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  • Capricorn - a modest and shy
  • How to tell Capricorn's feelings?
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Capricorn - male ambitious, fundamental, hard and strong, value stability. How to behave, if your choice is to this sign of the zodiac? How do you know any girls they prefer and what qualities they value? Let's start in more detail describe the portrait of a man of Capricorn, and examine what he likes in women and what they are - the ideal relationship with Capricorn.

Capricorn - a modest and shy

Capricorns are the type of people that are very difficult to "see through" - a treasure hidden in the trunk. That is why many girls are trying to open that same trunk, made a lot of mistakes. Usually Capricorns are trying to carefully hide the feeling of equanimity, composure and inaccessibility. It enters into a stupor and women, to which they themselves Capricorns nourish affection.

In this case, it can be called one of the methods of self-defense - so Capricorns limit yourself from unnecessary relationship and love that they simply do not need. Men of this sign tend to prudence and practicality - feelings should not be an obstacle to achieving their initial goals in life.

Only after Capricorn weigh all the pros and cons, he will be able to see if he needed these relationships, and just in case take a positive decision, he will be able to you to really open up. But not all women are able to become companions male Capricorn, which needs only a true and sincere feelings of love and does not want to waste your time on and fleeting affair novels.

Capricorns need a girl so that one for life, one that is able to share his life's aspirations and principles, will support it and thus to create a home atmosphere of calm and comfort - however, like all men. It was such in their presentation and are real women.

Capricorns are able to faithfully love and know what ardor and passion. It is in their face, you can find a caring father and husband, and a good lover - a great combination for men agree! Therefore, they want to see all the same in his beloved - a girl who likes Capricorn, have to combine all the best traits.

After reading all this, many women may think that a man born under the sign of Capricorn, they simply unattainable. But that does not mean in any way that you can not win his heart - you can always find the right way! Perhaps the man will feel your thoughts and intentions and will put to you in this way the sea traps, while telling herself that the girl who would be able to overcome them to become his lover. Perhaps he walketh you seriously, but still further will continue to hide their feelings. Let it you, girl, do not worry - in time the ice thaws.

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How to tell Capricorn's feelings?

If you want to make it clear to her lover that you are not indifferent to him and he's really interested in you, do not try to pursue his constant calls, sms and endless, even worse, do not try to watch him at the institute / work / club, but anywhere. Male Capricorns like unobtrusive woman, who with all his modesty, confident and knows his own worth - traits of Capricorns themselves.

By the way, we must make it clear to the man that you are fully appreciated those of his traits. Try to subtly hint to him that it was his you find an extraordinary and original; just do not overdo it, so it did not look like a frank grovel. Show that you are interested in what he says, in his enthusiasm, work and hobbies - Capricorns like to talk about it and it's always nice when people genuinely care about it.

Let him stay with you a strong, brave man - let him show his qualities as much as possible. In an interview with Capricorn is aware of the tact, discretion and intelligence. These men do not like idle chatter. Even just intonation or gesture may play against you, if they come not to the liking of your man. What can we do - this is the whole Capricorn!

One of the drawbacks of this sign - resentment. Capricorn can be weeks, if not more, to pout at you because of the sheer nonsense. It is only important to understand this and do not inflate the even greater challenge of trivia; try to avoid sharp corners with Capricorn. In addition, these men very vulnerable, because in a conversation with them, try to be sensitive. Does not affect patients or sensitive issues that could cause him embarrassment.

Even if the person is male Capricorn does not express at the time of the conversation absolutely no particular emotion in his soul such a storm can rage that you never dreamed of - he just try to hide it. By the way, it's pretty manly - Capricorns are not one of those who will be constantly whining about their problems and experiences; they try to overcome their own, and it's usually like all women.

Beloved Capricorn - what is it?

Earlier we said that Capricorns like women, confident. Two qualities that a man of this sign appreciate in girls - is calm and practicality. They do not like hysterics, who do not know how to cope with their emotions. In women, they appreciate not only the quality, but pay attention to her hobbies, interest in the work and career. It is important for them and how she behaves in everyday life - whether it can create comfort, or household chores she had a special interest. All of this is extremely important for the Capricorn.

Do not discuss with Capricorn gossip and news from the world of public people - is of little interest to them. It is better to talk to him about the latest economic and political developments. If a man understands that you understand this and you can keep the conversation going, it to you will be a big plus. If it is - not yours, you can just ask his opinion on any matter, because these people love to show their knowledge and long talk on the topic of interest to them.

The man Capricorn never will be interesting girl butterfly, which "flutters" in life, had an affair with that one, then with another man, they fool head for their own benefit. It is known that Capricorn is not life without stability. That's why he needs the right lady, who will share his views on the relationship.

Capricorns appreciate the initiative of girls. He will certainly like it if you try to make the first step toward him. Exactly how to do it - you decide. The main thing - do not get lost with such a man as, alas, lost a lot of women. Try to outsmart him. Become a mystery to him, in you have to present a feature highlight - that could be interested omnipotent man Capricorn. After all, such people are very purposeful - it is pleasant not only to reach new heights in your career, but also in his personal life. That is why it is so interesting to solve the riddle of your personality.

Nobody says that you all should be perfect, perfect and special. No matter what your eyes - blue or green, and what hair color. What is more important. Try to encourage your Capricorn, that he tends to make for you unimaginable feats - believe me, they are the power of even the most incredible things! It is important to remember about their appearance - do not need to look too loudly and defiantly - dress simply but thoughtfully and tastefully, with a natural make-up do that will be beneficial to emphasize your attractive features. And remember - the men of this sign enjoy stylish young ladies.

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How to keep a Capricorn?

If you have finally managed to win a Capricorn, I do not think that you can now relax because it - your forever. It is important to know how to keep a number of the strong man, as your relaxation can result in the fact that once you find your chosen next to another woman.

In general, keep the Capricorn is not too difficult, though not entirely easy. A man of this sign will always need to close the day it was purposeful and active woman, and in the evening that it was transformed into a caring mother, a housewife, and homemakers. At night, from the Capricorn woman wants a violent passion and ardor. If you can skillfully transform and play different roles, then certainly your man next to you will be comfortable and he is unlikely to let go of a girl. And in his loyalty and can do in this case is not in doubt. If it is more than his beloved sure to pay attention to the other women he does not.

Capricorns inherent in such quality as thrift. And it's not just business life - prudence manifested in a love relationship. Capricorn will not spend time on the girl who can not be supported, and the assistant life support. You must have a strong rear for his men. Both of you must be a union, not two individuals, walking alone through life.

Many people think that because of the extreme practicality, thrift, and self-interest of some delicacy Capricorn life with him can not be sufficiently intense and too boring. This is a very wrong opinion! Capricorn difference from other men is that his beloved would never hear empty promises, unnecessary words, or just meaningless talk. According Capricorn prefers things that, as you know, for him to have a far greater significance. Family is very important to them, so do not worry, you'll always be surrounded by love and care on the part of a spouse.

Of course, to build a relationship with Capricorn is not so very simple - you both have to work thoroughly on it. But if you take your chosen one, with all its flaws and go out to meet him, then very soon you will see in front of you will begin to open up a completely different person: a gentle, caring and vulnerable, in need of support and affection female and able to appreciate them.

 What women like men - CAPRICORN: build ideal relations