Pancho cake with pineapple


  • Sponge cake "Lazy Pancho" with nuts and pineapple
  • Chocolate biscuit "Sancho-Pancho" with pineapple
  • Cake with condensed milk and pineapple
  • Cake "Fruit Pancho" with kiwi and pineapple
  • Cottage cheese and pineapple dessert

Attention all lovers of sweets - now we will share the secrets of cooking is incredibly juicy and tender cake called "Pancho"! We offer several options to consider dessert: with curd cream, condensed milk, cocoa powder, sour cream, pineapple and kiwi. So if you are looking for a suitable recipe for the cake, welcome to our website. Especially for those who are already able to, or, on the contrary, just learning to cook, collected a library of useful tips. We'll show you how to knead the dough, which affects the splendor of cakes, fruits which are most suitable for dessert "Pancho." These and other recommendations will help make life sweeter and tastier. So choose a recipe and we will help you bake a cake.

Sponge cake "Lazy Pancho" with nuts and pineapple

If you are not familiar with the intricacies of baking, never made a cake and think that it is not designed for cooking, offer to reconsider their views. All people are different: some get great pleasure from the preparation of flour, soups, salads, appetizers and desserts, and the other the whole procedure seems a real torment. But those and other equally love to eat. Of course, you can always do fast food or a snack at a nearby cafe, but it is expensive and harmful.

To help the opponents of cooking come simple cooking instructions. It was with this right now and get acquainted. So, if the house suddenly descended on friends, put a kettle, again re-read the following recipe and proceed to assemble the cake. Petite "Pancho" with chocolate chips, walnuts and pineapple get insanely juicy and tender. Just what you need to meet guests.


  • no less than 150 grams of sugar
  • pack store sponge cakes
  • 900 milliliters of fat sour cream
  • Bank of canned pineapples
  • 50 grams of walnuts
  • 60 grams of dark chocolate

Cooking method:

This recipe lazy cake "Pancho" is very simple - you do not have to mess with kneading and worry that it will not rise. After cake is quite delicate to handle, with the wrong approach, he quickly sat down. That is why during baking can not open the oven door, the kitchen should not be extraneous sounds. Since not every hostess (especially the young, novice lovers of cooking) is able to cook a delicious cake from the first, better to learn the easiest prescription, and only then to set more complex tasks. So let's start?

Having decided on a culinary experiment, you can do "Pancho" with fresh or canned pineapple. The first option is more useful: gently clean the fruit peel, then chop the flesh pieces. In the second case, simply drain the excess syrup and cut the pineapple into small cubes. Now for the cream: in a deep bowl combine sour cream and sugar, then whisk the ingredients with a mixer into a uniform dense mass.

By the way, if you use a whisk to mix the ordinary, we recommend to slightly change the recipe and take the powder, which is much faster and more soluble. Cut into cubes middle-sized cakes and peeled nuts lay in a hot skillet and cook for about four to five minutes. Adding oil is not necessary, your task - a little dry product. To prepare the cake, "Pancho" can be used not only cakes. The base may be an ordinary cake or, for example, cake. Just choose confectionery with no additives - raisins, candied fruit, and the like.

The recipe is almost complete, left to collect the cake. To do this, pour into a bowl with sour cream biscuit pieces and mix the ingredients that they form a homogeneous mass. "Pancho" can be rectangular, circular, square or in the form of a cone. So, put on a flat plate a little bit of the mix, then give it a spoon using any form. The first tier sprinkle pineapple, cover the top biscuit. The fourth layer is composed of walnuts. Similarly, assemble the rest of "floors" of the cake. If you have a little cream, lubricate them "Pancho" on all sides, then garnish with grated chocolate dessert and send in the refrigerator. When the dish is quite saturated, cut it into portions and serve guests.

This simple recipe will always help in difficult times. Now you do not have to blush in front of friends, suddenly appeared at the door, because you already know how to just half an hour to make a very delicious fruit cake. By the way, did not bother to dish, you can prepare it in different ways. For example, next time with the use of kiwi pineapple and chocolate melt and pour them a product. To give it a piquancy, try to add in the cream a few pinches of vanilla essence. You will see how interesting transformed "Pancho."

 Pancho cake recipe with pineapple

Chocolate biscuit "Sancho-Pancho" with pineapple

If the first recipe can be called lazy, the second dish would require the cook a little more patience, time and effort. To begin to share some of the secrets of cooking biscuit dough. First, be sure to buy a special silicone spatula. Designed for baking, it is the ideal companion for mixing cream and delicate dough. It is very convenient to lubricate cakes, do all kinds of patterns.

During baking biscuit in any case do not open the oven door to check whether the product has risen. Otherwise, all the efforts turn to ashes - cake sits, the cake will be spoiled. Following these simple rules will guarantee the success of the dessert. Now, let's take a closer look all the stages of creating "Pancho" with fresh pineapple. We suggest a simple recipe to evaluate the available understanding of each.


For the cake:

  • salt - optional
  • Six eggs home
  • butter - for the form processing
  • sugar - 670 grams
  • 1/3 small spoon (no slides) soda
  • Fifteen grams of cocoa
  • 1/3 medium-sized lemon (you only need the juice)
  • 430 grams of sifted white flour
  • 300 grams of fresh pineapple (can use canned fruit)
  • 1000 milliliters of oily cream

For decoration:

  • two of a handful of ground peanuts or walnuts
  • Half tiles milk or dark chocolate

Cooking method:

Biscuit recipe always starts the same way: the first step is to separate the yolks from the whites and put them in different dishes. Now start to mix the past, gradually accelerating movement whisk. Please note that the weight should come out very dense and strong, and it would require a long time - not less than ten minutes. To save power, we recommend using a mixer.

Surely every housewife in the reserve is "your" recipe for fruit cake. For example, some people prefer to whisk egg biscuit blender. However, this method is not very efficient - often dish is lying. The fact that this device too quickly mixing the ingredients in the dough at least up turns lush, but fall off during cooking.

That is why professional cooks are advised to run a whisk or electric mixer. First turn on the device for a minimum of proteins and mix three or four minutes, when they are a little increase in size, select the next speed. Remember to gradually introduce sugar (not all, but a half cup), only add it in small portions, then the product is more soluble. As a result, you should form a strong white foam. Swipe your finger on it - if the left track, it means that the product is ready.

Some housewives complain that they never get cake - does not rise, sits down after baking - you can hear a lot of complaints. Maybe they just caught a bad recipe. For example, some sources suggest adding a whole yolk protein mass. But in this case it is likely that the cake did not rise. We propose to use another method: whisk, whip the egg yolks in a separate bowl, then pour in a thin stream of protein mass and mix gently paddle.

To the test turned out uniform and lump-free, be sure to wipe through a sieve cocoa, then enter it into the egg mass. This also pour the sifted flour and baking soda, slaked fresh juice. If desired, add a pinch of salt. Mix all the ingredients, then place them in a greased deep form. Smooth the product on a shovel and put it in the preheated oven. Keep track of time - an average of biscuit baked from 40 to 50 minutes, it depends on the temperature of the oven. The best option - to 190 degrees.

Check the product's readiness: carefully slide it the match, if the tree is dry, safely get the dishes. Once the cake has cooled, cut it into two parts (up to two centimeters), one of them chopped into large cubes. The recipe is already coming to an end, so please be a little more patience. Now fry the peanuts in a frying pan, clean it and grind into crumbs, chop pineapple slices.

It's time to take the cream: cream combine with sugar, if desired, add a pinch of vanilla. Thoroughly whisk whisk to produce perfectly uniform, then place on a flat plate and put a cake to him a rich layer of sweet sauce. Decorate the cake with pineapple on top and sprinkle with toasted nuts. The top of the food collected from the test pieces: each of them dipped in cream, bring the dessert in the form of slides. Alternate cubes of sponge cake with fruit and peanuts. You can do otherwise: the above products pour in cream sauce, stir, then the resulting mass lay out the top of the first cake. Ready cake pour the remaining cream, gently smear it all over the surface of the product.

Now melt the chocolate on a steam bath and decorate them bread. And if you have time, remember glaze recipe: Preheat on medium low heat for a piece of butter, pour sugar in it, several large spoonfuls of cocoa and dilute all the milk. If you want to try to make a sauce with sour cream or cream. Thoroughly mixing the ingredients, cook the icing. When it thickens, cool it, and then pour the cake. Bon Appetit!

Cake with condensed milk and pineapple

The following recipe, likely will attract lovers of condensed milk - that this product is a basic test. Thanks to him, the cake has a special delicate taste reminiscent of childhood. As decoration we used canned pineapple. If you want, you can add a bit of kiwi or bananas - they go perfectly with these fruits.



  • 220 ml cream
  • Choice eggs - two pieces
  • 1/2 cans of condensed milk fat
  • cup granulated sugar
  • vegetable oil
  • cocoa - optional
  • Five grams of soda
  • 250-300 grams of wheat flour
  • suitable for quenching soda vinegar or lemon juice
  • 20 circles canned pineapple

Cream Cake:

  • 200 grams of powdered sugar
  • two cups of cream or sour cream
  • vanilla - to taste

Glazes for decoration:

  • 30 milliliters of hot water
  • a small piece of butter
  • Cocoa - 50 grams
  • 40 grams of sugar or powdered

Cooking method:

If you want for a short time to bake a cake with fruit? Then note the following recipe. Despite its simplicity, insanely delicious dessert is obtained, and thanks sour cream still very juicy. We used canned pineapple, but if necessary you can replace them with other fruits. For dishes are perfect for peaches, strawberries, raspberries, raisins, or if you like, for example, prunes, add them. Remember: the more filler, the appetizing dessert.

And now, from talking straight to the point: break into a deep bowl of eggs, mash them with a fork. When the mixture will get a smooth consistency, gradually emptying a handful, add sweet sand. Sour Dough should not be cold, therefore please put it on the table and hold in heat. Now, sift the flour into a deep bowl and connect it with soda, which can pay off with lemon juice or vinegar. The dry mixture enter the egg and sour cream. Thoroughly rub products through the corolla, then here is pour condensed milk and some more time to work the kitchen appliance.

As a result, you should get too dense dough - divide it into two equal portions. If you want to colorful cake, one of them add a few grams of cocoa. Thus a cake is white and the second brown. Preheat the oven to a maximum of 200 degrees, then lubricate any form of butter and place in it a part of the test. Gently flatten his shoulder blade, so that the product has turned out not only delicious, but also beautiful. Send dish in an oven for about 40 minutes.

You will understand when the dish is ready, - hear the pleasant smell of baking, and notice how the cake gradually acquires a golden hue. When you manage, remove the product and cool it. Then carefully remove from the mold and just cook the second tier of the future of food. By the way, the second run will take a little less time - about half an hour - after the oven has to be sufficiently warmed up.

While the cakes are cool, mix the cream. To this end, in a bowl combine the sour cream, powder and three pinch vanillin. Actively working whisk, whisk the ingredients to a perfect homogeneity. The recipe for this sweet sauce is very simple, and if you want to vary the dish, try a fruit or, say, the cream cheese. The product will turn even more delicious and tender. Now merge with pineapple juice and fruit chop themselves into large cubes - they need to decorate.

Let's put the cake: loose smash cakes into pieces of medium size and every dip in sour cream. I do not regret it, otherwise the dish will dry. You can put it on a flat plate in the form of a roller coaster, alternating with white chocolate pieces. In between them, you can add a little pineapple. Remnants treat cream cake from sides, garnish the top of the fruit, and then remove the dish in the refrigerator.

While "Pancho" soaked, have the time to cook the icing. We offer low-cost prescription for water. So, put in a bowl of butter and heat it to a minimum the fire. When it has cooled, pour into a bowl of cocoa, sugar and mash the ingredients with a spoon or fork. As soon leave lumps, add a little water and simmer until the sauce thickens. Then cool it and make chocolate stains on the cake. As a suitable decoration, ground peanuts, walnuts, berries.

 Pancho cake recipe with pineapple

Cake "Fruit Pancho" with kiwi and pineapple

The larger the fruit, the juicier cake - generally proven in practice. Let mastered one more appetizing and fresh for summer recipe. This time, bake delicate dessert with kiwi and pineapple. These ingredients are combined perfectly with each other and give the product piquancy. In modern life, many have no time, therefore, to avoid wasting precious minutes, make cakes for the easiest of sour cream. If that is not found in the refrigerator, replace the cream household only choose fat and dense product.


For the sponge:

  • three egg yolks and three proteins
  • ordinary glass (no slides) sifted flour
  • the same amount of sugar
  • three medium kiwis
  • 1/4 big spoon slaked soda
  • 150 grams of pineapple

For the sour cream:

  • 20 grams of fresh or canned pineapple
  • powdered sugar - 200 grams
  • 400 ml sour cream Home

Gravy for decoration:

  • 35 milliliters of pasteurized milk
  • six or seven large spoons (with slide) sugar
  • 90 grams of butter
  • 18 grams of cocoa powder

Cooking method:

To do this, you can use any fruit cake - the product obtained is equally delicious with both canned pineapple and fresh. Complement the taste of juicy kiwi dessert, which, mind you, should not be too hard. Getting to the preparation of meals, first lay whites and yolks in different dishes. Of course, the cake can be made from whole eggs, but the proposed method is more efficient - good cakes rise. If you follow our cooking tips, see for yourself.

Now it is necessary to shake up proteins into a dense foam. To got more air mass and strong, it is recommended to operate the mixer on the lowest speed first, then at the middle and end all, including the unit at full capacity (ten minutes after the start of the mixing procedure). Add sugar to the increase in the amount of protein - it is necessary to take only half portions indicated in the recipe. And the rest of the sweet component pour in the egg yolks and just mix them.


For the cream:

For the glaze:

Cooking method: