how to behave with a male archer

Sagittarius is one of the most controversial characters of the Zodiac. Because of this, women sometimes very difficult to know how to behave with such men. We will help you to understand this difficult question: tell about their views on the relationship, the requirements that they impose to their sweethearts, and life priorities.

The representatives of this zodiac sign are usually inclined to creativity. If their profession gives them creative satisfaction, then they try to realize themselves through a hobby. They love to travel and often addicted to extreme sports. For them, it is important to always be passionate about something.

Your alliance with the Sagittarius man will be harmonious and long, if you're just like him, most of independence and freedom. Before you gain the attention of the representative of that mark, answer to your question is - are you ready to give him a free hand, and accept the fact that you can not be with him in the first place? After all, you can not change the character of Sagittarius, with him can only accept.

How to build a harmonious relationship with a male Sagittarius

Sagittarians are freedom-loving and feature great vitality. Perhaps, therefore, the representatives of this sign is so like the ladies. To win their love, it is important to behave properly, because if something goes wrong, they quickly disappear from your life. Just be prepared for the fact that Sagittarians love is not seen as a serious relationship, but as an exciting journey that brings new sensations and emotions.

Shares his views and interests

Male Sagittarius more appreciative of a woman thinking similarities than visual appeal. Lifemate must necessarily share his views and interests. If your partner loves computer games, then I am happy to play with him if interested in some kind of sport, try to understand its intricacies and join if possible. But all this must be done not through the "do not want", and with enthusiasm and sincerity.

Get a good housewife

Sagittarius is very important for the comfort of home. And it is not only the maintenance of cleanliness and cooking, but also the creation of psychologically comfortable atmosphere at home - the representatives of this sign is extremely negative attitude to quarrels, so try not to start a relationship with the scandalous women. The ability of women to be a good housewife can be a useful asset in the fight for the heart of this man.

However, it would be a mistake to win sympathy alone cooking and homey feel. Yes, these qualities are important, and they appreciate the archer, but do not become a woman home, which in addition to domestic problems do not care. Keep yourself relaxed, demonstrate their willingness to adventure and travel with him.

Allows him to be free

Behave with a guy should be so that you became for him both a lover and a good friend. Even being next to him, never limit it - let him be free. Sagittarians are usually not looking for strong relationships - are more enticing light burdensome relationships.

Trying to tie it to yourself, you will achieve just the opposite effect - it liking to you quickly pass, as he once see through your intentions. Stay a little mysterious and surprises him, so that he can continually admire you. Emotional recovery in the relationship for Sagittarius is very important. Trying to change his habits, too, to anything good will not. Change you can only their attitude towards him - behave more leniently, be tolerant (within reason, of course).

Sagittarius just need the freedom he needs personal space and everything that allows him to feel independent. Therefore, carefully watch your behavior. If you are going too often to ask him what he was doing, where he was, he plans to do, it will cause only the aggression on the part of Sagittarius. No need to eavesdrop on his conversations secretly read messages - otherwise you will not be able to build a relationship with this man. Justified and unjustified demonstration of jealousy as it is unnerving.

 how to behave with a male archer

Earn his trust

For serious relationship, such men choose women who can fully trust. But the meeting only on one night they are not afraid. The woman he loved, they are willing to give more. About sex for them plays an important role. With Sagittarius is undesirable to use sex as a manipulation - such behavior is not exactly like him.

Be sociable, curious and humorous

The image of the ideal woman in representatives of this sign looks like this: curious, humorous, sociable and notorious. Suspicious, jealous, limited and boring person with such a man can not be - they're just not attracted to him. If you like to develop, discover a new face, to travel and are willing to experiment, then it can claim the role of his feminine ideal.

External appeal to Sagittarius, of course, important, but first and foremost attracts their intelligence. Lifemate representatives of this sign is chosen, as a rule, from his circle of friends. To attract the attention of Sagittarius, you have to behave with dignity, to be able to support the intelligent conversation. This quality for Sagittarius is even more important economic and sexuality. For him it is important that the spouse shared his beliefs and interests could easily find a common language with his family and friends. His life partner he considers more like a friend than the mother of his children, or hostess.

Surpasses it in something

Wed Sagittarius on itself - not an easy task. First you need to learn to live with him in the same rhythm, to share his aspirations. No need to underestimate their abilities in order not to hurt the ego lover - with Sagittarius, everything is different. He even flattered when his beloved woman in something superior, because as his life partner he wants to see the best and beautiful woman in the world.

Being with Sagittarius, of course, is not easy. If you decide to conquer the representative of the zodiac sign, you probably are not a supporter of a quiet measured life. Adventure, travel, excitement, adrenaline, the unpredictability - that it takes such a restless man. If you are willing to share it all with him, then take it into service offered by us advice on how to behave, and start to act.

 Effective Tips: how to behave with a man - Sagittarius

 how to behave with a male calf


  • Do not test his patience
  • Be sincere, decent and honest
  • Calm, just calm
  • Golden calf
  • The marriage bond and the family idyll

Male Taurus deserved demand in the market of the marital relationship. After all, they consolidated their excellent reputation just as spouses, making them a desirable target for any woman. To attract the attention of such a valuable specimen for the role of husband and father, you must know how to behave with him as to be his one and only nepovtorimoy.My try as much as possible to tell you more about what qualities gave the stars and planets of the enviable groom. Then you will easily find a common language with a male Taurus and discreetly entangle him with love networks.

Do not test his patience

If you ever before had to deal with a guy, Taurus, it is quite possible, you have paid special attention to the way he is calm, size and patient. It is a distinct feature of the representatives of this zodiac sign zodiac other men sozvezdiy.Telets very benevolent by temperament, good-natured and peaceful set. His condescension to others' shortcomings can last for a very long time. It is long enough to be restrained in expressing his displeasure, but feel the strength of his patience should not be. At the very moment when you are overwhelmed him the cup, you doom yourself to unpleasant encounter with a man who may very stringent terms to explain to you that you have crossed the brink of what is permitted.

At such times, the best thing you can do - keep quiet and let him release all the steam. Talking with a male Taurus and argue with him - it is useless in any situation, and if the conflict is also unwise. Behave in such a hot time to be calm, but without defending their point of view. This could be tackled when your angry Taurus will calm down and regain lost composure. Most importantly, such a wise and far-sighted your behavior, he is required to notice and appreciate very highly.

Be sincere, decent and honest

For male Taurus naturally behave so that people around the choir will sing the praises of his responsibility and decency. But on the environment it will require a similar attitude. He acts sincerely and in the working team, and in the narrow family circle and in the company of friends-friends. If he feels that you are holding a stone in his bosom, using his honesty, trying to get some benefit from your communication with him or try to manipulate it, it will draw a line under such relations.

Behave with him naturally and openly from the very first minutes of acquaintance, and then you have every chance to just communicate you to the friendly chat, which in turn will gradually spill over into a love relationship. Men of this sign is played out openly: he will not fool your head and try to make you a brief affair. If he behaves with you as a fan, it has obvious signs of attention, so you can be sure of the seriousness of his feelings. I do not doubt that it will not be an easy affair, but a long and lasting relationship.

 how to behave with a male calf

Calm, just calm

Male Taurus impression is very smooth people. Indeed, their temperament is different impetuosity and sharpness, change of moods. They do not tend to behave unpredictably or contradictory. At the fair sex, they also appreciate the evenness of temper and would not be happy if you are inconsistent, unstable or hysterical. Although we often hear the opinion that opposites attract, this rule is not working. Calm and balanced inherently Taurus not approve unbalanced and uneven reactions, even in the most charming lady.

You will be more likely to attract the attention of Taurus unflappable, even if in moments of stress you keep calm, common sense and the ability to calmly talk. Importantly, do not forget to show it to him. He'll appreciate your behavior as the most advantageous and finds enjoyable for themselves to communicate with such a balanced person. And to you the prospect of communicating with a person, from which comes a wave of calm and confidence, certainly satisfied more than a personality, which may ruffle a minor incident.

Golden calf

Men of this sign love and know how to make money. Money gives them a sense of stability, security and peace of mind. Spending them either prefer not to all sorts of entertainment, and in serious cases. Here they include, for example, home improvement, creating in him comfort. House for those conservatives, and the owners and is the embodiment of the embodiment of harmony, where no unexpected changes and shakes will not touch any of his or his family. If you have to talk with a guy, Taurus own future nest, then rely on his opinion on how it should be. You will not regret it.

For the ladies, which is planning to link their future life with the representative of the sign should be thoroughly understand the following thing: Taurus waiting for his lady that she is the mistress of this in their joint home. He will make every effort to ensure your family a comfortable existence, but disapproved treat wasting. You will live in prosperity, but without unnecessary luxury. Therefore, from the very beginning of your acquaintance let him know that you know the value of money and know how to spend it wisely. Ozvuchte sure that you put in the admiration of the men who are able to earn money for the benefit of his family. From these words the man Taurus will be in seventh heaven - because he met so understands the ladies, which it is difficult not to fall in love.

 how to behave with a male calf

The marriage bond and the family idyll

Taurus is a very responsible approach to the issue of marriage. For them, the idyll of family happiness looks like this: he - the husband, the head of the family breadwinner and protector; She - a charming hostess, for which the priority of family values, and not the top of the quarry; child and better at least a couple. When he looks at you, he wants to see in front of a woman who is not only able to attract the attention of his appearance. You must have an attractive addition to the outer shell comprise a whole set of personal qualities that will convince him that you are for him the perfect wife and mother of his future children. In fact, this is not such an impossible task.

If you are a good housewife, dreaming of becoming a wife and mother, you want to take care of her husband and realize that the family - it's not only your right but also the responsibility, then you really make a good couple of Man-Taurus. Chat with him on topics far removed from building his career and visit entertainment venues. Tell us about what your mother taught you all the subtleties of cooking and housekeeping, and Dad always takes care of its ladies. Do not be afraid to seem boring - it's a grateful listener. He soon lose interest if you are told about how to spend all received a salary for Sunday shopping, than the story of how you were doing with their parents repair in your apartment.

Taurus with interest relates to all the girls, but for a serious relationship chooses not fond of idle entertainment and not a girl, career-oriented feats. So you just need to convince him of the impression itself is about a girl whose family is a priority. Then your dream is to charm and become its darling become a reality.

 How to behave with a man - Taurus, to charm him?