Napoleon cake recipe with sour cream


  • Cake "Napoleon" with vanilla cream
  • Dessert "Napoleon" with yolk cream
  • An unusual recipe for the usual "Napoleon"

Cake "Napoleon" is familiar to many from the very early childhood. During the stay of the Soviet Union, he has appeared in almost every house, but due to the scarcity and food shortages, and because of the rather long procedure of preparation, the classic recipe is often changed. So, if all the rules of a dish made from puff pastry, then our mothers and grandmothers achieved a similar effect in a different way: they are very thin baked cakes, lubricate them with cream and apply on top of one another. To give extra flavor savory food, the hostess used the vodka, brandy and other spirits. In addition, milk was replaced with a light hand with water and baking chocolate "Napoleon", the dough was administered cocoa powder.

In general, the Soviet chefs had fun as they could, modifying the recipe in his own way. However, in the classic version is a multi-tiered cake structure of the puff pastry with cream, preparation of which the strength is not for everyone. This rather laborious process takes a lot of time and effort. Well, judge for yourself: first, the dough is rolled out thinly into a rectangle, then put him butter, wrapping the edges of the envelope. Then run a rolling pin to make a thin layer, put all four times and left for 20 minutes. The procedure is then repeated in the same sequence, but this time basis fold in three layers.

Within half an hour the dough must be cool, then it must be divided into two parts, each of which you need to roll out very thin pancake (or rectangle) is not more than six millimeters. Cakes are baked in the oven, and after cooling lubricated cream: cream, custard, milk. Here you can choose any recipe. Products are superimposed one on one, and the need to press down slightly each "floor" dishes. On top of the cake is applied to the remnants of sweet sauce and sprinkle with chopped specially baked and sawn-off test. At the request of "Napoleon" is decorated with powdered sugar. Previously, it was cut into triangular pieces, symbolizing the headdress of the great commander, but today it is not so essential.

As you can see, the classic cake chef requires possession of special talents, skills, and practices. Therefore, this recipe is easy just to name language does not turn. Of course, that does not always have the time (and we have to admit, the desire) to such experiments. In this case, you can resort to a more "down to earth" and mundane variations on the theme of "Napoleon." It is made with cream or custard, condensed milk or chocolate cakes. To decorate the cake sprinkled with nuts, slices of baked dough. Each recipe - a unique guide with its subtleties and nuances. But as they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained, so let's experiment together.

 Napoleon cake with sour cream

Cake "Napoleon" with vanilla cream

Napoleon Bonaparte himself would probably have come to the delight of delicate flavor dessert, named in his honor. As mentioned above, the traditional recipe requires quite a lot of time, besides the cook should have a certain practice, or the right to make the dough the first time, is not likely to succeed. To avoid mistakes and vain not to spend money on products that offer start with the simplest, that is to make a simple cake with cream and a delicious vanilla cream.



  • pack of margarine (about 200-250 grams)
  • egg
  • two cups of flour
  • Sugar - to taste (two tablespoons will be enough)
  • pinch of salt
  • three large tablespoons of sour cream home


  • 500 milliliters of milk
  • pack of vanilla
  • 125 grams of granulated sugar
  • 200 grams of butter
  • eight grams of flour

Cooking method:

If you never did, "Napoleon", but passionately want to cook, not enough just behind the classic recipe. We must start with a simple, and then gain experience, it is already possible to move to a new, higher level of culinary skill. However, whatever you did, keep in mind that the cake is always prepared from the products at room temperature. And kneading the dough is much easier, and it turns out it is more tender. Therefore, remove all of the pre-cooler and then safely "go into battle", as bequeathed to general Bonaparte.

So, the softened margarine chop small pieces of the same size. After connect them with pre-sifted flour and mash with a fork. You can resort to more simple way: rub the product on a coarse grater. In a separate piala whisk eggs when they turn in a uniform yellow foamy liquid enter the salt, sugar and sour cream. Then again, several times a whisk stir the ingredients and pour the mixture onto the mound of flour and margarine in the center of which is necessary to make a small funnel. Good knead dough - it should be moderately tight and at the same time does not stick to hands. If the consistency is too liquid mass or she adheres to the walls of the dishes, add a couple of handfuls of flour.

When you manage, finished dough is divided into several parts (ten or twelve) - these are your cakes, of which subsequently formed "Napoleon." And while at the time of harvesting, wrap in plastic wrap and store in the refrigerator for three to four hours. If you do not have to wait as possible, shorten the process up to 60 minutes. Now you must take the cream. In this case, the proposed recipe brewed sweet sauce, but if desired it can be replaced by another. Delicious desserts are obtained by impregnation of condensed milk or cream.

Getting to cooking, proceed as follows: first asked to indicate the amount of flour in a bowl, then carefully pour here is slightly warmed in the microwave milk, but not all, but only 100 milliliters. If you enter a product in such a way, you will avoid the formation of lumps (at least there will be a lot less). Now thoroughly mix the ingredients and put the remaining milk to the minimum flame and cook, working regularly with a spoon. Be sure to add the vanilla and sugar. Once the sweet sauce comes to a boil, turn off the burner and pour it cool milk with wheat flour. Again, turn the oven and heat the cream until slightly thickened, without ceasing to interfere.

While the mass cools, place in a blender bowl butter, cut into small pieces. This also pour unheated milk mixture and whisk thoroughly several times that all lumps are gone, and the consistency of the food has become more dense and uniform. Well, now is the time to bake a cake, or rather cakes. Remove the dough from the refrigerator and roll out each ball into a thin layer. You can give your products of any shape - rectangular or circular - it all depends on your wishes and dishes in which you cook the dish. Send your first cake in the oven, heating it to 200 degrees. Once it becomes a little golden, place the next item. Watch carefully that dish is not warmed up!

When will cope with this task, let cool slightly Korzh. After proceed to assemble dessert. To "Napoleon" came out juicy and hearty, spare impregnation liberally lubricate each cake with cream, bonding them together. Strongly do not press on the cake, or pastry crumble to pieces, and the dish will be ruined. The remaining or not received (a little scorched or broken) shortcakes grind arms and mortar better. Sprinkle crumb dessert. Of course, eat the "Napoleon" want at the same time, as soon as it is ready. But hold your desires - let it brew for savory food, and then you will experience fully his tender juicy taste. Bon Appetit!

 Napoleon cake with sour cream

Dessert "Napoleon" with yolk cream

Despite the fact that "Napoleon" is familiar to almost all, each recipe has its own characteristics. Traditional dessert has a rather lengthy procedure of preparation, so most housewives prefer a somewhat simplified version. Most busy making food from the finished puff pastry, those who are braver and more experienced in this matter, bake cakes yourself, lubricating them with sour cream, condensed milk, cottage cheese-based sauce, puree, and the greatest success enjoyed brew impregnation. Each dish has a right to exist, and only you can decide which one is preferable. Perhaps the following recipe for a long time to get accustomed to your kitchen.


For the dough:

  • 500 grams of white flour (sifted well)
  • butter - 225 grams
  • two glasses of fresh homemade cream
  • Sugar - three big spoons

For the cream:

  • 700 milliliters of boiled cow's milk
  • half cup sugar
  • 100 grams of butter (meaning butter)
  • three egg yolks
  • Ten grams of flour

Cooking method:

Mistress who are not addicted to pastries, often mistakenly believe that it is incredibly difficult and lengthy process. Of course, it all depends on what recipe you have selected. For example, yeast or biscuit dough is quite demanding and capricious, so there need to be behind at least a small sweet experience, or the first time the product may not be possible. In order not to disappoint myself or loved ones, look forward to a delicious cake, offer to stay at a rather simple, but incredibly tasty dish. Let us together with you prepare tender and low-fat "Napoleon" with yolk and milk cream.

So before embarking on culinary creativity, at least 30, and preferably within 60 minutes, remove all the food from the refrigerator. Then cut the butter and melt it on a steam bath. If you have a microwave, resort to using this kitchen appliance. Once in a bowl with cream ingredient, enter the sugar, mash it with a fork, when the mass is smooth, add the sour cream and again mix well.

The next phase - sifting flour. Once manage, pour it to the above ingredients and knead the dough is not too liquid. If it is to stick to your hands, add a small portion of the flour. Then divide the weight of eight or twelve equal parts (depending on what you want to get the height of the cake). If time allows, let it brew for the test at least one and a half hours by placing it for this purpose in a cool place.

Then roll cakes on floured work surface using a rolling pin as thin as possible. As for the shape, it may be arbitrary, e.g., circular or a rectangle. Put the product on a greased baking sheet or in another bowl and bake in the oven until golden brown hue. The temperature of the furnace should not exceed 210 degrees. On average, the preparation of the cake takes about ten minutes. When done, let the dish cool, and themselves pay attention to impregnation.

I came probably the most appetizing and tasty phase - will develop a prescription cream. Pour into a shallow pan sugar and here is asking white flour. In another bowl, whisk whisk the egg yolks, pre-separating them from proteins. Then connect them with previous products, and, mix, put on a small fire. Pour into a saucepan warm milk and cook the mixture until the surface bubbles will not occur first. Continue to work with a spoon - to get rid of all the lumps and achieve a dense homogeneous consistency. Remove the dish from heat, cool and beat with the softened butter. To do this, you can take an ordinary whisk or fork.

A little more, and "Napoleon" will take center stage on your desk. Carefully promazhte each tender cream cake, putting his abundant layer. You can put items in layers, one on top of another. The remaining custard sauce dish treat all sides, and store it in a cold room. Ideally cake soaked for about five hours, but if there is no strength to endure, soak at least 120 minutes.

Ways to decorate the dessert, there are many: some of his fried and sprinkled with chopped walnuts or peanuts, other - whipped cream and grated chocolate. Use fruit in this case is not recommended, because it will not "Napoleon." Not as important as you will give the dish an attractive appearance - proceed at its own discretion. The main thing - to find the right recipe and bake a delicious cake. This helps you to our website, designed for all lovers of cooking, who want to improve their skills. Even if you do not know how to cook, here to learn this - no problem. As they say, it would wish.

 Napoleon cake with sour cream

An unusual recipe for the usual "Napoleon"

This time we examine an unusual recipe for well-known dessert. You say that "Napoleon" with vodka does not sound too appetizing? Then you've never prepared a cake. At the request of an alcoholic beverage can replace the brandy or liqueur. To give the dish a more vivid and intense flavor, add vanilla cream. The food will be an excellent companion hot fragrant tea. So why not make a festive family dinner without any reason?


The dough for the cake:

  • 250-300 grams of flour
  • Fresh margarine - one pack
  • cup sour cream
  • Five milliliters of vodka
  • oil to lubricate ware (take any)


  • ½ liter of pasteurized milk warm
  • four eggs
  • cup sugar
  • a piece of butter (not more than 60 grams)
  • vanilla sugar - optional


  • a handful of roasted peanuts and peeled

Cooking method:

There is a recipe for "Napoleon" with the addition of butter and margarine. We use the latest: product cut into small pieces and rub it with the sifted flour. Working with a fork, turn ingredients into fine crumbs, then pour the vodka and sour cream. Thoroughly knead the dough by hand, then wrap it in plastic wrap or a special plastic bag. Place a weight on the top shelf in the refrigerator.

Now you have an hour of time to slowly cook the cream. To do this, whisk whisk whole eggs, add the sugar in them, and the required amount of flour. Neat confident movements, working kitchen appliance, get rid of lumps. To achieve a perfect homogeneity help a blender or mixer. Now heat the milk (note, boil it in any case it is not necessary) and pour it to the other products. On request, throw in a pinch of vanilla cream. Send mixture on low heat and simmer until until it begins to thicken slowly. Then remove from heat and place in it a piece of butter, then stir and cool cream.

Returning to the test; Cake is made from thin cakes of any shape. So, remove the weight from the refrigerator and roll it in several thin layers. Carefully trim the edges of products with a knife and place them on a baking sheet, the surface of which it is desirable to coat with oil: vegetable oil or butter. If you do not want to handle dishes, avoid overcooking to help special parchment or foil. Preheat oven to 200 degrees and bake all the cakes at a time. As soon notice that they are browned, remove the product safely. Then saturate "Napoleon" vanilla custard and leave for two to four hours. Just before serving, garnish with crushed peanuts, pre-dried in the pan. Enjoy your tea!

Even in Soviet times, the cake, which today has been said so much was made of butter, to improve its texture, often added condensed milk, powdered sugar, to give an unusual flavor used vanilla sugar and spirits - brandy or vodka. Homemade pastries has been and remains the subject of extremely creative: in every family traditions, from any housewife secrets. Some people prefer the recipe custard cream or oil, while others recognize only easier impregnation. When you do not have the right ingredients, the product can be lubricated with liquid homemade jam or marmalade. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. Here it is not a sin to use imagination.

But if we talk about the classical canons of cooking dessert, the "Napoleon" is bound to be bold, hearty and very sweet. This dish deals a devastating blow to the female figure, so modern lady in the struggle for beauty prefer less nutritious combinations. Thus, in many restaurants serve cake impregnated with fruit and berry puree, and for admirers of unusual creative cuisine offers a choice of toppings pears with blue cheese.