how to behave with a man Capricorn


  • The nature of male Capricorn
  • How to fall in love with a man-of Capricorn
  • Taboo in the relationship with a male Capricorn

If you have decided to link their lives with Capricorn, you will have to gain terpeniya.Prezhde than to win the love of this man, we must first win his friendship, so do not take any hasty action, but rather a good look at the nature and value of your lover. This will help you understand how themselves should be conducted with a representative of the zodiac sign, to conquer his heart forever.

The nature of male Capricorn

Man Capricorn is pragmatic - he believes intelligence can solve any problems of mankind. That is why he is constantly working on themselves, developing not only in the professional sphere. Such persistence and a positive effect on his material well-being. It is characterized by devotion to his friends and relatives, and never fails to support them when needed. Male Capricorn appreciates friendship, so as a life partner itself chooses the girl who would become his faithful friend.

In relations with women Capricorn behaves with dignity. When meeting with the girl, it is unlikely to change it, or look for a replacement. The fact that the representatives of this zodiac sign are very demanding for the female sex, and are in fact one-woman man. If a male goat, and breaks up with a woman, it is not because he wanted freedom or diversity. He is looking for a decent life partner, you can rely on, with which to build a strong relationship for life. Frivolous ladies with whom you can spend time in search of adventure, he was not interested.

Recognize that the man Capricorn indifferent to you, will not be easy at first. By its nature, it is not too emotional. But his coolness and cold is often a mask - a precautionary measure from love disappointments. If he understands that you can trust that you have for him sincere feelings, this mask will soon subside.

 how to deal with Capricorn Male

How to fall in love with a man-of Capricorn

To win the favor of the representative of the mark, it is important to present themselves. Capricorns are by nature very conservative, closed and pedantic, so no special strategy of conquest is not enough. After studying their idea of ​​the perfect romantic relationship, we have prepared for you a guide to action, which will help to win the love of a cold and impassive at first sight, man.

  • Conquer his friendship

According to Capricorn, the wife must also be the true friend to whom he can always rely on, someone is sure. Representatives of this sign are not inclined to flirt with each counter, enough attention to them a single woman who will arouse their interest. They are wary of all people, including the girls, and their inner world just do not admit anyone. It will take some time before a male Capricorn will begin to trust you. Therefore, in any case, you will first have to present yourself as a good friend.

  • Be successful in their professional activity

Capricorn with trepidation relate not only to their professional success, but also to the success of people who are not indifferent to them. So if you want to connect a life with this man, it is desirable to you to succeed in building their careers, to become a real specialist in a particular area. Capricorns appreciate it when people do that gives them pleasure, but complaints about the heavy schedule, low wages and the evil boss does not like. So if your work activity and is not without drawbacks, it is best to leave discussion of them with you. Do not be discouraged beloved constant complaints - let them think that your work you like.

  • Develop the femininity

Try to be calm, be gentle, low-key, a little modest. Male Capricorn also appreciates the warmth and kindness. He himself does not differ too much emotion, so it needs dopoluchaet her side. Surround him with her tenderness and warmth - this will help him get closer to you emotionally. In addition, such an attitude will serve him a sign that he is not indifferent to you. But in its quest to win Capricorn try not to cross the line between expression of attention and persistence. Do not disclose to him all his soul - it put him in an awkward position.

  • Develop your intelligence

If you are interested in Capricorn and want to attract his attention, that alone is not enough visual appeal. Representatives of this sign appreciate a woman and her mind. Chosen male Capricorn must be multifaceted and different intellectual ability to maintain a conversation on various topics. But the high IQ level is not yet a reason for your arrogance. The representatives of this zodiac sign very negative condemn this quality.

  • Be frank

Capricorn pours out his heart and soul, of course, you are no demands, but also build from a girl-puzzle each time is also not necessary. Such a man appreciates the frankness girl. He was not attracted to the silent lady. Therefore, the tactics of the "offended and do not talk" can forget - sooner or later you get tired of the chosen ferret out what was the reason for your grievance. If there are things that do not suit you, it is better to tell the truth, but do it gently.

  • Forget calf tenderness and initiative in sex

Sex with Capricorn usually long - it is required to be at least food and water. Representatives of this sign of the zodiac do not like when they are forced too zealous in bed, because it makes it difficult to enjoy. Learn how to bring his chosen and sometimes surprise him pleasant surprises. On complaints of headache can forget - you should always be ready to have sex with him when he had not wanted to. Showed great enthusiasm, but let him remain with the chief.

  • Forget about too flashy outfits

Groomed attract any man, but here as a make-up and wardrobe, there have divergent tastes. You want to know how to behave with the representatives of this sign? Do not wear too much for him flashy outfits and make-up of too flashy, too, it is desirable to give up. This does not mean that you have to be reincarnated as a gray mouse, just around comply with the measure. Bright and flashy accents can be, but not the entire image at once.

 how to behave with a man Capricorn

Taboo in the relationship with a male Capricorn

Earlier we told you how to behave with the representatives of the mark, and now let's talk about taboos, the violation of which will lead to the inevitable parting. Due to the fact that Capricorns are stingy with emotions, sometimes very difficult to know whether you act or do something wrong. To melt the heart of the non-emotional prince, follow our recommendations:

  • Do not compare him with his former men

Compared with its predecessor unpleasant to any man, let alone Capricorn more so. It does not matter, the comparison is in favor of it or not - now you have with him and forget about past relationships. Notice the advantages of his new chosen one, and do not forget they are sometimes voiced.

  • Do not compete with her lover

Do not try to "jump" it intellectually or career. Do not forget that Capricorns are ambitious, so rivalry is nothing good to your relationship will bring. But also specifically to underestimate its advantages, too, is not necessary. Everyone should have their own interests and aspirations, and if you do and you want to compete, it is better to choose for this purpose someone else.

  • Do not be intrusive

With a man of this sign of the zodiac, try not to show too much attention and care. He was not accustomed to openly express their emotions (even if he falls in love with you, you do not immediately understand this), and your attention to it, frequent calls, text messages, surprises will put him in an awkward position. He will also feel obliged to express once their feelings, and it is not easy to do. In addition, increased obsession, even if it is a beloved, sometimes frightening and repellent, so do not overdo it.

  • Do not give him all over

Male Capricorn appreciates femininity with her characteristic tolerance, restraint and calm, but it does not mean that you have to meekly obey him in everything. After all, at the same time it is important to him, his personality, and she was able to defend its position when it is needed. Do not give in at all - it means to have an opinion. If your point of view, somewhat disagree, try to calm argue their case and listen carefully to the arguments of her lover - to arrange a scandal in any case not necessary.

Man Capricorn is afraid to open his soul to the woman, who did not appreciate, is afraid to be disappointed in love, so be prepared for the fact that it is long enough to keep you at a distance, even if you really attract his attention. Follow our advice, but do not forget to stay a while, because sincerity is able to melt the heart of even the most unapproachable man.

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