pork ribs with vegetables


  • What kind of recipes from ribs are the most popular?
  • Do ribs recipes for those who love beer? Of course there is!
  • Chinese pork ribs recipe

From pork ribs can be cooked a lot of unusual and succulent dishes. Suit pork ribs how to cook all kinds of soups (borsch, cabbage soup, pea soup) and roast.

Ribs can be baked in a sleeve, to prepare a variety of sauces. And what a treat it turns out ribs, baked on the coals! Delicious. Pork ribs, baked on coals, millet godsend for any picnic. Juicy, crispy and light aroma of smoke ... But what to talk about it? This dish should be enjoyed!

 pork ribs in the oven
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What kind of recipes from ribs are the most popular?

Let's start with BBQ ribs, ever, with crackling and smoke. For their preparation will take approximately 2-2, 5 kg of pork ribs. They need to be cut into pieces, then wash well in cold water and let them dry out a bit (it is better to put them on a paper napkin or a towel). After the ribs dry out, they need to marinate. Pickling process should be continued for at least 3 hours. The marinade is prepared in advance.

Follow this recipe to prepare the marinade:

250 gr. ketchup, half a glass of pomegranate juice, 40 g. sunflower oil, 20 g. melted honey, 20 g. wine vinegar, a few cloves of garlic, pepper and salt.

After the ribs marinate, they are placed in a barbecue where they roast for 20-25 minutes. During frying do not forget to turn the ribs and marinade to water them.

As for the next recipe, very juicy turn ribs, baked in the oven. To make this masterpiece bacon pork chop is necessary so that each piece had two ribs. Then, they should be rinsed, dipped in boiling salted water (2 liters), and boil them for half an hour (after boiling). Now you need to turn off the fire and let cool ribs. They need to cool without removing from the broth.

While pork cools, you can prepare the sauce. For the sauce will require 40 grams. burning ketchup, sunflower oil, wine vinegar. All was stirred, then the resulting mixture was added to 20 c. paprika and liquid honey. Then again, the sauce is thoroughly mixed. Ribs are lubricated by sauce and put it in the oven on the wire rack (under which is required to put the pan with a little water). Ribs are baked 15 minutes at 220 degrees. Fresh vegetables and hot sauce - the best addition to the baked ribs.

 Different recipes pork ribs
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Do ribs recipes for those who love beer? Of course there is!

Beer lovers will appreciate the taste of the finest meals prepared from pork ribs and vegetables. To prepare extraordinarily delicious and flavorful pork belly appetizer is required (1 kg), pre-washed and chopped into pieces. Prepared ribs need to marinate.

The container for marinating should be lightly rub half rings of onion (3 bulbs) and a small amount of salt. After the appearance of onion juice into the same bowl add chopped tomatoes (0, 5 kg of tomatoes will suffice), chopped bell pepper (1 pc.), Chopped parsley (1 tbsp. L.), Cognac (10-15 c.), And half a cup beer. Marinade mix well, add the ribs and pre-prepared mix again. The process of marinating pork ribs on time should take about 30 minutes. Ribs marinated at room temperature.

After marinating ribs are placed on a greased baking sheet, pour the remnants of the marinade and bake in the oven (200 degrees) for 40 minutes. Sprinkle with herbs, snacks can be served to the table.

Very easily and quickly prepare a variety of soups with ribs. To prepare the soup, you need to take a pound of ribs and cut them in such a way that each piece had one rib. The next step will be preparation of soup grilling ribs. The ribs are fried in olive oil to cover the acquisition zazharistoy. Then fried ribs to cook. Cooking lasts for 20 minutes after boiling. While the ribs are to boil, you need to prepare the remaining ingredients soup. Peeled potatoes (3 pcs.) Cut into cubes, leek (white part) - half rings, celery thin slices.

Then shredded vegetables fried in olive oil (2 tbsp. L.), To put the chopped garlic (2 cloves) and chili (1 pc.). A mixture of roasted vegetables for about 15 minutes, and then added to the edges. There also sent two of chopped fresh tomatoes, 2 sheets of laurel and green lentils (150 gr.), Pre-washed. After boiling the soup should simmer for half an hour. Pork ribs soup is almost ready, it remains only to remove it from the stove, add the chopped parsley and (after a 10-minute infusion under the cover) the most delicate soup is ready!

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Chinese pork ribs recipe

I do not want to overlook the dish, inherited from the friendly Chinese people. Ribs cooked in this recipe are gentle, with nothing comparable to any taste. After tasting this dish only once, they want to enjoy more than once.

The recipe of this delicious dish:

The washed and dried belly pork (800 gr.) Cut into pieces. The marinade is needed for this dish consists of soy sauce (40-60 c.), Rice vinegar (10-15 c.), Honey (20-30 c.), Starch (10 g.), Red pepper and salt. The resulting sauce the ribs marinated for 60 minutes. Then, in a large frying pan with vegetable oil (20 oz.) Roasted minced garlic (3 cloves), and green onions (5 feathers) for a minute.

Then in a pan add marinated ribs and stew for 15 minutes. After the rise in the ribs crisp them added chicken broth (300 ml). Before adding to the crushed sweet and hot pepper, liquid should evaporate completely. After the 5-minute time extinguishing ribs in the pan off the heat. Served this tasty dish with boiled rice. Do not forget about fresh vegetables, which are the best complement to the rice.

If the previous recipes you not satisfied, you can help the following recipe:

The easiest way (but do not lose anything to taste other meals) is a grilling in a pan previously grated black pepper and salt ribs. For a richer flavor masters of their craft are advised roasted ribs also extinguished. And the rib, which will be subsequently baked, first boil. Indeed, the recipes for the preparation of pork ribs are quite diverse, because each person has his own taste.

But from the above recipe, you can choose the most suitable for you meal and serve it on the table.

 How to cook pork ribs?

 spaghetti with meat


  • The basic version of the preparation
  • Version without frying

Spaghetti with meat - a very popular and satisfying dish loved by many adults and children. Also, its remarkable features are the ease and speed of preparation and availability of all products.

To prepare spaghetti with meat need: spaghetti, beef, spices, tomato paste or sauce if desired oil. Himself recipe is simple and nezateyliv. Preparation also did not take long, on average, it takes about 40 minutes.

 simple recipe for spaghetti with meat
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The basic version of the preparation

Pasta. Instead, you can use spaghetti noodles, noodles or pasta, the meaning of food and its taste characteristics are not particularly because of this change, but it is better to choose the pasta from durum wheat. They should be boiled in salted water until soft, it is important that they do not seethe, and not stuck together. For lovers of spices in the water for cooking pasta, you can add black pepper to peas. Then they should be removed from the heat, drain and rinse with clean running water.

Stuffing. It can be made from various types of meat, but it is usually a mixture of beef and pork in equal proportions. If you want to ease the calories, you should use in preparing poultry or rabbit meat. With the amount of meat it is important not to overdo it. The meat mixture should fry in a pan with salt, oil and your favorite spices, you can add the tomato paste.

Followed by mixing the two previously prepared half. In a frying pan fried meat mixture should be added to the washed pasta and a bit then everything in the pan, 5-10 minutes will be enough.

 tasty spaghetti with meat
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Version without frying

You can delete the last step in the preparation and mix them directly on the plate. Mix and apply to be in the following proportions: some pasta for half of the minced meat. This is a good option for those who like to add a variety of sauces for pasta. This savory meat perfectly several popular sauces: tomato sauce, cheese sauce, mushroom sauce, bolognese, pesto. Sauces can use ready-made, but you can cook them yourself.

In addition, the perfect complement to the savory meat is ready grated cheese varieties and crunchy toast or croutons . The resulting culinary masterpiece can be decorated with fresh herbs. Thus it turns out simple but tasty Italian dish. As for drinks, it may be appropriate to mineral water, water with lemon juice, juice or wine.

Preparation of the dishes takes a little time, besides it does not require much cooking skills or a large cash outlay for the purchase of ingredients. It will decorate and festive and casual, will bring to life the gourmet something joyful. Keep in mind that cooked culinary masterpiece quite hearty and high-calorie and therefore it is not recommended to use it often as late dinner.

 Simple recipe for spaghetti with meat