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  • "Bird's milk": how it all began
  • "Bird's milk" - a recipe close to GOST
  • "Bird's milk" - a recipe with gelatin
  • Recipe of the third embodiment of the cake "Bird's milk"
  • "Bird's milk" - a recipe with starch
  • Cake "Bird's milk" - a simple recipe
  • Cake "Bird's milk", a more complex recipe
  • "Bird's milk" - a recipe noodles

Cake with a surprising name "Bird's milk" - a favorite sweet dessert from my childhood. Who among us did not like to bite off small pieces of tender white souffle, covered with delicious chocolate? And now that there are lots of cake supporters who buy a dessert to every festive table. But what if we want to cook this amazing cake at home? Despite the apparent complexity of do it at home - a pleasure. Recipes This cake is quite interesting, and the ingredients - are available and inexpensive. Now we will tell you about the most interesting of these recipes.

"Bird's milk": how it all began

It went from a belief that the bird's milk - is a wonderful delicacies from? Ancient legends say that the beautiful birds that live in paradise, chicks were fed a wonderful milk, tastes better that nothing on earth. Since ancient times people have dreamed to try bird's milk, telling tales about him and composed poems. And though now, in our time, we understand that the bird's milk - it's just a beautiful fiction, but the idea of ​​a beautiful, mysterious nectar nice stirs the heart. Perhaps that is why the most delicious cake in the history, it was decided to name "Bird's milk". The same tasty, tender and delicious.

The history of this wonderful cake is unique. Suffice it to say that the "Bird's milk" - the pride of the Soviet confectionery industry, is the only cake recipe which got national patent. It is believed that the technology has developed a cooking dessert pastry Vladimir Gural'nik, who worked in a Moscow restaurant "Prague". He borrowed the idea of ​​the conventional sweets souffle issued a local candy factory, but the recipe goodies brought to perfection, making it a truly mouth-watering.

The cake is collected from small cakes, soufflés and chocolate. And the dough for sponge cake prepared not, not flaky and sand, but rather keksovoe. Gural'nik with partners about six months developed a recipe for the perfect test has not yet found what I needed. In order to perfect the recipe souffle, it took more time, but the result exceeded all expectations: new cake quickly gained a wide popularity.

Soon recipe souffle guests, and in 1980 on the cake was issued national patent. Unfortunately, the name of the dessert was not patented, so now cakes called "Bird's milk" can be made by anyone. And no wonder that sometimes we are disappointed taste of the next "masterpiece" because not every manufacturer observes dessert recipe exactly.

The first trial batch of cakes were put on the market in 1968. Due to the fact that the recipe for dessert was quite difficult and complicated technology of preparation, and the cakes produced very small quantities, and they could get it only in Moscow and Leningrad. People almost from the night standing in a long queue in order to pamper yourself and loved ones this wonderful cake recipe is kept in strict confidence. Sometimes, in order to buy the coveted delicacy, they had to buy a ticket in a queue at the enterprising businessmen. All the facilities were good, just to try and get a miracle.

Among the many cakes that have gained popularity among our compatriots, this is the dessert for many years has been and remains "number one" in the list of favorite treats .  "Bird's milk" - is perhaps the world's only a cake recipes that are more than a hundred .  You can bake a cake using starch, gelatin, lemon, berries - in other words, make your dessert is truly unique and unrepeatable .  Of course, there is a recipe for state standards, approved by the Soviet state many years ago, but its complexity is that instead of the usual for us souffle gelatin used agar .  This is a special product that is made from red algae .  Its properties agar resembles the same gelatin, but any souffle and jellies prepared therefrom are obtained extremely tender and delicious .  So, if you want to cook the most that neither is a real specialty cake "Bird's milk" - such as it was conceived by the author - then look for the recipe with agar!

The recipe for this cake "Bird's milk" (GOST) complicated by the fact that during the preparation of a souffle is necessary to boil down agar with the sugar syrup at a temperature of 117 degrees Celsius (no more and no less!). It's easy to do in an industrial environment, where there is special equipment with heat sensors. At lower temperatures, the viscosity of agar will be insufficient when the product more and loses all the necessary gelling properties. And at home, as you can imagine, it is difficult to comply with the recipe, cooking and bake a cake exactly according to GOST.

In principle, while homemade cake "Bird's milk" agar-agar, and it is possible to replace the conventional gelatin, there are great recipes and with this product. The taste is not particularly impact - only souffle becomes more dense and solid. If you set out to necessarily buy agar-agar and make a cake for the guests, then try to look for it in the spice or departments in pharmacies (yes, this extract from algae is used also as a remedy for stomach aches!). In the extreme case, you can try to negotiate with the workers of confectioneries - there agar be simply obliged.

Pretty hard to tell what the recipe of the cake "Bird's milk" can be considered the best, because each of them in its own interesting and unique. So, we present you the best and most interesting recipes of the famous cake "Bird's milk". Choose the one recipe that will please the most and eat to your health!

 bird's milk cake

"Bird's milk" - a recipe close to GOST

If you find agar, then play the cake "Bird's milk" the way you remember it as a child, will not be difficult. The main thing - to observe the severity of the below-described preparation technology, to do everything exactly as the recipe directs. So, in order to prepare the cake of your dreams, you will need the following products:

To take the cakes:

  • Oil (butter) - one hundred grams;
  • Sugar - one hundred grams;
  • Two eggs;
  • Wheat flour - one hundred and forty grams;
  • Vanilla extract.

For the souffle:

  • Two egg whites (sixty grams);
  • Sugar - four hundred and sixty grams;
  • Citric acid - half tea spoon;
  • Agar - two spoons of tea without slides;
  • Oil (butter) - two hundred grams;
  • Condensed milk - two hundred grams;
  • Vanilla or vanilla extract.

For the glaze:

  • Chocolate - seventy-five grams;
  • Oil (butter) - fifty grams.

To prepare the cake will also need a diameter of not less than twenty-five centimeters. This recipe implies that vanillin or vanilla to taste can be used, if necessary it can be changed on the vanilla sugar, mashed to a state of powder.

Cooking cakes:

Beat butter and sugar, while gradually adding eggs and vanilla. Whipping up mass until the sugar has dissolved completely. Add the flour slowly, about a tablespoon. Knead the dough. Smear half the dough in a circle shape and bake at a temperature of two hundred and thirty degrees. Baking time - ten minutes. When everything is ready, bake another of the same cake.

Preparation souffle:

Soak the agar-agar in the hundred and forty milliliters of water and leave it there for three or four hours. Warmed to room temperature, evaporated milk and butter should be mixed and whisk in the cream, adding a lot of vanilla. The resulting cream is set aside, but not in the refrigerator.

Agar-agar, soaked in water, you need to put on the fire, be sure to slow, and bring to a boil state. Warning: do not let the agar from burning! Boil for at least one minute, then sprinkle in weight in sugar. Then install medium heat. Agar-agar and sugar to a boil again, stirring constantly. Once the syrup will increase and rise white foam - can be removed from the heat. Put a spoonful of syrup and lift her up, if after spoon stretched thin "thread", it means chtosirop ready and prepared correctly.

Syrup must be cooled to about eighty degrees Celsius. While it is cooled, start making the protein component of the souffle. Protein to whip chilled by adding citric acid in them. Whisk to high density.

In the beaten egg whites, pour a thin stream of hot syrup, still stirring. Beat the whites with the syrup until homogeneous mass texture. After adding cream butter with condensed milk, mix and beat at low speed of your mixer. Souffle ready.

Preparation of the glaze:

Melt any dark chocolate with cocoa content of not less than eighty percent of the oil and butter in the proportions specified in the recipe.

The final formation of the cake:

The higher form of cake laid on the bottom of the first cake, fill the top half finished souffle. Put the cake on the shelf of the refrigerator for no less than twenty minutes to make a souffle slightly hardened. Then put on top of one cake and then fill the remaining souffle. We cover the assembled cake with chocolate (cook it should be immediately before filling) and set now for a few hours in the fridge again.

"Bird's milk" - a recipe with gelatin

This recipe allows agar instead use a conventional gelatin. This will help you without too much trouble to cook a cake at home. Gelatin can be used in the plates and can be in the granules. The main thing you need to do - it is right to dissolve it and to strictly observe the souffle recipe.


  • Oil (butter) - one hundred grams .;
  • Sugar - one hundred grams;
  • One egg;
  • Flour - a hundred and fifty gr .;
  • Vanillin take on the tip of the knife.


  • Egg white - 2 pieces;
  • Sugar - three hundred and ten grams;
  • Oil (butter) - one hundred and eighty gr .;
  • Citric acid - half tea spoon;
  • Gelatin - twenty grams;
  • Condensed milk - one hundred grams;
  • Vanilla and take on the tip of a knife;
  • Water - one hundred and thirty milliliters.


  • Chocolate - a hundred grams .;
  • Cream - a hundred grams.

Cooking cakes:

The recipe for the biscuit dough cakes is very simple. The oil must be gradually warmed up to room temperature (not melted!), It must be cautiously beat with a mixer (can use a wooden spatula). Gradually add the eggs into the butter, a pinch of vanilla and beat well. Small portions add all the flour that is left, and knead the dough.

Then divide the dough in half and turn to bake cakes at a temperature of two hundred and thirty degrees Celsius. Baking time - ten to twelve minutes.

Preparation souffle:

Gelatin must be properly mixed with a small amount of water and then left to swell for about thirty minutes. Make the cream of condensed milk and softened at room temperature butter while whisking the ingredients well with a mixer. Pour sugar water, stir and heat over low heat, bring to a boil. Boil the syrup for at least five minutes, not forgetting all the while stirring. Egg whites to whip up high foam, gradually adding vanilla and citric acid. Whisk whites to a high density. Without stopping the mixer as soon as possible to pour in the beaten egg whites (just be sure to trickle!) The hot syrup. In the resulting mass pour the gelatin and licentious cream from condensed milk and butter. Beat future souffle at low speed until a homogeneous mass.

Preparation of the glaze:

Chocolate with cream to melt in a water bath until smooth. If desired, this can be done in the microwave.

Formation of the cake:

Place the cooled cake in the bottom of the higher form. Top pour half finished souffle. After that first cake to put on top of the second, and then pour the remaining have a souffle. Remove the finished cake on the shelf of the refrigerator for about 3-4 hours, after which fill it with chocolate. If you wish, you can decorate the top of the cake figurines made of chocolate, berries, nuts or crumbs (put in the middle). Before use, should be ready to remove the cake in a cool place for seven to eight hours.

 bird's milk cake recipe

Recipe of the third embodiment of the cake "Bird's milk"

This recipe is very simple and quick to prepare. As a rule, delicate and delicious cake obtained from any housewife, even if she had decided to make this dessert the first time.


  • Chicken eggs - four of them;
  • Sugar - three-quarters of the glass;
  • Wheat flour - one hundred and fifty grams.


  • Eggs - ten pieces;
  • Sugar - three hundred grams;
  • Oil (butter) - two hundred grams;
  • Milk - two hundred milliliters;
  • Gelatin - thirty grams;
  • Wheat flour - a tablespoon (no slides).


  • Cocoa - three spoons (cutlery);
  • Sugar - three spoons (cutlery);
  • Milk - 4 spoons (cutlery);
  • Oil (butter) - one hundred grams.

Cooking cakes:

Proteins must be carefully separated from the yolks. They can be removed is on the top shelf of the refrigerator, and a good beat egg yolks with sugar until smooth white paste. Slowly introduce the flour (sift it!), Mix well. Now whisk proteins so that their volume increased by five or six times. The yolk mass enter the beaten egg whites and mix gently. This should be done very carefully so that the bubbles do not fallen down. Divide the dough in half and bake at a temperature of one hundred and eighty degrees. Baking time - twenty-five to thirty minutes.

Preparation souffle:

Gelatin pour out of the bag, pour cool boiled water (one hundred and fifty ml) and leave for about one hour. Separate the proteins from the yolks, then the egg yolks carefully rub with one hundred and fifty grams of sugar. Add the warm milk and stir thoroughly. Then gradually add the sifted flour and beat until fluffy and always smooth. The resultant mixture is heated in a water bath until it reaches the consistency of a fairly thick cream, then remove from heat and cool.

The cooled mass must be added to the room conditions softened butter and beat well with a mixer. Gelatin must first be heated until the granules dissolve completely, then refrigerate. The proteins add a small pinch of salt, then beat them with a mixer to form a high and thick foam. Slowly introduce proteins remaining 150 grams of sugar and continue beating. Add the gelatin and mix foam. Then gently combine with the protein mass of yolk, mix on low mode, the mixer and put in a few hours in the refrigerator (to thicken).

Preparation of the glaze:

Mix cocoa, milk and sugar and put on a small fire. Once the mass will be close to the boil, put in her oil (butter), while stirring constantly. Remove the glaze from the heat as soon as it starts to boil ..

Formation of the cake:

At the bottom of the chosen form of the first place the cake, fill it with the souffle. On top of it lay a second cake. At the end pour the cake with chocolate icing. Before use, recommended to cool in the refrigerator for about six to eight hours.

"Bird's milk" - a recipe with starch

This recipe differs from the others in that the composition has a souffle ingredient is potato starch. That it will help your cake to be more light and airy.


  • Vanilla Sugar - one spoon (tea);
  • Sugar - one full glass;
  • Flour - a full glass;
  • Eggs - four of them.


  • Eggs - ten pieces;
  • Milk - one full glass;
  • The starch (potato) - one spoon (dining room);
  • Sugar - two full cups;
  • Granulated gelatin - forty gr .;
  • Vanilla sugar - three spoons (tea);
  • Oil (butter) - three hundred grams ..


  • Oil (butter) - fifty grams;
  • Dark chocolate - two hundred grams.

Cooking cakes:

Beat eggs with sugar until white, gradually adding the vanilla sugar. Sift the flour and slowly enter it, while stirring constantly, into the beaten eggs. Knead the dough a homogeneous and pour it in a deep pan, which is liberally lubricate oil. Put the pan in the oven, preheated to a hundred and eighty degrees, and bake for ten minutes (until golden brown).


Preparation of the cream:

Bon Appetit!