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Pancakes - a traditional Russian dish, which is prepared for the holidays, funerals, and just for a delicious breakfast.

It was invented in ancient Russia as a sign of veneration of the sun. Since pancakes traditionally prepared in anticipation of spring - on Shrove Tuesday. Recipes for pancakes so much that does not count. There are large and small pancakes, buckwheat, wheat, semolina and oat. Very tasty pancakes with yeast, the recipe of which is given below.

Every nation of the world is its like pancakes. So, muffins, cheesecakes, mlyntsi in Ukraine, pancakes, sorcerers in Belarus, crepes in France, the traditional Jewish matzo and latkes, Armenian lavash, Mexican buritos Japanese okonomiyaki, Pancake, traditional to the United States - is not nothing but a variety of conventional pancakes. All these dishes have something in common: despite the seeming simplicity of the recipe and a minimum of ingredients, they require skilled hands and highly culinary skill. But do not despair if you have no experience in the preparation of this dish.

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Frying pan for pancakes

Pancakes - a delicate matter. Even the most thick pancakes with yeast recipe that simply must get soft, delicate, melt in your mouth. It therefore plays an important role utensils in which they will bake. There are several varieties of "pancake" pans. Each chef will prefer one or the other of them.

  1. Frying pan with non-stick coating. Easy to use, economical on oil consumption. However, do not exceed a temperature of 220 degrees heat Bole as useful and harmful properties of Teflon attend various rumors.
  2. Ceramic pan. Normal pan, just expensive.
  3. Aluminum pan. Easy and convenient thing. But that's harmful aluminum - make sure that the cover is not broken.
  4. Cast-iron pan. Cast iron is used from time immemorial. Our great-grandmother's fried pancakes on a cast-iron frying pans, and this taste is not spoiled!

The smooth surface of the frying pan gives perfectly flat pancake, and "waffle" surface allows you to make delicious pancakes on the flat "mesh."

 a quick recipe for pancakes
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Preparing for a batch of pancakes

To start with a good clean (salt) and ignited a pan. Many experienced mistresses are separate, a pancake pan. It is a good idea: a feature of the pan to absorb odors. If before this pan fried fish or have anything else with a strong smell, the dough will absorb the smell.

Then you need to prepare a "shaving brush". For this purpose, different tricks. Some women use a piece of fat, put on a fork. Other smear the pan with vegetable oil, which dipped to half the bulb (or potatoes) on the plug. In a more "simple" conditions using sterile bandage, wound on a fork or spoon. His dipped in oil and rub frying pan. You can also use a special broom for oil.

The very first rule pancake art - should be a pan to heat. However, "perekalyat" it also should not be, because it will burn the pancakes. This is the first difficulty.

Pancakes need to deftly and quickly by pouring approximately ladle batter into the pan and turning it clockwise to the uniform spreading test. Fire should diminish somewhat as warming pans.

Sift the flour should be. This is a prerequisite of any pomp and tenderness flour dishes. Concerning the eggs: egg more, the stiffer the pancakes, and vice versa. Eggs provide any product desired viscosity and "crispy" crust.
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Pancake Recipe

Pancake recipe, there are many. There are simple pancakes, which are made on the water and flour, is "complicated" version when the batter introduced a variety of ingredients (in Russian it sounds like "Pripek").

Pancakes ripening on the water or milk recipes

For them, you will need:

  1. Water or milk - 2 tbsp. or 0, 5 l;
  2. Flour - somewhat less volume than water, about 1, 5 st .;
  3. Eggs - 2 pcs .;
  4. Sugar - 2 tbsp. L .;
  5. Salt - 1 \ 4 h. L .;
  6. Oil (butter or vegetable) - 100 g

Sift the flour. In a deep bowl, mix water and flour until the consistency of sour cream, introduce eggs, sugar, salt and butter. And quietly pouring the liquid into the flour. You can mix blender or whisk. The main thing - to break all the lumps. Preheat a frying pan and bake evenly.

 yeast pancakes with fillings
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The recipe for yeast pancakes

These pancakes can be called "village." They perfectly combine with sour milk, kvass and compote. It is very hearty and healthy breakfast. Especially love the children so thick pancakes.

Thick yeast pancakes can be prepared in water or milk. On the water will be more elaborate and milk - a richer taste.

  1. Flour - 1, 5 st .;
  2. Milk or water - 2 tbsp .;
  3. Eggs - 2-3 pcs .;
  4. Sugar - 2 tbsp. L .;
  5. Salt 1 \ 4 h. L .;
  6. Yeast - 7 g;
  7. The oil was 100 ml.

To start the yeast soaked in water or milk (small quantities). Sugar, beat eggs, introduce into flour. Add the entire volume of hot (!) Of water or milk, mix in the blender or whisk until the disappearance of lumps. After that, cover with pastry lid, wrapped his thick towel (or just put in a warm place). Leave for an hour or more (sometimes you can put a "sponge" for the night - the dough will suit better. Just keep in mind, dishes must be very deep, otherwise the dough "run away." In the process of "maturation" dough can be once or twice to mix. Then you must wait yet before the "bubble."

Fry (recipe for yeast pancakes)

Gently take a large spoon and spread on a hot frying pan, taking care not to damage the air bubbles. So pancakes are thick.

You can make yeast pancakes not only on wheat flour. Delicious and healthy breakfast and get with buckwheat, oats, corn or any other meal.

Even more magnificent are obtained yeast pancakes and fritters, if you use milk instead of (or in addition to) yogurt. Previously, the hostess is not poured a little perekisshy yogurt, and add it as additional yeast. For even greater "looseness" in such pancakes put a teaspoon of baking soda, quenched in vinegar.
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Toppings for pancakes: recipe

It's no secret that eating pancakes with the addition of different delicious ingredients. This can be a cream, sugar, honey, or even adjika - who is more than "like." More hearty pancakes are obtained with the prepared stuffing separately. It can be sweet, spicy or sweet and sour - the taste of the consumer. We recommend fillers are best to add it to the recipe for yeast pancakes.

Toppings for pancakes can be varied - from cottage cheese with raisins to the red caviar.

Minced meat with onion and egg recipe:

  1. Bulb - 1 pc .;
  2. Eggs - 2 pcs .;
  3. Meat (beef or chicken) - 200 g;
  4. Green - 1 \ 3 tbsp.

Chop the onion and fry it from all sides. Boil the eggs, finely chop or grate. Boil the meat in a saucepan with salt. Chop or grind in a meat grinder. Mix with greens, onion and eggs. Wrapped in a pancake "envelope."

Rice with eggs

Boil the rice, add the herbs and egg.

The filling of the liver, the recipe:

As such a filling come pate beef, pork or turkey liver. The liver is prepared in any way (boiled, stewed, fried), add fried onions and carrots, finely chopped and eggs.

  1. Liver - 500 g;
  2. Onions - 2 pcs .;
  3. Eggs - 3 pcs .;
  4. Carrots - 1 pc.

Pancakes with full sun, the recipe:

As Pripek can get everything your heart desires: raisins, nuts, cinnamon, candied fruit or even slices of onions and meat. It will still be delicious! you can take the same recipe that was used for the ripening of pancakes, but then the filling can "break" a thin pancake. Therefore, for these experiments is better to choose the yeast pancakes. In yeast dough enter the desired ingredient, stir it in a pot and bake thick pancakes on the already known method.

 What's for breakfast? Pancakes!

 Pumpkin pancakes


  • Delicious pancakes zucchini
  • Recipe noodles Pumpkin pancakes
  • Recipe zucchini pancakes with milk
  • Recipe garlic fritters of zucchini

It is simply impossible to find a man who would not love delicious pancakes. This taste comes from the childhood, so any good housewife cherishes recipes and trying from time to time to please their loved ones delicious pancakes. Most housewives prepares only traditional flour pancakes that are high in calories and a negative effect on weight.

But there is a more benign figure for recipe of the dish. To prepare the pancakes, safe for the figure, the basis is not the flour, and the usual zucchini. Preparation of pancakes as easy preparation of the ordinary flour version, and gives a very unusual taste and pleasant.
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Delicious pancakes zucchini

In addition, these pancakes zucchini - is a great way to diversify your diet is beneficial for healthy vegetables. Courgettes are very useful and help to normalize the digestive system, and, moreover, did not contain harmful fats and carbohydrates, so it is often included on the product in the diet in any kind of cooking.

Immediately it should be said that for the preparation of the dishes need to take small or medium sized zucchini, as more vegetables are too watery and the desired consistency of the test will fail. There are some excellent recipes for just pancakes based on courgettes, some of which do not involve the addition of flour, so are the pancakes can be a wonderful complement the diet of those who want to lose weight without any loss in terms of food quality.

The best complement pancakes and zucchini, cooked by the recipe, is a thick cream sauce.

To prepare the sauce you need to take about 300 ml of thick cream, 2 cloves shuttle and chopped dill - all mixed in a blender. The sauce is ready for serving. Properly cooked dish, combined with sour cream sauce is a favorite for the whole family.

 Ingredients for Pumpkin fritters
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Recipe noodles Pumpkin pancakes

For quick cooking pancakes zucchini will need 2-3 medium sized zucchini, 1-2 eggs, about ½ cup flour, salt to taste. If you wish, you can also add them to the dough pancakes 1/3 tsp. Mixture of Italian herbs, which give ready pancakes mild spicy flavor. For cooking this recipe, you must first prepare the vegetables. You must first be thoroughly washed and cleaned from the top of the skin and within the available seeds. If the vegetables are very young and still soft seeds, the core can not clean up.

Then you can start making mixes for pancakes. To this end, vegetables are rubbed on a coarse grater. To the resulting gruel need to add a little salt and leave for about 10-15 minutes to let the juice mixture. After this time must be carefully decant the resulting juice, because if this is not done, the desired consistency of the test will fail. It is best to just squeeze the juice, because if you put the mixture in a colander, then have to wait long until it drained.

After the mixture is prepared from the marrow, it is necessary to add all the remaining ingredients and stir the resulting mass. Fry Pumpkin pancakes are best in vegetable oil, which should be poured on a hot pan, as if the oil is placed on a cold frying pan squash pancakes will adhere. To zucchini pancake turned out thin and beautiful, you need to gently press down his shoulder or rear of the spoon to flatten. Fry the pancakes on both sides need to as long as they do not acquire a beautiful golden crust. In preparation for this recipe you will need no more than half an hour, so it is possible to prepare this dish, if you want to cook something quickly.

 Pumpkin pancakes with sour cream
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Recipe zucchini pancakes with milk

You may want to cook squash pancakes for more complex recipes. Milk makes crepes more tender and tasty. Although the time for the option of cooking will need a little more, this recipe is that a good housewife often used it. For the preparation of this version of this dish will need the following ingredients: ½ cup flour, 1, 5 kg of young zucchini, ½ cup sour cream, 2/3 cup milk, 3-4 eggs, sugar, pepper, salt, vegetable oil for frying food.

First of all you need to prepare zucchini thoroughly after washing them, peeled and rubbed on a coarse grater. After preparing the mixture should be left to infuse for about 25 minutes, so she let the juice. The resulting juice should be carefully overcome. Next you need to prepare a milky-sour cream mixture. For this thoroughly mixed with milk and cream, wherein the best to perform this procedure in a blender to obtain a uniform consistency.

In the squash mixture is first added to the eggs, milk and spices. Flour is added in this case only to the consistency of pancake dough turned out not too thin. In this case, the batter for pancakes get a little watery, that actually is not so bad, as it greatly facilitates the process of frying, because it spreads very well on the pan.

To pancakes too saturated with oil, it is best not to pour oil into the pan, and lubricate it with oil each time before pouring the new pancake. When cooking pancakes for this recipe should be carefully their roast thoroughly on both sides, until they acquire a beautiful golden color, but do not allow that they become crispy. Feeding is carried out hot with sour cream and garlic sauce. If desired, these pancakes wrapped in the most diverse stuffing.

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Recipe garlic fritters of zucchini

Real masterpiece of home cooking can be considered Pumpkin pancakes with garlic.   Pancakes cooked in this recipe, with a small amount of garlic have a very intense flavor and aroma and can become an ornament to any table. Cook garlic zucchini pancakes based on is not difficult.

For the cooking of this recipe, of course, first of all need zucchini. In addition, you need to cook 3 eggs, baking soda, a few cloves of garlic, flour, vinegar and spices. First you need to thoroughly wash, peel and clean the seeds from each zucchini. Next zucchini frays and left to let the pulp juice. Garlic should be crushed and added to the frayed and free from the juice mixture. The batter should also add the eggs, ½ cup flour. The last thing in the mix for pancakes added slaked vinegar soda. If the dough is turned thickish, you can add 1 cup of milk. For frying pan, you need to warm up, and then grease it with a brush with vegetable oil.

The procedure grease the pan with vegetable oil should be carried out before pouring each new pancake. In addition, the need to constantly make sure that the dish during cooking does not burn. After the pancake fry until golden brown on both sides and removed from the pan, it is necessary to smear with melted butter. The dish is prepared according to this recipe is best served not with sour cream, and sprinkle with a little grated cheese, so it will taste better. Cheese need to rub immediately after smearing pancakes with butter, that is until it is hot enough, so the cheese melts soon.

If these pancakes are served at the holiday table, it is best immediately after sprinkling cheese roll them that the cheese has formed inside the stuffing. Zucchini pancakes, cooked in this recipe will appeal to the whole family. Joint use of freshly baked pancakes can be a real family tradition, so it is as often as possible to prepare this wonderful dish for his various recipes.

 Most recipes for pancakes zucchini