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  • Common traits of male Pisces
  • What does it mean for a man-fish family?
  • Compatibility with other signs

Male fish are different from members of other signs of the zodiac that since birth in their great potential. However, they are too lazy to make any effort, which is the basis of all life's problems. If your chosen one was a man born under the sign of Pisces, then you might want to find out what exactly it is possible to interest, and understand what he likes and that, on the contrary, scares, some women for it is an ideal, and he had never pay attention.

Common traits of male Pisces

As a rule, all fish to want to be popular. But, as has been said, to achieve this very glory representatives do not sign anything. Male Fish do not like to live in poverty, aspire to a good income, they like luxury and high cost; but their behavior around can often seem a little strange. These men, as no one in need of support and, perhaps even in a kind of protection. By the way, the patron they find themselves without a problem, because like many.

Fish differ resentment, vulnerability. They are very easy to withdraw from the state of peace and balance, they are quickly irritated and upset over nothing, but to be angry for a long time they will not - Pisces peculiar easily appeased. And these are different, both men and women of this sign.

Male Fish very sincere. They are merciful, support in difficult times, and they are kind and considerate, sensitive. That is why they have so many friends, with whom relations are very warm and long-term. Fish friend - a kind of "vest", which can and cry and share problems and secrets without thinking about what they know about the community. By the way, this is what many girls appreciate in men, Pisces, being tied to him almost instantly. In addition, the fish close tact and tolerance - men of this sign will not interfere in other people's affairs and problems.

However, be aware that after such a frank conversation male Pisces need to be alone, to restore the nervous system. You should not blindly use the kindness and sincerity of Pisces, throwing off on their own problems - sooner or later they will not survive. Tactlessness and lack of understanding - these are the qualities that men do not like the water element. It is often people complain to the vest, not thinking about what kind of emotional overload when a person experiences this, the one who personified vest. So do fish need a strong support - be it a girlfriend or boyfriend.

 what girls like men fish

What does it mean for a man-fish family?

It is not that man Pisces tend to be bound by family ties - they do not particularly need a wife and children, as though it may sound sad. And the home means to them not so much. Perhaps this is the main reason why their marriages are rarely successful. Women who has managed to fall in love with Pisces hardly wait for them to quickly offer to marry. To do this, a push to happen - then, perhaps, you will achieve and formalize relations. Often thereby trigger a direct offer to their chosen girl.

The wife of the male fish is usually the leader of the family. With his hand, it does not cause any resistance - such a man likes to play the role of a second, and you must understand this. Irresponsibility - an obvious negative feature of the sign, which you must accept; Otherwise you will have to break off relations.

If you're looking to maintain your already shaky relationship, then forget to arrange a demonstration of action. Solve all the questions correctly, clearly and justified - politely let us know what my husband all their claims, but do not blame him - this, however, no one likes. You need to clearly identify what the problems are taking place, and try to diplomatically discuss it with her husband.

Children see the Pope in such a good friend rather than his father. They are very interesting and exciting, together, they create, invent, play - they will not be bored for sure. It is a man-fish like no one else will be able to teach important life lesson - the lesson of kindness towards others, nature, animals. Kids interested with the pope, they can tell him all my secrets. Agree, it is very important.

Fish - skilled lovers. They will never brag about their victories on the love front, compromising the partner. As the men of this sign is a very sensual nature with excellent intuition, you can be sure that your partner will be able to literally read your thoughts and understand your desires and needs in bed.

 that men like fish

Compatibility with other signs

  • Aries woman

Beginning relations will undoubtedly be a very beautiful, bright and emotionally intense. Soon, however, the euphoria quickly turn into disappointment. Women sign Aries differ straightforwardness and sincerity, because such a "complicated man" it can seem confusing and even somewhat unpleasant. Aries do not like mood swings from melancholy to joy, and they do not accept the lie that is almost normal for fish. These are people of different temperaments, which is extremely difficult to live side by side.

  • Taurus woman

Taurus is known as a sign of the "right", stable and honest, and the fish do not match any of these parameters. The situation is about the same as with Aries - happy prospect unlikely. Fish are suspicious, they now and then it would seem that they seek to "destroy" or firmly adhere to itself. But there are positive aspects of such a union. Women of this sign as Taurus, know how to create comfort and coziness that appreciates a man-fish. Perhaps on this basis will be able to successfully develop marriage.

  • Female twins

Female twins distinguishes frantic desire to do everything everywhere. They are almost always in a feverish state of enormous need to find the impressions, new highlights and seek new contacts: business and social. At the same time the male fish will be easy, with a share of melancholy to monitor developments, feeling either superfluous or just a bystander, but certainly not by the participant. Most likely, your man just evaporate, disappear from the horizon, thus enabling you to understand that feels unnecessary or superfluous. Yes, and you will, most probably, sooner or later, would have gone from a man of such a sign of the zodiac.

  • Female Cancer

Here the situation is not as deplorable as in the above cases. Both signs are different expression of emotional - shows the influence of water. Women of this sign feel that finally found a soul mate, because empathy, support, try to understand each other - this equally has as cancer and Pisces.

However, everyone knows that the romance is replaced by life - like this state of affairs? We have already mentioned that the man-fish is unlikely to be a leader in the family, while the woman Cancer will need a good support. Again difficulties. Of course, each of the partners will try to find a compromise, but if it is not time to find a crack in the relationship will only grow, and sooner or later will become a chasm.

  • Female Lion

Girls sign Leo appreciate luxury and comfort, love beautiful courtship, they were proud. It boasts these qualities and the man-fish, presenting his lioness expensive gifts, carrying her in his arms and pulling flowers. Of course, at first it would be nice to surprise and impress the girl, but once the novelty disappears, Lioness immediately begin to pay attention to the little things that previously seemed to be and was not. This union is possible only in a situation where the male fish has a good financial base, a strong position in society and strives to keep this very position.

  • Female Virgo

Virgos like politeness and courtesy of Pisces and their desire to help and listen. This is a union that does not have sharp corners and intractable problems - the signs are very similar to their temperaments. The longer the union, the stronger it will become. It is possible that the couple live together happily forever.

  • Woman Scales

Pisces will be difficult to cope with the Scales. The second most fit men Aries, Capricorn and Scorpio. Women balance can take fish behavior as a weakness of character, supple and non-contentious, that for them will mean unwillingness to solve the problems. Of course, the minuses in this union enough, but there are a lot of advantages, such as community attitudes and outlook. Because if pritrutsya partners to each other, their marriage may well be successful.

  • Scorpio woman

Men will be interesting to solve a lifetime "mystery" of the creative, bright and emotional Scorpio. In turn, the woman will be pleasantly surprised by a party, showing a launch to fish care and gentleness. Pisces and Scorpio - soul mates, it will be felt at the first meeting. Both partners perfectly understand each other, which can lay the foundation of a strong family in the future.

  • Sagittarius woman

Conflict Union. Sagittarius-Pisces man perceives as a man constantly in the clouds. For Archers, it is unacceptable, even though they themselves are somewhat frivolous. Both signs are not different responsibility that denies the possibility of a strong family unit. It is unlikely that any of the partners wants to put up with each other's weaknesses.

  • Capricorn woman

Capricorn - the sign of the strong. Girls of this sign clearly know what they want, set long-term goals and plan a family life. It is not at all typical of Pisces. It is for this reason that a man of this sign and then have to listen to complaints about his character, what they are, of course, will be very disagree. Union is possible only when Capricorn agree to be a leader, but there is no denying the fact that sooner or later it may just get bored - Capricorn woman needs a strong partner.

  • Aquarius woman

Here the findings are not particularly optimistic. Of course, Aquarius - the sign of a much more powerful than Pisces. Woman sign of Aquarius can not be called predictable, and special tact it is no different - it can bring a man-Fish of myself. Sooner or later the moment will come when the alliance falls apart. Of course, there are exceptions, but it is rather rare.

  • Female Fish

This pair is sure to come to an agreement. Men and women of this sign is perfectly understand each other. On a good material component here can not speak - it is unlikely. However, this alliance will be able to find support in each other, and thus be able to solve all the problems - two of them for the material component is important but not paramount.

Men-Fish, as well as representatives of other characters have their own distinct advantages and disadvantages with which not everyone is able to come to terms. If you are sure that your choice is worthy of you, you try to take it with all the features of the character, and then a happy marriage provided to you. Love and be loved!

 Secrets of a strong relationship: what women like men - Pisces