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Each girl will sooner or later reflect, how to kiss a guy? Kiss can express tenderness, love, passion - for every situation a special kiss. So how do you overcome your fear and timidity and to decide on such an intimate step?

First you need to decide whether she liked the guy so much, that I want this proximity.

Because the kiss for a kiss will not give the sensations and pleasures that can be expected.

Here the great role played by relations between young people. Man should so like that without it is impossible to live like his touch, you do not want to leave, even for a moment. Here in this case, the kiss will take to the skies, it can be to lose your head. It should be remembered in this first kiss, because remember him for life.

When completed the first stages of dating, such as evening walks, provozhaniya home, meeting in a cafe, I want to further steps in the relationship, more intimacy. Here it is already appropriate to start kissing. Of course, this should not be innocent fleeting kiss on the cheek, and adult sensual expression tokens. Learn how to kiss so easily, and it is difficult at the same time. This all happens individually with each couple and strictly follow any instructions at all out of place here. One only has to comply with some of the recommendations, and then it all depends on the situation and the mood of partners.

 recommendations for proper kiss
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Recommendations for the preparation of a kiss

I must say that before the girl is a difficult task when it is ready to express such feelings, and her boyfriend can not be solved. This is quite natural, since the first timid and innocent attitude, the boys usually deify his chosen one, they are afraid to breathe on her, to touch her. She must help her partner to promote further relations. Stroked his hair, touching his hand to his cheek to take a hand. That it will show that it is ready for a close contact communication. Do whatever is necessary to gently, without pressure, otherwise you can scare off partner. It is important that at this point there was no threat of a violation of privacy. Witnesses and outsiders are not needed at this time.

It is necessary to take care of your breathing, it must be fresh, with a pleasant smell. The fact that before a date not to eat badly smelling products are known to everyone. Alcohol and cigarettes can be, and give relaxation and courage for such things, but can spoil the impression of the first kiss, so it is not necessary to use them. Breath mints will give a pleasant aroma. But chewing gum is better to refuse: constantly chewing partner does not look very attractive, and diverts attention not for a romantic look.

Fresh should be not only breathing, coolness and freshness should radiate the whole body. When you kiss very close contact, and the sense of smell works well. Nice to have to smell your hair, clothing, hands, but it is not necessary to pour out the vials of perfume, pungent smell of barber shop is also not appropriate. It is enough to smell clean hair and body with a slightly perceptible scent of your favorite perfume.

Juicy enticing lips - a kiss to the impelling factor. A thick layer of lipstick not everyone would motivate her eating. It is best to restrict a small amount of brightness with a fruity aroma. To lips were cracked and dry, it is necessary to take care in advance, take care of them and to lubricate nourishing means.

It is desirable that the first kiss happened like a natural continuation of the conversation, a story. Communication should be an interesting topic, which takes both partners. In no case do not tell about their experienced victories on the love front, about his former young people, about how she kissed before. If a guy put his arm around her waist, was silent, looking into her eyes or lips, it means the time has come and he wants to kiss her. In response raises a fit woman's face and how to make a move forward. In contact lips is better to close your eyes, surrender to feelings and not to think about how to kiss a guy.

 Classic Kiss
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Technique classic kiss

To be able to kiss is not just an advantage for men, girls also important is the ability in intimate relationships. Show your partner your tenderness, thank you for a gift, flowers, just to show the happiness of the relationship can be a kiss. For this we need to embrace the young man's neck, gently pull him to his face. The lips should be slightly ajar. Gently touch one lip and gently absorb it into himself. You should not open your mouth wide and suck all at once lips, including almost chin. It looks sloppy, slobbery.

Sucking on a lip, it can be a little nibble, giving kiss some zest. Last kiss for long - a few seconds. Then let go of the upper lip, step back a little to look into the eyes of your partner. If he is in bliss, he likes it, then we can proceed with tenderness. Grab the other lip and a young man to do it the same manipulations and then immediately suck both lips. Do not have to work as a pump, and kiss with such force, as if you want to suck all the blood from the mouth. Even the most passionate kiss does not involve the inconvenience and pain to the partner, it must be pleasant.

At the end do not need to dramatically step back and let his lips smacking get a funny sound. Lips should be let go, gradually freeing of their own. You can then pressed his cheek to cheek, and stand for a while so, prolonging the pleasant sensation of intimacy. When you kiss your hands, too, must be busy. The gentle pats on the back of the neck, shoulders, back, strengthen the perception of tenderness. But touching erogenous places, such as the buttocks, thighs, it is not necessary if a more intimate continuation is not planned.

 French Kiss
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Engineering French kiss

To learn how to kiss a man in the art of the French kiss, you must first learn the basics of classical kiss, and then proceed to more difficult exercises. We need to start gently and tenderly, hug partner and gently draw to itself. Bringing his lips to the lips of the young man and grab their half-open mouth. Gently sucking on one lip, hold the tip of her tongue. Some time alternate classic kiss and job tongue over his lips partner. Slip his tongue into the mouth guy in a circular motion to walk on his tongue, the teeth, the inner cheeks. Movement should be relaxed and at the same time confident. Remove tongue and wait for a response penetration.

At this time, the language of the partner can bite, suck, compress. It is all too individually, and each pair has its own games and kissing technique. The main is that the French kiss is actively participating languages ​​of both partners. It is important not to overdo it and do not cause vomit reaction, it can happen, if the language is immersed too deeply into the mouth of the partner. When pressed on the root of the tongue, involuntary emetic response and imminent. Also, do not operate tongue like a windmill, movement should be caressing.

French Kiss - is even closer contact than a classic. It is already possible to hope for intimacy. If such proximity is not planned, the French kiss must be careful, because after his body refuses to obey the mind and asked to continue the more daring caresses.
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Related advice

Do not despair if you do not succeed the first time you had hoped. Probably I got the wrong guy, or the situation is not ripe. In life it will still be a lot of kissing, which comes from the soul and the heart-stopping. Do not get hung up on the question, answering, how to kiss a guy when will such a moment, life itself will prompt principle. It is necessary to relax and surrender to the senses. If young people are attracted to each other, on their instinct everything must happen. The main thing is to find your soul mate, which will be good to keep quiet, will talk about, is sweet to be in each other's arms, and, of course, kiss.

Kissing should bear the pleasure for both partners to be sincere. Pretending is inappropriate here, it is better to step back and not to give hope for the continuation, or it may permanently discourage such activities. But basically kissing everyone - men and women. And what is most interesting - from kissing no age. With kisses live infants, young people, people aged and elderly.

 Learn how to kiss properly