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  • Sour cream and nut cake "Festive"
  • Cake "Strawberry" with rum and nuts
  • Cake "Condensed milk" with nuts

If you want to have fun and eat, it is not necessary to wait for an occasion, arrange a holiday for the soul and stomach. Gather friends, call to visit their parents, cover the table and throw a feast for the whole world. You say too troublesome and expensive? But it is not necessary to prepare very expensive, gourmet meals, avoiding simple, light snacks, salads, served hot, and do not forget dessert. At this point, we stop and look at a few more choices of delicious cakes with nuts. We think that at least one recipe you will surely enjoy.

Sour cream and nut cake "Festive"

"Celebration" cake with nuts will give every fan of sweets maximum pleasure. No wonder they say that easily, even fish from the pond do not pull, so, of course, have quite a bit of work: purchase products, knead the dough, take the time to cook a dessert. But the result will be an incredibly delicate delicious dish that will cheer up and give the opportunity to spend a wonderful time with your family. After this, you will agree, a great occasion to gather around the table for tea. So, remember the recipe and do not put off until tomorrow what you can prepare today. Good luck!



  • half cup of fat sour cream (if desired can replace it with cream)
  • two home eggs
  • 1/4 small spoonful of soda
  • cup granulated sugar
  • Two cups sifted white flour
  • a piece of butter - for baking
  • a pinch of citric acid
  • three handful of walnuts
  • Salt - a pinch


  • packaging of butter
  • one egg
  • a glass of warm pasteurized milk
  • cup granulated sugar
  • vanilla - to taste
  • 60 grams of powdered sugar

Cooking method:

If you rarely have to deal with the test and not a good pastry chef, do not worry for the future of cake with nuts, because his recipe really easy and affordable for everyone. Dish anyone can master, the main thing - a little effort and spend time. We offer sour cream dessert bake and cook for lubrication cakes butter cream. Well, let's go on a culinary trip?

So first, pour into a bowl of sugar, eggs, and carefully enter the pound products that they form a homogeneous mass. Then add table salt and citric acid, sour cream and soda. Mix the ingredients and here also sift flour, using a sieve. Now whisk well all kitchen whisk, thus getting rid of the lumps.

Knead the dough is hand tight, after roll it with a rolling pin into a thick circle and place on a greased baking sheet. By this time, the oven has to be heated to 200 degrees. Bake the dish for half an hour; to check availability, gently pierce it with a match. The tree is dry? So, it's time to take the cake. When it has cooled, cut it into two halves of equal size. The upper part of the grind in a blender, then combine it with crushed walnuts. Recent advance is recommended to fry in a dry frying pan - so will the dish more appetizing. By the way, you can slightly change the recipe, for example, adding peanuts or almonds.

Just a little bit, and the cake will be ready to sour - cream and left to do to collect the product. Take 1/3 of the sugar and rub it with the egg. Now put on low heat pasteurized milk as soon as it will warm up slightly, and enter the remaining sugar, stirring, cook until boiling. Then, the resulting mixture of sweet milk, fill a glass half and slowly pour it into the egg mass. When the products are attached, add them in the remaining milk, which is still standing at the plate. Boil the cream, then turn off the burner and let it cool. When put in a mixture of softened, cut into chunks and mix with powdered sugar butter and whisk the ingredients in a lush smooth.

Preparation of cake with nuts come to the final stage: a special type cream pastry syringe and put it on the cake. You can use a regular spoon. Top sprinkle the dough nut crumbs and process residues sweet sauce on all sides. Clean the product in the refrigerator before freezing. If you want, just before serving garnish with sour cream dessert with chocolate shavings or whipped cream. As you can see, the recipe is not difficult, but the result is stunning - an appetizing dish will appeal to both adults and children.

 cake with walnuts recipe

Cake "Strawberry" with rum and nuts

The recipe is especially useful at the height of the summer season, when every corner selling scarlet juicy strawberries. This time we make a biscuit dough, which, combined with rum impregnation is a real masterpiece of culinary art. To prepare a delicious cake with nuts will need brown rum, but failing this, use normal.


  • makadmiya cup walnuts (crushed in a blender)
  • slightly less-ounce package of butter (take about 160 grams)
  • flour - 100 grams
  • Four protein
  • salt
  • 1/2 small spoonful of baking powder
  • 100 grams of granulated sugar
  • Eight milliliters of rum (we used brown)
  • 500 grams of fresh strawberries
  • 150 ml whipping cream
  • a bit of powdered sugar

For decoration:

  • whole nuts
  • grated chocolate - on request

Cooking method:

In order not to suffer too long to test, we suggest using a simple classic recipe biscuit. First, turn the oven to warm it up to 190 degrees, and in the meantime enjoy a cooking. Grind the nuts in a blender and combine with 1/3 of soft butter, cut into small cubes. Thoroughly rub products, enter them after the meal, pre-sifted and mixed with baking powder.

Now, in a separate piala whisk egg whites, salt and sugar when cope, gently pour the mixture into a dough. Let's give a little advice: the foam got denser, use cold eggs. Mix the biscuit mass, after it lay in a round detachable form and send it in the oven. This dough is incredibly delicate and sensitive, so do not slam the door and do not open the oven door, otherwise the risk to spoil the future cake with nuts.

After about 25 minutes you can remove the product, check its availability: pierce it with a match, and if it remains dry, safely get the dish. Give him a little stand, after carefully separate from the walls of the dishes, put on the board and cool. Meanwhile loop through and wash the strawberries, then cut each berry into two parts. To make a gentle cream, whisk whisk butter, powder and two tablespoons of rum; the mass gain uniformity, enter the ground nuts.

The cooled cake with a knife, divide into two round, the first grease-impregnated and sprinkle the remains of alcohol. Then apply a layer of copious cream, put the strawberries and cover with a second biscuit. Treat a cake on all sides by the remaining creamy mass. Now stir the cream and whisk icing sugar and filled pastry bag, garnish with a beautiful pattern, put the whole nuts, if desired, sprinkle with grated milk chocolate. Remove dessert for half an hour in the cold; when he impregnated, call all to the table. Bon Appetit!

 cakes with nuts

Cake "Condensed milk" with nuts

We offer to try one more everyday recipe that will not take too much time. That, you see, is a huge advantage dishes, because women today are often very busy, so not too much addicted to pastries, preferring to purchase ready-made desserts and pastry shops. But now this could be phased out, as do the cake "Condensed milk" simple.


  • cup sugar
  • Chicken eggs - four of them
  • 125 grams of chopped walnuts
  • wheat flour - one glass
  • fat sour cream - large spoon
  • fresh butter - 150 grams
  • 0, 5 teaspoon of hydrated soda
  • Bank of condensed milk (boiled)

For decoration:

  • nuts
  • half of all chocolate tiles

Cooking method:

To save a lot of your precious time, buy ready-made condensed milk. Otherwise, it will have to cook for yourself, and it's quite a long process that takes a half to two hours. Let's go back to the cake and start as usual with the dough. Separate the whites and yolks, spreading them into different bowls. Then last pound with sugar, add here also pounded walnuts, butter and sour cream and soda, previously slaked or vinegar or freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Thoroughly mix all ingredients and pour them into the pre-sifted flour. Now go back to the proteins: they whisk whisk, then slowly pour into a small stream of dough. The resulting thick homogeneous mass lay in a greased form. Bake the product no longer than 40 minutes, the oven temperature should not exceed 190 degrees.

Engage in gentle cooking cream: Mix the condensed milk with 50 grams of butter. Then rub strips of chocolate on a fine grater, and the remaining dry the nuts in a skillet over medium and broken pieces. When the sour cream cake is ready and has cooled slightly, cut it into two parts of equal size. At the bottom "floor" serves apply the cream, cover it after the second Korzh and again abundantly treat all sides sweet mass. At the end you need to decorate the product - sprinkle with nuts and chocolate. You can buy whipped cream and apply their pattern.

It has long been proven that a sweet uplifting and helps to cope with stress. So many people in the event of difficulties of life are addicted to sweets, cakes. Let your way troubles do not occur, but will share the holidays. And then without dessert is not exactly get along. How to cook a cake with nuts - you already know, so go to culinary heights!

 Cake with nuts for children and adults

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