how to behave with a man in bed


  • Forget about the passivity
  • Experiments and diversity
  • Talk about the desires
  • Self-confidence is sexy
  • Have sex with dedication
  • Remember about epilation
  • Work out

For information on how to properly conduct themselves at official events, at a party or business meetings, we are all well aware. But for some reason no one is seriously talking about how to behave in bed with a man, and yet many do not know how to give pleasure to the partner or to tell him about their desires. Sometimes, being with a man, I do not know what needs to be said and that - no, what he likes and what surely scare. Especially for those who feel insecure in this area, and this article is written. So, first things first.

Forget about the passivity

The first and most important advice - Be active! Try as much as possible to take the initiative. No one says you attacked a man as soon as he came home, while shouting the word voluptuous, but also to be dispassionate, unemotional doll is not worth it - who will appreciate it?

Men are absolutely indifferent to what prompted you to such enthusiasm. They were all equally excited when the girl working the hips. No matter you are doing exercises or burning with passion - this is your guy will be happy. It's better than pretending to log lying on the bed, contemplating the ceiling.

Believe me, men are much more likely to put up with the imitator that excellent fakes an orgasm than with idler, which is difficult to once again moan, rolling his eyes in ecstasy. Such immediately disqualified! Sex - is not just a proof of their love to each other, it is also a kind of game to be played by two, instead of one! Yes, and team games are always interesting, agree.

Experiments and diversity

Generally, as such methods to deliver a man pleasure - plenty! It makes no sense to dwell on two or three specific positions, or what is worse, one. Me with a guy roles today Stay inaccessible princess, and tomorrow - a geisha, let your man to stay conqueror, and then - a slave. Take your passion and interest in your partner!

Do not be limited in the choice of the places where you have sex. Of course, the big soft bed - ideal, but in fact not the only one! For this pleasant experience fits so many pieces of furniture and interior design, you even can not imagine! Chairs, tables, ottomans, floor in the end - the choice is diverse!

Do not forget to be interested in the fact that most loves and prefers sex your partner - take into account the desires of each other is very important. Based on the words of the men themselves, a bedroom - this is an experimental laboratory where every day you need to make the opening of the opening. Why not give each other the opportunity? Many men tend to think that they could become the first woman to her, who will make her life something extraordinary and special. Males in this business loves to improvise - So let him that can even play along, so will certainly be interesting.

Of course, all their allowable limits, but in a spirit of utter the phrase "mad ?! "- An option that a man can completely discourage sexual desire. The best way out in a situation when you suddenly unpleasant actions of the partner - all to beat on its own. Man you this only support.

However, there are other situations. Any adequate guy in any case do not make the girl that her unpleasant or simply do not want to. We just need to give him to know about it, saying "no" and explain the whole situation. This is not to mean that you refuse to have sex with a particular person as such, you just do not like certain moments. If in a relationship with a man there are moments when your desires in anything or put, and he thinks only of himself, then there is need to look at - whether it is necessary to devote their valuable time to this type?

 how to behave in bed with a man

Talk about the desires

This point is very important. On how sincere you are a man, it depends on the quality of your sex. Help him to find your erogenous zones, just tell him that you are very nice, and that - is undesirable or unacceptable. Sami asked about his preferences, take care with respect to the partner. Of course, it would be much easier for both, if you exchanged sex peculiar instructions, which painted a list of erogenous zones. Funny, yes, but many ohotku would support such an idea. Anyway, for men it is much easier than trying to guess on what you groan with pleasure or pain.

But for some reason the majority of women tend to think quite differently: let everything be as it is. And in vain. If you - a real girl, for you should not be difficult to ask the wishes of her husband and tell him about her. Believe me, it will be appreciated - the sincerity and openness to love everything. But in the end will benefit both sides.

Self-confidence is sexy

Another lady bug - a constant preoccupation with their appearance. Girls and then worry whether they have such an installation, whether beautiful makeup and underwear. Talking about the extra inches in the waist and hips, and do not have to - it's trouble for all women without exception. Believe me, your man the least interesting, you red or green underwear and how much cellulite on your thighs. He just wants to enjoy the time spent with you.

In addition, there is no ideal girls, and if you think that your curvy shape scare a man, then it is in vain. Just most of the men prefer women who have breasts, curvy ass and soft tummy, rather than flat body. It is not necessary to think stereotypically. Sexuality - femininity. All depends only on how you behave. Agree, it is absurd and stupid at such moments to hide behind a blanket or sheet. Better to just enjoy. In addition, men are inherently - visuals, eye - a kind of an erogenous zone. Because excessive swarming under the covers only to irritate them.

In vain did women believe that men and then constantly seek out weaknesses in them and consider the slightest flaws. Guys think quite differently, because at some point in time they are more interested in the process itself, rather than any particular figure. There are times when perhaps your ex young man behaved disrespectfully toward you and criticize you, but rather, it characterizes not best him, not you. It is not necessary now think that with you that something is wrong.

So, remember the following: behave liberated, admire your body and enjoy it that way, what it is you have. Allow your man to do the same; do not be shy and show excessive modesty - it's just no good. Believe me, it is not too difficult - just surrender process and enjoy it.

Have sex with dedication

Of course, it is important that you have feelings for the person with whom you are, in fact, have sex. But it is equally important to know how to have sex. We are not saying that men are less romantic and they do not need lengthy foreplay, romantic atmosphere and pleasant music. Just sometimes the only thing they want - it's sex as such, in its physiological manifestations. And you, like a real woman should understand it clearly. By the way sex - it's a great alternative to exercise in the gym or the morning exercises.

In no case do not be silent, being with her man in bed. No need to talk incessantly, but be sure to show that you enjoy the whole process. Whisper in the ear of your favorite sweet words, tell me, how else it can make you feel. It's not difficult, and the process will be even more enjoyable!

Remember about epilation

Just above, we have already considered the question of appearance, but hair removal requires special attention. Declare fight all excess hair on your body! Hair girls can only be on the head, eyebrows and eyelashes, and pubic hair. The latter, incidentally, is very controversial - a lot of vegetation in the pubic area is not less frightening. And it does not look aesthetically pleasing. Today, there are many ways to combat the hairs on the body: creams, epilators, depilatories, salon treatments, eventually. It only remains to choose the right technique for you! Then you will be able to without shame off in front of your man, showing him all the charm, the nature of the data.

A few words about the intimate haircut. You should not deny the fact that pubic hair looks, to put it mildly, not very. Can someone so natural and like it, but most of the girls, and men do not accept the vegetation in these places. Zone bikini happy problematic and sensitive - to get rid of the hair is more difficult than on the legs. Therefore it is better one time to turn to the beautician in a good salon, and then you take care of your own body, occasionally resorting to professional services. Completely get rid of hair, make an interesting hairstyle or leave the hair - the choice is yours. The main thing is to make it look well-groomed - a man will appreciate it.

 how to behave in bed with a guy

Work out

So, how good sex depends on your physical fitness Man. If the body is always in good shape, and you are constantly doing exercises and trying to sculpt a perfect figure, it will only benefit you! Yes, and opportunities for sex when a trained body much more - any acrobatic elements you on the shoulder! Agree, the variety of choice poses important. Try to give the sport at least a few times every day, and soon will notice how it will affect your figure and love life!

The above rules are not so difficult to comply with, it is necessary only to want. And then your sex will become more diverse, multi-faceted and sensual! Treat with attention not only to himself but also to his partner - is the key not only to good sex, but a long, happy relationship!

Be loved!

 How to behave with a man in bed: Sex Rules - etiquette