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  • What will not be tolerated in a relationship male scales
  • How to behave with a representative of the sign of Libra

The balance in its quest for equilibrium behave quite contradictory: always something to me, but at the same time strive towards stability, like sometimes argue, but do not tolerate quarrels and conflicts, they are intellectually developed, but sometimes there are very naive. They are constantly fighting with each other are two completely different nature, so they are often indecisive and doubt everything. But what to do if you fell in love with such a man full of contradictions? We invite you to figure out how to behave in order not just to attract his attention, but also to win his heart.

What will not be tolerated in a relationship male scales

If you want to be with a man Libra, then you have to get as close to his ideal, because it is a creative person and therefore appreciates all perfect and beautiful. Follow a few taboos in behavior with him, and your path to his heart will be much shorter and easier:

  • Under no circumstances did not criticize

Scales are very vulnerable - thrown casually remark, pointing to the lack of them, they can think about for a few days. Criticism brings representatives of this sign of balance and can cause depression. Therefore, try to refrain from critical comments. This applies to both personal and professional life and appearance. This balance can not and do not like to argue and defend their sheer rightness - they just quietly go away, go to the women who will not notice and highlight their shortcomings.

  • Do not be aggressive and scandalous

Understanding - this is one of the components of happy relationship with a difficult guy. The slightest aggressive attacks on your part can make him withdraw into himself and move away from you. And if they are repeated often enough - it just may at any time flee from you.

Balance sometimes like to argue, but the debate is not scandalous, with the rapid clarification of relations, but rather a secular, surface to make the conversation more lively and interesting. You can argue with a man about something in a joking manner, but do not overdo it in the arguments and tone, arguing their case, because the representatives of this sign is his only true, in their view, the point of view of change do not like, and usually always stay at his opinion.

  • Do not allow yourself to ridicule in his address

Respect the individuality of her lover - do not be harsh and evil in relation to its features of behavior. With weights often have a hard time - they even work and rest a little peculiar. Today, it can carefully and work hard, tomorrow is completely surrender to laziness - it is normal for him.

In addition, for it allows frequent tardiness - he might be late for work and on a date. And your taunts about this woman's habits only cause him confusion. Just take it for what it really is, and evil and ironic remarks leave with him, of course, if you want to save your relationship.

  • Do not force him to make decisions

This is one of the most important points of the list of how not to deal with a representative of the sign of Libra. Such a man would never consider the role of the companion of a woman's life, which is also full of doubts, as he - timid and indecisive ladies he is not interested. If you decide to make him love me and build him a strong relationship, you learn to take the initiative in their fragile handle and take most of the decisions alone.

 how to behave with a man scales

How to behave with a representative of the sign of Libra

If you are carried away by a man of the zodiac sign, then you need to stand out from the crowd of fans, which he has done. The fact that he has an innate art of flirting and can ease to behave with women. The fair sex is definitely like, so you're not the only one who fell under his charm.

For the heart of this seducer will have to fight - you should be his ideal. Even if it has already responded to reciprocate your feelings, you still can not relax - otherwise he will find his ideal in another woman. We will tell you how to be lead to ever conquer this man full of contradictions.

  • Be sweet, gentle, caring

Woman with bitchiness character may not be ideal for Libra. They prefer the lovely ladies who will treat them with tenderness. Even if you like the guy takes everything lightly, with a condescending smile, it does not mean that he does not pay attention to your behavior. On the contrary, it is important to every detail - for example, it would be very nice if you always congratulate him even minor achievements and events.

Be interested in her man, in particular its problems, help solve them, if you can. Libra is very important to support a loved one. Most call him a gentle word ("favorites", "cute", "dear", etc.), which in this case will not belittle his manhood. Do not hesitate to be the first tender.

  • Always agree with him

With a guy Libra should always agree, even when you completely disagree with him. He was used to it and does not accept that behavior. Your attempts to openly contradict him will lead to the next change of mood, so characteristic of Libra, and the mood you just do not like it. No one does not require you to give up their opinions and to disregard their own interests for the sake of man. You can accept it for the view. The phrase "Yes, dear, of course" can be used just for the sake of appearances. This will calm the man and to satisfy his ego. And to achieve his possible without public debate - it is wiser and behave kept.

  • Be gourmet

Wear a fine thing, profitable emphasize all the many advantages of your figure and masking its shortcomings. Do not allow yourself to look untidy, even at home, because of the scale appearance of a woman is not in last place. With this guy, you can be yourself, because he appreciates the natural beauty and an abundance of makeup does not approve. Do not overdo it with decorative cosmetics - it should only slightly to emphasize your natural facial features, not hide them.

  • Separate his interests

If your beloved likes, for example, to visit the exhibition and performances (for Libra innate need for cultural development) is pleased to join it. Try to behave naturally - he will appreciate your efforts, if only understand what your interests really coincide, and pretending it will open very quickly. If he is interested in any area of ​​science, sports or anything else, at least try to understand this a little bit. The more common interests you have, the stronger your relationship will.

  • Organize your joint leisure

He would appreciate if you organize your own leisure and invite him to some concerts, exhibitions and sporting events. Buy a pair of tickets to a game of his favorite team or invite in a sports bar. With a guy you never will be bored.

  • Keep it the instinct of a hunter

If you want to build a lasting relationship with a guy, Libra, do not disclose to them immediately. Do it gradually, while remaining a bit mysterious. Do not show him that he has already conquered you - it will weaken his interest. With its charming man Libra no shortage of attention on the part of the fair sex, so excessive persistence conquer their heart is unlikely.

  • Conquer its delicious and beautifully prepared dishes

Pave the way through the stomach to the heart may seem trivial, but the men of the zodiac sign of this technique is very effective. They appreciate in a woman's ability to prepare a delicious and beautiful they serve. But do not overdo it - to turn into a housewife who does not depart from the plate, too, do not. From time to time arrange for a loved romantic dinners with the appropriate setting. Do not forget to wear exquisite and, of course, high heel shoes - a dinner will not leave him indifferent.

We tell you how to behave with a man, if he is on the zodiac sign Libra, what he values ​​in women, and that he, on the contrary, pushes. However, fall in love with this man - this is only half the story. You will need it again and hold. Be more active and initiative, including in terms of building a family, full of doubts because Libra rarely decide on such a serious step - sometimes they need to push.

With this guy will definitely be difficult. In your relationship you have to be a leader, but he does not have to guess about it. Using her feminine wisdom, suggesting to him that he is the chief, and themselves unobtrusively and gently help him make decisions. The main thing in a relationship to be respect and harmony.

 How to behave with a man - Libra to be happy with him