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What do men think? Oh, girls, how we would like to know the answer to this question! And because we know that most men are lying to us, consciously or unconsciously, and still believe. Naive! We ourselves, of course, is not without sin, and too often prevaricate, to say the truth or hiding her desperately. Just for anyone who knows how to read the body language of his counterpart, the true meaning of the words and intentions of the interlocutor will always be clear. Are you surprised? In vain. Movement of people, their facial expressions and gestures are often a lot more information than what he says out loud. Even a person who speaks little or no emotion, will issue its state body movements and gestures.

By the way, sign language is almost universal in the conduct of men and women. Movement of the head and hands, of course, individual, but a set of men and women is very different gestures. However, no matter how different were no gestures, they are similar. For example, any woman will start to smarten up the first thing to correct hair. In a similar gesture on the part of men will be amended by a tie or brushing of invisible dust from the shoulder of a jacket or shirt. So what is body language and how to understand the language of the human body? Let's try to understand.

What is the body language?

When we interact with other people, we are constantly exchanging wordless signals. Body language is as rich as our speech. All our non-verbal signals - our gestures, body position, how fast or loud talking, come as close to the interlocutor, - give careful observer more information about us than we can imagine. No wonder the body language of psychology studies so intently. Experienced psychologists, watching the signals your body will always be able to understand what is hidden in the depths of your soul, even if you remain silent or talk about something else entirely.

Want an example? All of us were taught as a child how to handle cutlery. However, each person in his own holding a knife, fork and spoon when eating. You can tell a lot about a man looking like he is holding a fork or spoon. If someone is holding a fork a little closer to the middle, then we can say about it - this is a man of wide nature, very sociable and friendly. He who holds the instrument towards the end of the handle - a very temperamental and something even hard man. Here it is: a person eats in silence, but it is necessary to give up one look at his hands - and much of it becomes clear without words.

"Reading" and people's understanding of the signal of their body - is an art that can be useful in life. Well, learn to understand the body language of men - is generally a separate topic. What woman does not want to understand that the thought of actually lurking in my head talking to her man? If women are by nature more expressive and open, men usually try to hide their true feelings.

 sign language and body

How to learn to read body language?

What we really "speak" the gestures of men, and how to learn to read? Body language - is, by and large, the language of hidden emotions. To learn to understand the information subconscious movements, facial expressions and gestures, we just need to carefully observe the man. Most often, people do not follow their gestures, and sometimes simply unable to control the movements of your body language and facial expressions.

No, of course we try to control yourself, but it is the uncontrolled movement can give us our present mood and state. For example, a man who speaks the truth consciously, subconsciously try to cover her mouth. And this movement can be veiled and expressed in periodic touch hands to the nose or to the corner of the mouth. And if the person with whom you talk, thinks you tell him the truth, he will subconsciously try to cover my ears. Naturally, these movements you will not see, but touch itself earlobe or rub his temple while the source is.

In short, be careful, as a man behaves during a conversation. Of course, to learn the language of movements, need a lot of time, because this whole focus on textbooks and courses of practical psychology. However, the mini-course that will help you understand the language of movement, hidden emotions and the true intentions of the man, you can go now. In order to read the language of the male body, it is necessary to focus on the most insignificant gestures and actions that will open us to the mystery of man's thoughts. You are ready? Then start.

We look at the face

Naturally, during the interview, we look into the eyes of the interlocutor. But we should not forget that in this case, although the eyes and the mirror of the soul, they do not hide their emotions reflect. Therefore, we look to other parts of the face.

What does it mean when his pupils dilate?

Oh, this is the surest sign that you are calling him interest. Moreover, the man likely to experience the excitement. True, we are talking about a situation where a man is not under the influence of any other stimulants in addition to your beauty. Note that the dilated pupils may be a sign and sublime, and base emotions. So do not be fooled and do not drown in such eyes-whirlpools.

What does it mean if it does not look you in the eye

There are two options, if a man looks away and directs the gaze to the floor, then, most likely, he lied to you. Or you very much hesitates. If his gaze directed at you, but periodically "escapes" from the face of the line of cleavage, then rest assured - a man feels sexual interest to you.

What does it mean when he licks his lips?

You've seen it in cartoons: the cat about to pounce on a mouse, she first licks his lips, right? In humans, this means about the same thing. When we see something that we really want, we are waiting for the desired unconsciously licked his lips. We are a little nervous when the expectation of prolonged; salivary glands secrete a secret no longer, her lips dry and we licks them.

Which means, when he raises his eyebrows?

The significance of this gesture depends on exactly how the man raises his eyebrows. Raised eyebrows may indicate surprise or skepticism. But if he raised his eyebrows quickly and just for a moment - you're in luck! Especially if these movements are accompanied by a smile eyebrows. This shows that you are very attractive in his eyes.

 body language and gestures

We look at the body

Rarely a man hardens a pillar of salt when talking with a woman. Naturally, it will change attitudes and to make any movement. The position of his body and the movement of the torso during an interview can also be a lot to say about the attitude and state of man.

Which means, when he turns in his chair?

He can not sit still and takes writhed posture? Typically, this means that he has something wrong, he wants to end the conversation and leave the room. There is another option: a man would do that if he is sexually aroused and twisted postures and movements are numerous - an elementary attempt to hide an erection.

What does it mean if it sways when he speaks?

Psychologists agree that when a man during a conversation swings from heel to toe and from toe to heel, he was not sure of himself. Or he is talking about. These movements as if to comfort him, imitating the rocking the baby in the cradle or in the womb. It is quite another thing, if a man talking, sitting up and rocking on his socks - these movements say that he is satisfied and even happy.

Which means, when he stands or sits, legs wide apart?

This is one of the most important gestures of the male body language. Widely spaced legs like to say: "I - the alpha male! ". A man may even assume that this kind of turns you on it.

Look at your hands

Movements of hands - one of the most eloquent means of sign language. That hand movements often give out the intentions of men and reveal the true essence of his emotions.

Which means if he gesticulates hands?

Men who are talking, gesticulating and waving his arms, as a rule, very communicative. The more active gestures, the wider movements of the arms, and the more he makes them, the more he likes you.

What does it mean when he runs his fingers through his hair?

Birds in the wild smooth and clean their feathers in order to look good in front of a potential partner. In the language of the human body, this replica has the same meaning. If he tilts his head forward slightly and gently runs his fingers at the roots of hair, flowing hair between the toes, as if combing them, these movements indicate that a man wants to please you. But if he does that, barely seeing you, then it means that he is nervous about how it looks. In any case, this is a good sign for you.

Which means, when he stroked her face?

Three cheers for such a man! If he's listening to you, touching your face or your finger on the cheeks, it is not to try and impress you. These movements mean that a man is listening very carefully and try to delve deeper into the meaning of what you have said. This is a good sign that says that a man takes you seriously.

Which means, when he stretches his hand to you?

When a man holds out his hand to you, he seems to be asking your permission, "I want to be with you, can I? "There are important nuances, it is important how he makes hand movements, whether he feels vulnerable or he believes in himself. If the hand is slightly turned palm up, it means that he would like you to take the initiative in bringing together - a gesture of humility and innocence. If the hand is turned palm down, he wants to control what is happening on their own.

 how to understand body language


No, no, we will not consider the technique of kissing, wearing distinct sexual overtones. Consider the situation in the kisses do not love, and others.

What does it mean when he kisses you on the cheek?

It is a sign of friendship. Man sees in you, first of all, a pleasant companion, and a man with whom it is interesting to spend time. However, it does not mean his sexual coldness. If he kisses you on the cheek at first acquaintance, it means that the relationship is going to continue, and even to make them closer. But gradually. This note is a good sign.

If a man kisses your hand ...

Kiss the hand can be an element of civility and displays of affection. Unfortunately, men who kiss the hands of women, this is not so much. Therefore, this behavior is a man on a first date talking about his peculiar upbringing and character of the dandy. If you kiss the hands of the man with whom you have long been close, it is a sign of the special affection that you will experience your man - it simply overwhelms the mass of delicate emotions and anxious feeling. Believe me, such behavior is worth a lot!

Kiss in the temple

Akin fatherly kiss. Kiss your man in the head, in addition to the tender emotions feels a sense of responsibility for you with sincere friendliness. He loves you and is going through for you, and his feeling of love is quite compatible with the need for protection.

Which means, when he kisses you on the forehead?

Psychologists call this gesture of confidence "parent". A man like you, he worries about you and is ready to take care of, but ... he sees you only as a friend. Ugh, that this is what we were afraid of! But on the other hand, it may mean that he literally struck you, but he did not have the courage to kiss you on the lips.

Do not forget that your body also gives your emotions and feelings. Try to control yourself and not take explicitly call poses. Remember that flirting should be easy. Try not to lie and not to fantasize (your body will give you all the same). Better yet - be sincere, then your words and the silent signs of the body will be completely harmonious. However, for us it is quite natural.

But what do men, often substantially different from what they think or feel. Therefore, you should not rely solely on words. Movements, gestures and facial expressions much better man opens his innermost thoughts and feelings. So do what he says and what he does - really does matter!

 Body Language: What are silent about men?

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