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What do women desire? This question has long been trying to find an answer to many, and predominantly male. Understanding what a woman wants, would open up before them vast opportunities and prospects, as it is from women's happiness depends male and happiness. Let's try to find an answer to this difficult question, figure out their own desires and aspirations.

 What women want

Wherever she went, and I

It is possible that such a close relationship between the existence of the male from the female due to the presence of the first and the main figure in the life of a man - his mother. While still in the womb, the future man experiences all the subtleties and nuances of the condition of the woman-mother, when she was sad, he too sad, she laughs - and he, too, (the people there is even a belief that if a pregnant lot nervous, it will then be a nervous child). Since man first realized the importance of what the woman wants.

Over time, the answer to "what they want all women" is becoming increasingly important. On the playground is an opportunity to play in her toys. In elementary school - ask her to write off, in high - kiss. And then, of course, come to the fore has no relationship between a boy and a girl, and only between a man and a woman.

She OH + = ...

What usually women want in a relationship? Much depends on what stage of the relationship, you asked the question.

  1. Stage Relationship

    As a rule, if a man like a woman, she will give him to know about it - look, a gesture, or a witty joke to him. But the activity of its end - it has given him the "green light" and waits for some action on his part. Now the answer to the question "what do women want" is the behavior of male conqueror: the man should approach her and get to know, preferably also in an unusual way.

  2. "Buketnye-candy" stage

    What do women want when dating? The answer is simple: romance. And this is not limited to the notorious romantic bouquets and candy. Here, a man to be interested in the woman and give her pleasure, simply gush of ideas for romantic meetings. It can be a picnic, balloon flight, a romantic weekend in Europe, shooting at a shooting range for the prize - a teddy bear, a trip to the amusement park or water park and more - as you can see, the list is endless, and very different from the usual " Dinner - the movie - the bed. " Selecting depends on the nature of the particular girls, and, of course, on the preferences and resources gentleman.

  3. Stage of long-term relationships

    By this stage, against the wishes of the majority of women who come in almost any relationship .  There is already beginning to manifest the individuality of each partner, and the average question about the desire of women is no longer the case for most of them .  Someone wants stability and compatibility - at such a woman there is a need in the joint housing, quiet home evenings and a lot of time together .  And for someone, on the contrary, it becomes the dominant need for independence - these women will insist on the presence of free time and a man on the ability to pay attention to their own friends and hobbies .  You think it's all different women? In vain! These desires at different times can coexist in the same girl .  Therefore, men must constantly be alert and thinking about what women want, every time to answer this question again .  If a man will find answers corresponding to a particular situation and a particular woman, the latter more and more will fall in love with his insightful partner that can lead to the next stage .

  4. Stage engagement and wedding

    If you ask the question "What do women want is usually" wide sample of people, most of them will answer - married .  And it is far from the truth .  Some women want to marry at all, but most of them want to marry a loved and loving man .  Does her boyfriend to this type, she defines the previous steps, and if so, begins waiting for offers .  To him a woman the same wishes as to buketno-candy stage: romance, romance and romantic again! As to the wedding ceremony, here the tastes of the fair sex disagree: someone wants an expensive and lavish wedding, someone more to taste home party with my closest friends, and for someone wonderful option would be a beautiful ceremony in the open air .  For a man, there is only one important point: the bride is always right! She may be right, even if he wants to groom was involved in the organization of the ceremony and made a contribution, but it should be just her desire .  This is very important because of the beautiful wedding every girl dreams of from childhood, and to find the key to a woman's heart, a man must satisfy this desire .

  5. Stage marriage

    What do women want after the wedding? The answer may be a lot of (to build a career to be a homemaker and build a life, to spend much time with a man, or even walking the beauty salon and meet with friends), but most of them come to one - "I want a baby." And it's a given, is the same as other human instincts. Although it is impossible not to mention the movement Childfree (childlessness), gaining more and more popularity in our country and abroad. Representatives of this movement want to live your life for yourself, do not waste your time on child care. It is very important for the couple on the stage of long-term relationships to determine the views on this fundamental question, otherwise you risk to face a very unpleasant surprise.

  6. Stage anniversaries

    You have been married, have children grow. But some misunderstandings remain, and our question is still relevant - what women want? Of course, each person is unique and has its own needs. But there is a specific list of desires common to all the ladies: attention (men need to find time to communicate with his half and interested in her life), delight (which may be expressed in compliments from men), caring (even after twenty years of marriage, caring husband continues to carry heavy bags for his wife and preparing hot tea with raspberries, if she is not feeling well), the respect and recognition (the man does not have to insult and humiliate the half, especially in humans, and should enjoy its successes and its failures to empathize).

 that a woman wants

But what about the men?

Of course, you should not take our article as a universal answer to the question of what we all want. All women are unique: one loves salty, another sweet one likes men macho type, other - "nerds" glasses. But it is important to understand: the satisfaction of the basic needs of the above women are able to bring happiness to almost any of us.

Still wondering - whether strongly differ what women want from men, from what men want from women? It is not less important issue, and here are a few of its features. As a rule, men want more sex and freedom. And the rest of their needs are very similar to women - they are often as they want and love, and family, and children. Just sometimes their ideas about all of this may differ from the female, and it must be considered.

The main conclusion suggests itself - the men and women have a need for each other, it is the basis for a beautiful relationship. But in order to build such a relationship, you need to balance autonomy and compatibility - to be able to spend time together so that you both feel comfortable, but do not forget about everyone's right to personal space.

This is the most difficult, but if you figure it out and find the very point of equilibrium, which determines the internal comfort, your relationship can be safely be called happy. And the presence of happy relationship is what a woman wants!

 What do women want from men?

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 how to raise the mood

Like most of the people living on Earth, you can have moments when you feel totally depressed, and even standing on the brink of depression. You should tell you what to feel a bad mood - this is perfectly normal. We all sometimes melancholy. Some of us may become sad more often than is the case with others - this is also normal. The main thing - to know how to cheer up, so as not to plunge into a real depression. And for that, everyone has their own ways.

So do not be afraid of their bad mood - just push it. Cheer up, using its own ways set the mood. Of course, it is easy to say - cheer up! And if you have no reliable methods, which would help to do it? Then we'll show them to you! We know a lot of ways; Try any of them that you like the most. Maybe for you to be even better to walk around our list, test each technique to choose for themselves the best idea.

 how to cheer up

The best ways to cheer yourself up

  1. Breathe deeply

    If a bad mood suddenly flooded, then quickly deep breathing can help you to bounce back .  Deep breathing - a special relaxation technique by which you can relieve the stress of the body and clear the mind from anxiety .  Many people unknowingly have resorted to this technique, even without knowing it .  Shallow breathing, on the contrary, restricts the flow of oxygen into the body and creates an additional burden for your body, creating a vicious circle: straining, you will be even more immersed in the alarm and despondency .  Breathing exercises can make literally a miracle; they quickly tear this vicious circle .  Here's how to do it right: Sit up straight .  Make a full deep breath .  Put your hands on your abdomen, just above the waist line .  Now slowly inhale, slowly as if pushing your hand up .  This will ensure that you are breathing deeply enough .  Breathing in, imagine that you are filling your body with air - from the bottom up .

    After inhalation, hold your breath to the count from two to five (can be even more if you can afford it, the main thing that you feel comfortable). You will be easier to make the breath-hold, if you continue to press his hand on his stomach. Slowly and gradually exhale through the mouth, feeling your stomach is reduced and the arm returns to its original location. Exhale do a little bit longer than a breath.

    This is a very effective technique that can quickly put you at ease, and then the bad mood will melt without a trace!

  2. Drink pure water

    Yes, do not be surprised! A person needs water so that even slight dehydration can cause a variety of problems, including an imbalance of substances that are responsible for our mood. So, fill a glass of clean and transparent and truly magical liquid and drink it. Also, why do not you poprinimat multivitamin to further help your body? Incidentally, with regard to water, it is not limited to one glass. Track is that for each day you have been drinking as much fluid as necessary for each person to the normal functioning of the organism.

  3. What are some other ways to set the mood? Hugs!

    If you are near loved ones people, then go up and hug him. You have to give someone your arms to get them back. Sometimes this is all that is needed to quickly improve the mood of yourself or another person. Special studies, conducted by researchers from different countries have shown that the emotions that give the arms of a loved one, promote the development of oxytocin - a real "happiness hormone" - and reducing the risk of heart zabolevaniy.Sensornye sensations also contribute to the development of the brain chemicals which meet for our good mood - serotonin and dopamine. Not by chance in many cultures around the world are people who have just met, above all open to each other hugs.

  4. If you have a dog, then play around with it.

    That's really who really cheer you up quickly, so it's a pet! His devoted and selfless love, he is a person only positive emotions and fun romp with the dog or cat to make you forget about the sadness. Only if we say "play", it really means that you have to take in a fun an active part: run around each other, abandoning the dog ball or tease the cat a piece of paper tied to a string, hug and a joke "extortion" with the animal. This physical activity will give you a boost of energy and you will feel much better.

  5. Drink coffee, iced or hot

    Caffeine - natural "improver" mood. He adds joyful notes of not only its pleasant taste, but that will give you more energy to carry out walks, which in itself is one of the best ways to set the mood. Excessive use of coffee, of course, not necessary, but sometimes resort to this method is also possible.

  6. Contact your old friend

    Right now, open the address book of your phone and carefully check the whole list. Certainly there exist numbers that you have not typed! Perhaps you are going to call for a few months (or even years!), But somehow kept putting off the call. Do not blame yourself for what you've been no contact with an old pal, guilt will only worsen your mood. Just take, and call her. You'll see how she would be delighted! And it's sure to raise your spirits. And if you do not get in touch with her, then take the time to write a good, long letter.

  7. Watch a funny movie

    Find your favorite comedy, and get ready to enjoy it. When you get to the place you are always fun, allow yourself plenty to laugh at the scene and the characters in the film. Do not hold back, laughing in full force! Laughter is very beneficial affect you, and you will forget about bad mood.

  8. Go for a walk

    You already know that it will help you to fight depression and sadness. When you feel it is best - when people around you, or you are in the trees near the water? Then go to it. Even if you have to go there - do not put on a favorite outing place. Try to devote to stay there at least fifteen minutes. And even if you thought that it is impossible to carve out those moments because of your employment, or if you just do not want to go - you'll be surprised how much you want to stay there when the scheduled fifteen minutes have elapsed! Fresh air, invigorating environment and physical activity of walking is required to lift your mood.

  9. Arrange a luxury bath - with candles, music, bubbles from the aromatic bombs

    It is time to treat yourself! You can soak, relax, read a book or to lure his beloved and spend a wonderful time together. (Who said that aromatic baths are only for women ?!)

  10. Arrange a small shopping

    And not necessarily spend a lot of money - it is, on the contrary, can later cause a feeling of remorse, which in itself is capable of anyone to plunge into despair. You can please your darling and inexpensive shopping, because we have such a variety of options! Jewellery, cards, games, stickers, tapes, books, snacks, sunglasses, cute plush toys - the list can be very long.

  11. Listen to music

    You do love her? Put your favorite tunes, turn them to the highest possible volume and sing loudly. Feel the music that surrounds you swim in the songs, it will make you feel very good.

  12. Dance

    This should be done by analogy with music: Put your favorite tune, close the curtains to casual viewers will not bother you, and start to dance. If you think it's stupid, then give yourself a period of just five minutes - at least five minutes you have to dance. And then see how you yourself will feel afterwards. If you do not become happier - well, stop "experience". But we are confident that you will be a lot of fun! It will be good if you will sing and dance at the same time: when the feedback between the body and your mood will work faster. Do not be concerned about how well and beautifully you sing and move - do it the way you want the most. And even if at first you feel very badly, try to pretend that you just indecently lucky man, and your mood will certainly improve on several "degrees".

  13. If you have a site, then tinker in the ground

    Scientists have discovered that the friendly bacteria that live in the soil can cause in our body process serotonin, giving antidepressant effect. And, of course, bird watching, beautiful flowers and growing seedlings will only reinforce this effect.

  14. Prepare yourself something tasty

    When did you last take the time to cook your favorite food? Seek out and engage a proven recipe for cooking. If you are already tired of all that you are ready so far, look for new and interesting recipes. But only protect themselves from stress and choose a recipe that is not too complicated. You do not want to spend the rest of the day in tears because of the fact that half a day spent in the kitchen, and the dish could not and turned horrible taste?

  15. Exercise

    Physical activity releases endorphins, which, as we have said many times, allow you to perk up. Some studies show that exercise is just as effective for getting rid of the negative sentiment, as well as drugs for the treatment of depression.

  16. On the other hand, give yourself at least occasionally nap vslastK

    f course, in itself fatigue can cause a bad mood, but it is still able to push you to discouragement. Therefore, it is useful to get some sleep even during the day. And when you wake up, take a cool shower or at least rinse your face; you will feel like vigor and energy fill you up, and if you start life anew.

As you can see, ways to lighten the mood a lot, and you can come up with and their own methods of dealing with a bad mood. We want to give you one piece of advice: create a "Book of good mood." Make a list, like ours, which includes the ways in which work especially well from you. Print your book, sew it, decorate with photographs and drawings. And whenever you feel that your mood falls, take up his book and choose the way that you think is the most interesting at the moment. Quickly set the mood you will be guaranteed!

 Mood: how to raise the spirit

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