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  • Why erotic games
  • Games that do not require changing or special surroundings
  • Games of disguise, or role-playing erotic games
  • Losers do not happen

It is inconceivable that an article with the same name would appear in a magazine for women thirty years ago. From the "Helpful Hints" in such magazines could learn how to get rid of moles, make a mask of cucumber for the face and starched linen tablecloth. Magazines printed recipes for salads and appetizers for the holiday table, but the recipes, how to diversify sex life, not given. Of course, the intimate relationship between a man and a woman - the area of ​​their personal life, closed to outsiders, but if they freeze at one point, it does not bring happiness to either party. Today, this topic is discussed in more free and relaxed, and many couples do not hesitate to occasionally use erotic games to warm up chilled passion.

Why erotic games

Erotic Games - it's not only an expression of sexual feelings. You can use them to diversify their intimate relationships, awaken former passion and interest, and they help to understand the needs of your body and make a reality of the most immodest dreams and fantasies. They give the opportunity to know what is actually waiting on the proximity of your partner and will make "flavor" (or "spice" - for the adrenaline lovers) in a sexual relationship.

Some games can be quite sophisticated and require the presence of certain props. For others, it does not need anything except the desire to please their partner. So, what kind of games can be advised for those who have decided to diversify their sex life?

Games that do not require changing or special surroundings

  1. Kiss blind

    This game is quite simple, but it does not mean that it is boring to play. One of the participants are blindfolded. Hands he keeps behind - under the terms of the game he can not use them. The second player takes any position and stands still, not moving. He "orders" those parts of the body where he wanted to be kissed. The first participant randomly kissing partner. Play continues until a player is blindfolded does not comply with the "order". Then partners switch roles. The game can go on for a long time - the first player can intentionally miss, and the second - a specially called difficult areas of the body.

  2. Beach

    Another fairly simple and uncomplicated game for two, which nevertheless can deliver a lot of pleasure to both parties. On the carpet or a bed spread out wide beach towel. One player rubs the body of the partner massage cream or lotion, trying not to miss anything. This delicate yet sensual massage will make your skin more susceptible to further petting. You can rub each other at the same time not forgetting to exchange sweet words and kisses.

  3. Guess what I'm thinking

    One player thinks of sexual desire (kiss me on the lips and stroked my chest, etc.). The second party is looking into the eyes of your partner and trying to guess what he was thinking. Both players can not utter a word. Guess may start some action, and see the reaction partner. Anyone who made a wish, are allowed to prompt a look or a smile movements. Change of roles occurs after the first player's desire will be fulfilled.

    This game is for two - a great way to fulfill those erotic desire, which both participants are embarrassed to tell your partner aloud. They can also find out each other's sexual preferences and deliver each other the maximum pleasure.

  4. Magic deck of cards

    For this game you need to take the most ordinary playing deck with an arbitrary, but must be an even number of cards. Participants divide a deck into 2 parts: black and red. The main thing is that the number of cards of "black" and "red" suit was equal. She takes a red half of the deck, the young man - black. Next to each card is assigned to any erotic desire. Wishes can be written on a separate sheet of paper, or directly on the map. For example: Ace of Hearts - French kiss, King of Hearts - striptease, Queen of Hearts - a foot massage, etc. Give free rein to their sexual desires and are not limited familiar caresses, as immodest fancy make the game more interesting.

    Maps should be mixed and put face down. Players take turns cards. If she pulls out a black card suit, it fulfills the desire of the partner, which he put forth for this card. Young people, respectively, carries the desire to girls, if he gets "red" card. If any of the players draws a map of "their" suit, the right course is transferred to another party.

    That's the magic deck of cards will help to forget about the conventions and unleash the most immodest erotic fantasies.

  5. Time bomb

    Very often couples foreplay reduce to a minimum, seeking as soon as possible go to the "main", and do not think that is lost is a very important emotional component of sexual relations. This game helps to focus on foreplay and kissing and teaches players slowly to enjoy the love of the game.

It is necessary to have an alarm clock or timer for 20 or 30 minutes. Partners caress each other until this period expires. Then you can gradually increase the time of the game. Long foreplay awaken "drowsy" imagination and ingenuity, and sexual relationships sparkle with new colors.

 erotic role-playing games for two

Games of disguise, or role-playing erotic games

Diversity in sexual relations and contribute so-called role-playing games. Many couples give up this kind of games, explaining his reluctance to lack of acting ability. But in fact, their failure can hide the embarrassment, fear of appearing ridiculous or absurd inability to be liberated or fear that sexual fantasies are not supported by a partner. Therefore, trust and willingness to play along with a friend - these are the main conditions of role-playing games for two.

You can start with ready-made role-playing scenarios. In the future, when the couple realize they fit any such games, they either abandon them or be able to come up with their own and erotic scenarios. Those who are actively practicing sexual role play, enjoy even the selection of "props", mentally or aloud, voicing the wildest dreams.

  1. The teacher (or teacher) and inexperienced schoolgirl (or student)

    The game plays a couple seducing naive and inexperienced student (student) experienced teacher (teacher). To play you need suitable clothing and some attributes of learning environment, such as a table, books, etc. Pointer You can start with the innocent stroking and kissing and gradually increase the intensity of emotions. You can play for several days: the teacher or the teacher gives the second player "homework": for example, to master any position for sex and then rigorously check its performance.

  2. Nurse and patient

    One of the most popular and common sexual role-playing games. A woman plays the role of a caring nurse and a man acts as a patient. The nurse allegedly carries a doctor's prescription - does the patient massage, giving him medication (in the role of medicines can act fruit, chocolate or even a glass of wine), etc. The patient is allowed to "play up", demanding attention of a charming girl in a white coat, for example, he may ask to examine him, not only with his hands but lips. For the game need to wear a nurse. You can sew a red cross on underwear or draw their lipstick on the body.

  3. Maid and Resident

    Another popular story in the role-playing games for two. Cute maid without complexes willingly fulfills all the desires and whims of men. Maid costume consists of a white apron and whisk dust. You can play an alternative version of the game: a modest maid touchy fulfills the requirements of the guest first timidly and reluctantly, but then more and more part of the taste, and not hesitate to obey men.

  4. Courier online store and zakazchitsa

    A man plays the role of a courier, a woman - had ordered. The piquancy of the scenario is that the woman allegedly ordered goods from a sex shop. It offers a courier check the quality of goods, and of course he readily agrees. Unlike the previous scenarios, this game does not imply obvious domination of one of the partners. And do not need special suits: just casual clothes (shirt and pants for men and gown for women). Some couples may already have the necessary props - products of the sex-shop. But even so couples need to buy something new to bring to the elements of novelty.

  5. Movie stars and paparazzi

    The game's plot is as follows: a famous actress in evening dress and sexy lingerie gets home after the shooting. Photographer paparazzi hiding the camera behind a curtain or chair. The actress starts to undress and notices the camera flash. Inflames minor scandal, but as a photographer sweet and charming, she allows him to make a series of erotic images. Gradually photoshoot goes into "nude".

Role-playing scenarios can be modified by changing the details of the plot, adjusting to fit your tastes, desires and dreams. For example, in the game "Courier and zakazchitsa" can "confuse" the address and deliver the order unsuspecting housewife who has no idea how to use these "tricks". Uninhibited Courier gladly undertake to train all the subtleties of female love.

 sexy erotic games for two

Losers do not happen

The best part in erotic games for two - is that they can be neither winners nor losers. Such games - it does not contest in erudition, intelligence, speed and skills. The main prize goes to both parties. It is important not to hesitate to express sexual desires and emotions. Restrictions in these games there are no other than those who set themselves partners. You can do everything that gives pleasure to both parties, because it is for this and there are erotic games.

 Erotic games for two, there are no losers