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  • The choice of meat and dishes
  • Where to start cooking broth
  • Vegetables and spices for shurpa
  • Some of the best recipes soup with mutton-shurpa

Shurpa - fairly common in the East, filling soup which can be called differently: chorpa, shorpo, sorpa. This soup without a good lamb does not cook.

You can cook chicken or Shurpa combine chicken (rooster taking) with lamb. There are many different recipes for shurpa, but they are united by one thing - it's always a bold and hearty soup, flavored with various spices. Shurpa happens as the first course and the second at the same time.

 ingredients for shurpa
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The choice of meat and dishes

To prepare a tasty Shurpa, you need to choose a good meat.   Well suited for the preparation of soup shoulder, neck and back of lamb. From the neck get a great fat of the blades will be fat, and meat, and from the back - more meat.

We leave to the market, where you can select more fresh meat, than in supermarkets. Experts recommend buying meat broth for the female because the male meat tastes worse, and if I had killed it wrong, you will hear the smell of animal urine. Sellers, of course, do not tell anyone selling: female or male, so try to find out for yourself.

Good meat are looking on such grounds - a soft, smell and color. We must not hesitate to smell the meat. Meat female smells good and the color is darker than the meat of a male. To test the meat with a little fat to cut and singe match, fat should smell good, and if there is no flavor, it is best to continue the search for meat. Meat also need to buy a lamb. Shovel youthful lamb reaches a size of 40 cm. When buying back, try to pierce it with a knife. The young meat is easily pierced. By purchasing the meat, ask the seller to chop it.

After the purchase of meat select what make soup - Shurpa. Shurpa cooked in a cauldron or a cast-iron pan, which has non-stick coating. First, in the pan fry the meat, then it is put out vegetables. In the absence of the cauldron, fry the meat on a regular skillet. Lamb after cooking to add the pan in which to cook Shurpa plan.
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Where to start cooking broth

Now start cooking broth. Let's start with soaking meat. An hour and a half, fill it with water from the well the lamb. This helps departure ichor residues wool waste; better washed meat is better for the broth. Then the pieces are well washed lamb to keep within the available pot, fill it with water, and send it to the plate.

Start cooking broth, reserved by patience, because cooking will take from three to five hours. When the "noise", it should be sure to shoot first, if we want to make clear broth. After three hours of cooking, try the meat. If the lamb is ready, the pan add the garlic cloves to taste, two onions, sex teaspoon cumin and season with salt. Another half hour boil and turn off, pulled out of the broth and garlic bulbs. The soup is ready.

 shurpa tasty beef
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Vegetables and spices for shurpa

Now let's talk about vegetables for shurpa.
There are three ways of cooking vegetables:

  1. the vegetables are cut, put the whole thing;
  2. cut the vegetables, part of the whole;
  3. all vegetables crumble pieces.

The first method is not entirely successful, uncomfortable sitting at the table, eating whole carrots or onions. The second option is to cut all vegetables, excluding potatoes. This option assumes that the meat with potatoes served on the latter. While you have the first, the meat and potatoes to cool, and with frozen mutton fat eating unpleasant. If you look, the soup boil for soup to eat it as liquid dish. Nobody came up from the get borscht cabbage with meat and is considered a second dish. The third option, when all the vegetables are cut, the best and most familiar to housewives.

Cooked soup, we took out the meat, separate the bones, cut into small pieces, filter.

Traditionally used a set of vegetables:

  • onions - 3-5 pcs .;
  • morkov- 1-2 pcs .;
  • potato 3 pcs .;
  • Sweet pepper - 2 pcs .;
  • tomatoes -2 pcs .;
  • hot peppers, 1 pc.

Often complement Shurpa cauliflower or "little blue" (eggplant) - this is not only traditional soup-shurpa and a matter of taste.

When preparing shurpa use spices: for half a teaspoon hops-suneli, coriander and Chabrov and a pinch of cumin seeds.

Vegetables cut as follows: half rings - peppers, onions, carrots and tomatoes, and potatoes coarsely chopped. The broth that is about to boil, throw meat, carrots, potatoes and continue cooking. Try cooked potatoes (that was a little damp) and laying the rest of the vegetables according to the recipe. Remove when welded potatoes. Soup reserve infuse quarter of an hour.

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Some of the best recipes soup with mutton-shurpa

Classical shurpa lamb

Pretty simple recipe shurpa with lamb, but the soup turns out excellent.
We prepare and use the following products:

  • 500 grams of meat youthful lamb;
  • 0, 5 kg of potato;
  • 100 g fat of sheep;
  • 4 onions;
  • 2 tablespoons tomato paste;
  • 1 piece of pepper bitter;
  • water - 2, 5 l;
  • to taste cilantro, dill, bay leaf and salt.

Wash well the meat, cut into small pieces. Diced bacon. After cleaning and washing your onion rings cut it. Salo in a cauldron fry up crackling, cracklings and then pull out the fat and drop the pieces of lamb and fry well. The next step - into the cauldron laid potatoes with onion, dressed with tomato and roasted for 15 minutes. The contents of the cauldron add water, add the bitter pepper, salt and leave to boil. After boiling, note the time and one hour to cook dim fire. Before removing from heat add the broth and bay leaves, dill and coriander. The dish is ready, pour it into hot plates and entertained friends. Agree, the recipe is really simple.

Shurpa in Uzbek

This recipe is a hearty soup with lamb (lamb ribs) of the Uzbek cuisine.
Take the following products:

  • mutton ribs - 0, 5 kg;
  • two carrots;
  • two bulbs;
  • potatoes - 6 pcs .;
  • Bulgarian pepper, 2 pcs .;
  • two tomatoes;
  • herbs and salt - as you wish.

Lamb ribs wash well, put in a pot (kettle, pot), fill it with water from the well and put to boil. All the vegetables mentioned in the recipe, clean and wash. Cut potatoes into cubes larger, carrots - slices, onion - rings. When the broth c lamb chops ready, drop it in potatoes, carrots, halved tomatoes. Put the bell pepper, clean it and cut into rings. By removing from the heat, you need to fill Shurpa greens and onion bulb. Ready hot soup is poured into a dish and serve guests.

Shurpa with lamb and chickpeas (Asia peas)

From soup to the last recipe will have to strive. But the Asian peas shurpa turns especially tasty.

  • Loin chops (lamb) -1 kg;
  • chickpeas (Asian peas) - 0, 1 kg
  • carrot - 0, 2 kg;
  • Onion - 0 3 kg;
  • rump - 0, 3 kg;
  • 0, 3 kg of tomatoes;
  • 200 g of pepper;
  • 0, 4 kg of potato;
  • cilantro.

Chickpeas soaked in water in the evening and leave overnight. The next day the meat with fat fill with water and begin to cook. Then half an hour in a pan add the chickpeas. Thrill can add a little bitter spice. Boil the meat with chickpeas until half, we try and add the onion, bell pepper, carrots and tomatoes prescription, all pre-cutting. At the end of cooking, put coarsely crumbled potatoes and greens with a prescription.

To prepare Shurpa can substitute goat lamb - it will also be delicious.
Note that the stock can not be brewed for a long time to keep warm, the taste may be impaired.
It is important to decide what you most want: to get the perfect broth or tasty meat. If you cook the soup over low heat, deteriorating the taste of meat, but the soup is excellent. And if the broth to cook on high, then the stock will be worse, but the meat will taste better.

If you choose any recipe Shurpa liberally sprinkled with herbs: basil, parsley, cilantro and tarragon.
Feeding finished soup in a bowl add a piece of lamb, you can fill Shurpa cream. The dish is sure to be served hot, not yet frozen mutton fat.

The above recipes will help every mistress to prepare tasty Shurpa.

 How to cook lamb Shurpa