how to have an orgasm


  • Types of female orgasm
  • Differences between clitoral and vaginal orgasm
  • Misconceptions about female orgasm
  • As orgasm

Sex is an essential part of our lives. Its quality depends not only mood, mental attitude, but also health. Each of the partners wants to get the greatest pleasure from intimacy, but if men reach orgasm easily, then the fair sex is not so simple. In this article, we will tell you how to have an orgasm to the woman on how to get maximum pleasure, about the kinds of orgasm and existing misconceptions.

Sexologists multiple studies have shown that experience pleasure during sex can not every woman. Some have orgasms from time to time, and some did not feel it had. Less than fifty percent of women reach the highest pleasure classical method, while others have to be used for this additional methods (sex toys, masturbation, etc.) or to simulate an orgasm.

The ability to experience pleasure during sex, the woman is dependent on several factors. The first is, of course, the actions of a partner - with a more experienced and attentive man chances to get coveted pleasure increase. However, your feelings for the partner also play a major role - the beloved woman wants a stronger touch and caress favorite hands and lips deliver much more fun. It's no secret that sex with a loved one is always a bright and sensitive, therefore the probability of reaching orgasm with her lover above.

Also affects the age of the woman. Often the sexual experience does not depend on age: some become sexually active at fifteen, others - in the twenty-five, but physiology has not been canceled. Pick your sexuality woman reaches about thirty years. Plus mature woman can better understand my body, she knows what she wants, how and for how long.

When men first important appearance (he loves his eyes) and the behavior of the partner, for the key role women played a much larger set of factors. Important feeling, mood, atmosphere, gentle words, even the smell. All born in the first place in my head. Even the recent quarrel with a partner may impose a negative impact. At the beginning of the good (and it's not just foreplay) the likelihood that you will experience during intimacy orgasm is much higher.

Types of female orgasm

The female orgasm, unlike the men, accompanied by a more vivid sensations, plus the entire fair sex are capable of multiple orgasms, while men are deprived of such privileges. According to sexologists, orgasm in women divided into three types: clitoral, vaginal and non-genital.

Orgasm clitoral stimulation can be obtained by partner fingers, tongue or masturbation. To experience vaginal orgasm, you need to stimulate the vagina phallus, a vibrator or fingers. The more and more intensive such stimulation, those oddly enough, in short orgasm. With less intense stimulation orgasm tends to be brighter and lasts longer. Non-genital orgasm can be experienced during a passionate embrace, kissing, fondling, ie, without intercourse. In this type of orgasm is not every woman is capable of, but, nevertheless, it is possible.

The woman has an orgasm lasts on average, thirteen seconds, twenty-five, sometimes this time can reach up to a minute. In multiple orgasm ecstasy can be stored for ten minutes - a pleasure, leading into an indescribable state of bliss rolls waves almost without stopping.

 how to experience orgasm

Differences between clitoral and vaginal orgasm

Clitoral orgasm is more like a stress relief, relaxation - it is not long-lasting and is not accompanied by a super-bright sensations. From vaginal orgasm as is possible and to lose consciousness. Each woman takes it in different ways - the symptoms may vary, but they are certainly not unnoticed remain. Vaginal orgasm involves the whole body, and it can last for a very long time. Feel a sense resemble a roller coaster - that they grow, reaching its peak, then die down a little bit, and then again move upward, elevating you to the top of bliss.

How to understand that you have experienced vaginal orgasm? The most common signs of the orgasm is a slight tremor of the whole body, a slight numbness, or even individuals, chills, redness of the face and neck, tinnitus, vertigo. Changes can be seen in the breath - it becomes shallow and intermittent. That's voluptuous sensations occur - you may experience one or more of these symptoms at once, perhaps, there will be some kind of a different feeling, because this issue is all very individually.

Why the body so behave? This happens because the brain during orgasm can it (the body) control. Plus, your body receives the pulses caused by the reduction of the vaginal muscles. After such bliss in women allocated a special hormone oxytocin, a beneficial effect on the nervous system - it starts to feel protected and becomes more relaxed. It has also exacerbated a sense of caring and trust your partner, relationships become more harmonious. Of course, a man after sex in any case should not turn away or go to the wall, because sexual arousal in women does not pass as quickly as it has.

Misconceptions about female orgasm

Women, like men, want to get the maximum pleasure during sex. Today, the topic of female orgasm is actively discussed on the Internet - ladies share with each other advice, experience some tricks. However, not all tips are equally effective. First of all, every woman is unique, and that it helps to have an orgasm one to the other is not suitable. Secondly, among all these tips and a lot of misconceptions. We will tell you just about the most common ones.

  • Sexual intercourse should be long enough

It is believed that the longer a man holds, the higher the probability that a woman will experience an orgasm. A small proportion of truth in this, but we can not ignore the fact that while sex can turn into a sports marathon and just lose the attraction that brings partners and pleasure.

The most prominent female orgasm can be experienced within the first five to ten minutes. If the sex lasts twenty minutes or half an hour, it becomes monotonous. Of course, after such effort male orgasm is quite possible, but he will resemble a weak burst of feelings and not give unforgettable emotions. If you prefer a long lovemaking, then you should not neglect foreplay - they will keep the excitement for a long time.

  • Toward the male orgasm should move with greater force

Another misconception is that when a woman starts to have an orgasm, the man must move faster and cause more severe "strokes." However, it is not. On the contrary, during orgasm partner he must move slower and softer. Many women say that the masturbation experience more vivid and intense orgasms than when intimacy with a man. This is for the reason that, caressing themselves on their own, we can better feel the spasms of my vagina and when approaching orgasm weaken touch, focusing on their feelings.

When a man begins to enter with full force in your partner's penis, it does not allow her to feel the pulsation of the vagina and get full enjoyment from experiencing sensations during sex. He thus deprives himself of great pleasure, because with the strength of beating the penis is not able to feel anything other than their own feelings. If a man will move more quietly, making gentle and rhythmic tremors, it will help your partner to experience the bright intense orgasm, and he will get great pleasure from her pulsating vagina.

  • Partners must have an orgasm at the same time

Simultaneous orgasm can be experienced as a rule only if you've already slept together many times and know each other well. In all other cases, it is better if the first woman to finish it. Unlike men, even have an orgasm, the woman does not lose interest in what is happening and will continue intercourse until the partner has finished. Still trembling orgasm after the vagina is more sensitive to movements of the penis, and it may cover a new wave of sensual sensations.


As orgasm

Lack of satisfaction during sex sometimes causes a woman to question her sexuality. You can continue to be tormented by doubts or pretend to orgasm, but it is better to try to change this situation. Seek help from a sex therapist and sexologist, not every venture, so we have gathered in this article the most effective tips to help you reach orgasm and, therefore, get rid of the feelings of frustration and irritation.

Do not pretend

Women by nature are excellent actresses - are able to pretend to be indifferent, surprised, happy, hurt, and even simulate having fun in bed. Simulating sexual pleasure known to every woman firsthand. Some are so included in a role that is not able to distinguish the true from the orgasm played out. Who is doing it to please her lover, and someone - not to seem frigid or hopeless log.

Pretend to be an actress or unleash a real sense - the choice is definitely yours. Only now many do not know that such a simulation can prevent orgasm natural. The fact that his pretense you prevent the brain, which, by the way, is your most important sexual organ, concentrate on the sensations experienced during intimacy.

During simulation, you only think about what to do in the moment, partner, because only in this way can just pretend and portray the desired emotions. This is one of the reasons why you do not get pleasure from sex. The most important condition of orgasm is based on the fact that your mind and your attention should be focused only on the feelings you experienced.

If you want to achieve the much desired onset of orgasm, you need to first of all learn to focus on their feelings during intimacy, instead of looking for a certain genital area, suggesting that exposure to it will be able to strengthen their feelings. Of course, there are such areas, but your efforts will be in vain if you do not put things in my head, because it is the brain primarily responsible for obtaining pleasure.

Do not think about anything except their senses

If genitals had no connection with the brain, then there would be no pleasure from sex, even excitable body. Our brain is the "pleasure center" and solely responsible for the pleasure experienced. He is even able to compensate for the awkward and clumsy actions of the partner. Of course, this does not mean that you should ignore the man's inability to bring you pleasure. Just do not forget that the ability to concentrate on the sensations can work miracles and bring you to orgasm.

Even if your partner is a true professional in all that relates to sex, an orgasm at the same time you can never experience if you learn to listen to your own feelings and adequately perceive them. It all starts from our brain and orgasm including - it is independent of effects on the erogenous zones. You probably noticed that when you have a good mood, any touch of a partner can arouse sexual desire in you. But in a bad mood when your head is occupied with negative thoughts, even touching erogenous zones does not cause you any emotion.

While intimacy can and must think only about their feelings, focus on them and not worry about styling hair, and how you look at the present moment. But do not get hung up on how to experience maximum pleasure - in the pursuit of it, you miss the quiet bliss of caresses and kisses partner. Keep track of your feelings, but be relaxed, enjoying every moment.

Men do not worry about how to look during sex, why do not you follow their example - do not be afraid that you will have a funny face or awkward movement. Because none of this will happen if you listen to their feelings. When it comes to intimacy, do not hesitate appropriate - just enjoy each other.

Examine your body

To experience the female orgasm, sometimes you need to make some effort. For example, examine your body and explore its response to intimate caresses. This will allow you to understand what feelings you experience when approaching the peak of bliss, the signs that precede sexual satisfaction.

According to sexologists, the best way to study a woman's body and his reactions - is masturbation. If you have not tried it, and now, perhaps, it's time. This masturbation should not completely replace the sex life - it is just one of the ways of knowing your body, which you can use from time to time. If you have doubts about their sexuality and the ability to have an orgasm, try to masturbate. If you at least once will experience pleasure during masturbation, then you're all right.

After examining the body and its response to intimate caresses, it will be easier to understand and know their feelings during orgasm. Perhaps you have experienced it before, it just was not so bright, and therefore did not notice its symptoms. When you know your body, like the five fingers, you will be easier to manage their feelings - finding the desired position, select the rhythm, strength movements and the depth of penetration of the penis.

Be active

No need to wait on the partner, and when he finally finds the right position, or take you to the appropriate pace. Want to experience the female orgasm - try yourself to find the position in which the most of your experience. Do not be afraid to be active and move more.

It is better to control your body during intimacy and thus increase the likelihood of orgasm posture allows "rider" when you are at the top and choose the appropriate rate movements and the depth of penetration. Plus, in this position comfortably stimulate clitoral area - you can do it yourself or to trust your partner. Ask your partner to squeeze or pinch in time with the movements of your buttocks - thanks to a stimulation of nerve endings located in the pelvic area, the vagina changes the pressure, which contributes to even more excitement.

Eyes to eyes

Of course, with your eyes closed is easier to concentrate on their feelings, but sometimes eye contact can work wonders. Try to use during sex postures in which you can watch each other's eyes. This could be a classic missionary position, and "rider" - lean to the chest partner, nestle a breast to his body, and most of the time, try to maintain eye contact. So it will be easier for both of you on the same wavelength and release the mind from extraneous thoughts. In addition, when eye contact is impossible to pretend - he reveals the true emotions.

Closer to the body

Not just eye contact allows you to have an orgasm, and bodily contact. The more often, and your body is in contact with the intimacy, the more emotion and more fun. In the excited state, the body becomes very sensitive - activates all nerve endings. Pos where body contact as much as possible, quite a lot. This posture "rider" when you are on top and pressed against the chest partner, and on the side, when your partner hugs you from behind. You can try to lie on your stomach, and the partner will enter into you from behind while you need to lift the body so that he could hug you and your body as much as possible touch each other.

Be honest with your partner

If you feel that you can not experience the pleasure with your partner, talk to him about it. But in any case, not in the form of claims and accusations! This can only spoil everything. Every man wants to feel like a king bed, a vanity and women only on hand.