Bear cake


  • Cake "Bear-Toptyzhka" with vanilla and nuts
  • Cake with caramelized milk

Many kids love sweets, no child bypasses counters with chocolates, cakes, biscuits. If your child asks to cook some delicious dessert, we offer take note of a very simple, yet incredibly tasty recipe. Dish, which will be discussed, has several names, and even options for its baking and countless. We will look at the most successful of them. Cake "Bear" impregnated with condensed milk and vanilla cream - a perfect dish for the holiday feast. On what would you go about organizing a party, dessert will be most welcome. After all, surely every guest will want to finish the evening cup of tea or coffee with a slice of gentle delicacy.

The recipe for this cake is not too complicated, and the procedure for its preparation takes a minimum of time. See this can only practice, so do not delay in a long box that can be baked today. If you are cooking a dish for your loved ones, be sure to try the first option with walnuts, which we consider below. Thanks vanilla essence product has incredibly pleasant aroma and piquant flavor.

Instead of butter, margarine is used, which significantly reduces the cost of "Bears", which is why this recipe is the most economical. For holiday - for example, the anniversary of his beloved friend, christening or birthday child - it is better to make this cake more original. In this case, you should consider the appropriate decoration. Now, let's take a closer look all the nuances of delicious pastries.

 Bear cake recipe

Cake "Bear-Toptyzhka" with vanilla and nuts

Do you want to cook a delicious cake, without spending a lot of time and money? Then this recipe you will certainly come in handy. Kneading procedure is very simple, so even without being an experienced cook, everyone will cope with the task. Note that instead of sugar you can use the powder - it dissolves much faster. Usually in cakes add butter, but we will make a dessert of margarine, choose only high-quality and fresh products. To enter a few grams of flavor or vanilla essence. Well, let us learn to bake together?


For the cakes:

  • Choice Eggs - three of them
  • 300 grams of white sugar (or powder)
  • little more than a cup of roasted walnuts
  • vanilla - to taste
  • 630 grams of sifted flour
  • trehsotgrammovaya pack of margarine

For the cream:

  • Bank of condensed milk
  • two pinches of vanilla essence
  • 30 grams of butter

For decoration:

  • milk chocolate bar
  • a handful of chopped nuts
  • Whipped cream pastry - optional

Cooking method:

If you want, a little bit away from the main recipe. For example, if you have not found walnuts, almonds or peanuts use. Before you can add them into the cake, it is recommended to fry foods in a dry skillet (no longer than six minutes), and then crush in a blender. This can be done also with a conventional hammer or mortar. If you like raisins, the next time going to bake "Bear", try to enter into the dough a couple of pinches of dried fruit golden. But first, soak it in warm water for about a quarter of an hour, then drain the excess fluid, as well squeeze the berries themselves by using paper napkins, the ingredients should be dry. You will see that the cake will turn out delicious and satisfying.

It's time to start kneading. His recipe is quite simple, judge for yourself: first connect to a dish whole eggs and powdered sugar or sand, depending on what you decide to use. When the product was converted into a bright homogeneous mass, add to it the softened margarine and cut slices. If he lay for a long time in the refrigerator, you can gently heat it in the microwave.

Now clean from the shell nuts and fry them skillet, remove them peel and grind mortar, sprinkle with vanilla to the above ingredients. Then sift the flour twice with a screen and enter it into the dough, which eventually should be able to moderately dense and soft. Good hands to knead the mass until all lumps disappear. Divide it into three pieces of equal size.

It only remains to bake cakes. Turn on the oven and gradually warm it up to 190 degrees. In the meantime grease margarine or oil the internal walls of the form and place it in one part of the test. Remove the dish in the oven, about 30-40 minutes of the first product will be ready. A little cool it, then gently remove from the mold and bake as two other cakes. To dish is not burnt, we recommend the use of special paper that needs to lay the bottom and sides dishes.

For this cake you can choose any prescription cream: Based on the sour cream, cream, custard, curd. There are many solutions, but we offer to cook quick and tasty sauce least. Pour into a bowl of liquid condensed milk bank, enter here the chopped pieces of soft butter and vanilla to taste. Mash the ingredients whisk until smooth. Then lubricate the first cake layer abundant cream, if desired, add the ground almonds or peanuts. Put on top of the second product, then repeat the procedure again. Thus you will three-tiered cake.

The most basic way to decorate the dish - sprinkle with grated chocolate, nuts or cocoa powder. You can put on a simple pattern using whipped cream, which are sold in cans. However, if time permits, we recommend to prepare the glaze, see for yourself that it will be much more appetizing. The following recipe is the most simple.

Construct a steam bath and put her bowl with pieces of chocolate (preferably black). When it has melted, add fifteen grams of butter and two or three large tablespoons of water or milk. Boil the mixture with constant stirring, to taste, add a few pinches of sugar. Well rub ingredients with a fork, or lumps remain. Wait until the icing has cooled slightly, then pour over the cake and store the product in a cold room.

 Bear cake recipe

Cake with caramelized milk

Next cake recipe even simpler to prepare than the first. This time, too, the impregnation will use evaporated milk, not liquid as in nut "Bear" with vanilla and jam. You can buy a finished product or "bring it to mind" yourself. Note, however, that the procedure of cooking condensed milk long enough - up to one and a half hours. Put a metal can with a sweet product in boiling water, after a specified time, remove it and cool. And now let's dwell on the cake.



  • a dozen eggs choice
  • 190 grams of sugar
  • three cups (no slides) of white flour
  • butter or margarine - lubrication ware
  • Eleven grams of baking powder
  • two handful of grated chocolate (need for topping)


  • 350 grams of fresh butter
  • one and a half cans of boiled condensed milk
  • powdered sugar - optional

Cooking method:

The recipe for this dessert based on biscuit dough. In fact, a single technology mixing it does not exist. Of course, professional confectioners in the course of their work has brought the most favorable combination of ingredients, as well as the right algorithm for their connections to each other. Yet, in practice, every woman makes a cake in his own way. For example, some whipped egg intact, and others are using wholemeal flour. The latter case - a blunder. To baking was obtained lush and beautiful, wheat products should be required to pass through a fine sieve. In the process of sifting flour filled with air, so the cakes are well raised.

Many believe that the biscuits are very gentle and timid in circulation. It is, however, to every savory food should be our approach. Right now to share the most effective way to prepare the dough. Try it a few times in practice, eventually you will learn to make incredibly delicious cakes. Perhaps one of them will be your signature dish. So let's get started.

Separate the white from the yolk and place them in different dishes. Then, the first few times mix mixer included in the minimum speed. When the mass brighten and increase in volume, type in the third part of said portion of the sugar in the recipe, and again, operate the device. Your task is to prepare a strong, dense foam. The procedure for whipping proteins are not too simple and quite long - on average it takes about 20 minutes.

Once manage, engage in the remaining ingredients. Sift flour and baking powder pour into it. Then rub whisk the remaining egg yolks, the resulting mass add 1/3 proteins. Mix all the special spatula and gradually enter into the future pastry flour. Add wheat product in small portions a few handfuls, this will help avoid lumps. At the end lay in the dish remains of protein cream, knead the airy, light dough.

Whatever kitchen appliance you may work - whether a special metal mixer or whisk, - this should be done gently, rotating it in one direction. Note that it is better not to use a blender. Of course, he immediately "vspushivaet" products, turning them into a thick homogeneous mixture for a few minutes, but it's wrong. All the "highlight" of the biscuit is precisely the gradual mixing, which allows eventually get a nice, high cake.

Cope with this task? So, go to the next "level": Cover the insides of dishes prepared for this parchment. At the request can treat it with a piece of butter or margarine. Now carefully pour the batter into the mold, spreading it over the entire surface of the scapula dishes. Remove the cake in a hot oven, the temperature of which should not exceed 200 degrees. Race against the clock on the clock 30 minutes and after this time, check the product. How to do it? Quite simply pierce the cake skewer or wooden match. They need to stay dry, this is evidence that the cake has propeksya. Turn off the oven and let it cool a little product, then shift it onto a flat plate and let it cool until the end.

You can bake a big cake, and after cooling cut it into two parts. Or there is a different way: the dough beforehand divided into two portions. First, prepare the next one tier of the cake and then the other. While the cake cools, make the cream has time. Chop the butter into cubes, put it together with Varenko in a deep bowl, if desired, enter the powder. However, this recipe is still more true for the sweet tooth, we do not recommend adding sugar. After the cream already get a very sweet. Whisk Products blender that they turned into a homogeneous mass.

It remains to make a final push - assemble dessert named "Bear." For this cut a cake lengthwise into two parts. Type in a special cream pastry bag and put it on the bottom cake. Then cover with remaining dough product. Liberally grease the sides and top of the dish sweet sauce of condensed milk. By the way, for the spice can be expanded between the layers of fried foods, ground peanuts or walnuts. Very delicious cake with raisins turn out. So do not be afraid to deviate slightly from the usual recipe. At the end sprinkle with "Bear" chocolate, grated on medium grater. Remove the dish in the fridge for impregnation.

There are many variations of this delicious cake. For the richness it adds fresh berries - ideally combined with biscuit cherries. So if you want to try this really old recipe. Lovers of honey advised to add a couple tablespoons of viscous product directly into the dough. Just before that not too lazy to melt the honey, then it will be easier to mix the ingredients. Bake with pleasure!

 Cake "Bear" for the little sweet tooth