What women like men virgins


  • Having a realistic view of life
  • With a neat well-groomed appearance
  • Responsible and reliable
  • Organized
  • Smart and intelligent

Men who were born under the "female" Zodiac sign - Virgo - attracted quite a number of beautiful women, because they have a well-groomed appearance, stylish dress, can keep the conversation on any topic and behave towards women is very gallantly. However, to win the attention of men is very difficult, because they appreciate in women completely trivial qualities that can not be said about the representatives of the other signs of the zodiac.

To please the male virgins, not enough to have a spectacular appearance and a perfect command of the various secrets of seduction. These men are often not quite like ordinary women, the ability to express their individuality in every detail, but it does not violate the boundaries of decency and generally accepted cultural norms. Special, are accustomed to constantly be on the mind and rotate in so-called "rave" circles, is also unlikely to attract their attention. Such men often behave a little bit awkward and not entirely predictable, but the inaccessibility of the outer mask to hide their caring, gentle and very reliable partners in romantic relationships.

So let's take a closer look, what it is women who are most popular with male virgins.

Having a realistic view of life

Those girls who are waiting for a man born under the sign of Virgo, crazy romantic courtship behavior and many are likely to be disappointed, because Virgo is absolutely not peculiar manifestation of romance in any form. Men born under this zodiac sign are not familiar sense of trepidation and "tremble at the knees", as well as a desire to make for the sake of his beloved a stray act, sing her a serenade under the window or read a poem. However, this does not mean that they do not know how to love, just Virgin used to express their feelings much more subdued compared with other signs of the zodiac.

Male look at the life of the Virgin are extremely realistic and choose a constant companion in life a woman who has the same mindset. So to win this man is not to build castles in the air and try to bring him his fine romantic nature. At best, he simply did not understand, and in the worst such behavior alienate it from you once and for all.

If you like to Cavalier long and hard to look after you, gave flowers and cute trinkets, drove to restaurants and showed other romantic attentions, it is better not even start to build with male virgins is no relationship, because they are guaranteed to be doomed to failure . If you prefer to build a loving relationship, not only on the basis of feelings, but also on the principles of interoperability in the various aspects of life, then there is every chance to create a man born under the sign of Virgo, strong, robust and harmonious union.

Despite the unromantic men during the birth of the Virgin relationships, over time it becomes very attentive and caring partner. Whatever unrealistic desires you may have sounded such a man, he would certainly try to fulfill them, and even make so that it was a pleasant surprise. Women who were able to find common ground with a male virgin in the courtship stage, tend to sweat very much surprised such dramatic changes in his behavior. So if your plans should gain attention as an attractive man, think about the fact that at first a little to moderate the sentimental displays of affection, not forgetting that the later you this a hundred times will pay off very caring and respect male Virgo.

 what girls like virgins men

With a neat well-groomed appearance

Male Virgin did not give much importance to the peculiarities of the figures, the structure of the face and other physical characteristics of the exterior, and at first many of the fair sex may seem that they prefer natural beauty is completely without embellishment. In fact, however, this impression is deceptive, since Virgos enjoy exceptionally well-groomed and neat women who vigorously monitor their appearance, but do not set up this show. And if other women companion of man-Virgin can often seem ordinary "gray mouse", then, if you look for it carefully, you will notice that it has a perfectly groomed skin, soft silky hair, nice athletic body and neat manicure and her style of dress faultless and complies with unshakable classical canons interspersed with skilful modern fashion elements.

If you do not meet the description given above of a girl who is bound to attract the attention of men of the Virgin, it is worth to try a lot more time to care for themselves and look perfect in any situation. To do this, completely change their style of dress is not necessarily enough to just learn how to skillfully combine all the elements of a wardrobe and to create a more or less classic silhouettes dresses. It is also necessary to monitor the possible figure, and at least sometimes engage in fitness. In this way, you will always look smart, and the clothes will sit on you is just perfect.

When creating your image should be remembered that the Virgin firmly reject bright makeup and manicure, too screaming colors in clothes, openly seductive dresses with transparent inserts and low-cut mini skirts and high heels. However, Virgos are not like and excessive faceless women who do not bother to highlight their most advantageous features of appearance. So in creating their image should respect the principle of "golden mean" and choose the soft shades of cosmetics and feminine dresses. It is this and like most men, born under the "girlish" sign of the zodiac.

Responsible and reliable

Male Virgin always very jealous of them according to the promises, as well as any obligations which have no difficulty caused their implementation. Women who might be interested in them, must also have a heightened sense of responsibility. Virgin pay special attention to the fact that your words with deeds. At the same time it does not matter if what you promised, does not meet any standards generally accepted in society; the main thing - to be sure you have fulfilled it.

Either the men's team this behavior is considered to be an essential condition for an adequate non-conflictual communication, but women often have problems with the implementation of certain promises .  This is due to the fact that the fair sex, as a rule, do not attach much importance to some small things that they promised .  If you tend to such behavior, try to correct it and start doing all that you promise, even if you yourself think it's a real trifle .  Develop a responsibility must realize that after a while you do not want to go back again to its former levity .  Whatever difficulties you either lay in wait in the way of fulfilling their promises, be sure to try to meet them .  If you have happened something unexpected, then explain it to the man, the Virgin as much detail and as soon as the problems are resolved, yet try to do what was promised .

Instead, such a complicated work on a you get a very reliable partner that will not fail you in any situation. At the same time you will not need to fear that the other girls will attract your lover, who was born under the sign of Virgo, because it will take you not only life's companion, but also a real friend.


Along with the responsibility for man-Virgin sufficiently important organization is the woman he loved, because he always clearly intends his life and every day know exactly what and at what time he needs to do. Also, such a man is never late and try to perform all clear in time, even if because of this they will have to spend a sleepless night or a weekend to deprive yourself. It would seem that such a life is incredibly boring and predictable, but in reality only through such a strong organization man Virgo often achieve very good progress in their career or business.

Next to such a man wants to see an equally organized and disciplined woman who knows how it will spend the evening in a week, and that it is waiting for the plan during the next months and even years. If you think that planning so life will cease enjoy it, you are deeply mistaken. In fact, a clear plan of current operating status and all household details will allow you to cut out a lot more time for their favorite works and communication with your partner. Male Virgo knows it, and therefore expects from you the ability to make plans and follow them, which is the main indicator of organization.

If you are still living, as it is necessary, now, when you really like the man, who was lucky to be born under the sign of Virgo, and you really want to be interested in, it's time to start planning your life. Do not try to drastically change the long-established way of life, as it will look very unnatural and only alienate man-Virgin. It is enough to start the heavily interested in different methods of time management, reading educational books, attend various seminars and trainings, and, most importantly, gradually introduce it in all my life. Such behavior would be unquestionable advantage to build a love relationship with a male virgin. If your union is not formed, then the skills of organization become for you simply irreplaceable throughout later life.

 that men like virgins

Smart and intelligent

Without exception, all men born under the sign of Virgo, has a sharp mind and prefer to communicate with an equally clever and well-read people. Accordingly, they did not like many of today's women, who pay more attention to external beauty, rather than internal development. Quite differently Virgin are smart women who do not hesitate to demonstrate their intellectual superiority over the other, not only women but also against men.

Most men-Dev have nothing against the manifestations of gender equality in many spheres of life, and, at the same time remain true gentlemen. Next to such a man, you can shamelessly show their deep knowledge in certain areas, and even openly criticize any of his statements, with which you disagree. Do not hesitate to admit that there is something you do not know, but do not be afraid to express their opinions in matters in which you are not well versed. This will show your ability to quickly navigate the new information and form their individual assessment, and these are the women and men like Virgo-more than any other representatives of the beautiful half of humanity.

Also, if you want to please a man, a virgin, you have to speak the most pure literary language without slang or, worse still, swear words, whatever emotion you are not assailed during a conversation .  Male Virgin yourself always say very well, and their speech is simply impeccable from the point of view of language norms, and with the position of oratory .  From his woman like a man demanding a near-perfect speech, so you should make sure that how you speak, and constantly improve their speaking skills .  Please talk without jargon and precise alignment of all the suggestions may seem rather "dry" and boring, but over time you will appreciate the charm of this communication and will be able to enjoy it on a par with your partner .  In addition, the ability to speak beautifully surely come in handy in professional activities and just in everyday life .

Determined to win the heart and mind of man-Virgin, do not always think, "he likes me or not? "You just have to behave naturally as possible and try to at least for a while to forget about what you are trying to interest the man. This approach is in tandem with a neat appearance, intelligence and wisdom of life will surely allow you to build a man-virgin strong love union or at least engage with them long-lasting friendships. Afraid of friendship with such a man is not worth it, because very often she eventually develops into a deep and trusting relationship that lasts a lifetime.

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