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  • The classic recipe for mayonnaise
  • Red mayonnaise with tomato paste
  • Home-made mayonnaise in chicken egg yolks
  • Mayonnaise "Salad" with sour cream
  • Milk mayonnaise without eggs
  • Mayonnaise with walnuts and cranberry juice
  • Mayonnaise Swedish

Today we'll show you how to make mayonnaise at home. Surely you come in handy these simple recipes, especially as the holidays are approaching, and on each table will be salads, various snacks, which usually enters the ingredient. Of course, you can always buy mayonnaise in a supermarket, but it will never compare to what is cooked at home, and neither in taste, nor on utility. So I suggest not to be lazy and to adopt these cooking tips and make the sauce yourself.

The classic recipe for mayonnaise

Preparation of mayonnaise - it five minutes. All that is necessary - it is only necessary to purchase products and using this recipe, mix them in a specified proportion. We suggest you start with the simplest - make a classic sauce that perfectly complements the taste of the festive salads, appetizers and other dishes.


  • refined vegetable oil - 700 ml
  • 3 large spoons of lemon juice
  • Five grams of sodium chloride
  • one teaspoon of mustard
  • Ten grams of sugar
  • three eggs (you need only proteins)

Cooking method:

Prepare the mayonnaise at home is not so difficult as it might seem at first glance. After spending five or ten minutes, you will get a delicate salad dressing, as is no doubt necessary.

To start separate the yolks from the whites and whisk whisk past, then enter them lemon juice, mustard, sugar, salt, put on your taste. Stir all ingredients so that there was even the smallest lumps to mass acquired a uniform color. You can use a blender or mixer - mayonnaise will be a very airy. When the first cooking is finished, proceed to the next step: to slowly pour prepared sauce refined oil and whisk again all to the dense state. If the mayonnaise in your opinion went too thick, dilute it with cooled boiled water (it will be only two tablespoons).

Now you have mastered the cooking homemade sauce! This classic recipe is useful for all occasions, for the holidays and everyday meals and snacks.

 mayonnaise recipe at home

Red mayonnaise with tomato paste

Mayonnaise recipes are diverse, ranging from classic and ending with the original product mix with horseradish, nuts, spice mixtures, cheese, sour cream, pickled mushrooms and other constituents. So this sauce can be prepared at least every day and never repeat. At this time, offer to make your own mayonnaise with tomato paste, which is due to this ingredient, it turns yellowish-red color. It can be added to salads, appetizers decorate them well, it should just serve hot meals or, for example, a filler. Well, let's get down?


  • Five chicken eggs
  • half a liter of sunflower oil
  • mustard - two teaspoons
  • 150 grams of tomato paste
  • 0, 5 tablespoons normal vinegar (use 9%)
  • Salt - to your taste

Cooking method:

Despite the fact that the recipe involves the use of ½ tablespoon of vinegar, this ingredient, as well as salt, be added at its discretion, for each family own taste.

So, we proceed to the preparation. Proteins in the initial phase will not be necessary, so that separate them and remove the time in a separate bowl and whisk the egg yolks well with the help of a kitchen corolla. Once here also pour salt (about a teaspoon), sugar, mustard and place the tomato paste. The latter product should not be too sour - try to buy a slightly sweet, while mayonnaise will certainly delicious! Stir all ingredients and never ceasing to do this, pour a thin stream of oil, and then - vinegar. Now it was the turn of chicken proteins: add them to the dish and whisk it.

We recommend to use this blender, then the weight is dense, homogeneous and free of lumps. When the mixture is slightly brighten and become more dense, try it on taste - whether enough salt and vinegar; if necessary, enter some more of these products.

Due to the fact that in this recipe includes tomato paste, mayonnaise has a reddish-yellowish tint with characteristic taste and smell of ripe tomatoes.

Home-made mayonnaise in chicken egg yolks

For a huge number of sauces to choose "their" need to try far more than a recipe. So experiment and cook for pleasure - so you will be able to judge objectively about what is best mayonnaise.


  • two yolks
  • vegetable oil - 120 milliliters (refined product is not bitter, so we recommend to use it)
  • Ten grams of sugar
  • the same amount of mustard
  • three pinches of salt

Cooking method:

If you want to make the mayonnaise has a sharp taste and smell, use a sharp mustard. For those who do not like such dishes fit the softer product, including grainy.

Once all the necessary utensils - spoons, deep bowl, whisk and others - is on the table, you can start making a home refueling. By the way, that it turned out perfectly homogeneous and air, it is best to use a blender if, of course, you have the kitchen appliance.

As mentioned in the beginning, the recipe does not include proteins, so separate them and use for cooking other dishes, and egg yolks in a separate bowl Transfer and whisk whisk. Then enter them above the amount of sugar, mustard, salt put on your taste. Now thoroughly mix all ingredients and after weight gain light beige shade disappear lumps, add the vegetable oil, pouring his small jet.

Just from the product, and it depends on the consistency of food future, however, to achieve a higher density can enter slightly greater amount than that specified in the recipe. When all the components are assembled together mayonnaise, beat them with a mixer or blender until smooth. Note that the home sauce, unlike a shop, not stored too long - try to use it within five days.

The finished dish keep in the fridge, but if you feel that it went too thick, add a little warm water and mix. Similarly, should you do in case of formation of excess lumps - slightly diluted mayonnaise, you can easily get rid of them. Hopefully this recipe is useful to you!

Mayonnaise "Salad" with sour cream

If you like to make vegetable, meat and other salads, then this recipe is ideal for you. Firstly, homemade mayonnaise turns out very tender, tasty and wonderful complement such dishes. Secondly, he unquestionably useful than products store, because it does not contain any harmful additives or preservatives. Use these tips and cook healthy food!


For the mayonnaise:

  • yolk - two pieces
  • ½ tablespoons (tea) dry mustard
  • black pepper and salt - to your discretion
  • Half a glass of wine vinegar (can substitute lemon juice)
  • olive oil and special oil for salads - just one cup
  • one package of sour cream

For mustard:

  • 30 grams of dry mustard powder
  • boiling water
  • salt - to taste
  • vinegar or lemon juice
  • one teaspoon of sugar
  • the same quantity of vegetable oil

Cooking method:

In this recipe includes dry mustard, which is quite easy to use - it is enough to read the instructions given by the manufacturer on the packaging. But just in case, so you do not face any difficulties, we describe in detail how the powder turned into a fragrant liquid mustard.

Before you start cooking, make sure that the product consists of small grains, without unnecessary impurities and husk. To avoid trouble can sift it through a sieve. Now, take a tablespoon of powder and fill it with the same amount of boiling water. Good grind, and then thoroughly mixed to form a solid mass, and then again add hot water (one tablespoon). Such a phased introduction of the liquid allows to prepare the mustard without a lump, to the same hot water removes excessive bitterness of the product, which is due to the release of the essential oil. Set aside the mixture aside for fifteen minutes.

After mustard Currently, enter into it one teaspoon of sugar and the same amount of vegetable oil. Then pour a little salt and vinegar (10 ml), instead, by the way, you can use lemon juice. Good mash all the ingredients and put the product in the refrigerator.

To add piquancy to the dish, some housewives add honey, spices and even beer. Mustard thicken and completely "gains" all of its aroma and flavor in about one day, so it is recommended to do in advance.

So now all you need products ready recipe for mustard mastered, you can move directly to the preparation of mayonnaise. To do this in a deep stainless bowl whisk by a corolla chicken egg yolks, then type in its sole discretion salt and pepper, homemade mustard and half indicated in the recipe portion of wine vinegar. Note that in the absence thereof, can always use lemon juice. Without stopping, and continuing stirring, slowly pour in both types of oil. If you want to make a perfect and uniform air mayonnaise, use a blender for whipping ingredients. At the end, enter the remaining vinegar and sour cream, and a few times to mix things up. The resulting mass is cool and store in refrigerator for no longer than five days.

There is another recipe of mayonnaise. You might want to try it, so we will not hide all the details of its preparation. So, if you do not have cream, replace such products: mustard (put about five large spoons), one lemon (squeeze the juice out of it), and a half cup of cream. Salt, as always, add your own convenience. Bon Appetit!

 how to make mayonnaise at home

Milk mayonnaise without eggs

Many believe that homemade mayonnaise is always prepared on the basis of eggs, but this is misleading, as our proposed recipe - a clear proof of that. Try to make a delicious filling milk-based, which is ideal for salads and festive meals.


  • half a cup of milk (if you decide to use a home, be sure to boil it)
  • salt
  • 2 large tablespoons spicy mustard
  • 150 milliliters of any vegetable oil
  • ½ medium-sized lemon (you only need the juice - two tablespoons)

Cooking method:

Pour the milk into a bowl and place on low heat to warm. However, keep it on the stove for too long is not necessary - as on the surface of the bubbles start to appear, turn off the burner. If you are using a home product, it is required to pre-boil and cool slightly. Now pour in the warm milk and vegetable oil, a few times to mix, put the mustard, a few pinches of salt and squeeze the juice of half a lemon. Be careful that you do not hit bone mayonnaise!

To achieve the perfect consistency of food to help a blender or mixer. Otherwise, you can always beat the usual ingredients kitchen whisk you and should be done. Ready mayonnaise should be uniform and dense, with no lumps, light color. After it has cooled down a bit, to shift the product in a clean container, tightly cover and store on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. At the same time, note that home refueling does not contain preservatives, so rather quickly deteriorates - about a week later it will be impossible to add any salads or other dishes.

Mayonnaise with walnuts and cranberry juice

On the festive table is usually served at least one meat dish, whether flavored beef or pork steak, grilled or "fingers" with bacon. In order not to spoil your culinary masterpiece genetically modified products made mayonnaise own using this recipe. This sauce with walnuts, cranberries and lemon zest to give your savory meat and extraordinary richness.


  • half cup of walnuts (crushed necessarily) nuts
  • olive oil or any other vegetable oil - four tablespoons
  • 20 ml lemon juice
  • cranberry juice - tablespoon

Cooking method:

This recipe can be implemented in two ways. In the first case, simply peel and grind the walnuts, and the second - fry them in a pan without oil. Just try both options, you will be able to objectively judge which one is better.

Getting directly to the preparation of mayonnaise, first loosen the nuts from the shell, wrap them in a kitchen towel or clean cloth, so that nothing fell apart, and mash with a rolling pin or mallet for beating meat. After Put them in a deep dish and pour olive (or other) oil. Well rubbed mixture enter cranberry and lemon juice. Can to your taste add a little salt or spices.

If you are planning to go on a picnic and barbecue with friends, make mayonnaise nutty house Put it in a jar and take with them to the countryside. He will make the company the perfect juicy grilled meats.

Mayonnaise Swedish

This recipe is radically different from the previous ones. In this case, the usual shops mayonnaise using certain ingredients transformed into an original sour-sweet sauce.


  • one pack of mayonnaise (we recommend using a light gourmet product)
  • ½ cup of apple jam
  • salt - optional
  • a little fresh horseradish, grated (you need about four large spoons)

Cooking method:

We offer turn magazine in an unusual mayonnaise dressing in just five minutes. It blends perfectly with both cold and hot meat or fish dishes and complements the taste of meals.

The first thing to do - clean up from the skin horseradish. After that, rub it on the medium-sized grater and connect with the other ingredients, that is, with apple jam and ready mayonnaise. Thoroughly whisk or fork food kitchen whisk and send them in the refrigerator. Now it is no secret to you how to prepare mayonnaise at home.

Modern manufacturers offer a huge selection of merchandise - even today, lemon juice sold in jars. But if you want to eat the right food and useful, all the better to use fresh, including the product. By the way, taking the classic recipe for mayonnaise and adding it one way or another ingredient, you get a completely new dish:

  • Peel the garlic and grind with a special press, if you do not, just finely chop cloves knife. Then mix all the mayonnaise and refuel them or meat, for example, fish dishes.
  • It is ideal for vegetable salad sauce with the addition of cheese. Last grate on a fine grater and connect with homemade mayonnaise, cooked any way.
  • Fresh herbs (dill, parsley, cilantro, and others) as a part of the sauce goes well with fish: stewed, roasted, baked, and so on.
  • If you want to complement the taste of Mediterranean cuisine, using mayonnaise with lemon zest and finely chopped green olives.

This homemade sauce will always help - it can be used both for cooking festive and everyday dishes. Remember that every woman in the shower chef, so do not be afraid to experiment and add mayonnaise their constituents!

 Mayonnaise in the home: a useful prescription refills

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