - we're talking about her, about women ...

So, we are facing a serious problem - we will tell you how quickly to cheer yourself up and become an expert (like this, neither more nor less!) To disperse clouds and ability to bring to life the happiness and sunshine. It is quite real, and very soon you will see for yourself. After all, you will not only become an expert, but also a little witch. Yes, it is a sorceress, for a good mood - this is the real miracle.

Pay particular attention to their appearance

If you feel that you are today with an out of tune, you first need to take care of the perfect appearance. This means that every time you have the mood of one of those "on the wrong foot stood up," you this day quite simply vital to spend more time in front of a conventional mirror.

Attire - the most beautiful, like today, March 8. Not an evening, of course, because the work has not been canceled. But - the most beautiful and beloved. Hair styling - and generally in Birthday. In an extreme case, as a date. Be sure to perfume - well, very-very! Makeup, ring-Boucicaut - by itself! This is - the best way to cheer yourself up. Because we are women!

Yes, by the way - you will improve the mood not only in the mirror after obozrevaniya result of their efforts, and still in the process of "lakirovochki" his person! And how can a man understand why today we have such high spirits? And we did not even remember how joyless our day began, because "the wrong leg" in sight anymore. In front of them - a beautiful and cheerful woman!

 how to cheer up yourself

Thoughts - only positive

Here you leave the house every morning and think, "Well, it is! In front of me - a great day, and so much good I'd have to do today! "And the mood you immediately become joyful, and the soul becomes so easy ... However, even strange to look at the sullen bystanders who hide under the big black umbrellas?

And they do not like? Rain, or what? So in fact it's so good - the rain will wash away all the dirt from the streets and the cars shine, if only because of washing. And for the skin, how it is useful, because it is such a great opportunity - here and so easily and get free moisturizing treatment! And umbrella - why did he have to be dark? It is better to disclose on a blue - as a personal piece of heaven, or yellow, like the sun, or color, like a bright rainbow - so anyone that its attractive appearance will cause a further surge of pleasure! Giving Secret: bright colors - is the best way how to cheer yourself up.

Is it any wonder that you are not pleased with the new day, if you do not know how to think positively? "Oh no, another boring day at the office !!! "How can such good news after anything? This is the first approach does allow to attract "good" vibration and positive people that will be the basis of your good mood. The second approach will ensure you one after another depressing day. And it is how to raise yourself up in this case - is a mystery to us all.

Pay attention to the environment

It is fashionable to look at all issues through the prism of the ancient art of feng shui. So, this is the feng shui obliged to get rid of the chaos. Disorder in the house or in the workplace is the reason that in the place of your dwelling deepens the negative energy, and good cleaning frees up space for the waves of positive energy.

Like it or not - we will not speculate. But it is an indisputable fact that getting rid of the great mess of our lives easier. How can we talk about a good mood, for example, if one knows where zapropastilas our favorite lipstick? And who can rejoice in the fact that the desired document on the desktop will have to look at the pile of unsorted folder? But when our home looks neat and tidy, it does not press on us the burden of guilt for the postponed once again cleaning, and the space around us becomes lighter and more spacious. So cleaning the house, and even a general - is also a good way to cheer yourself up.

By the way, it is very easy to maintain a good mood with the help of the color of the surrounding interior of the house. Light orange or yellow color of the walls and various trinkets in the favorite room in which you spend the most time, help to create a sense of joyful, sunny day. And the same sun and joyful mood will you dominate every day.

And inside "restore order", too, is necessary, because the emotional turmoil can be even more devastating. For example, not nosites guilt - if you have something to say or do, what would be regrettable, how quickly do everything possible to correct their mistakes. And if that is not possible - excuse themselves and live on. Otherwise, cheer yourself up is very difficult, and at times impossible.

 how to cheer up yourself

Ignore people

You just do not think, please, that we invite you to become inhospitable surly. It's not every day advice! Here you become boring, gray, bad - just unplug the phone, stay in silence. Well, you have a bad mood! And why do you have to explain it to friends and family, to apologize for the absence of immense happiness in his voice and ask to leave you alone, because today you're going to just sit all day in front of the TV in the half-dark, curtained room? We are afraid that after this problem will be not only how to cheer up yourself, but also how to raise it with your friends and family. Simply avoid any conversations were.


Previous tip will help you rather not spoil the already bad mood even more. And now get ready to listen: it helps to be happy, without exception, women! We are confident that each of you almost every day have to imagine something to deny. Just do not understand who came up with this imperfect world? Or rather, who came up with that in this world everything has to depend on the money? Behind each shop window, every shop, every counter must exist just awful nice little trick that is sure to be worth half a paycheck! Buy, yes ... It's impossible, by the way, only adds to our degrees on the scale of a bad mood.

And lest you think? Buy really should not suffer from the same bad mood! Just not that terribly expensive thing, and won the one that lies close; it costs just a penny, but also looks very pretty, just before her gaze somehow did not fall. And once you make that purchase does not empty purse, as the mood will rise significantly. And it is not so important that the bauble then will lie somewhere in the far corner; That way thing, too, eventually proved to be the same. And so - and money are intact and in a good mood! Do not have to feel deprived, throughout deny yourself unhappy woman.

 how to raise yourself up at home

Magic medicine

It is known that children laugh about four times a day, while adults do not always smile and twenty times. And when we lose our sense of humor? Try to bring it back. Play games, read a page from your favorite jokes in the newspaper, watch a comedy - and smile! Force yourself to smile, even if you do not want. It's a trick that fool your brain and make him think that you and really happy. After all, you want to be happy, right? Then, on the count of three: One, two, three - smile! And a bad mood slowly begins to evaporate.

And, you can often spend time with children. That's really who we can learn! Take their example and learn to find joy in simple things, licking ice cream, playing with water, rustling fallen leaves or running in the summer of a butterfly. And, of course, have as much to dance! Turn on your favorite music - loud included! - And start to dance. It's guaranteed to make you feel good. Can not dance? So what, then sing out loud! Maybe the neighbors and the mood will rise?

Arrange home spa resort

You have not tried to pamper yourself with a luxurious bath of warm, fragrant air foam? Well you have lost a lot! Do it now! And if we light candles, play music, take a glass of wine - oh, it's just heavenly bliss! Indeed, it will resort to your living room. And it's nice then relaxed the whole body, which becomes silky skin! You feel a goddess. And how can the goddess something upset? Water is generally a very good way of how quickly to cheer yourself up.

Never to be depressed

We hope you have realized that our mood is always dependent on us. If we let something upset us - we are upset. And if we do not want to be depressed - we will always find a way to cheer yourself up. Make it a rule to be happy. After all, you always have a choice - spend the day as you like it, be happy today - or be unhappy because of each trifle.

Even if this is not always a trivial little thing, you still do not lose hours or even days of his life on a bad mood. Make a choice in favor of good cheer and be happy!

 How to cheer yourself up and get rid of emotions neradostnye

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