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  • Cake "Summer"
  • Dessert cakes with raisins and nuts
  • Classic gingerbread flan
  • Cake "Petite"

For many housewives bases lush and beautiful baking until now have remained undiscovered secrets. After cooking, let alone cooking biscuits, cakes and other flour products - a delicate matter requiring patience to cook, special skills, endurance and experience. If you love sweets, but do not "get along" with the test, it does not mean that you should stop trying to make a delicious dessert. There is a solution: offer to remember and to put into your everyday life recipe quick and very tasty dishes.

Gingerbread Cake can be prepared with a delicate sour cream with different fillings: roasted nuts, raisins, bananas and other fruits. Do you like honey? So why not add it to your creation. As decoration dish poured a thick layer of chocolate icing and sprinkled with crushed peanuts. The main advantage of dishes, due to which it has gained such popularity is the simplicity of its preparation.

You spend no more than 20 minutes to make the dessert. The product does not require baking, and therefore do not have to worry if the dough rise if it will cake. Spoil gingerbread cake is almost impossible, so even inexperienced hostess may take note of a favorite recipe. You will see that the dish will insanely delicious and satisfying. Is not it a perfect occasion to invite close friends to visit? Serve a treat with tea, coffee and warm milk. Everyone - kids and adults - will come to the delight of succulent dessert.

Cake "Summer"

Summer - time for berries and juicy ripe fruit, so why not take advantage of the gifts of nature and prepare a delicious dessert? We advise very quick and easy recipe that help out in difficult times. If the threshold of your house suddenly appeared visit, and in the refrigerator, as the saying goes, the ball rolled, the output is always - make gingerbread cake from the store. It does not require baking, therefore, the procedure is the preparation of the dessert takes the least time.

To Get Juicy dish, add a little cream medium oil and fresh fruits - bananas, kiwis and oranges - give it a real taste of summer. If necessary, you can slightly change the recipe, replacing the above products berries grown on his dacha. For this ideal: strawberries, raspberries, cherries, cherry, or, for example, currants.


For the cake:

  • Two large banana
  • ½ kilo of any fresh carrots
  • two small orange
  • two handfuls of shelled walnuts
  • kiwi

For the cream:

  • 150-170 grams of sugar
  • 500 milliliters of a home or shop sour cream (choose medium-fat product)
  • half-ounce packs of butter

For a sweet glaze:

  • 30 grams of powdered sugar
  • two large spoons of milk (can cook the sauce with sour cream)
  • 35 grams of cocoa powder
  • butter - 40 grams

Cooking method:

If you do not turn out dough, and the family lived lovers of sweet, this recipe just have to enter your culinary vocabulary. Petite gingerbread cake does not require the possession of a cook baking skill. Enough to buy fresh produce, whip cream (soon to be sure that it is incredibly easy to do) and cut fruit. Then just need to collect the product and pour it freshly glaze. So, if you are willing to spend a little time to finally try the tasty treat, let us immediately begin the lesson. Learn and remember, this knowledge will adequately meet even unexpectedly appeared in the guest house.

If you wish, you can make a cake from any cakes such as chocolate. This recipe implies preparing sour cream, but if this product is not found in the refrigerator, or replace it with cream sauce welded together, such as milk or custard. Experiment with ingredients, of course, possible - important to act very cautiously. After all, sometimes even small changes can spoil the most easy and tasty dish.

The recipe starts with a simple: Cut each cake horizontally into three equal parts. To the dish turned out tender, choose soft, fresh products. If they are a bit dried up, put them in a deep bowl, and pour a little milk. Hold for 30 seconds and remove. Gingerbread melted, and the dish will more juicy. Now for the fruit: peel them from the skin and cut into medium-sized cubes. Be sure to remove the excess skin of oranges and tape. If using walnuts and dry them for a while - three or four minutes - in a pan without oil. You will see that the result will make you happy.

Recipe virtually came to an end, it is necessary to make a delicious cream. To do this, chop pieces of softened cream product, pour it sugar and mash with a fork. When the ingredients turn into a homogeneous mass, enter them sour. Ideally whipped cream mixer for five minutes. As soon as it will increase in volume and change color, turn off the kitchen appliance. If you wish, you can add a pinch of vanilla, which will give zest to your creation.

Well, let's put the dish? Each piece of stick dipped in cream and spread on a flat plate. Products must fit tightly to each other, thereby forming a reliable base for the future of the cake. When you make the first tier, put on a layer of fruit, brush with three tablespoons of sour cream, and then just cook the other floors dishes. The product can be any shape in the form of slides, round, square. Here it is a decision every woman receives its own.

The classic dessert recipe includes the persimmon. However, she is a very sweet, and in combination with bananas come true "carbohydrate" boom. Therefore, we decided to replace the fruit with oranges, which will give the cake a little sour taste. Well, as with the assembly product is finished, brush its top and sides and remove the remnants of the cream in the fridge to soak. And in the meantime cook the icing.

Please note that the sauce is burnt instantly, so should act quickly, also do not forget to stir it constantly. Thus, heat milk over low heat, then pour it into the sand and cocoa. The first can be replaced by powder - it is much better and more quickly dissolved. A regular spoon to avoid lumps formed superfluous. Once the ingredients form a homogeneous dough, add the butter and another three minutes hold the dishes on the stove. Well cooled glaze decorate gingerbread cake, at the end sprinkle with crushed nuts.

By the way, chocolate sauce is cooked in different ways - today, there are many options. We have offered a recipe based on milk, but if you want to try to make a sauce of cream, at least add to it the remaining cream, which is impregnated with the product. With regard to the nut component serves, it can be peanuts or almonds. If you do not want to mess around too long with the decoration, just sprinkle with grated chocolate chips dessert. We wish you good culinary experiments!

 cake without baking of gingerbread

Dessert cakes with raisins and nuts

If a fruit dessert, the recipe of which is given above, suitable for spring and summer, when the shops and markets in abundance all kinds of berries, the second dish is perfect for the cold season. Although in principle it can be safely attributed to the universal dishes actual twelve months. Cake with raisins with nuts does not require advertising. Even if you know nothing about baking, it does not matter - the dessert is going to just a couple of minutes. It will be appropriate even for a children's holiday.


  • Two dvuhsotpyatidesyatigrammovye packaging fat sour cream
  • ½ kilo of fresh carrots
  • 0, 5 cups peeled nuts or peanuts
  • 115 grams of powdered sugar
  • 50 grams of soft raisins


  • chocolate bar
  • powdered sugar - optional

Cooking method:

If you want an inexpensive dessert without baking, the following recipe is ideal for your requirements. It is not only economical in terms of money and time. Cooking food takes a minimum of force - you can do it for some ten to fifteen minutes. Please note that you will need for a few hours soaking dishes. Now let's get busy: first connect in a deep bowl cream powder and shops. Thoroughly whisk weight with a metal halo - actively rotate the device to a sweet ingredient is completely dissolved.

Remove the nuts from the shells and cook them in a dry skillet, then gently mash mortar or hammer. Gingerbread cut into several pieces - ideally three. Fresh raisin does not necessarily fill with water, because he is so gentle enough. However, if you have got a dry, old fruit, soak them for five to eight minutes. After wring well and pat dry with paper towel.

Forms - it can be a deep dish or baking dishes - which are planning to prepare a dish, a special Cover the film. If not, take a regular plastic bag. Now everyone sticks dipped in sour cream sauce and lay next to each other. The empty spaces, add small pieces of product, apply a layer of cream on top, sprinkle with nuts and raisins. In the same way, prepare the other tiers of dishes. When you manage, process it remains the cream from all sides.

Immediately cut the cake into pieces and start the meal is not recommended - allow time for dessert impregnation. Ideally the dish should stand in a cool place for about three hours. Just before serving, cover the dishes flat plate and turn sharply. Then remove the already unnecessary polyethylene and decorate your creation with chocolate, grated on a grater beforehand. You can do otherwise: Boil the cocoa glaze, cool it and pour the dish. Bon Appetit!

Classic gingerbread flan

Introducing yet another culinary masterpiece - the cake of chocolate cakes with fresh fruit. In the first case of the dishes were oranges and kiwi, this recipe is a little different from its predecessor. At this time, you will need a strong, sweet persimmons and bananas. The cream will make homemade cream, a pinch of vanilla essence give it a special flavor. Gingerbread dessert - a dish that is worth trying, so feel free to proceed to the cooking procedure.



  • cup granulated sugar
  • 185 grams of butter
  • vanilla essence - at your discretion
  • 20 percent cream - 200 ml


  • 250 grams of bananas (about two medium-sized pieces)
  • 650 grams of any gingerbread
  • ripe persimmons - two pieces (Pick sturdy fruits)
  • 65 grams of walnuts

Chocolate sauce:

  • three large tablespoons cream or sour cream
  • Fifteen milliliters of melted butter (butter)
  • Cocoa - 25 grams
  • Sugar - to taste

Cooking method:

First of all, cut the carrots into two or three parts. Persimmon and chop the peeled bananas into thin slices. With nuts, remove the shells and drain them in a skillet, then grind mortar. You can leave a few whole pieces to decorate the cake of the future, and now is the time to make the cream. He did not have to cook, the procedure is very simple: lay out in advance from the refrigerator so that the oil just starts melting. Then send the product to the blender bowl, pour the sugar and pour sour cream. Turn on the device and whisk ingredients in a lush mass, look for lumps - should get rid of them. This also enter the aromatic essence and stir.

Getting to the final stage of preparing the dessert - for its assembly. To start a good soak the slices of gingerbread sour cream, then gradually lay out items on the plate to one another. They should fit snugly, so if there are gaps, cover the pieces of dough and nuts. The second tier consists of dishes circles persimmon, and a third of the bananas. Between them, make another layer of gingerbread. At the end pour the dish remains of vanilla sauce and sprinkle with ground nuts.

Cook the frosting can be on the water, milk, cream, we also offer the "cream" recipe. Put a bowl of butter on low heat and melt the cream product. Then type in a sugar and sift cocoa. Thoroughly rub the mixture with a fork to get rid of extra lumps. Then add the cream and cook the icing, not bringing it to the seething about six minutes. Regularly stir the mass, once it thickens enough, turn off the burner and let cool sauce. After the divorce put chocolate on the cake of gingerbread and store it in a cold room. Before serving, cut into portions and serve tea.

 gingerbread cake without baking

Cake "Petite"

Finally, let's look at another recipe for a quick dessert. This dish will appeal to true lovers of sweets, because it includes not only cakes and fruit, and white marshmallows. Cake turns out very tender and juicy, but at the same time incredibly nutritious. Therefore, if you watch your figure, you have to confine a small piece.


  • ½ kilo of carrots light
  • 250 grams of marshmallow
  • 80 ml cream
  • 200 grams of low fat cottage cheese
  • powdered sugar - optional
  • 20 grams of instant gelatin
  • Two large banana
  • vanilla

Cooking method:

Please fan the gelatin in a little heated water. Then rub the cheese with a fork and place it along with sour cream in a bowl blender. This also add vanilla and a few pinches of powder, at the very end - a thickening agent. You can not do without sugar, because the cake and it turns incredibly sweet. Whisk the ingredients into a uniform dough. Now smash middle-sized pieces of gingerbread and dipping them in the resulting cream, bring the dessert in the form of slides. Rotate the dough with chopped banana slices. Divide the marshmallow in half and spread it over the entire surface of the product.

Cakes that do not require baking - perfect assistant for busy housewives. Their preparation takes a minimum of time, but this dessert will appeal not only to children but also adults. Experiment with filling: add summer fruit or berries, and in the winter try a variant with raisins and peanuts. Cook with the soul and pleasure, then each dish will turn out delicious.

 Gingerbread Cake: a sweet miracle in ten minutes