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  • Cottage cheese and jelly "Mosaic" with peaches
  • Cake "Fruit mosaic"

In the hot season it may be better than a light jelly cake? Especially if you choose a recipe dessert with fresh berries or, for example, cottage cheese cream. Such a treat - a kind of a natural hormone of happiness. As is known, thanks to sweets, cakes and other sweets in the human body produces seratonin, which is responsible for good mood. Everyone - not only professional, but also a novice cook - be able to easily prepare one of the offered cakes. And what is the recipe to choose - with cream or layer with a delicate cream cheese - decide. All the desserts are worthy of any holiday.

Cottage cheese and jelly "Mosaic" with peaches

The first recipe today - cake with sweet curd cream. Name of the dish "Mosaic" speaks for itself: with the fruit jelly, cut into large pieces, the dish is a collection of bright, multi-colored cubes. To make the product juiciness and really fresh summer flavor add the peaches. We are prepared jelly cake with canned fruit, but you can change the recipe, opting for fresh fruits or berries.


For the cake:

  • two home eggs
  • 1/3 cup potato starch
  • 225 grams of sugar
  • oil - for greasing form
  • slightly less than half cups sifted flour
  • 35 milliliters of cold water

For the cream:

  • 420 grams of cottage cheese
  • two packs of any jelly
  • 350 grams of canned peaches
  • 140 grams of sugar
  • sachet vanillin
  • 200 milliliters of fruit syrup peaches
  • Ten grams of instant gelatin

Cooking method:

"Mosaic" - this is the perfect dessert for a quiet family dinner, a friendly party, a bachelorette party. Colorful jelly cake is not ashamed to even put on a festive table. Thanks curd cream it turns insanely tender - each piece melts in your mouth. Dish will cool you in a hot summer day, it's very easy and not too caloric. You can use low-fat cottage cheese, it will make the dish even more useful for the figure.

So, first of all, prepare the jelly according to package directions. While it freezes, start kneading. His recipe is simple as ABC, so learn and implement culinary instruction, everyone can. To bake a gingerbread cake, does not necessarily understand the intricacies of cooking - enough to remember a few simple rules. First, the egg will have divided Lay whites and yolks in different bowls. Now, in the past, add sugar or powder (leave some for future preparations) and zealously grind whisk. With the dissolution of sweet ingredient gradually poured into the mixture of two tablespoons of cold water. It should go smooth and a little increase in volume.

It was the turn of proteins: they stir mixer on the lowest speed. Once the mass brighten and "fluffed", pour into it the remaining sugar and beat, switching a kitchen appliance on the second and then the third level. Gradual whipping protein leads to the mass turns perfectly lush and strong. Now, separated from it by 1/3 and add the yolks. Stir whisk, then enter the rest of the proteins. Work carefully so that the dough was light and airy.

At the time set aside it aside, while they themselves enjoy a sieving flour. Some are too lazy to carry out this procedure, or do not consider it necessary. The misconception that can damage the product. The fact is that during sieving the wheat product is aerated, whereby the cake rises well and is soft. Once done, connect the flour and starch, mix and divide into three parts.

First gradually add the yolk-protein mass, emptying her two handful. This also pour a large spoonful of water and stir accurate movements. Similarly, enter the second and third of the dry ingredients, not forgetting to add a little liquid. Thus knead air, light batter. His consistency is to some extent like a jelly, note that weight should not be dense.

We are almost close to completion, it remains the case for small. We recommend using baking parchment, which protects the dish from burning. In addition, it will be easier and more convenient to remove the product from the mold. Cover the bowl with paper, treat it with a piece of butter and pour the batter. Flatten it spatula, then set the next cake in preheated oven. The most suitable temperature - 190 degrees. Keep track of time, about 25 minutes the product is ready. Remove it from the oven, let cool and then remove from the mold, after the knife cut into two identical cake thickness.

Jelly dessert is almost ready. To make the cream cheese mash with a fork, pour into it a little bit and add vanilla peach nectar. Whisk weight in a blender until smooth. Then pour in the remaining sugar syrup and heat it on low heat, add here the instant gelatin and dissolve it. Pour the mixture into the cheese and mix again, remove the cream in the refrigerator, so he froze a little. Peaches cut into slices and jelly - cubes, brush the bottom cake soft mass, top with fruit and jelly, cover all of the second layer of biscuit. Deal with side dishes remaining cream, garnish with peaches and store in the cold.

 jelly cake recipe mosaic

Cake "Fruit mosaic"

This recipe is based on a combination of fruit jelly with biscuit dough. Take the first is not too difficult, as many tend to think the main thing - to observe the accuracy of culinary instruction, which is given below. There are several ways of mixing mass for cakes: one add whole eggs, while others whipped yolks and whites in separate bowl. There are a lot of nuances, let's look at a variant of cooking sumptuous jelly biscuit. To dish came out tender and juicy, soaked it sour cream.

If the cake is for a future grand event - for example, the party's birthday or wedding anniversary - we recommend to decorate it accordingly. To do this, fit and fresh berries - raspberries, strawberries, - whipped cream (they can draw a beautiful pattern) and grated chocolate. Simply engage the imagination, and insanely delicious dish will not only inside, but also outside.


For the cake:

  • Two protein
  • the same amount of egg yolks
  • sugar - five large spoons
  • the same amount of sifted flour
  • 25 grams of butter

For Jelly sour cream impregnation:

  • three bags of instant jelly (we have used the product with the taste of kiwi,

Oranges and tangerines)

  • vanilla sugar - optional
  • 700 ml cream average fat content
  • about 900-1000 milliliters of warm water (based on the weight of one package jelly average about 90 grams)
  • 60 grams sugar
  • dvadtsatigrammovaya packet of gelatin (better to take instant)


  • Two large kiwi or other fruits

Cooking method:

We offer our readers only the most delicious recipes available to cooks understanding of different levels: beginners and real pro. So even if you decide to bake a cake for the first time, you can be sure he will come to glory. Just follow these tips and do not be afraid to make a bit of imagination in the dish. For example, decorate the product at its discretion: cherries, strawberries, raspberries, cream or figures of mastic.

Now, let's take a closer look, each of the stages of preparation of a dessert. First we need to make jelly: Pour three types of dry powder in different dishes. Then fill each cooled boiled water and stir to dissolve the ingredients, then put on the top shelf in the refrigerator. Note, in any case, do not remove the jelly in the freezer! To then it was much easier to remove from the mold, follow according to the following recommendations: Cover the insides of dishes plastic bag.

While the product freezes, let us biscuit. Cook it very simply, we offer to evaluate is the "air" a recipe by which Shortcakes always turn lush and tall. So, divide the egg into two parts, with the yolks and whites are distributed in different bowls. The last bit - no longer than 50 seconds - hold on a steam bath. Once they stoke lightly, turn the mixer on the lowest speed and whip the product. When a notice that the protein mass brightened and increased in volume, add the sugar (half portions indicated in the recipe) and work unit for ten to fifteen minutes.

The mixture should turn out the air and at the same time strong - swipe at it with a spoon or your finger. If you will trace safely proceed to the next occasion. Pour in the remaining egg yolks sweet sand and just whip them. Then add 1/3 of the protein mass and gently stir or whisk all special shovel. Now, through a sieve, sift flour and gradually connect it with the above ingredients. This also enter the remaining whites and knead light, airy biscuit mass. Agree, the recipe is very accessible and easy.

Split forms for baking, Cover the parchment, cut the butter and pour the batter into it. Send your dishes in the oven is already hot, so do not forget to pre-heated to 200 degrees. Average cooking time biscuit - 25 minutes. When he rises enough and covered with a light golden brown, carefully slightly open the oven door and pierce the cake with a match. If the tree is dry, remove the dishes.

The recipe for a delicious dessert "Mosaic" is nearing completion, there are very few. You need to prepare sour cream, proceed as follows: Put in blender bowl dairy product, sprinkle with sugar and beat until a smooth consistency. Now pour the instant gelatin, ice water and wait until it is completely melted. If you are using a conventional product, it will have to dissolve over low heat. When you manage, pour the mixture into the cream and whisk thoroughly. If you want to enter for a couple of pinches of flavor of vanilla sugar.

By this time, the jelly has grab - remove it from the bowls, remove the package and the product chop into large cubes. The cooled cake cut into medium-sized pieces. Now you need to assemble the cake: it Cover the dish rounded form of special cling film. At the bottom put a layer of sponge cake, then jelly cubes. Following is another tier of the test, then the procedure is repeated. When using all the ingredients, pour into a bowl of sour cream jelly so that it is evenly distributed in the form. Each layer cake of the future should have a good soak. Therefore, store it in the refrigerator until complete solidification. It takes at least four hours.

We hope you will appreciate the recipe. Its advantage is a fairly simple and quick preparation. Dessert "Fruit mosaic" turns out very tender, tasty and juicy and colorful pieces of jelly gives it a bright, unusual color. When your creation hardens, remove it from the dishes, remove the film and reload the cake on a flat plate. Then clean the kiwi, cut them into thin slices and garnish the dish.

Each cake recipe - a distinct culinary history. You can cook only jelly dessert with fruit: peaches, sweet bananas, juicy kiwi, oranges, tangerines. Incredibly delicious dish will come out with berries and cream cheese. As you can see, a lot of variants, you just have to choose "their" recipe and breathe life into it. We wish you success in the culinary field!

 Jelly Cake "Mosaic": meet summer juicy