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  • Orgasm - a delicate matter
  • How can you get an orgasm?

Oh, the female orgasm, which speak so much! Such a welcome and elusive. So close and so far away. The heroines of modern romance novels or movies never seem to wonder how to get an orgasm a woman: they are easy to reach it by the will of the author or team director. At the same time in real life, many women admit that they just imitate orgasm during sex, but in fact it was never tested. They may not say it to the man, as a shy or afraid that it deems defective, or sexually frigid. In reality, the reasons for the lack of orgasm does not lie in this.

Orgasm - a delicate matter

Amazingly, only a generation ago, the female orgasm was considered something unimportant and unnecessary, because its presence or absence does not affect a woman's ability to conceive. Moreover, it was felt that the majority of women are not able to experience pleasure during intimacy. Fortunately, these days related to this issue has changed. We now know that, in contrast to male orgasm, which is the automatic reaction of the body to sexual stimulation, women can occur only under favorable conditions.

The inability to listen to your body and relax - these are the two main enemies of female orgasm. The first reason - is the result of Puritan upbringing and shamefaced reticence about such aspects of life as an intimate relationship. Not surprisingly, some women, and does not occur to consider the body as a source of sexual pleasure, not to mention the fact that deliberately seek to obtain the orgasm. But the more a woman knows about how her body responds to sexual stimulation, the easier it quickly reach the summit of pleasure.

The second reason - it's a whole set of factors that prevent women to "turn off the brain." This woman does not matter how serious her anxiety from an objective point of view. It is absolutely "smashing" a cocktail of worries about cluttered desktop project and a failed haircut, quarrels with her best friend and the loss of an umbrella.

 as a woman to get an orgasm

How can you get an orgasm?

So, "who is to blame," we found out. Now we have to answer another age-old question: "What should I do? ". You can seek help from a psychologist or sexologist, but it does have a fair courage and self-confidence (and a certain amount of money in the bank card). You can give up and continue to pretend pretending to orgasm in bed. And you can put into practice the advice that we have selected for you in this article.

Make friends with her clitoris

Female orgasm can be vaginal and clitoral. The first - more intensive and extensive, but, according to statistics, only one in three women experience it more often than clitoral. It is therefore very important to learn to stimulate the clitoris. You might not have heard it again, but if you yourself can not bring yourself to orgasm, then what you need from a partner? It seemed to send him on a treasure hunt and stop the card.

So sit back ... and start masturbating. Sex and the version of "solo" - is not only the shortest path to enjoyment, but also an opportunity to pay attention only to itself, is focused on the satisfaction of desires, requests or demands of another person. By concentrating on the sensations, you will quickly discover that gives you pleasure, learn to trust your body and experience a variety of ways to achieve orgasm.

Just remember: not enough just to get an orgasm, you must remember the path to it, so that later you are able to explain in detail to the man, how best to get from point A to point B. "below, above, right, to the left" - that is not enough. It is necessary to clearly explain where, how and in what position, and only his affection will excite you for real. Alternatively, you can pat itself, while the man is inside of you.

Find your cherished points

Sexual arousal is increased by stimulation of the erogenous zones, which is a lot of nerve endings. Stimulation of these points is the hormone of joy - of oxytocin, which is also called "hormone of love". The rush of oxytocin increases the intensity and duration of orgasm.

Traditionally, the honorary title of one of the main erogenous zones carries a woman's breasts. At the same time it does not matter what size it is - holders of lush forms and bras "zero" size is equally positive response to caress his chest. Ask a man to stroke your breasts, gently massage the nipples with your fingers or tongue. Another highly sensitive area in the body of the woman is the neck and the back of the head in particular. Massage, kissing - this is the best tactic to stimulate these areas. Inner thighs and buttocks are also quite responsive to gentle male affection.

Each woman has their cherished points differ unexpected sensitivity: the site of the back between the shoulder blades (the so-called "cat area"), fingers or toes, ears, etc. Women's erogenous zones are located much more individually than men, which are concentrated mainly in the genital area. What a delight to one woman, it can be frustrating for the other. Find your individual erogenous zones on their own or with a partner.

Select the posture and rhythm

Achieving orgasm depends on the selected pose. Some women are more easily and quickly excited to pose rider, the other - with a tightly clenched legs. In some positions there is a stimulation of the clitoris, in others - the vaginal walls. Some poses involve deep penetration of the penis, the other - only superficial.

Making love in various poses, you can try different types of orgasm. Look for your own sexual position and do not forget to involve the search for your man. Experiment and fantasize with him. The search may last for some time, but it's worth it! A certain rhythm of movements can also affect how soon you will experience an orgasm. Slowly and smoothly or quickly and dramatically? Try it, and you are sure to find your perfect rhythm.

Train the muscles of the vagina

Most women do not even think about strengthening the muscles of the vagina. And it is in vain. If your vaginal muscles are developed enough, you can manage them more tightly clasping your man's penis. It is a pleasure for both of you, and your orgasm will be more powerful and brighter.

Training the muscles of the vagina comes down to, to make them shrink. Alternate periods of tension and relaxation: tense these muscles for ten seconds as if you're trying to hold urine, and then relax. Coaching does not require any special preparations or conditions. They can be performed at any time and anywhere. Do exercises to strengthen the muscles of the vagina is necessary also because they improve blood flow in the pelvic organs and serve as an excellent prevention of urogenital diseases.

Breathe properly

Proper breathing is also very important. Speaking the language of science dry orgasm - is a series of muscle contractions. The more oxygen enters the body, the stronger the muscles are reduced and the stronger and longer enjoyment. No, no, do not be afraid, you will not have to breathe in and out according to a complex mathematical formula. And so you know how to breathe. Just make it a little more intense. Breathe a little faster, inhale the air a little deeper, exhale a little longer. Do not hold your breath waiting for the climax, too much stress can spoil everything. Breathe with pleasure.

Learn to relax

Relaxation - is the key to success. Women are arranged differently than men, which can have an orgasm whenever and wherever they want. So, we must understand what affects you relaxing. Perhaps it will be a candle with the scent of vanilla, a hot bath, a glass of wine or something else. You need to find something that will help you to "turn off" your inner monologue - a continuous flow of thoughts about everything. Listen to your instincts better.

The female orgasm - a unique phenomenon. When a woman has an orgasm, it instantly decreases the activity of those brain areas that are responsible for feelings of fear and anxiety. According to the observations of doctors, these reactions are so blunted that she quickly falls into a state similar to a trance, or nirvana. This causes a complete relaxation and during intimacy, and after it.

The situation is also important in order to achieve orgasm. Try to figure out what you really exciting. Perhaps music? Or a certain shade of illumination? Perhaps you would like to experience some love toy? Experiment, look for something that breathes sensuality in the environment.

Take your time

Your partner is already excited, and you still do not feel anything? This does not mean that you "get behind" him. Just most women to have an orgasm, it takes a long foreplay: forty-five minutes! Unfortunately, our sexual culture (including ideas about the orgasm) is aimed at men and men based on the responses to stimulation, the main principle is: "Quickly! Faster! "Do not become hostage to these stereotypes. The pursuit of the "ideal" orgasm does not lead to anything good. It's not the norm, which must be done during that whatever the cost. Women's sexual energy is growing and gaining strength gradually. So stop and take a minute to surrender completely to your senses.

Trust your partner

Do not hesitate to discuss with your man the sensations of sex. If you were good, be sure to tell him about it. Surely he will be pleased that you will find it a welcome and skillful lover. Sincerely praise and thank him for his pleasant feelings, which he delivered to you. Do not hesitate and during intimacy to express their pleasure from the caresses of your men.

Moreover, you should speak with a man, if you feel that you do not get any satisfaction from sex. The main thing - do not stoop to petty quibbles or accusations of sexual failure. Men are very painfully react to such things. Do not behave like a strict teacher with negligent pupil: you do not need a partner, who suffers from an inferiority complex. Explain what caresses bring you the most pleasant sensations that excites you and what you're ecstatic. While proximity can help men hand or words.

Talk to a man about his own sexual feelings can be difficult for some simply painful to him to discuss such intimate things. But this should be done: a relationship of trust with your partner, the realization that he is ready to listen to your desires, whatever they are, will help you relax and get closer to the desired orgasm.

Of course, our selection advice - this is just basic tips on how you can get an orgasm. Learning this is realistic and the forces of any woman. Someone mastered this science fast enough, someone will take more time. The main thing - the success of tune, listen to your body, free to follow instincts, not replace thoughts and feelings to trust the beloved.

 How to get a woman to orgasm: some practical tips