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Many women believe that sex - is something that is of interest to men more than anything. "One thing they have in mind only! "- They repeat accusingly, as if oblivious to the fact that this activity can be pleasant for both partners. It is obvious that a woman goes to a fifty percent fun. Yes, nature is so laid that for women sex is a dessert, and for men it is the main dish on the menu. So why not just accept this as a basis to be able to bring joy to your partner and yourself? Why is the understanding that sex - almost primal instinct for the male half of the population of the globe, it makes the female half zakruchinitsya?

After all, good sex, give a lot of pleasure to both lovers is for men literally a matter of pride. If the session of sexual pleasures has not brought the expected results, the incident may even cause significant damage to man's self-esteem. It is logical to assume that we should know more about what men like in bed, to be able to extract a lot in this regard benefits for yourself and your partner. Get mad fun otintimnoy very close, to deliver these same sensations and become a man in his eyes goddess seksa- Is such a prospect is bad?

 that men like sex

What attracts men for sex

To begin quietly perceive the information that, unlike us, sex can be for them is not a consequence and continuation of love. Do not be upset about this, and roll his eyes angrily. Men are arranged differently, differently than we do. For them, this occupation is quite comparable with the other needs of the body. He wanted to satisfy the hunger - eat. Food fit for this purpose and love, and just ordinary. In relations with girls in the priority of communication, a common language with loved spiritual closeness. In men it is - physical proximity, and then everything else. And to find common ground, we must learn to speak the language of the partner.

Let us examine that so much interested in our passionate male that attracts them to us at the behest of the floor. After all, when we are in bed with the man to whom we are going to experience affection, it will be even more pleased to make it in this very bed a lasting impression. What men want from anyone, just the same on every woman with whom they would like to intimacy? And if the woman beloved, what sex they imagine in this case, the ideal? Read on to learn everything!

  • He is glad to see you (taken literally)

Therefore, his heart starts pounding like mad, if you are suddenly in front of him fulfill passionate striptease. Undress beautiful dance can not only itself. Beautifully liberate man from his clothes to you, too, no one forbids. Previously, of course, will have to work out in his absence, to feel confident in his movements and not be afraid to look ridiculous and unnatural. But even without the music above the performance will certainly be a resounding success at the viewer. This white dance cavalier remember.

Men love women in black lace lingerie. And in red. And white. With thingies. All of them clearly: they enjoy the beautiful girl in lingerie. Wear it rather well, he wanted to rip it off you in a fit of sudden passion! Do not forget the stockings. View flashed randomly (if) garter exactly send men thought only in one direction. Even the most ordinary sex would be unusual for him. Select a time to buy yourself more lacy splendor and bring to mind the beauty of her man on his own body.

The dance is executed, underwear torn, but the high-heeled shoes can leave. Men have a woman in the shoe heels. It shocks you? Stop, this is no time to think about anything else but crazy sex. More confidence - let the man be a pleasant shock of your looseness. Many of them wants to be in bed with porn-old, and so now it can fulfill the dream of their own.

Do not turn off the light. If you still want to give the situation a little more intimacy, you can mute it. But stop to indulge in amorous pleasures in complete darkness, hiding under the covers, if you are any criminals or guerrillas. Let him enjoy the process also visually. Let him see how your skin is covered with sweat, watches with excitement expand your pupils. So it will be even easier to focus on your reaction to his actions. Admire what is happening and have fun at the same time.

  • Play for high stakes

Are you starting to guess what now will be discussed, is not it? That's right, the Toys for adults. Not only them. On games too. The men are not averse to play scenes in the bed of love, they are no longer acting gift that they are glad to realize not on stage, and in the bedroom. Criminals and police. The slave and master. Nurse and patient. Lady and her humble servant. Classics of the genre - a plumber and a homemaker. Such a variety of productions fully quench his passion not only flesh, but the thirst for recognition and his creative talents.

With regard to sex toys, here the opinions of men slowly in different directions. Most of approval cause funny fur handcuffs that you can gently confined him to his bed in the literal sense. Let not count on mercy - now he is in your full power! Or to chain themselves to it, surrendering to his good will. Let him do with you whatever he wants - because you do not mind this, right?

If you do against such a game, then rewound his hot man, simulating resistance. Pretend touchy, spraying his passion more that in a moment and submit to melt in his arms. He has certainly overjoyed that brought him to bed with such an unusual girl. In her passion, openness, initiative, invention and sexuality obedinyayutsyatak virtuoso that he simply does not have the words. Even if you parted (which, of course, will not), believe me, you forget he just can not.

  • Classics of the genre, or give a variety of

By itself, the sex - it's just the most basic dish. It certainly is beautiful. But there are also oral sex. And even more than that: not afraid of this word, anal sex. Here, each woman chooses for itself, whether it is ready to surprise your favorite technique of throat blow job or some other. Or buy a lubricant with a fruity taste that pleases him to make love to the "back door." When he wants to know your attitude to the latest version of physical proximity, be sure to check with your lover what he exactly wants. Perhaps he has a species not on your lovely ass, and offers to make him a prostate massage. Many men have discovered the incredible feeling because of it.

A special word must be said that for most men cunnilingus is also a tasty dish. Do not deny yourself and loved ones to fully enjoy your meal! Just do not forget to worry about is to bring into the bikini zone alert. Seeing the bottom of your stomach an unusual haircut or a tattoo, he definitely pleasantly surprised your creativity. But from the pristine virgin soil could get an aesthetic shock.

  • Food. Really - just food

Take a meal in bed. Lightweight, it can be consumed during the process: fruit, chocolate, ice cream. Wine or champagne is nice too will join the company. If you have a long sex marathon, then prepare yourself thoroughly. In order not to break away from a loved one for a long time, put next to the springboard of love juice, a pack of cookies, some snacks. After the end of the session will be a quick snack to reinforce the forces and start again.

  • Fast or slow

It's about how quickly to begin the sacred rites and how to behave during it. Here you can not guess. It is necessary to use both. Rather, alternate. Men are not the same like the idea to do a quickie, did not even take off your clothes, and quickly to experience orgasm. Just them crazy long, piercing sensual foreplay, followed by the turn of the stand, with stunning slow motion, during which you can bring your partner to orgasm tenth.

  • Girl, you feel bad?

Do not make Man painfully ponder whether you like or not what is happening. Move, smile, make sounds. Let him understand that you are active are part and enjoy the process in the same way as he did. No need to change the posture every two or three seconds and give roulades opera diva, but she lay still with a straight or a straight face any guy sure can be confusing. Take the initiative, change the rhythm, articulate, as you well -Your Knight, convinced that everything that happens to you like it is laid out more.

  • Location & lt;

What matters is not only how you have sex, but also where you make an act of love - too. If this is a bedroom, try to make love in front of a mirror. Ownership heated bodies, entwined in a passionate embrace, it makes an indelible impression. Linens: treat with an invention to his choice. Animal coloring, Japanese characters, black. The texture is also important. Have sex in silk sheets instead of the usual calico. Go out of the bedroom to the bath. From the apartment to the car. From home leave on the nature. Make love on the roof of his house, in his elevator - even on long-studied area there are so many nooks for privacy! From time to time, change the dislocation, moving in space or changing the details of the interior.

  • Reading develops our horizons

It is understood that it is necessary to read the main book of all time devoted to physical love between man and woman. Unmatched Kama Sutra contains a lot of valuable information about what position to choose for lovemaking. So read, remember and apply. Improve techniques and methods. It is possible that not all methods will seem interesting or feasible, but that among the alternatives provided always have something to choose from.

  • Who started it?

Men like when the initiative always comes from him. But not everything is so strictly. Signaled first by seducing him and flirting, that want sex. If you get an orgasm first, it will also be very pleased. At the same time the pleasure appreciate it too much. So do not hold back, if you suddenly took it into his head to initiate intimacy. He will support you and understand.

  • After all that has been with us

After the stormy passion appeased, I want to take a bath to cool off. Do not do it too quickly, or just jumping out from under a partner. Water treatments in any case you take, perhaps even together, but lie down next to at least a few minutes. At this time, it is recommended to inform your Casanova about what you get pleasure. Even the most brutal males like to lie in bed relaxed, feeling the warmth of the body next to the woman he had just brought to a frenzy. So give them that feeling.

 what men like in bed

Now we know all about it

Sex - a practical thing. Best of all, we work out those actions in which we are constantly practicing. So do not waste your time and start to explore what will drive your partner crazy empirically. The main thing that a man like absolutely everything about sex - is sex itself. So do not hesitate too much, do not delay the case indefinitely, keep his passionate gentleman in alcoves and start a session of practical sexology. If a woman loved by a man, you love doing it, it gets much more emotion and pleasure than from classes just sex. If you are not ready to believe us - ask your loved one, it is for sure you will confirm.

 What men like sex, or crank it up, ladies