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  • The easiest recipe to quickly prepare pickled ginger at home
  • Tips for young housewives

Many popular weight loss diet contained in the proposed range of products and pickled ginger. Besides the fact that it promotes weight loss, increases metabolism, and skin condition, pickled ginger positive effect on the digestive process, so it should be used in conjunction with fatty foods.

These beneficial quality and great taste make this root indispensable product for any feast.

However, pickled ginger industrial production are often made using a recipe containing dyes and preservatives. It is thanks to the colorant, he has a nice pink color, but these substances can have adverse effects on the human body, so it is best to marinate the root of this amazing home.

Recipes pickled ginger usually contain a composed himself and vegetable marinade, and differ only in the degree of concentration of the marinade. In addition, there are recipes with spices when pickling ginger, it can be as additives such as garlic, black pepper, cumin.

 ginger preparation for marinating
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The easiest recipe to quickly prepare pickled ginger at home

  • Preparation of ginger root

When we prepare a dish as tasty and healthy pickled ginger, it must be carefully peeled and cut into very thin slices. It is very convenient to do it with the help of vegetable slicers. Once the vegetable is sliced, it should sblanshirovat. For this process you need to boil a cup of water and lower the strainer into the boiling water the root of about 20 seconds. Then the finished ginger root should be tightly packed in a container in which we and pickle.

  • Preparation of marinade

To cook the marinade need to take the liquid left over from blanching ginger and add a little water. The total amount should be 300 mL. The liquid should be brought to a boil and add the 2 tablespoons of sugar, a tablespoon of salt. It is important to note that the volume of bulk products at the rate indicated tbsp - 25 g, no hills! After dissolving the sugar and salt liquid must be removed from the heat and add 2 tablespoons rice vinegar 1 spoon or any of 9% vinegar.

  • The final stage

After pre-cooked vegetables to pour the hot marinade, put on top of the yoke, for example, a saucer with a liter can of water and leave for a day. Ready pickled ginger with the fluid to be expanded in terms of banks and put into a cool place.

 pickled ginger in the pot
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Tips for young housewives

Quite often you can hear from the hosts that they are ready to pickled ginger, but it turns tasteless. This may be a bad recipe. It should be understood that the recipes provide an overview of the process of cooking and ingredients required, but they must be adapted to your personal taste preferences. For example, those who love the sweet pickled, can change the recipe and add to the cooking process more sugar.

Cooking - fertile ground for experimentation. Therefore, for best results, it is necessary to take into account their tastes and preferences. However, one in food preparation should be the same - quality products. Products must necessarily be mature, fresh and with no signs of spoilage.

In addition, the need to pay special attention to cleaning the roots, because even a small amount of skin left on the tuber, will adversely affect the flavor of the finished dish.

By following these simple rules, perfectly prepare pickled ginger, necessary for every housewife in the home will be easy.

 How to cook the ginger in the home - a simple recipe!

 pickling cucumbers


  • Use cucumbers for the body
  • What you should know when canning?
  • Pickles: delicious recipes zasolok
  • Marinating in small containers

One of the most delicious canned food for the winter are pickles that have the power to prepare any hostess. The process of marinating is that peeled vegetables stacked in a jar, filled with special brine and rolled. This allows you to save and useful properties and at the same time to give an unusual, distinctive taste of vegetables.
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Use cucumbers for the body

Cucumbers can be very useful, not only tasty. They allow you to normalize the water-salt balance and clean the intestines, stimulate digestion and metabolism. Cucumber help to cleanse the skin, they can be used as a diuretic. Effective this vegetable for the decrepit, withered skin, it is possible to make their masks, to remove age spots.

Pickled cucumbers in winter retain some of their useful properties, but for this they need to be selected carefully enough. In winter, you can use only a medium-sized, fresh fruit with black spines, white can not be used as this dessert varieties not intended for salting. Sluggish and cork cucumbers are not suitable, they are delicious.

 cucumbers for pickling
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What you should know when canning?

Every recipe is to use only special varieties that are adapted to canning. Some types of cucumbers are the reason that the spin explode (this is the problem faced by many beginners). You can not take the yellowed and overripe fruit, lingering too long treasured. This affects the taste of cucumber, spin quality.

Before marinating or salting vegetables is recommended to soak in water for at least three to four hours. Start making pickles preferably in the same day when the vegetables are harvested. If this is not possible, it must first go through them to choose only the strong and fresh. If the cucumbers are large, they can be cut into halves or slices, taste them from this will not change.

It is also important to store cucumbers before marinating, since otherwise they quickly become lethargic. At room temperature, it does not strictly be necessary to lay them in the refrigerator to keep the temperature at zero degrees and a humidity of about 80%. This allows you to keep cucumbers to twenty days, they may well be used for spins in the winter.

Greenhouse varieties deteriorate more quickly, it is best to put them in a bowl with water tails down, it is necessary to change the water every day. In a cool dark place vegetables can be stored by hanging by the legs. Only under such conditions can be stored for the winter cucumbers delicious.

 recipes pickled kornyushonov
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Pickles: delicious recipes zasolok

Cucumbers in the winter, you can roll a variety of methods, but the basic recipes have similar ingredients. Depending on the selected recipe will vary cucumbers to taste. Here is an example of a few ways marinating.

Each three-liter jar to take:

  • strong, small cucumbers (up to 8 cm each);
  • three to five cloves of garlic (to put on the bottom should be whole, and between the cucumbers can be added cut into slices);
  • umbrella dill;
  • 3-5 leaves currants, cherries, grapes;
  • a small piece of hot pepper;
  • a liter of water to the brine;
  • two table spoonfuls of salt (only a stone);
  • two spoons of sugar;
  • vinegar essence (1-2 tablespoons).

The proposed recipe involves a process of preparation:

  • you must first prepare the banks, wash and sterilize them with lids;
  • at the bottom of each jar laid two or three cloves of garlic, one umbrella dill leaves of cherry, currant, grape, horseradish. Add the celery, a small piece of hot pepper (can be green or red pepper, no special meaning, but do not forget the least!);
  • Cucumbers need to pre-soak in cold water for four hours. Choose necessary not too much fruit, pickles should be up to about 8 cm;
  • The cucumbers must be prepared jars very tightly, do not forget about the spices, garlic (it can be placed whole cloves, sliced ​​a pass through the press);
  • Now we do the brine (our recipe involves the use of only rock salt!). The banks fill only from wells or spring water to the top, then gently merge it into a large pan, which is placed on the fire. Water is brought to a boil, add more if necessary, and then you can put the salt and sugar at the rate of one liter of brine 2 table spoonfuls of salt and 2 tablespoons of sugar with the top.

In each jar pour two tablespoons of vinegar, but you can replace it with a conventional devyatiprotsentnym and vinegar. Immediately afterwards, pour the hot brine, banks camouflage caps. Put them in a pot of water to sterilize until the cucumbers will not change color. Takes is 10-15 minutes from the boiling water. Remember that on the bottom of the pan should be placed a special metal stand!

After carefully take out the banks and rolls. Closed containers are turning down the covers until the next day leave until cool.

As you can see, a very simple recipe to make pickled vegetables are not only easy but also quite fast. In winter, you can prepare delicious pickles and other prescription medications.

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Marinating in small containers

We offer a traditional recipe for marinating cucumbers, which handle any hostess. Canning can be in small jars of 0, 45 liters, it will make the "a la carte" cucumbers, each jar is enough for about one time.

For cucumbers in small canning jars, you must first prepare such ingredients:

  • salt-coating grades with up to 6 cm (banks we'll small cucumbers should fit perfectly in it);
  • water brine;
  • Rock salt (two table spoonfuls);
  • sugar (two tablespoons with slide);
  • half cup of vinegar devyatiprotsentnogo;
  • pepper;
  • garlic;
  • mustard beans;
  • florets and stems of dill;
  • vinegar;
  • cherry leaves (you can take oak, currant leaves if desired).

Cucumbers for canning for the winter have to choose a size to fit into the jar. Marinate them very easy. Once all the ingredients are cooked, the vegetables should be washed, cut all the tips, then pour the vegetables are cool, clean water for a few hours.

Before you start canning, cucumbers all need to sort by size, followed by peel the garlic, dividing it into individual cloves (they have to be strong, to have no traces of rot).

Delicious cucumber impossible without greenery, so prepare inflorescence dill leaves of cherry, you can take. Need spices, grain mustard and pepper (you can take the black, white, green or red).

Next, wash the jars, sterilize them, and cover. At the bottom of each can be laid greens, one or two cloves of garlic, cooked spices (strongly not get carried away with them!). Preparation of cucumbers tightly fills the jar, between the individual fruits to taste add the whole garlic cloves.

The recipe involves cooking on brine per liter volume of half a liter of water, that is, for our small jars of 200-250 mm is enough brine. When cooking you can add the liquid remains of greenery, the brine is boiled and without cooling the, pour into jars. After this you should cucumbers let stand for about five minutes.

Now merge the brine in a large pot, add salt, a little sugar, all mixed. The pan is placed on the fire, all brought to a boil. Cooking brine necessary to completely dissolve the salt and sugar. The liquid is poured into the jars hot, previously be added vinegar. Now you can start seaming lids, banks need to be cooled, remove the dark place for storage.

Pickled gherkins (or cucumbers) can be easily done at home. This is great, even in winter to enjoy useful and tasty vegetables. Recipes apply a variety of almost every woman adds something of his own, changing the ratio of ingredients. But the basic techniques and requirements remain the same, so you just have to choose their own, the golden mean, how to make delicious, very useful pickles.

 How pickles?