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  • Recipe for thin pancakes with milk
  • Cooking process
  • A few words about the hardware

Thin pancakes - a cherished dream of every housewife. Yet the people have a saying: "The thin pancakes - a symbol of the bright sun." If you know how to knead and fry delicious crepes, it is an indicator of culinary skill. It turns out, though, and pancakes are native Russian dish, they are also quite typical for the German and French cuisine, and even in the States, people are familiar with this wonderful dish.

So, how to make delicious pancakes for breakfast? Method of cooking a lot, but you need to know that the main secret, thanks to which you can prepare thin pancakes with milk, holed up in knead the dough. For these pancakes have to knead the dough for a prescription without adding yeast starter. Since the lift yeast dough, pancakes made plump.
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Recipe for thin pancakes with milk

So take yourself adopted an interesting recipe of pancakes, cooked in milk.

In order to implement this recipe to life you need the following ingredients:

  • Flour - 2 full cups of wheat flour. You can take more, it all depends on enacted appetite and desire, but then do not forget to put in the correct respective proportions of other products.
  • Milk - 0, 5 liters (if a little milk, can be diluted with water).
  • Eggs - 3 pieces. It is advisable to take this large, with a brown shade, they have large bright yellow yolks.
  • Sugar - 3 tsp or 1 tablespoon
  • Vegetable oil - 3 tsp or 1 tablespoon
  • Salt - a pinch.

 recipe for thin pancakes with milk

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Cooking process

The dough without lumps

To zameshennoe dough obtained without any lumps first preparing eggs, sugar and salt. All this is thoroughly mixed. The very preparation of the test is not difficult if you follow the recipe and points to some rules. You can add the flour. This is done gradually, because in this way would be more convenient to stir.

Only when the flour is fully absorbed and create a uniform mass, you can gradually pour in milk and all thoroughly but gently to mix. First, add the flour, then milk, only not formed any lumps. But if fill 2 cups flour to 0, 5 liters of milk, then it can be tiring to destroy hateful lumps strongly squashing them on the walls of the dishes, so that lost the desire to do something more.

Best of all for easy dough to use a blender. In that case you can forget about lumps. If such kitchen appliances is not - it does not matter, you can use the usual whisk. Now is the time to add in the institution dough vegetable oil. For this recipe is suitable for both conventional sunflower and olive oil or corn oil. It would be better if you take a prescription for this oil, odorless, in which case he could not kill a thin, delicate aroma of pancakes, cooked in milk. A sweet tooth may increase the amount of the required sugar to your taste. You can also vary the taste by using the vanilla and cinnamon, but it should be noted that cinnamon repaint the dough into a dark chocolate color.

Not many mistresses know that to pancakes prepared not only rosy, beautiful, delicious and thin, but with interesting holes, bubbles, when the test institution can pour a few tablespoons of water.

Fry thin pancakes recipe for milk

Frying pan, which is designed to fry thin pancakes, must be pre-warmed up well enough. It should prepare for the fact that it does not turn away from the cooker and have to do everything fast enough as long as until the end of the dough. Since the thin pancakes fried with lightning speed, a thin perederzhivat food on the fire should not be.

When frying pan cast iron is taken, then it thoroughly oiled or a small piece of fat, but very, very thin. The thinner the lubricant is, the better and tastier pancakes are obtained. Vegetable oil added initially with the establishment of our test, it was done only for the pancakes do not try to suddenly stick to the pan. Because a lot of the oil is not necessary to pour into the pan. If you use a Teflon pan, it can in no way be lubricated will be enough for the amount of oil that was originally poured into the dough with the institution.

 Classic thin pancakes

How to pour the batter into the pan?

Cooked dough for frying can be poured using a large wooden spoon. Watch this process from the very impressive and beautiful, and the tree is considered to be a good material for cooking. You can also use a small ladle. For the preparation of thin pancake need only ½ of the dispensing spoon. Incidentally, when the pan for frying is very large, and the volume of the test instigated need more.

In a small frying pan is accordingly less. In this case, the best way you can define the first 2 pancakes. Many housewives usually get the first pancake is thicker than necessary, and the second part of the test is not always enough to pancake turned round, with the occupation of the whole area of ​​the frying pan. After two attempts any hostess should prilovchilis and calculate how much you will need for the test of the normal cooking crepes for this recipe on its pan.

Pour the batter for pancakes rotational and smooth movements dispersed over the entire surface of the preheated pan is very thin. Despite the fact that the tests are necessary to disperse smoothly, it is necessary to disperse very quickly, as a hot frying pan and pancakes should be thin. Once the dough is nicely browned and no longer be a liquid mass, it can immediately turn gently.

Aerobatics is considered a coup by flipping pancakes them up. But it turns out not all. In this case, it is better not to use wooden blades, as they are too thick for our pancakes with a prescription for milk and will tear the dough. You can use a knife dessert, but we need to be sure he was blunt, so that nothing will be able to cut, but only to put oil on the bread. On it will not scratch the pan and pancakes will be good to cling to - it is quite easy and convenient. And certainly to be sure that the pancakes will not break, you need to take to do a couple of dessert knives.

By this recipe reverse side of pancakes fried much faster than the first. And virtually a fraction of seconds, you can shoot a pancake from the pan. After toasting each pancake pan necessarily need to be lubricated, and then pour the next pancake.

 thin pancakes with fillings
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A few words about the hardware

These pancakes are tasty and good not only hot, but cold. They can be filled with any filling you like and then gently but thoroughly fold the principle of envelopes. Delicious pancakes can be obtained if spread their condensed milk, fresh cream, strawberry or raspberry jam, jam, pour syrup or honey.

If pancakes are not sweet, then as a tasty filling suitable liver pate, squash or eggplant caviar, vegetable snacks and mushrooms. In general, from all you can, that's enough to own imagination and resources.

 The recipe for delicious thin pancakes

 delicious pancakes


  • Traditional method
  • Simplified recipe
  • Meatless pancakes recipe

Pancakes - a traditional Slavic dish that is certainly associated with Carnival. It is believed that a pancake represents the sun, a rich harvest, fertility and wealth. However, many anthropologists tend to assume that pancakes are more - a memorial meal. This delicacy used in many funeral rites and rituals. For example, it was impossible to have the first pancake, because it meant the deceased ancestors. It was believed that the souls who came to the land themselves involved in its preparation. It was said that if a person eats a live blinets, it will be a lump in his throat. That's where it came from saying "worst-first" and its value is very far from the modern interpretation.

Many interesting customs in Slavic culture associated with this traditional dish. By the way, we owe them, and the glory of Russian foreign cuisine today. Who does not know the famous pancakes with caviar? Oh, it goes without saying that this dish so underlines our national character. It looks "simple as a pancake", but with a rich inner world!

Today pancakes occupied a significant place in our daily diet. We prepared them not only Pancake Day or other special day, experimenting with flavors, and do not even think about a magical destination. But our ancestors could not afford this dish every day. After preparing pancakes only on special days, when the souls of the dead come to visit. It was considered that a violation of this rule is fraught with dire consequences - you can go to the world of the dead forever. Only witches and wizards could violate this prohibition to enter into contact with the ancestors.

This seemingly simple dish actually has a history, it is associated with a variety of beliefs and legends. There is no single recipe for pancakes. There are many methods of preparation of both the dough and the filling. But that is not all. Each family has its corporate secret, a secret element that allows to turn an ordinary meal into a real miracle. One of these elements is the secret mineral water.

Pancakes, the recipe of which have mineral water, are light, soft and can boast of "lace" edges.

Recipes for pancakes on mineral water a lot. Here are some of the most successful. Please note: all recipes suggest that mineral water - sparkling.

 Traditional pancakes recipe
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Traditional method

Ingredients: 200 ml milk, 200 ml of mineral water, 200-250 ml of flour, 2 eggs, 2 tbsp. l. vegetable oil, salt and sugar - to taste.

Cooking method:

Place the flour in a deep container, gradually whisk whisking, add the milk and mineral water. Then add the remaining ingredients. Beat until dough is smooth. The consistency of the dough should be liquid if it is too thick, it is possible to add some liquid - milk or mineral water.

Cooking crepes in a frying pan on both sides using a vegetable oil.
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Simplified recipe

Ingredients: 500 ml of mineral water, 3 eggs, 2 tsp sugar, 2 tbsp. l. vegetable oils, 250-300 ml of flour, salt - to taste.

Cooking method:

In a deep container to pour mineral water, dissolved therein salt and sugar, add oil and beat eggs. Then, gently whisking, gradually add the flour. Whipping batter until uniform, consistency it must be liquid (as a liquid cream). Cooking crepes in a frying pan on both sides using a vegetable oil.

 pancakes with fillings
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Meatless pancakes recipe

This recipe is suitable for those who strictly adheres to the post or watching calorie food.

Ingredients: 500 ml of mineral water, 2 tablespoons vegetable oil, 3 tablespoons sugar, 1 teaspoon salt, flour 250-300 ml.

Cooking method:

In a deep tank mix mineral water, sugar, salt and vegetable oil. Then, gently whisking, gradually add the flour. The dough must be uniform, without lumps and sufficiently liquid. Cooking crepes in a frying pan on both sides using a vegetable oil.

During cooking, add a stack of pancakes need - so they will cool slowly. Whichever recipe is chosen, if desired, can be lubricated each pancake with butter. Serve with sour cream can, jam, honey or sugar. Bon Appetit!

 The most successful recipes of pancakes on mineral water