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Making beverages from oranges - quite time consuming and is not too time-consuming process. There are plenty of recipes, from simple and ending with a rather complex combination of products and complicated technology of mixing the ingredients. But all of them are relevant, because there is no need to buy questionable quality soda and juices that contain a huge amount of harmful elements - emulsifiers, dye - if you can make yourself a drink. For this ideal oranges.

Firstly, they are sold in supermarkets year round. Secondly, these fruits are rich in various vitamins (C, F, A, B and others), and not only perfectly quench thirst, but also beneficial to the entire body. Scientists have proven that oranges - it's a kind of antioxidants that have anti-aging properties, eliminate toxins, thereby preventing aging and the development of many health problems. Therefore we suggest to get acquainted with the secrets of cooking delicious and healthy drink of oranges.

Citrus Drink

This delicious sweet drink made from fresh oranges - ideal replacement Sprite, Coca-Cola, Fanta, Pepsi and other harmful soda. It is excellent thirst quencher, invigorates and energizes. In addition, using a citrus cocktail cold season, you pick up the immune system and protect the body from acute respiratory viral infections. After all, fruits are rich in vitamin C, so drink to your health!


  • Four large orange
  • 50 grams of citric acid
  • one kilogram of sugar
  • eight liters of water

Cooking method:

In order to make the drink of oranges, especially washed cut fruits as finely as possible (peeled they should not be). Then shift citrus pieces in a bowl, sprinkle with citric acid, cover and return to the refrigerator for about 24 hours. After this time, pour orange water (need one liter) and put on the stove, turning the burner to a minimum. Boil the mixture, do not forget to stir occasionally with a spoon, about half an hour. After it has cooled, whisk together well the resulting fruit pulp with a mixer or blender until smooth again Transfer to a saucepan. Now pour the orange sugar, pour the remaining water and cook over low heat until the next drink starts to boil. Spread it in a clean bottle and store in the cold.

If the street is hot and you are thirsty, put some ice in a glass, pour fruit nectar, to hook the edge of a glass of orange slice and enjoy an invigorating and fresh drink. Bon Appetit!

 Frozen orange drink from

Drink fresh currants and oranges

Many housewives cook jelly and fruit drinks made from fresh or dried fruit. If anything is left forces ready to buy juice. However, over time, the usual options are always bored. In case want some variety, try a drink of black currant and orange. Products designed for preparing a single serving for an adult.


  • 300 grams of currants
  • two medium oranges
  • Sugar - to taste
  • teaspoon of honey
  • edible ice

Cooking method:

There are two recipes of this dish. The first is very simple: take 80 milliliters of the finished orange and black currant juice and add a spoonful of honey and stir.

The second option of fresh fruit drink more "healthy" and healthy, so it was his master and offer. So, currants or grind in a blender or mince. After the strain through a sieve - so you get rid of excess flesh. Then dilute with a little water, add sugar and bring to a boil over low heat. You should get the sweet juice.

The same technology should be prepared orange nectar. To do this, remove the peel from the fruit, and use the juicer. The resulting liquid pour into a bowl, put on the stove, make a small flame, pour the sugar and cook, stirring occasionally, until cooked. To drink not turned out too sweet, add in orange and currant juice is not too much sugar. Now connect both types of nectar in one pot, enter a fragrant golden honey, can be diluted with a little soda water. Thoroughly mix all ingredients and serve the drink on the table. Pour it into a nice glass on the bottom of which lay two ice cubes.

Naturally, winter is impossible to get fresh currants. Therefore, in the cold season is recommended to prepare a fruit drink made from frozen berries. And if you have a cottage, then gathered the summer harvest, wash it, spread on packages and store in the freezer. Thus, year-round at your table will be fresh fruit, which can be added and compote and jelly, and a drink with a recipe that you just learned about.

Drink "Fruit boom"

If you decide to go on a picnic with friends, make the house "Fruit boom" and take it with you. This drink will quench your thirst on a hot day, to lighten the mood and relax. It is fresh, crisp and not too heady. In addition, it is possible to prepare not only in summer but in winter using frozen berries, fresh oranges and lemons.


  • four small lemon
  • a large orange - two pieces
  • 200 grams of gooseberry
  • two liters of dry red wine
  • 100 grams of melted honey
  • edible ice
  • one liter of mineral water

Cooking method:

Washed fruit - oranges and two lemons - cut middle-sized slices and gooseberry Clean and each berry with a knife, divide into two halves. Of the remaining citrus squeeze juice into different dishes. Of course, if you have a juicer, the process of collecting the nectar will pass more quickly and efficiently. Now put honey on a steam bath and melt it, then connect with gooseberries and cut fruit. This also pour both types of juice and mix thoroughly. Just before serving the drink in a separate pan make mix of mineral water and red wine. Then grind the ice and place it on the bottom glasses, here is pour the orange and lemon juice and mineral water with wine. Optionally decorate your creation of fresh mint leaves.

To prepare this drink you can use any berries: raspberries, red or black currants, blackberries. In general, the place that you love. For year-round to enjoy a delicious nectar, it is the summer to freeze fresh fruit. Also, if you want to make a drink for children's holiday, take the same ingredients as in the first case, just do not add wine.

Milk drink with orange juice

The beverage is suitable for both children and adults - it does not contain alcohol and is excellent thirst quencher. Prepare a Sunday lunch, call the parents and the whole family gather around one table. Pre recommend to freeze the ice - so milkshake with oranges can be done even when guests are on the threshold. Note that these products are designed for one serving.


  • small orange
  • half cup of pasteurized milk
  • yolk - one piece
  • 10 grams whipped cream
  • two ice cubes
  • granulated sugar

Cooking method:

If you have a shaker, use it - then get a perfect cocktail. Otherwise take conventional mixer or blender.

So start preparing the drink: orange cut in half, leaving a slice for decoration, squeeze the juice out of it in a shaker. Then, here is pour in cold milk, add the chicken egg yolk, ice and whisk thoroughly until a homogeneous mixture with the foam.

Before pouring the cocktail, you need to decorate the glasses. You want to drink looked pretty? Sprinkle a little sugar on the kitchen table, soak the glassware and the neck, turning it upside down, put it on a work surface. As a result, the glass should remain grains of sugar - so they do not spread out, hold the glasses in the fridge for about fifteen minutes. Decant Then they received a cocktail, garnish with a slice of orange and whipped cream.

By the way, if you do not want to mess with fruit, take the usual orange juice or syrup.

 drinks from the oranges

Coffee drink with oranges

It turns out that even in the coffee, you can add oranges. This hot drink to cheer up the most overcast day, so bring a prescription note.


  • Half cup unsweetened natural strong coffee
  • Orange - one piece
  • brown sugar - to your taste

Cooking method:

Pour in Turku organic coffee, cover with water and cook in a conventional manner. That he did not run away, make a very small fire, but as soon as the "cap" will begin to rise, immediately turn off the burner. As long as the drink cools, cut the orange in half and squeeze juice into a cup (as the number of persons), followed here, enter a coffee and put sugar, focusing on the taste. If you want to give a special flavor of coffee, sprinkle a small amount of cinnamon and use to decorate the whipped cream, which are sold in pastry departments of supermarkets.

Milkshake "oranges"

We offer another simple recipe for a soft drink based on milk with the addition of orange juice.


  • 15 ml of sugar syrup
  • orange
  • 125 milliliters of milk
  • grated nutmeg - a pinch

Cooking method:

Divide in half knife orange and using a juicer squeeze out the juice. Then pour it into a bowl with the milk, add the sugar syrup and beat with a mixer until smooth. Now distributed by the glass and sprinkle with nutmeg and serve.

"Phantom" at home

Your child loves "Phantom"? Then this recipe is definitely useful, because it can be used to cook orange drink at home without emulsifiers and dyes. Cocktails will love the kid.


  • peel four large oranges
  • three liters of boiled and cooled water
  • citric acid - to taste
  • half a cup of sugar

Cooking method:

Using a knife, remove the orange peel, the pulp is used for other dishes and peel soak in a liter of water, adding about two small spoon of citric acid. The future has to drink brew for days. After that, remove the skins, grind them with a meat grinder (or very finely cut), to shift into a deep pan, pour the sugar and cover with water (you will need two liters). Place the dish on low heat and cook with regular stirring. In no case do not bring mixture to a boil - as soon as the notice the first bubbles, turn off the burner. Ready cool drink and drink with ice. If you want your home "Fanta" to get soda, dilute it before serving mineral water. We offer one cocktail recipe on the basis of orange nectar: ​​add a glass of the finished beverage chopped pieces of ice cream and top with whipped cream tasty.

 delicious drinks from the oranges

Tincture of fresh oranges

There are many recipes for fruit drinks that need cooking. We offer an easier option - to make a tincture, which can then be diluted wine, mineral water, boiled water to obtain a variety of alcoholic cocktails.


  • two oranges (need only peel)
  • 30 milliliters of pure alcohol or vodka
  • sugar - to taste
  • boiled water
  • Lemon - one piece

Cooking method:

Carefully remove the orange peel and chop it into small cubes. After transfer to a jar and fill with alcohol, the latter can be replaced with vodka (just take a quality brand and not cheap). Peel infused about seven days. To prepare a drink afterwards, enter into the cooled boiled water, sugar, sliced ​​lemon and a few spoonfuls of orange liqueur. Stir the resulting mixture and pour it in a nice carafe with ice. Nectar will look much more appetizing if you add fresh mint leaves.

By the way, the rest of the fruit pulp had a fantastic jam or jelly. It can also be frozen, and then prepare compote, jelly and other beverages.

Kefir drink with carrot and orange juice

This thirst-quenching drink full of vitamins, so it is especially recommended for use in the autumn-winter season, when the human body needs to be protected. Drinking two to three glasses a week, you will eventually feel a surge of strength and strengthen the immune system.


  • 200 grams of fresh carrot juice
  • ½ orange
  • honey - teaspoon
  • ¼ small lemon
  • half a cup of yogurt

Cooking method:

In a bowl combine carrot juice (preferably freshly squeezed) and derived from the nectar of citrus. After adding a spoonful of honey and stir well. Then, the fruit syrup enter into yogurt and drink with pleasure.

Preparation of delicious drinks from oranges should get into the habit. After all, not only citrus fruits have a healthy effect (they contain B vitamins, A, C, D, etc.), but also toxins, preventing aging and rejuvenating the body. They also low calorie, so girls should not worry about her figure. And you can safely use both fresh and frozen fruit.

 The drink of oranges: simple recipes for everyone

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