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In autumn, most gardeners faced with the emergence of a large crop of zucchini. It should be noted that these vegetables grow very well. But many do not know how to deal with them. Often zucchini simply disappear. But this is a very valuable and useful product.

An excellent solution in this case will be of zucchini pancakes.

It is not only incredibly delicious, but still useful. How to cook pancakes zucchini? This was announced today and will be discussed. Will be offered a variety of recipes, from which everyone will find something to their taste and possibilities.
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Zucchini: autumn "king"

First, let's say a few words in defense of the tavern, which is wrongly perceived not as an independent hostesses, delicious and very valuable product. Most of them do not know that they can not only frying. Moreover, zucchini can be made even dessert.

As for the useful properties, in the tavern of an incredible amount. So, this product is useful for anemia, different types of allergies, heart disease and others. Also squash - a great help in losing weight, because he has the ability to rid the body of excess fluid. And the bones of this vegetable strengthens worse than dairy products. In a word, is good on all sides.
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Recipes oladushek of zucchini

Immediately it may seem that there is only one recipe oladushek zucchini. And this is not true. There are many recipes for this unique dish. We recommend selecting young courgettes, not too large, with not thick skin. Young squash and all can be eaten with the skins.

 Pumpkin pancakes recipe sweet
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Pumpkin Fritters simple

To prepare this dish you will need:

  • zucchini (2 pcs.)
  • chicken eggs (1 pc.)
  • flour (3 tbsp. l.),
  • vegetable oil for frying
  • salt pepper.

First we need to rub the grated zucchini. No need to rub too small (porridge-like state). It is better to rub on a medium grater zucchini. After that it is necessary to drain the excess fluid, formed in the process of rubbing. It will not allow pancakes fall apart during cooking.

Now in a bowl of zucchini added to flour and raw egg. All the ingredients are mixed and seasoned.

At this time, the pan is heated with a moderate amount of vegetable oil on it. Spoon small mass recruited squash mixture and spread out in the form oladushek. Pumpkin pancakes are prepared very quickly. And so in 10 minutes you can enjoy the first portion of this magnificent and very tasty dishes.

By the way, squash pancakes you can eat and hot and cold. Accepted eat them with sour cream or yogurt with no filler.
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Zucchini Fritters with meat

This recipe is not only delicious, but also incredibly satisfying. To make this type of squash oladushek need the following ingredients:

  • zucchini (1 pc.)
  • any stuffing (300 grams)
  • onion (1 pc.)
  • chicken eggs (2 pcs.)
  • vegetable oil for frying
  • flour (3 tbsp. l.),
  • salt pepper.

On a fine grater rubbed onions, and then the zucchini. The excess liquid is drained. Grated onion is sent to the stuffing. By the way, the meat can take any brand. For example, for a more suitable embodiment of dietary chicken, turkey, and even fish. If you want an option posytnee, the pork or ground beef - this is what is necessary.

One raw egg added to the zucchini, and another - in the stuffing. It is also important not to forget to add the flour to the zucchini.

Next, everything happens on such a scheme. In a heated pan with vegetable oil spoon laid the first and the best of a thin layer of squash. We must give him fry. Then he placed a thin cake made of ground beef. After a few minutes on a layer of minced meat laid out a "cap" of the squash mixture, and then all the flips and fried until cooked. The important point is to have a good repaired all the cracks that could not see the meat. Themselves pancakes should not be too thin. The result is an excellent dish, which includes a side dish, and meat. Eat them better immediately after preparation.

 sharp squash fritters with sour cream
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Pumpkin Fritters sharp

It seems that the squash pancakes - it's too bland? This recipe certainly will appeal to all lovers of spicy and piquant food. To prepare sharp oladushek need the following:

  • zucchini (2 pcs.)
  • garlic (3 cloves)
  • chili and jalapeno peppers (0, 5 pcs.)
  • onion (1 pc.)
  • chicken eggs (1 w.)
  • vegetable oil for frying
  • flour (3 tbsp. l.),
  • salt pepper.

At this time, preferably zucchini into cubes and grind in a blender along with the pepper, onion and garlic. This is due to the fact that the recipe involves a large number of ingredients that can be sputtered on the consistency of the total weight. This is especially true bow.

The resulting mixture is poured into a blender in a bowl, which is added to the flour and egg. Flour can add a few more than in past times, as in this case it was not possible to drain excess water. If you do not want to overdo it with the flour, it can be for some time to leave the mixture to defend the water, and then drain it carefully. It will take patience

Further, all as before. In a heated pan with the help of a tablespoon laid pancakes. Serve sharp squash oladki can with sour cream, but it is better to cook the sauce of mustard and mayonnaise mixture. It will be delicious!
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Pumpkin Fritters of spinach

And this recipe will be appreciated by lovers of unusual flavor combinations. Fritters of zucchini and spinach - is an exquisite and delicate dish for real gourmets. To prepare them, we need these ingredients:

  • zucchini (2 pcs.)
  • spinach (150-200 g)
  • chicken eggs (1 pc.)
  • vegetable oil for frying
  • flour (2 tbsp. l.),
  • salt pepper.

Zucchini is cleaned and rubbed on a medium grater. Spinach leaves are washed and ground in a blender. If you want a larger texture, you can simply cut the spinach knife. Spinach and zucchini mix, added to the egg, flour and spices. Fry pancakes on the same principle as before.

However, for this recipe sour cream sauce is too banal, and so you need to make a special sauce. It consists of yogurt without filler mixed with herbs and garlic.

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Sweet fritters of zucchini

It would be unfair not to take into account the interests of a sweet tooth, and therefore the following recipe for them. Hard to believe that you can make zucchini dessert? It turns out that, with a delicious and unusual. For the preparation of sweet oladushek need:

  • zucchini (2 pcs.)
  • chicken eggs (1 pc.)
  • vegetable oil for frying
  • flour (3 tbsp. l.),
  • sugar, salt, baking soda.

Zucchini cut into cubes, ground in a blender. In the ready-mix add flour, egg, sugar, salt and baking soda on the tip of the knife. Further, all fried on the already mentioned scheme.

Serve sweet zucchini pancakes a must with jam or honey.

So look best recipes oladushek of zucchini. Everyone can find something to your liking. Bon appetit and new culinary discoveries!

 How to cook delicious pancakes zucchini?

 different pastry recipes


  • The history of baking
  • Light, delicate yeast dough
  • Prepare the dough for baking oparnoe
  • Dough for mince pies
  • Dough for cakes without yeast
  • The basic recipe of butter unleavened dough
  • Butter yeast dough for donuts
  • The dough for bread machine yeast Butter
  • Delicious meat pies in the oven

Baking - food raw materials to create Test (sugar, eggs, butter, etc.). For a certain type of pastry in the baking test determines the amount of his appointment. Otsdobka - the process of adding to the dough, at the time of fermentation, additional raw material that gives a special taste of the finished product (baking). Pastry - this dough with sugar and 15% fat by weight of flour. By baking include:

  • dairy;
  • softened fats and oils: vegetable, butter, spreads and margarine;
  • egg powder, eggs and egg products;
  • raisins, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, spices, etc .;
  • Sugar - a nutritious ingredient for yeast. The amount of sugar in the recipe directly affects the color of the bread baking. In addition, you can use honey or other sugary substances.

Distinguish the dough:

  1. Butter yeast;
  2. Butter without yeast (leaven).

Yeast - protein product, live microorganisms. Protein content therein to 66%. They are good for health because they are a dietary product that contains live cultures of bacteria and microorganisms. The proteins that make up the yeast, well absorbed by the body, and in their qualities are not inferior to the proteins contained in meat, milk and fish. Yeast is a source of vitamins, amino acids and minerals. They also contain potassium, iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin B, H, R. This dough can be prepared as a normal yeast dough and Pyrozhkov. However, it is easier and better to get the dough, zameshennoe on compressed yeast to brew.
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The history of baking

In Russia The most popular rye bread that is baked from the fermented dough. And in XI century already there were special sourdough recipes which were closely guarded secret, and in any case were not disclosed. Thanks to the experience gained in Russia Khlebnikov, who from generation to generation carefully transferred tricks of the trade, to preserve and increase the skills and knowledge of the bakers. Russian assortment of bread was not limited rye varieties. In the annals of XI century, mentioned baked from wheat: Communion bread, rolls, buns, cakes and other delicacies. Of course, such products are prepared mostly on holidays.

Bakery products are not inadvertently constantly present in our diet.

Because they contain essential amino acids (methionine, lysine, and others.) Trace elements required by the body (potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, calcium), vitamins A, B1. Yet these products are rich in fiber, which is vital for normal digestion. Fiber helps to remove all the harmful and unnecessary, creating a favorable environment in the intestine, which allows beneficial microorganisms to develop. It is necessary to teach children to eat bread and bakery products since childhood, as they are necessary for normal growth, digestion, strengthen the immune and nervous system. Times change, habits, but the bread will always remain the greatest value to humans.

 kneading dough
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Light, delicate yeast dough

Ideal for any oven baking, be it a roll, pies, bagels, muffins, buns and lots of other goodies. The recipe for this test will make pastries and soft air. To begin to prepare the brew. Yeast dough oparnoe used when baking dough is necessary to prepare the future with a lot of baking. Bezoparnym yeast dough can not loosen it, and baked goods will turn harsh. Oparnoe dough is prepared in two stages. First, the liquid is mixed talker (Opara).

Take polnormy flour from the recipe and all the liquid and the rate of yeast. Liquid sourdough warmed to 30 degrees and pour the yeast. The ratio of the dry yeast to fresh yeast - 1: 3. On teaspoon without a hill falls 4 g of dry yeast. In the sifted flour pour heated liquid with a teaspoon of sugar and stirred to obtain a homogeneous mass. The result Opara. It should be put to ferment in a dark place for a few hours. The room temperature should be 25-30 degrees and without drafts.

In the process of fermentation begins to grow our Opara, an increase of 2-3 times will gradually fall off. This means that it is ready. Now for the main test. Recipe gentle test consists of the following components:

  • Milk - 0, 5 l;
  • butter or margarine - 175 g;
  • granulated sugar - 1 cup;
  • chicken egg - 3 pcs .;
  • Salt - 1 hour. L .;
  • vanilla sugar - 10 g .;
  • flour - 2 kg;

For the sponge:

  • Pressed yeast - 70 g;
  • Water - 1 cup;
  • sugar - 1 tbsp. L .;

Yet we need 4 tablespoons. l. vegetable oil.
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Prepare the dough for baking oparnoe

The recipe of the dough begins to perform as always with the main - sifting flour. Half we've used for the preparation of sponge, and the other should be postponed until the bowl. Cut small pieces of margarine or butter. Pour into a saucepan half the milk, add to the margarine. Put on low heat, stirring, waiting to melted margarine and immediately remove. Do not bring to a boil! Add our liquid salt, sugar, vanilla sugar. Knead until the sugar has dissolved completely. The resulting mixture should be at a temperature as milk.

Then take a deep a plate or bowl, break eggs and whisk them lightly. Pour the remaining milk and stir. The resulting liquid is added in the prepared formula. With corolla knead until smooth. Now it's time to make friends with the finished brew. Mix and stir the two compounds together.

And here too the remaining flour in handy. Before you start kneading yeast dough, you need to prepare the surface of the table, brushing it with vegetable oil to our dough does not stick. It should make a batch, podsypaya flour gradually so that it is not stuck to his hands. As a result, kneading should have a soft and elastic. It is important to add the flour little by little. A better pour the flour through a sieve, so the flour is enriched with oxygen, and falls more evenly over the dough is kneaded in weight. Mix the dough on the table need to recapture. To do this, lift it up and throw with the force on the table.

Such actions must be done 40 times. This helps the dough to become softer and denser. Form a ball of dough. Now it's time to put our butter yeast dough in a large bowl, greased approach. Top dough oiled waffle and cover with a towel. Leave in a warm quiet place while its volume will triple. Then the dough is ready. It should be possible to form obmyat and products. Before baking products need to go on a baking sheet.

 baked meat pies
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Dough for mince pies

Prepare the most delicious pastry you need not hurry to give him the opportunity to stand quietly approached, the more times it obmyat. Then it is we thank her splendor, ease and taste. A particularly important point that you need to prepare in good spirits and in a relaxed atmosphere. And the best cook with love! I suggest the following recipe for yeast dough delicious mince pies.


  • wheat flour - 1-1, 5 kg;
  • margarine - 200 g .;
  • Milk - 0, 5 L .;
  • yeast - 1 packet (dry) or 60 g (fresh);
  • salt - ½ hours. l .;
  • granulated sugar - 5 Art. l.

To make good yeast dough, you need to mix 6 tablespoons flour, pour yeast, salt and a tablespoon of sugar. Heat 200 ml milk. Add to the other ingredients and mix batter spoon. We leave in a warm place, covered with a towel. In the case of compressed yeast they must mix (available fork) in warm milk with sugar and add flour through a strainer. Somewhere after 20 minutes, the dough will rise cap with blisters. Therefore, selecting the dishes for the dough, you must take into account that it will rise. Top up the remaining milk, the softened margarine and sugar. Gradually add the sifted flour until you get a soft, sticky, elastic dough. The pot cover with a damp tea towel and leave in a warm place.

Somewhere in half an hour the dough should go well. Now it's time to knead thoroughly. Grease tabletop vegetable oil and spread the dough on it. Hands can also be lubricated, so the dough will not stick. We begin kneading. If necessary, you can throw on the flour. Knead for 10-15 minutes is better. For fried pies this dough is ready, but if you have decided to prepare the wind, the dough should still stand. Put it again approached. The room should not be a draft. Dough temperature should be maintained around 30 degrees. Come again dough, punched him. Now you can make the wind cakes. We form the product. While the oven heats up, even cakes rise. At this time, they can be left on the sheet covered with a damp towel. This recipe is designed for the average 35 pies.
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Dough for cakes without yeast

Pies unleavened pastry overlook lush and beautiful. This pastry for pies are perfect if you do not like to mess around with the yeast, but want to bake cakes lush, rich ingredients. Butter unleavened dough - this dough that is cooked in cream, yogurt, milk or water mixed with a little sugar, egg, oil and baking powder. The recipe for this pastry is suitable for the manufacture of a variety of delicious cakes and pies. Make a dough for pies easy. The main thing to follow some rules.

  1. More fat cook the dough without baking powder, if the dough is less fat should be added to soda and ammonia.
  2. Add the baking powder to the dough if cooking is not on dairy products.
  3. Knead the butter fresh dough very quickly.
  4. Cooking it should be of refrigerated products at room temperature not exceeding 20 degrees. Butter fresh dough does not like warm food.
  5. More fat dough should be kneaded like shortbread.

Make cakes for the following recipe can be fast enough, and they turn out very tasty.

 pastry without yeast
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The basic recipe of butter unleavened dough

For the dough will need:

  • flour - 350 g;
  • sugar - 1 tbsp. L .;
  • sour cream - 30 g;
  • egg - 1 pc .;
  • butter - 90 g;
  • milk or cream - 75 g;
  • Soda - ¼ tsp.;
  • salt - ½ tsp..

We turn to cook. In a water bath to melt the butter. Adding milk or cream, beaten egg, sour cream, sugar and salt. All we mix well. We mix the flour with soda and also pour in the whipped mass. Once again all mix well. That's all butter cookies fresh dough is ready. You can roll out with a rolling pin and form patties with your favorite filling.
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Butter yeast dough for donuts

This recipe contains the following ingredients:

  • wheat flour (the highest grade) - 600 g .;
  • granulated sugar - 40 g .;
  • margarine - 20 g .;
  • table salt - 10 g .;
  • yeast - 20 g .;
  • chicken egg - 1 pc .;
  • Water - 330

This recipe can be prepared in two ways bezoparnym or oparnym. First (bezoparnym) means the dough is prepared primarily for the manufacture of products with a small content of muffins (margarine, sugar). If the product is a high content of baking, it is best to cook sponge method. Consider both the method of preparation. Let's start with straight dough. Heat water to 40 degrees. Dilute the yeast in it. Add the sugar, egg products, salt, add flour and mix everything thoroughly. Melt margarine, add it to the dough. Knead the dough. When the dough will get a uniform consistency is soft and not sticky, we leave it in a large bowl for 3-4 hours for fermentation at a temperature of 35 degrees in the room.

If you see that the dough has increased in volume by 2 times, it must be obmyat for a few minutes and then left to ferment. Repeat this a couple of times, the dough is suitable - punched.

Now cook the same recipe sponge method. Half the norms of water heated to 40 degrees. Add and dissolve the yeast in it. Pour half the rate of flour, stir until smooth. Above the surface of the sponge floured. Set aside the sponge covered with a towel in a warm room for 3 hours for fermentation. If Opara increased 2-3 times in volume, it will start to fall. So, we need to prepare the dough on. The remaining water dissolve the salt and sugar. Beat the egg, pour water into it and stir everything. Pour the remaining flour and knead the dough. When the dough is almost kneaded, add the melted margarine. Knead the dough and spread in a greased pan with sunflower oil. We leave in a warm place at room temperature of not less than 35 degrees for a couple of hours for fermentation. Total fermentation test must obmyat a couple of times.

 fresh dough
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The dough for bread machine yeast Butter

This pie recipe contains:

  • Wheat flour - 650 g;
  • fresh yeast - 40 g;
  • cow's milk - 250 g;
  • granulated sugar - ½ cup;
  • large chicken egg - 2 pcs .;
  • vegetable oil - ¼ cup;
  • butter - 50 g

Was prepared as follows. Grey milk until hot, add it to the butter and sunflower oil, pour into the bucket. Eggs, not whipping, mix with sugar and add to the same bucket. A small amount of milk (50 ml) was diluted yeast, add to them the sugar (1 tbsp. L.), Stir and pour into the bucket. We are waiting until the rise foam cap. Meanwhile, sift the flour, add a pinch of salt in it, all the mix. Leave for half an hour in the bread machine mode "Yeast dough." The output will total bucket test. While the dough is suitable, prepare any stuffing. Changes in the recipe to make it is not necessary, because it may not be appropriate for the dough, and cakes do not turn out the air.
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Delicious meat pies in the oven

Stuffing you can prepare any, and if there is a cooked meat, so it is perfect for stuffing.

We need the following ingredients:

  • boiled meat - 300-400 g;
  • onion - ½ pcs .;
  • small carrots - 1 pc .;
  • medium-sized potatoes - 5-6 pcs .;
  • butter;
  • vegetable oil;
  • fresh herbs.

For the dough will need:

  • fresh yeast - 50g;
  • granulated sugar - 2 tbsp. L .;
  • sour cream - ½ cup;
  • chicken egg - 2 pcs .;
  • wheat flour - ½ kg;
  • margarine - 100 g;
  • salt - 1 ch. l.

Cooking brew. Half a cup of warm milk, a spoon of sugar and fresh yeast mix gently. Yeast must "come alive" and start to bubble. But it should be 10-15 minutes to become noticeable. Add 5 tablespoons of flour and knead. Cover with a damp towel and put a quiet place in a draft-free heat for half an hour. Go to baking. Now to our brew, which has grown by half, add the baking. The remaining milk, beaten egg yolks, salt, sugar, flour, and mix with all the brew, and finally, do not enter the hot, melted margarine. Thoroughly knead.

To generate the resulting dough into a ball, place in a bowl, cover with a damp cloth and place in a warm place for half an hour.

The recipe of the filling

Let us, meanwhile, slowly cooking the filling. Cooked meat shred blender. On a fine grater rub the carrot and finely chop the onions. Put the pan on the fire, put it in the butter with a spoon of vegetable oil and fry the onions and carrots. When the vegetables are almost ready, add it to the chopped meat. Salt, pepper and stir, cook for a few minutes. Then it is necessary to clean and boil the potatoes. Potoloch and mix it with the meat. Beat the whites, to chop your favorite herbs and also pour the meat, mix thoroughly. Done! It's time to press down the dough and form patties.

By that time, the dough should have to climb more than twice. Punched him, squeezing all the air bubbles that are in it together. You can sculpt cakes. Take a piece of dough, cover with the rest, in order to fit on, put it on a floured table. Divide into equal small pieces and form balls of them. Spread them on a countertop away from each other and cover with cling film.

Grease a baking sheet with vegetable oil. Turn the oven to heat up to 180 degrees. Half an hour later the balls roll out, fill filling, form and edges stick together and place on a baking sheet seam down. Be sure to keep the distance between the cakes. After all, they come and grow in size, and they need space to propechsya. Pies in a warm place for at least half an hour. Put in the oven and bake, you can prepare the next portion. When baking oven door is not open 10 minutes Once browned patties, they are ready! Ready hot cakes grease that will give them shine and make even more appetizing.

A few tips for the preparation of pies in the oven

  1. Carefully read the recipe follows.
  2. Cookie dough patties must contain baking.